Best Motorcycle Jeans 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Motorcycle Jeans

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageScorpionExo
  • Fashion conscience
  • Comfortable
  • Uniquely versatile riding pant
ptsntbl-table__imageBilt Iron Workers
  • Relaxed fit
  • Loose leg fit
  • Short two-part connecting zippers
ptsntbl-table__imageHuxaly Bros Concordia Elite
  • Allows maximum breathability and heat dissipation.
  • Removable Hip and Knees Protector
  • Heavy duty double stitched construction
ptsntbl-table__imageMaxler Jean
  • Comfortable wear
  • Attachable knee protectors
  • Flexible spandex fabric
ptsntbl-table__imageHuxaly Bros Straight Fit
  • Made of heavy duty denim
  • Can be worn all day along
  • High quality zip and button

Are you a regular motorcycle rider? Or perhaps someone who likes to ride an expensive motorbike once in a while? Riding a motorcycle comes with its own joys; the beautiful path ahead of you, the cool breeze hitting your body, and the way people look at you when you are parking your Harley. Looking like a badass is all cool until you are safe on your vehicle. Riding motorcycles can cause severe injuries if proper precautions are not taken, this is why your motorcycle apparel is very important.

Motorcycle riders usually tend to spend more on biker jackets and helmets for both style and safety, but they do not bother much about the other clothing gear; motorcycle pants. Wearing leather pants or regular pants while riding is not practical plus the material can make you sweaty when on the bike. The regular high-street denim may sound fine as an option but you got to know that those do not offer much as protection.

Manufacturers know that you do not want to compromise with style; therefore there are many companies which design the best motorcycle jeans which provide impact as well as abrasion resistance and do not spoil your outfit, rather add on to it.

We understand that finding jeans which satisfy all your demands like safety, protection, style, and affordability is not that easy a task. That is why in this guide we will help you find the right motorcycle pant which caters to both your style and budget. So now you can look good while riding your two-wheeler and be as safe as possible at the same time. This guide is the ultimate package to answer all your questions regarding best motorcycle riding jeans.

We will not only review some of the best motorcycle jeans available online but will also list a few important factors to consider before buying some of the best motorcycle riding pants. So let us move on to the next section of our guide.


Factors to Look for Before Buying the Best Motorcycle Jeans

It can be a tough task to figure out which pair can be right for you. But do not worry because we are here to help. Jeans with abrasion resistance and impact protection once used to be a rarity, as the motorcycle gear market kept developing, the competition kept increasing. Now, these types of denim constitute a full segment of the bike motorcycle hear industry. They are available in a variety of styles in a varying price range, starting from as low as $80 to more than $500. Here a few factors to consider:

1. The Type of jean

The most expensive and best of all the types are the real leather or textile motorcycle pants. If you are a biker who likes to ride fast, drift, commute, ride during the rainy season or ride off-road, we suggest that you go for one of the best motorcycle riding pants which have CE-approved armor in the shins, knees, and buttocks. But at other times, for regular riding, riders require more casual jeans which offer an adequate amount of protection and are very chic to wear. You will have to decide what you want depending on which conditions you prefer riding and what matters to you the most.

2. The fitting of the jean

When you go shopping regular clothes, for example, a shirt, the first thing you are bothered about is the fitting of that piece of cloth. Similarly, when you go to buy a motorcycle jean, checking the fit of the jean is one of the most important factors. To ensure a good fit, you need to try them on. If you are buying in a store, then it will not be a problem to try and check different types and fits.

But if you are buying from online retailers or sites, make sure you check their return policies. Don’t order from a website which does not mention any return or exchange policy. It is always better to look for consumer-friendly return policies plus good customer service so that you do not worry about your orders, several trials and returns.

3. Check the kind of protection the jean offers

The best motorcycle jeans need to offer protection in 2 ways; impact and abrasion resistance. Many low-quality products do not design jeans that offer impact protection just because they do not want to compromise on style and thus sacrifice safety. There will be some products that do provide some amount of protection like offering armor over specific and limited areas of your lower bodies.

for example; some may cover the knees but not the shins. Do not buy such items as then there is no point of buying a motorcycle riding jean. If you are investing in something, make sure you get the best. Nobody likes spending a couple of dollars on a half-eaten chocolate bar. Then why let that happen to you when it comes to your own safety?

We recommend you to buy only those motorcycle riding jeans which carry a CE-certified rating. Many high-end brands offer CE-certified rating and provide full protection to the most sensitive areas of your lower body while riding. Invest in a motorcycle jean which fits your joints well, after trying it once; try again sitting in a bike’s riding position to ensure once more. Do not compromise on comfort and safety at all.

