When to Replace Motorcycle Tires to Avoid Unwanted Accidents

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Every motorcyclist knows that they will need to change their motorcycle’s tires some time or the other. However, only a few can tell when exactly to do so.

If you ride a motorcycle, you must already know that inspecting and changing the motorcycle’s tires is important.

Which motorcyclist doesn’t like to throw some cool motorcycle shades on and ride around on their motorcycle?

However, talk about maintenance and you will know who really cares about their vehicle.
Maintaining tires in a motorcycle is as important as maintaining any other part.

Infact, you must take special care of your tires as they are responsible for maintaining stability.

A dilemma that many motorcyclists deal with is when to replace motorcycle tires.

If you seek the answer to the same question and want to equip yourself with reliable information, keep reading this article.

Examine the Tires Thoroughly

You can easily self-examine the condition of the tires. You must look for damages.

However, a quick glance is not enough to examine the condition of your motorcycle’s tires unless they are in an extraordinarily bad condition.

Make sure you examine them thoroughly with focused eyes. Even a minor crack can prove fatal if you don’t deal with it the right way or at the right time.

Keep your eyes open for small dents, scratches, and cracks. Look for any wear and tear on the surface, cracks, dents, shape, tread level, etc.

If you struggle with self-examination, you can take your motorcycle to a specialist. They would always be able to examine better because of their experience and expertise.

Age of the Tires

The duration for which your tires have been in use matters a lot.

The more your tires age, the more unavoidable it becomes to replace them.

There are many reasons why you should pay attention to the tires’ age.

The tire compound hardens with the passage of time. This will give you a diminished grip on the road. It will also lead to the development of small cracks on the tire.

It is best to conduct checks on the tires every few months.

According to specialists, the tires should be checked by an expert every 5 years for damage. They should also be replaced every 10 years no matter what.

The rest depends on the quality of the tire because it directly affects the life of the tire.

Other factors like the load, speed, inflation pressure, weather, and more can also affect its longevity.

Grip on the road

You will know that something is wrong and you need to change the tires if your motorcycle is not able to maintain grip on the road.

This is a tell-tale warning sign that should alarm you. When the grip starts to decrease, your vehicle will be skidding on the road at this point. This is why you need to pay attention at this point.

You should be able to feel the movement of the vehicle.

Along with loss of control over your vehicle, you can also experience the handlebars feeling wobbly.

At this point, you should just know that your tires need replacement.


You can experience scalloping when the edges of the tires get excessively deteriorated. In such a case, the grip lines on the tire will disappear and it will become smooth to touch.

This will decrease on-road traction and you will feel the tires vibrating and losing grip. You will also be unable to keep the vehicle under your full control.

If you experience any of this, you should take it seriously and change the tires as soon as possible.

Shape of the Tires

The shape of the tire will change if something is wrong with it – yes, it is this easy to tell if you need tire replacement.

While the shape of the tire changes when it deflates, it can also happen because of other reasons.

The way you ride your motorcycle also affects this.

The tire should be equally round everywhere. If you see certain parts on the tires feeling flatter than the rest, you know it is time to get them inspected.

The shape of the tire can accurately tell you when to replace motorcycle tires.

Other Damage

Look for other damage to the tires.

Check for small or large foreign objects in the tire. However, most of the time you will know when this happens because the tire will deflate.

Tires can also have scratches and deep cuts. Most of the time, it will result in deflated tires, but sometimes it wouldn’t.

Make it a point to look for any potential damage every time you check the tires anyway.

Take Expert Opinion

Get the tires inspected by a professional every now and then.

Any professional mechanic would be able to examine the tire to tell the exact condition it is in.

This will save you a lot of time and effort and will also give you exact reports.

You can always rely on the advice of a professional mechanic.

In case you really need a tire replacement, they will be able to help you even further. They can suggest some really durable motorcycle tires.


When you are riding a motorcycle, your safety on the road depends on various factors other than wearing a helmet. One of the factors is motorcycle tires as well.

This article has talked about all the major indicators of replacing the tires. Just pay attention to the quality of drive and examine the tires regularly and you will be good to go.

Remember that the life of the tire will be longer if you take care of them and do not drive rash.

We hope that you would be able to tell when to replace motorcycle tires now to make your rides smoother and better.

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