How To Prevent Motorcycle Theft?

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Motorcycle theft is one of the fast-growing crimes in the US. Though there was a decline in the total number of motorcycle theft cases in 2018, the recovery rate is still slow. The stealing of motorcycles has been rampant owing to the fact that they are easy to be taken away.

The police have always been on their toes with more than a hundred theft cases being reported every single day. Tracking down these bikes still continues to be a herculean task for the police force.

According to the motorcycle theft statistics, a Harley Davidson is stolen the most for its expensive bike parts. The big question is, what they do with stolen bikes and the solid answer is, dismantle them and sell the parts for a good price.

If you’re afraid of your motorcycle getting stolen, fear not. We’ve got you covered.

How to Prevent Your Motorcycle from Being Stolen?

Everyone with a motorcycle is susceptible to getting their motorcycles stolen when they least expect it. Even locked motorcycles are being stolen from garages, farm sheds, streets, etc. They can be stolen from anywhere, anytime

If you don’t want your motorcycles to wave goodbye to you from the back of a truck, take a look at these effective ways on how to prevent motorcycle theft.

1. Lock Your Steering Lock

Although locked motorcycles are stolen too, it is always best to take your first prevention step. This prevents your motorcycles from being easily hoisted to the back of a van. It is great if your ignition and steering locks are separate. This means the thief has to unlock two such locks.

2. Use an Audible Alarm

Setting an alarm system for your motorcycle can help you prevent motorcycle theft to a great extent. When a potential theft is about to take place, the alarm is set off. This scares the opportunistic thieves away. For more security, make sure to use the best alarm system in town.

3. Buy Quality Locks and Chains

Buying the best quality locks can strengthen the security of your motorcycle. Chains are the most efficient, so always remember to lock the chains through your back wheel. This is because, during the course of a theft, the front tire is always removed.

4. Keep Your Lock Off The Ground

It is inadvisable to rest your lock on the ground. This increases the chances of the thieves being able to break it. Attaching the lock above the ground level makes it difficult for them to open it.

This is another incredible way to keep your motorcycle safe.

5. Park Your Motorcycle At A Safe Location

By a safe location, we mean a well-lit area with a security guard. You can also attach warning stickers to your motorcycle to scare away jobless robbers. There will be fewer opportunities for a thief to attempt theft in a conspicuous area, thus, keeping your precious asset safe and sound.

6. Park Your Motorcycle Next To Other Bikes

It is always best to park motorcycles in a group rather than alone in a desolate area. Moreover, you can always lock your vehicle to another motorcycle, making the puzzle more difficult to solve for the potential thief.

7. Install A Hidden Kill Switch

A kill switch is used in motorbikes to enable the rider to turn the engine on and off without having to reach for the key. If you really want to foil a theft plan, wire up a kill switch. Such installed hidden kill switches can balk the efforts of motorcycle theft.

8. Lock Your Motorcycle To Something Solid

Sometimes, even safely locked motorcycles are susceptible to getting stolen. As a counter plan, add a strong cable to your motorcycle and anchor it to something solid, maybe a post. Don’t think your bikes are safe inside your garages. Lock them inside there too!

9. Use Multiple Locks

It is true that motorcycles have built-in-locks. However, these alone won’t do the job. Get your hands on the best lock systems to keep your trusty companion safe and secure from prospective thefts. We bet the thief will be unprepared for this.

Lesser the time, lower the risk. Thieves won’t spend too much time trying to unlock multiple locks.

10. Be On Alert Mode

Professional thieves keep a track of the motorcycles they are likely to steal. They can even follow you to where you finally park your vehicle for the day. Keep your alert sensors on and watch your mirrors frequently.

If you catch anybody following you, something’s fishy. You should either pull over so that they pass you or you can go around until you are sure they’ve gone off track. Never let them follow you to your destination. That’s a big No!

11. Don’t Forget To Lock Your Bike

If you miss out on the locks, uh-oh, you are definitely not doing your job as a motorcycle owner. It is okay if you have to spend some time to secure the locks. Time is also the enemy of thieves. More locks, more security.

These are simple yet fantastic ways to prevent motorcycle theft. We are sure they will be of great help to you.

Why Do Thieves Resort To Motorcycle Theft?

Simply because they are jobless. Duh! We are so obsessed with buying the best motorcycles with our hard-earned money. Apparently, thieves are obsessed with stealing our assets. And the hard fact is, they earn quite a lot of money by selling the expensive bike parts. Heartaches!

They find motorcycles so attractive and the job is easy for some. Here is where we need to act smart. Adopt the above-mentioned tactics to outsmart them and keep your baby safe!

Time To Buckle Up Folks!

It’s high time that you seriously considered the motorcycle thefts around you. What if yours happens to be next? We won’t allow that. We have found great answers to how to prevent motorcycle thefts.

Make use of them and you won’t be disappointed. Secure your motorcycles and stay tension-free!

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