Abrasion protection is offered in jeans by employing abrasion-resistant materials like including Kevlar in the weave and by stitching in internal panels of the same materials. Both methods are good and work well. Earlier protective motorcycle jeans used to have liners, but liners made the jeans both heavy and hot or came with protective covering sewn in the weave, which made them less safe but easy to wear.

All these things have changed now as the materials and technology needed to make such jeans has undergone a massive change. So you better choose those jeans which offer abrasion protection covering the widest possible area (especially the seat).

4. Set a budget

Before buying one of the best motorcycle jeans online, make sure you know what you are looking for and check if that particular design fits your budget. If you are not an off-road bike rider and do not like to drift or ride fast, then there is not much point investing in highly protective motorcycle jeans by high-end brands. You can simply go for those jeans which offer limited but good quality protection and wear them while regularly riding your bike.

If you are low on budget then do not look for jeans by top-notch brands, because they can cost a couple of hundred dollars and therefore cause a dent in your wallet. As we had already mentioned, motorcycle riding jeans can cost as low as $50 to $500, look for those which cost less and still do not compromise on quality because of the price.

Keep reading the next few sections of our guide for reviews on some of the best motorcycle pants 2017, where we have included jeans which cost less but provide the best protection and comfort.

5. Width first and length next

Make sure to check the width of the jeans first and then move on to check its length. Every other brand has a sizing guide which is provided with the details of the product that you are looking to buy. Check that size guide to choose a jean which fits your waist size well. After this, the next step is to check the length of the jeans.

Most brands manufacture jeans with a standard leg length of 34-inch inseam. Some brands may even offer a 32-inch inseam offer for those with shorter limbs. If you are taller than average people, then you should look for 36-inch inseam.

What Is Your Type?

Before we move on with the product reviews of some of the best motorcycle jeans available online, it is better for you to know how to find the right type and fit for your body. The first step is to know your body type. To simply put it, you need to consider your own body shape in order to determine which type of motorcycle jeans will work best for you.

A straight cut jean suits all body shapes and if you have an athletic build then we suggest that you should definitely go for a straight cut or known as the regular fit. You can also go for a tapered fit, which is looser at the upper half and gradually tapers at the ankles.

If you are a little overweight and want more comfort, jeans with a loose fit will be ideal for you. Those kinds of jeans are not baggy jeans but offer a loose waist and straight legs. If you have a skinny figure, you sure do not want to sport baggy or loose pants that look like you are wearing your daddy’s, you should definitely go for either a slim fit or a regular fit.

We have listed the four types in a little more detail below:

1. Regular fit or straight cut

The jeans that we all prefer wearing regularly while going to college or while casually strolling in the market are known as regular jeans. They fit like the classic Levi’s 501 blue jeans. These iconic jeans fit perfectly while resting lightly against your thighs, without making you feel too tight and restricted. The lower half (below the knees), these jeans sport a straight cut.

2. Tapered fit

These types of jeans fell absolutely comfortable in the waist and the thigh area. You won’t feel restricted at all, but down below the knees till the ankles, these sport a narrow look. They offer a more chic, modern look without the discomfiture of being too tight.

3. Slim fit

These types of motorcycle racing jeans have contained the least amount of fabric in the rear panels, plus the openings at the ankle are limited as compared to regular fit jeans. They are specially created to offer a body-hugging fit that makes sure that your legs have precision, without being too clingy. This type of fit makes you good on the bike as well as off the bike. Earlier they were produced only for women riders but now they have become quite popular among men too because they provide extra comfort.

4. Loose fit

As the name suggests, these jeans do not hug in any specific area, instead, they feel wider all around, quite similar to a classic pair of Lee’s or Wranglers. Please note that they do not fit like baggy jeans. Their fit just tries to offer maximum comfort while you are riding, as some people like to be extremely comfortable while riding. It is designed to offer a combination of a loose waist and a straight leg. They are not only comfortable but also easy to wear both on and off the bike.

Now that you have got familiar with all the different types of fits available in motorcycle jeans, you can pick the right pair for yourself which will become your riding buddy for the coming years. You can ensure extra protection by connecting your jeans to your biker jacket by using a small safety belt. The belt comes with a small zip attached to it at the backside which can be joined with the jacket. It helps to protect your back.

Take good care of your jeans to make them last longer and read the wash and care label which is stitched inside every pair, as it mentions whether the jeans are to be hand-washed or machine-washed. We want you to be as safe as possible when riding.

