How Dangerous Is Riding A Motorcycle?

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Riding a motorcycle is one of the greatest experiences in one’s life. But most riders ignore the dangers of it. As fun as it can be, just a little irresponsibility on your part can be fatal.

This article will tell you how dangerous it is to ride a motorcycle and how to do it safely.

Motorcycle drivers need to be more focused than car drivers. There are more controls to take care of and hence more possibilities of making a mistake. Even properly trained drivers are always at risk. Although, proper training can very well reduce the chances of fatal accidents. But how dangerous is riding a motorcycle? Let us find out.

The Risk Factors

Even after you have had good training, there are a few unavoidable factors that can cause accidents.

  • Over time, roads collect oils. The first rain of the season can bring those oils out and can make the streets super slippery.
    In freezing conditions, salt is commonly found on the roads. This salt negatively affects traction.
  • Fatigue and lack of sleep can be very risky.
  • Drivers get blinded by sunlight and glares that can cause accidents. It is never a good idea to assume that other drivers will see you while you don’t.
  • Group riding is always dangerous since every group rider will try to do the same thing that the rider in front of them is doing. This sometimes makes them test their limits and jeopardize their safety.

While talking about how dangerous is riding a motorcycle, the list of risks to mention is almost never-ending. We have mentioned a few actions made while riding a motorcycle, that need to be done with utter safety.

Lane Changing

You must change your lane at a speed relative to that of the crowd around you. Lane splitting is only dangerous if done at a speed not relative to the speed of the vehicles you are driving among.

People do this every day. It also prevents overheating of the bikes.

Keep An Eye On The Car Drivers

Getting hit by a car is common and dangerous. It is advisable to assume that the car drivers can not see you and drive your motorcycle accordingly. Relying on others to drive well so that you remain safe isn’t a very wise thing to do. You are responsible for your safety since if you get in an accident with a car, it’s you who is going to suffer more harsh consequences.

How To Minimize The Danger

Now that you know how dangerous is riding a motorcycle, let us go through a few ways to minimize the physical risk that you are prone to while riding a motorcycle.

Get yourself quality protective gear that fits properly. A good, strong helmet is a must-have before you set out for a motorcycle ride.
Invest in high visibility gear that makes you more visible to other drivers on the road.
Make sure your bike is well-maintained to help you prevent getting into accidents. Sport a set of good tires for your motorcycle that gives it better traction.
Upgrade small elements like brake lines, calipers, and pads. All these help your bike to stop faster. Have your motorcycle regularly maintained.
You must, without a doubt, invest in proper training. It can only prevent harm. Professional instructions help you understand how to operate all the controls on your bike. It also warns you of where and when can things go wrong. This way you know how to be safe.
Practice a lot on open tracks without gravel and other traffic to develop your riding skills.

Motorcycle Riding Rules

Nobody can completely answer the question of how dangerous is riding a motorcycle. Below are a few rules that you must follow while riding a motorcycle. Some of these rules apply to both drivers and passengers.

  • Do not drive without a legal driving license. Give genuine driving tests and get yourself legally licensed before getting on the road.
  • You must sit with one leg on either side of your seat while driving a motorcycle. However, lifting one leg at a time to stretch a little is safe.
  • All passengers including the driver must wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.
  • You must not carry more passengers on the bike than the bike was designed to carry. It can distract you and it is also more difficult to balance.
  • The driver’s face must point in the direction in which the bike is going. It is easier for other drivers to understand.
  • Do not drive on the wrong side of the road.
  • Always be within the legal speed limit.
  • Do not change lanes at a speed of more than 30 km/hr.
  • Have a good posture while driving the motorcycle.
  • If you have a bad eye-sight, do not drive the motorcycle without wearing eye-glasses or eye-lenses.
  • Do not make a turn without giving flashing turn signals.
  • Do not disturb other drivers on the road by creating a nuisance or playing loud music. Annoyance causes drivers to take a lot of irresponsible actions which, in turn, causes a lot of accidents.
  • Do not violate traffic light rules.
  • Maintain necessary distance with fellow drivers especially during the night time and bad weather.

Accept That You’re In For Danger

If you are going to get on that bike then you must accept the potential consequences of riding a motorcycle. You can get a lot of injuries if not fatal accidents.

Knowing how dangerous is riding a motorcycle is not enough. Take all the necessary precautions. Make sure you are perfectly trained to ride a motorcycle before finally getting on the road.

Although riding a motorcycle can be very dangerous, it is important to know that with proper practice, gear, constant alertness, and safety, it can turn out to be a wonderful experience. Almost everything we do in life is, at some level, risky. Every time you step out of your door, there is a chance that something or the other can go wrong. A lot of accidents happen every day but they shouldn’t keep you inside a bubble.

Take as many safety measures as you can and enjoy it while you can.

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