What Size Motorcycle Do I Need? – Things You Should Remember To Select The Perfect Size For Yourself

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“What size motorcycle do I need?” is a question that most riders generally ask after an unpleasant experience. The fact that choosing the right size is so simple, is what makes it strange to understand why people falter at it. The main reason is that people are overwhelmed by the designs and do not pay heed to the comfort of riding. In this article, let us take a look at the things that you should consider doing before finalizing a motorcycle.

Every rider has had an experience where they sit on someone else’s bike, and it just doesn’t fit right. Either the seat is too high or too low, or you just don’t feel like you can balance the motorcycle. There can be several reasons why you prefer not to choose a particular motorcycle. The size of the motorcycle is a crucial factor among these. 

Always Sit On The Bike First

People usually think that they will adjust to it eventually. However, it is very difficult to ride a bike that does not match your size. Indeed, one cannot buy a motorcycle that fits perfectly. At least you can select a motorcycle that corresponds to your body size and height. More often than not, even these calculations do not help. 

Therefore, you should ask the seller to allow you to sit on the motorcycle before you finalize your decision. It will help you get a feel of the bike and also check aspects like the required weight distribution and seat height. 

Checking The Seat Height

If the motorcycle has an adjustable seat, you should check the working of the feature before finalizing it. The seats of the off-road and sports bikes are higher than the regular dirt bikes. It is because they have to accommodate suspension systems below. However, these bikes also have a soft suspension below the seat. 

Therefore, whenever the riders sit, the seat sags under their weight. Hence, even people with shorter heights can ride these motorcycles. Moreover, if you only have on-road usage requirements, you should go in for regular bikes without suspension systems. 

Size In Terms Of Length

You need to check the size of the motorcycle in terms of length as well. Measure the distance between your foot and the motorcycle seat. You can also check the arm distance you need to cover to get a proper grip on the handles. Modern motorcycle tires have varying diameters. So, check the size of the bike with the tires that are most suitable for it. 

Moreover, the right size also means that every important switch or component of the motorcycle is within your reach. If you have to stretch a lot to reach these parts, the motorcycle size is not ideal for you. 

Can You Balance It? 

The main thing about learning how to ride any two-wheeler is to know how to balance it. Therefore, being able to maintain balance is the most crucial thing that you should ensure when you take a test drive for buying a two-wheeler. 

Riding a motorcycle, which is not of the right size, can turn fatal if you lose balance. If you sit on the motorcycle and your toes barely touch the ground, you will never be able to maintain proper balance. When you sit on it, your feet should be placed flat on the ground. It increases the base of support, making it easier to balance the bike.

Size For Beginners

If you are a beginner, you should be more accomodating with the motorcycle in terms of size. Your main aim should be to select a motorcycle that weighs less. It is because most young bikers are unable to handle the weight of high-end motorcycles, especially when the speed drops. 

If you are a beginner, buy a smaller bike to get a good grounding. Once you are comfortable with all motor controls needed to handle the bike during high and low speeds, you are ready to get onto bulkier bikes. 

It’s high time that young bikers understand that marketing is a trap. Most of these bikers do not feel that they have learned to ride unless they have a heavy 1000 cc bike. They forget that unless they know how to control a lightweight bike, they can never balance the heavier ones. 

So, put in more time and effort on learning to ride the lighter bikes. 

Size According To Purpose

The purpose for which you want to buy the bike is also important to decide the size of the motorcycle. Being a solo rider or riding with a pillion passenger on the bike, greatly influences the size of the motorcycle that you will need. 

  • If you will ride the bike carrying a pillion passenger most of the time, you will require a heavier bike. The bike should have a larger size in terms of dimensions and engine power. Bikes of 900 cc or above will be suitable for this use. Most of the adventure and tourer bikes fall in this size bracket. 
  • When you want a motorcycle for a simple town commuting, you need to make a decision carefully. Heavier bikes with a larger size are difficult to ride through the traffic on the town streets. Moreover, if you select a sports bike, the amount of braking that you will require on the streets can lead to severe neck and back pain. The ideal motorcycle for town riding can be the classic motorcycle models from any popular manufacturer. These bikes are generally lightweight and easy to maneuver on the bustling streets. 
  • If you want to ride the bike on the motorways and you are a solo rider, you need a motorcycle that can sustain a speed of 85 miles per hour throughout the day. The engine should be strong enough that it does not get overheated during this time. Generally, an engine of 600cc power or above is suitable for this use. These bikes are, therefore, heavier than the regular 200-300 cc bikes. 

To ride these motorcycles at such high speeds, most riders prefer fairing the bike. It involves installing an additional shell on the frame that reduces air drag. However, it adds to the weight of the motorcycle significantly. 


So these were some important points that you should consider before choosing the size of your motorcycle. We hope that the article was useful and that you will no longer have to ask, ” what size motorcycle do I need?” What you should remember is that the pride of owning a heavy-duty bike is not enough. Neither do features like advanced motorcycle GPS, sporty looks, and free accessories make the riding experience better.

What’s more important is that you should feel comfortable and should enjoy riding the bike. Choose the right size, and you will love riding the bike for several years. 

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