Now we will move on to the next section of our guide, where we will be reviewing some of the best motorcycle riding pants 2021.

We will be discussing in this section some of the best motorcycle jeans available online at Amazon. We will not only name the products but also list their features. The price range of the products will also vary; some of the models may cover the high-end range and others are good quality pairs at low prices. Keep reading to know more about the jeans manufactured by different brands, so that you are able to decide what you want for yourself.

Top 15 Best Motorcycle Riding Jeans

1. ScorpionExo Covert Jeans Men’s Reinforced Motorcycle Pants (Blue, Size 40)

The first pair of jeans on our list is by ScorpionExo which is an American brand and manufactures not only motorcycle jeans but also other riding gear like biker jackets, motorcycle helmets, etc. this particular model is fashionable as well as specially designed for motorcycling. It comes with a traditional five pocket design. These high-end jeans weigh about 14 oz. It is dark indigo in color and costs less than $200.

It also comes with 165GSM Abrasion resistant fiber lining which is made from DuPont Kevlar (covering knee to waist). One con of this jean is that it weighs a little too much but with that much price, it is in fact not a bad deal. It is ideal for casual bike riding in the city.


2. Bilt Iron Workers Steel Motorcycle Jeans – 34, Distressed Denim

Bilt Iron Workers Steel Motorcycle Jeans - 34, Distressed DenimThe second one on our list of best motorcycle jeans is by the brand called BILT IRON WORKERS. It offers a relaxed regular fit and has multi-tone stitch throughout. It has a loose leg fit so that you can wear it over your riding boots. It is 100% cotton finished denim which needs to be hand-washed. It provides ultimate impact resistance on all important impact zones; knees, buttocks, and seat. The fabric used for impact resistance is a polyester mix fabric and Kevlar.


3. Huxaly Bros HB Concordia Motorcycle Jeans

Huxaly Bros HB Concordia Motorcycle Jeans

VThese are no-nonsense plain jeans for bikers which are made of Denim DuPont 320 GSM with Kevlar lining. One unique feature that these types of denim provide is that they come with removable hip and knee protectors. This feature is not available in all models. It also includes trendy fly zip as well as large front and back pockets so that you can comfortably keep your wallet, apartment keys, etc.

Huxaly Bros Concordia Elite Aramid Lined motorcycle jean is made of 14 oz denim jeans construction. It has been double stitched with Kevlar cotton lining to avoid slippage. Another amazing feature is that extra Kevlar has been employed in specific sensitive areas, like hips, thighs, and knees.

It helps to prevent abrasion, cuts and lowers down the effect of heat. It allows for maximum heat dissipation and breathability. This heavy duty double stitched jean is too good for its price as it only costs $100. It is an ideal motorcycle jean for those with a low budget but also desire all the important features and extra safety.


4. Maxler Jean Men’s Bike Motorcycle Motorbike Kevlar Jeans 002 Blue 34

Maxler Jean Men’s Bike Motorcycle Motorbike Kevlar Jeans 002 Blue 34This motorcycle jean by MAXLER is made using flexible spandex fabric which is the reason behind its comfortable and easy fit. The total weight of the denim is 14 oz and comes with thigh zippers which functions as the attachable knee protectors and an air vent mesh. If you are worrying that the protectors will not be usable if you are taller or shorter than average, then don’t worry because the knee protectors are totally adjustable. You can adjust them depending on your height and what suits you.

Kevlar is used at knees and buttocks. The zipper on the calf helps to stabilize the knee protectors when riding on a motorcycle. The best part about this jean is the attachable/ detachable knee protectors, because they allow you to wear this jean regularly too.


5. HB Men’s Bikers Dupontâ„¢ Kevlar® Jeans – Motorcycle Motorbike Jeans Blue

HB Men's Bikers Dupontâ„¢ Kevlar® Jeans - Motorcycle Motorbike Jeans BlueIf you are looking for something cheap and best then HB men’s bikers Dupont Kevlar jean is an ideal one for you. It costs about $100 and offers a variety of features. It is made of denim with DuPont Kevlar lining. It also comes with detachable hip and knee protectors. It is made of 14 oz denim jeans construction and allows a maximum amount of heat dissipation and breathability because you do not want to feel hot and uncomfortable while riding.

It has double stitched Kevlar with cotton lining to evade any slippage. Extra amount of Kevlar is used near the hip, thigh and knee areas as to provide resistance against abrasion, cuts and heat. The inner knee pocket allows you to adjust the height of the protectors according to your comfort. Extra features include a reflective strip on the leg cuff, stylish fly zip plus large front and back pockets. It is available in a variety of sizes.


