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Generally, dispatching a bike isn’t very different from shipping a car, keeping aside the expenses. Because of the lower weight and smaller size of bikes, they are less expensive to ship than most different sorts of vehicles. As you presumably speculated, the greater and heavier the bicycle, the more it will cost to ship.

Either way, your mind would have a common doubt- how much to ship a motorcycle? So we read your mind already! Here is an intricate guide on how much does it cost to ship a motorcycle.

What Is the Average Cost

The average cost to ship a motorcycle is around 500$ in the US. However, it depends on several factors. The chart underneath would give you a rough idea of how much to ship a motorcycle, depending on the distance.

Motorcycle Type 2.  Average cost (in $)
Domestic 500
Short distance 200-300
More than 1000 miles 400-600
Overseas 1000-2000

There are numerous ways to transport bikes including trains, trucks, ships, and planes. Your chosen mode of shipping usually depends upon factors like your location and the geography.

It’s normal for proprietors to transport their bikes through a specific delivery organization or shipping agency. Usually, full-service shipping agencies have tie-ups with shipping companies to get the job done.

However, there are various other factors that affect your motorcycle shipping charges.

What Factors Affect Shipping Rates

The normal expense to move a cruiser is around $0.50 per mile for outings of around 1,000 miles. Albeit a few organizations will charge a level expense to move motorcycles for a short distance, longer outings are charged by the mile. Commonly, they are moved by trucks. In certain situations where trucks are not accessible, other alternative strategies might be utilized.

1. The Size

Most of the shipping organizations calculate the expense of protection by weight. Thus, the size of the motorbike can impact the expense of the shipment. Lightweight bikes usually weigh somewhere in the range of 230 and 330 pounds. Heavier models, as Harley Davidsons, commonly weigh around 500 pounds. 

Moreover, a few organizations may charge more for transporting huge, hefty motorbikes.. It is because huge motorcycles require large containers, straps, and uncommon pressing facilities. This guarantees that the motorbike is transported securely.

The rates depend on the type of packaging, for example, uncrated, metal pallet, wood pallet, and container shipping.

2. Distance

Distance is a major deciding factor when it comes to the cost of transporting a bike. Transporting a cruiser abroad will cost more than delivering within the nation.

Numerous organizations offer decent discount rates to clients transporting their motorbikes overseas. Extra charges may apply if your shipping location is a remote one. As charges may differ, consult your preferred agencies for the best possible quotations.

3. Season

Although the time of the year isn’t as important as distance, it does affect the shipping rates. Some clients prefer to send their shipments in special cases to safeguard it from all weather.

Encased delivery choices guarantee that the bicycle is totally shielded from the components. This sort of delivery is more expensive. An average encased transporter will cost around $150 more than a non-encased transporter.

4. Pick Up and Drop Locations

The least expensive spot to get or drop off a motorbike is an urban region. Distant areas are more costly, particularly for the door to door deliveries.

If the motorbike is driven by the proprietor to an urban zone and dropped off at a terminal, the expense to drive the motorbike adds to the cost.

5. Luxury and Vintage Rates

Wondering how much to ship a motorcycle, especially if you’re the proud owner of a vintage model? Here we are.

They say love and wine get better with age. The same goes for motorcycles too. Although there are no specific costs for shipping vintage models, some owners prefer shipping their precious models in casements. This typically costs around 800 dollars.

6. Shipment Trucks

The normal cost to ship 1,300 miles by truck is around $650. Proficient transportation trucks are the most preferred options when delivering a cruiser within the nation. 

7. Plane 

The cost to move a motorbike starting with one nation then onto the next via plane can change a considerable amount. However, run of the mill rates run from $400 to $800. The plane is anything but a typical route for proprietors to send their motorbike. 

Certain agencies can even arrange for you to ride in traveler planes with your very own cruiser in the payload cove. 

8. Train 

The expense to dispatch your vehicle via train is one of the most practical strategies and can cost as meager as $200 relying upon the course. Costs vacillate on the grounds that railroad organizations offer space to business customers first, and non-business customers second. 

9. Ship

Rates to transport your motorbike via a ship will charge depending on the source and purpose. However, the average cost is around $1,500, with the range falling somewhere between $1,000 to $2,000. 

How To Reduce Shipping Rates

All those dollars may have made things seem a little dim. But don’t worry, there’s always a sunny side for every problem. Excessive calculations on how much does it cost to ship a motorcycle might scare you off.

However, you can easily reduce these rates by going for DIY shipping. But you need to keep in mind, these rates would also incur costs like lodging, food, and other charges. Additionally, if you consider riding it to your destination, then equip your vehicle with a good battery to ensure a smooth ride.

If you’re hiring a professional to do this task for you, make sure that the shipping vehicle is insured. Also, scout the company policies for hidden charges. 

Choose Wisely

How much to ship a motorcycle isn’t some rocket science. To summarize, as long as you’re vigilant and look out for red flags, shipping a motorcycle would be an effortless task.

We hope this article has covered every aspect surrounding your doubts on how much does it cost to ship a motorcycle. Choose wisely!

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