A Thorough Guide on How to Change a Motorcycle Tire

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Riding a motorcycle to travel places is an experience far away from all the burdens and the reality of life. If you love to ride a bike, you must know how it feels to be care-free and go anywhere, anytime.

But what if you wake up fresh and ready to ride your motorcycle to places, only to find a punctured tire? You would get upset and would immediately want to know how to change a motorcycle tire and what tools are needed to do the same. Changing the tire of your beloved bike yourself is a fulfilling experience if you know what to do. Even if you have the best motorcycle tires, the technical know-how related to tire replacement is essential.

Here we have a complete guide for everyone that needs to know how to change motorcycle tire with ease and continue their joyous ride to the places they want to be.

Tools Required to Change a Motorcycle Tire

Gathering all the required tools to change a motorcycle tire takes you a step closer to an easy and hassle-free tire-replacement. We have listed a few handy and important tools that you need when you are changing your bike’s tire.

1. Windex or Silicone Lubricant

The tire lubricants are very useful while changing a motorcycle tire. It protects the tire from any damage including rips or tears and helps the tire easily slip off the motorcycle rim. The lubricants ensure controlled friction that helps a lot if you don’t want any mishaps while reinstalling the tire.

Lubricants are useful in numerous ways for the motorcycle, be it motorcycle chain lubes or tire lubes, each of them ensures smooth functionality and eliminates any possible damage.

2. Tire Irons

Tire irons are long lever-like tools that help to pry a tire on or off the motorcycle wheel. The tire irons usually come in pairs or threes where each iron differs from the other in size. Choosing the proper size of tire iron to remove a tire is very important, as the wrong one might lead to unwanted wheel or tire damage.

3. Breezer Tire Tool

The Breezer tire tool is useful for leveraging the tire from the wheel rim. After loosening up the tire bead, the Breezer tire tool comes in handy for further separation of the tire from the rim. When the tire is re-installed, this tools helps you put on the tire easily on the wheel rim.

4. Valve Core Tool

The Valve Core tool allows you to let out the tire air pressure by keeping the air valve open. It loosens the tire air tension and leads to easy tire deflation before replacement.

5. Bead Breaker or 2 C-clamps

The bead breaker or C-clamps are useful to separate the motorcycle tire from the rim. A tire bead is a thick section of rubber that is aligned with the rim due to suction, the clamps or bead breaker tool helps to break the bead suction and pry the tire off the wheel rim.

6. Compressed Air Pump

Compressed air pumps will help you to inflate the tire with proper air pressure. These pumps have inbuilt pressure meters which are useful to maintain the correct motorcycle tire pressure if you inflate the tires once they have been changed.

7. Rim Protector

A strip of thin yet tough and flexible self-adhesive rubber is known as rim protectors. These stick on the edge of the rim to avoid any scrapes, scratch, or damage to the rim edge while replacing the tire.

8. Zip Ties or Ziplocks

Everyone is familiar with zip ties or zip locks. These plastic ties help you change tires with the utmost ease. This is an additional tool that comes in handy if you are short of other tire changing equipment and tools.

How to Remove a Tire?

1. Release the tire air pressure with the help of a valve core tool.

2. Mark an arrow with a pencil on the tire to remember the wheel spin direction.

3. Use a bead breaker to lose the tire bead (inner edge of the tire sidewalls) from the rim.

4. Apply silicone lubricant on the tire bead for easy removal of tire.

  • Applying lubricant helps to slip off the tire easily by using tire irons beneath the bead.

5. You can also use C-clamps to push the tire bead apart from the rim.

  • Use a large clamp to secure the tire in one spot.
  • Tighten the clamp to press the tire and loosen the bead.
  • You can use additional clamps to pop the bead from the rim.

6. Use tire irons to pry the tire bead out of the rim

  • This step requires caution. If you hurry to pull or push the tire bead on or off the rim, it can lead to bead chip and tear.
  • Apply rim protectors to protect your rims from unwanted scrapping or damage.

7. Pull the tire to the other side to remove the rim.

8. Voila, you can now install a new tire on the rim.

How to Re-install a Tire?

1. Thoroughly apply lubricant on the inner walls of the new tire.

2. Mark the tire spin direction on the rim.

3. Place the new tire in such a way that it aligns with the earlier marked spin direction.

  • Tires have a red dot that must be parallel to the wheel valve.

4. Pry the tire on the rim using tire irons.

  • You must attach one side at a time on the rim to ensure proper tire installation.

5. Partially inflate the tire tube with the help of a compressed air pump.

  • Fill until you hear a “pop”.
  • This indicates that the bead is attached to the rim.
  •  You can also use a small hammer to hit the tire to fill the bead properly.

6. Using a Breezer tire tool, seal the bead into the rim.

Execute this only if you missed the bead “pop” in the previous steps.

7. Inject some ceramic dust in the tire

  • Ceramic dust helps to maintain the tire balance.
  • Implement this step before putting on the valve stem back on the wheel.

8. Reinsert the valve stem and tighten enough to ensure it doesn’t move.

9. Inflate the tire with a compressed air pump to the correct pressure.

10. Your motorcycle is now ready for all the upcoming endeavors.

Change Motorcycle Tire with Zip Ties

Be it an ordinary tire, or the best high-performance tires for cruiser bikes, every tire needs replacing after some time. We have bundled a handy method for changing the motorcycle tire with the help of zip locks. However, this method seeks more strength and a pack of heavy-duty 20-inch zip ties.

  • A step-by-step explanation for beginners has been listed below.
  • Break the tire bead.
  • Insert zip ties between the bottom of the sidewall and the rim.
  • Tighten the zip ties to push the sidewalls closer.
  • Repeat until both sides of the tire sidewalls aren’t touching.
  • Tie the zip locks in a star pattern for ease.
  • Once all the ties are tightened, the tire is loose and can be removed easily.
  • For installing the tires on the rim, follow steps 3-5.
  • Cut the zip ties and fill the tire with air.
  • Enjoy your bike ride with a changed tire.


The tires of your motorcycle play a predominant important role in the bike’s performance and ride quality. We hope that this guide enlightens you on how to change motorcycle tires and helps you a lot in the future.

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