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Are you a biking enthusiast or looking for some information on motorcycle accessories? John Burr Cycles is the ideal place for you. We provide you with in-depth buyer guides on motorcycle essentials in order to enhance your biking experience. Do you hop on your motorcycle to travel, take road trips, or go on challenging adventures?. If yes, we want to help you find all the information that you require on the best apparel, gear, storage, etc. 

As a team of biking enthusiasts, we have noticed that when it comes to motorcycle accessories, people tend to be slightly confused about which ones are the best in the market. This is where we come in with our detailed buyer guides that also provide reviews of the top 10 products available for any need. This opens up a wide range of great options for you to choose from and makes the buying process simpler. We also write guides with biking tips and tricks. Happy riding!

About the Founder:

Nathan Olvera

A biking enthusiast himself, Nathan founded this website in 2018 with the sole aim of helping people like him with selecting the best products for their bikes. Nathan was born and raised in Nevada where he spent some of his earliest days cycling around the neighborhood and gradually developed a great deal of love for motorbikes. He dedicatedly saved up his own money and bought his first bike at 19. 

After a brief career at a bike showroom, Nathan decided to put his passion and knowledge to better use. As a result, John Burr Cycles was born. The decision to start a blog was also fuelled by his observation of fellow bikers who were confused when it came to finding the right biking essentials. With this blog and the several buyer guides on it, Nathan wanted to help such people choose the best option from a sea of products. 


Connie Williams

Connie is one of the two writers who handle all the research and the writing for the blog. Williams grew up in Nevada as well,  like Nathan, and in fact, the two happen to be distant cousins. She is an experienced motorist having participated in several biking races and such other events. Her passion for motorcycles as well as for writing drove her to set aside a professional career in engineering to write about bikes. 

Williams’ enthusiasm and knowledge about bikes ensure that the research she conducts for a variety of articles is authentic and comprehensive. Alongside with a passion for bikes, she also loves listening to rock music. 

Emanuel Smith

Emanuel is from Nevada. He shares a passion for motorcycles with his colleagues Nathan and Williams. Emanuel has a degree in mechanical engineering and a great interest in the workings of bikes. His articles are always well-researched and are supported by his good knowledge of how bikes work. Emanuel specifically writes articles about tune-up and technical bike gear.

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