6. Joe Rocket Men’s Accelerator Denim Jean (Blue, Size 40)

Joe Rocket Men's Accelerator Denim Jean (Blue, Size 40)This motorcycle denim by Joe Rocket is one of the best motorcycle jeans because of the Aramid fiber material it is made from. Aramid fibers are special synthetic fibers which are heat resistant. The total weight of this heavy duty denim is about 12 oz and comes with a reinforced seat. Some of the unique features of this model are stretch panels at knee as well as upper seat areas and an additional layer of comfortable cotton. It comes with 12 pockets which also includes 2 zippered pockets. It also has a reflective stripe on legs and tail bone. This one is good for its cost because it is priced nearly at $100.


7. Milwaukee Leather Men’s Denim Jeans Reinforced with Aramid (Black, 34)

Milwaukee Leather Men's Denim Jeans Reinforced with Aramid (Black, 34)If you are a motorcycle enthusiast who wants to invest in protective riding gear but has a low budget, then this jean by Milwaukee is best for you. It costs below $100 and is made of durable 12 oz cotton denim material. The areas near the knee, hips and seat are reinforced with Aramid fiber thread by Dupont. It comes with removable CE pads on knees and fully interior soft mesh liner for extreme comfort. This standard 5 pocket loose fit jeans is sure a good deal if you are not willing to spend much.


8. Alpinestars Alpinestars Copper Denim Pants-grey-32

Alpinestars Alpinestars Copper Denim Pants-grey-32This copper jean from Alpinestars comes in a very basic design. It has been specially designed to flaunt a classy as well as a casual cool look. Something you can pull off even off the bike and get a lot of stares in a room. Not only does this motorcycle jean offer a stylish design but also offers protective features so that you are totally impact resistant while riding your bike. It has a 13 oz denim outer armor as well as a latest type CE bio-knee armor. It can be easily adjusted according to your height so that you enjoy the most perfect fit.

The armor has been designed to provide maximum comfort while riding. So even if you are on your back for most of the day, you won’t ever feel uncomfortable. Kevlar is used to cover the knee and hip areas so that resistance against abrasion and tear is assured in any situation involving deadly slippages.

It also boasts interior Aramid-reinforced panels near the seat and knee area. The hip protectors are removable as they can be attached with Velcro. You don’t have to worry about the fit because the internal knee compartment allows for adjustments to fit different leg lengths.


9. Dainese Bonneville: Best Designer Kevlar Jeans

Dainese Bonneville Best Designer Kevlar JeansIf you are a fashion fanatic but do not want to compromise on safety, then Dainese Bonneville’s Kevlar motorcycle jeans are the best motorcycle jeans for you. This brand has created its latest motorcycle jeans collection by teaming up with fashion designers like Diesel. The specialty of its designs is that these denims looks great and at the same time provide the ultimate protection.

This design boasts DuPont Kevlar reinforcements for extreme resistance against impact and abrasion. Pockets are available at the hips. It also comes with a level 1 knee armor which is the best because it is sleek, lightweight and flexible too.


10. Rev’It! Orlando: Lightest Waterproof Motorcycle Jeans

Rev'It Orlando Lightest Waterproof Motorcycle JeansThe best feature of Rev’It Orlando is that it can be worn in any weather because it is all weatherproof. It is made of poly-cotton stretch denim material which constitutes three different layers which have been overlaid together to form a single layer to protect against all weather conditions. Every seam of the jean is stitched thrice to maximize its durability. They are made of a PWR shield knit which ensures excellent resistance against cuts, tears, and abrasion.

It comes with CE certified level one hip protectors for ultimate impact protection against any slides. Seesmart CE level one protectors are placed at the knee area which helps to not only protect the knees but also maintain flexibility in hot weather conditions.

It also flaunts a Hydratex triple layer pro membrane which is waterproof, therefore this jean can also be worn during the rainy season. What makes it totally waterproof are rubber-sealed zippers, these make sure that water does not enter the denim and percolate inside. The inner mesh liner will make sure that water stays away from your lower body.

Now you won’t have to worry about riding your bike on a rainy day as with this denim you can complete all your tasks without getting soaked. Due to all these features, this design is a little more expensive than the previously reviewed models but we assure you that you won’t be disappointed after buying this product.


