How to Get a Motorcycle Permit – A Step by Step Guide

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Traveling to places via a car is comfortable yet not quite satisfying if you love to feel the air on your face. Riding a motorcycle not only gives you an immense sense of freedom but also allows you to interact with mother nature in indescribable ways. One thing that any motorcycle rider must have is a cover to protect their vehicle during rain and from dust when it is not being used. You might also want to invest in a great pair of motorcycle gloves for your own comfort. That said, one of the most important things you must make sure you have at all times is a motorcycle permit.

Whilst riding a motorcycle, a person is exposed to unwanted mishaps if they do not have a motorcycle permit. You might get pulled over by the cops for an ID, or even worse if you do not know how to ride a motorcycle.

Here’s a complete explanation of how to get a motorcycle permit along with all the mandatory requirements that you might need when applying for a two-wheeler license or permit.

Why You Need a Motorcycle permit?

Ever since the existence of life on planet earth, every living being seeks safety for himself, happiness and joys follow up later. Just imagine you are riding a motorcycle with your friends and suddenly the traffic guidelines hit your thoughts and you don’t have a motorcycle permit, the worldly happiness shifts and a concerned feeling takes over your mind, right? But if you have a proper legal motorcycle permit, the world seems a safe place to live in.

Certain motoring laws that apply to cars are also implemented on motorcycles; however few points differ and apply to motorcycle riders only. Proof of ownership and motorcycle registration documents are a must in all the states, whereas no ownership documentation is mandatory to drive mopeds in the US. Although, few states have enforced that permit is mandatory even for mopeds.

A motorcycle permit ensures your safety along with others on the road. It is proof that you know how to ride a bike safely without compromising safety to any level. Earning a motorcycle license in America is not a big deal if you know where & how to get your motorcycle permit.

What Do You Need When Applying for a Motorcycle Permit?

Let’s take a look at the factors that affect your chances to earn a motorcycle permit.

1. Age Eligibility

In Arkansas, 10 is the minimum age to ride a moped (max 50cc) whereas it is 13 in New Mexico and 14-16 in all the other states of America.

For motorcycles that are clocked above 50cc, the rider must be at least 14 in Alabama, Kansas, and Alaska to apply for a permit. Whereas it is 15 in Hawaii, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi; and 16-18 for all the other states. In a few states, the motorcycle riders under 18 years must undertake an approved motorcycle rider education program.

2. Safety Gear

Safety gear is mandatory to ride a motorcycle in some states. These gears include all the essential equipment that ensure proper safety of the ride. Wearing the best helmets makes sure that you do not face any fatal injuries if any mishap occurs. Specially designed Motorcycle gloves, motorcycle jackets, motorcycle boots, and other accessories assure maximum on-road safety to the rider.

You can also opt for the best motorcycle rain gears to avoid accidents if you are travelling through heavy rainy regions or slippery roads.

3. Training or Rider Education Programs

Sign up for the basic education programs to learn the basics to pass the motorcycle permit tests. According to our analysis, we have concluded that the majority of the state governments have prioritized rider education programs to pre-train the riders.

The rider programs are often booked in advance. In the meantime, you can practice riding on a bicycle. However, some states also seek the ability to ride a bicycle as a prerequisite allied with a rider education program. And also, it helps you to build the self-confidence of riding a two-wheeler in the general traffic.

How to Get Your Motorcycle Permit in the United States?

The process to earn a motorcycle permit is very simple, yet it seeks preliminary knowledge from your side to pass the tests. Make sure you have the basic idea about how motorcycles work along with complete knowledge of the on-road driving guidelines and rules.

The process of getting a license is almost the same in every state of the US. However, few states practice different ways to test the driver. We have plotted a general overview of the process after analyzing the variable requirements in each state.

1. Pass a written test accompanied by an eye examination at the nearest motor vehicle office

  • Generally, you must score at least 70% to pass the test.
  • You can practice with the online Driving Practice Tests.
  • You obtain a learner permit after passing this test.

2. After acquiring a learner’s permit, practice as much as possible.

  • Thoroughly practice starting and stopping the motorcycle.
  • Get familiar with all the gears and their usage case.
  • Learn to use the clutch without wearing it.
  • Practice the usage of turn and hand signals.

3. After prior practice, you can now apply for the road skills test.

  • If you have passed a beginner’s course earlier, you could be eligible to skip the road skills test depending on the state permit guidelines.

4. Choose a suitable motorcycle for the test.

  • We recommend cruiser bikes as they have low seating and low center of gravity that allows ease in control.
  • The motorbike you choose must have a valid license number plate, insurance, and registration.
  • For more safety, you can also implement motorcycle safety gear.

4. After you pass all the required tests, you might be asked to a license fee.

  • Don’t be disheartened if you do not pass the test in the first try.
  • There is no limit to the test retakes, however, you can retake the test after a specific period which has been enforced by the state government.
  • After you receive the motorcycle permit, make sure to put the same efforts on safety that you applied while taking the on-road skills tests.

7. Apart from all this, you must have the right insurances for yourself and the motorcycle along with motorcycle riding gear for extra safety.


Diving safely is the most important factor that affects the general well-being of a motorist. This safety could be challenged if a person doesn’t have a motorcycle license. A permit not only saves you from cops that ask for driving ID, rather it assures your safety while you ride a motorcycle.

We hope this guide serves well to all your doubts allied with how to get a motorcycle permit in the US.

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