11. Newfacelook New Motorcycle Working Cargo Trousers Jeans Pants with Aramid Protective Lining

Newfacelook New Motorcycle Working Cargo Trousers Jeans Pants with Aramid Protective LiningTired of all these straight cuts and slim fits? Want to try something different? Newfacelook’s motorcycle working cargo trousers are one of the best motorcycle pants 2017. These pants are way too unique and impart a casual yet cool look. They come with a button as well as a zip closure and have been designed to be worn both at work and while riding a bike. These cargo pants are available in four different colors; black, dark brown, gray and light brown.

These heavy duty and strong pants have been made from 14 ox denim fabric, plus 100% cotton with 2 rare and 2 side pockets. The side pockets can be closed with Velcro. The best part is that the protective layer in these pants covers more area than any other jeans available today in the market or online. They for sure provide maximum protection and there is no doubt about that.

Sensitive and critical areas like hip, knees and thighs, which can be easily damaged due to severe slip, are reinforced with protective Aramid lining. It also comes with extra knee protection pads which can be adjusted according to one’s height. Hip and knee protector pocket is also there to fir the protectors and remove when not necessary. These pants are indeed a great package under $100.


12. Carhartt Men’s Traditional Fit Five Pocket Tapered Leg Jean B18

Carhartt Men's Traditional Fit Five Pocket Tapered Leg Jean B18These motorcycle pants are made 100% cotton and are only to be machine washed. They are 12″ high and 16″ win width and weigh 15 ounce in total. This 100% ring spun denim provides a relaxed fitting around seat and thighs. The bottom of the jean has straight leg openings and therefore can easily fit over boots.


13. Milwaukee Leather Men’s Denim Jeans Reinforced with Aramid (Blue, 34)

Milwaukee Leather Men's Denim Jeans Reinforced with Aramid (Blue, 34)Another one on our list of best motorcycle riding jeans is again by Milwaukee which is designed to give a simple look and offer a regular straight fit. This jean is an ideal one for those who do not want to spend much on motorcycle jeans as this one costs below $100. The quality of the jean cannot be questioned because of its low price because it is manufactured by a trusted brand. It is a durable jean which weighs about 12 oz.

The cotton denim material and full interior soft mesh liner ensure maximum comfort while riding the bike. The critical areas like knees, hips and seat are reinforced with Aramid fiber thread by Dupont. Other additional features include; regular 5 pocket loose fit design and removable CE adjustable pads on knees.


14. Drayko Drift Riding Jeans Women’s Denim Sports Bike Motorcycle Pants – Indigo / Size 12

Drayko Drift Riding Jeans Women's Denim Sports Bike Motorcycle Pants - Indigo Size 12The second last motorcycle on our list is by Drayko, which is specially designed for women. This is a latest design by the popular motorcycle jeans retailer which is made suing military plus grade DuPont Kevlar and Dyneema (some of the world’s strongest fibers). It offers a relaxed straight fit and is low-rise denim, similar to modern street style fashion jean. It has been designed to provide maximum comfort to women while riding. Those women bike riders who like to be stylish and chic while riding a bike can surely go for this one. It is also cost efficient as it costs under $200.


15. Takuey Men Motorcycle Riding Pants Denim Jeans Protect Pads Equipment

Takuey Men Motorcycle Riding Pants Denim Jeans Protect Pads EquipmentThe last jean on our list of top 15 best motorcycle riding jeans is by Takuey. This jean is one of the best motorcycle jeans because of its durable material. It is made of 14 ox denim cloth; 97% cotton fabric and 3% spandex which make sure that the jean provides flexibility while riding. It is not only a fashionable design but also a highly protective one.

It comes with 4 knees and hip protect pads to provide protection to the rider when riding regularly. It features a unique knee and back waist folding design which contributes more to its flexibility. It is made of an ergonomic high-tech fabric of the telescopic function. The brand provides all these features under $100. For those who do not want to shell out a lot of dollars can sure consider this motorcycle jean.



We hope this guide has been helpful in providing some of the basic yet important details regarding best motorcycle riding jeans. Now you know how to look for the perfect fit jean for yourself to be able to ride comfortably. Make sure you read the return and exchange policies before purchasing because sometimes it may not fit right or something else goes wrong. Check all the product details, read the washing and handling care label before washing the jean.

A little bit of carelessness can damage your new product, so it is better to know everything beforehand. Some people do not prefer hand-washing so if you also refer the same then check before you end up buying a jean which requires the same.

Know exactly what you want and then follow your budget. You can choose from any of the jeans we have mentioned here or you can also visit the websites of the mentioned brands and other manufacturers. Make sure you check as many products as you can before sealing the deal to avail best offers.

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