Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Klim Induction 2. Dainese D-Explorer 3. Alpinestars T-GP R
Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets Klim Induction Dainese D-Explorer Gore-Tex Review Alpinestars T-GP R

Purchasing the best mesh motorcycle jacket that fits your requirements can be a tough task if you don’t know much about motorcycle jackets. However, finding the right one is not very difficult if you are familiar with the different types of jackets and the distinct features they offer. Basically, there are four main types of motorcycle apparel available on the market. The mesh motorcycle jacket is one of them.

Here we will specifically focus on mesh motorcycle jackets, providing all the necessary information you need to choose the right one. Mesh jackets are known for their lightweight technology that feels like a thin layer of skin when worn. There are a variety of mesh motorcycle jackets available on the market and we will be listing some of the best ones in our product review section.

But first, it’s important to know the various benefits that mesh motorcycle jackets offer and learn a few crucial factors that’ll help you with product selection.


Advantages Of Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

As mentioned before, choosing the right mesh motorcycle jacket can be a difficult task. Well, as you skim through the benefits below that they offer we hope that it helps to make the task easier.

1. Comfort And Ventilation

With their lightweight technology, mesh motorcycle jackets provide the ideal level of comfort to any bike rider. This lightweight technology makes for a great fit, plus it helps provide proper ventilation while riding a bike. Compared to other types of motorcycle jackets like leather and textile ones, mesh jackets stand out as they provide the best comfort for riders for a short trip on their bike.

2. Lightness And Mobility

With a mesh motorcycle jacket, the rider can conveniently increase the bike’s speed. All thanks to its lightweight material and its body-hugging fit. Bikers who tend to travel in warm conditions must go for mesh jackets. However, mesh jackets are not suitable for when you are riding a bike in cold weather conditions.

3. Hot Weather Compatibility

As mentioned before, these jackets are extremely lightweight. They offer amazing airflow while riding a bike so that the rider does not feel hot or sweaty. However, these jackets are not suitable for when you are riding in cold weather.

As for rainy conditions, it depends on the quality of the product. A jacket made of good quality material will provide some protection from the rain. However, in the case of harsh winds and heavy rain, do not rely on a mesh motorcycle jacket to withstand the pressure.

4. Elbow And Shoulder Protection

Due to its lightweight technology, this type of jacket does not offer the best quality of protection. No matter what brand you consider, mesh motorcycle jackets are not equipped to provide full elbow and shoulder protection. These are made for short-distance rides only. Though some jackets might come with a little elbow, shoulder, and back protection, do not expect them to provide full protection in case of a serious accident.

5. Great Value For Money

When it comes to the price, this type of jacket is affordable. However, the brand and the quality of the material can significantly affect the price of the jacket. A low-quality, reasonably priced mesh jacket might be cheaper but it won’t provide proper protection.

Generally, best mesh motorcycle jackets are cheaper than other types of motorcycle jackets due to the cost of material and the absence of adequate protective equipment.

Important Factors To Consider When Buying Best Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

There are a few crucial factors you need to consider when buying a mesh motorcycle jacket for the first time. These are protection, fitting, ventilation, windproofing, etc. Some of these factors are listed as follows:

1. Protection

When it comes to protection, mesh jackets are not the best choice. Leather jackets top the list as they provide the best protection to bike riders. However, nowadays a lot of mesh jackets are equipped with some form of protective armor, such as reflective lights and panels. Reflective panels make sure your presence is noticed by other bike riders, hence, keeping you safe.

To provide proper protection to the body from damage caused due to an accident, mesh jackets feature CE approved armor in certain areas. In most cases, protective armor is added to the shoulders and elbows. Some mesh jackets also offer armor to the chest and back. A lot of countries around the world have adopted the CE/EN protocols as a minimum safety standard for racing gear.

When it comes to the outer layer, mesh jackets offer low abrasion resistance because the material is not made for it. The main purpose of this type of motorcycle jacket is to provide as much ventilation as possible. Overall, it gives a good level of protection with its extra layer, light padding, and armor. These jackets offer all these features without compromising on mobility and comfort.

2. Ventilation

As mesh jackets are specifically designed to be worn in warm weather conditions, they are the best at ventilation. They provide great ventilation because the outer layer of a mesh jacket is made of a thicker weave which allows the air to pass through it.

Some mesh jackets also feature zippered ventilation vents for added airflow. The airflow wicks away moisture and sweat, making you feel cool and comfortable. This is why a lot of riders choose to wear mesh jackets during hot weather conditions.

3. Fitting

It is possible to alleviate any potential problems if you are aware of what to look for when youselect a motorcycle jacket. Finding the right fit is very important. Now, this may seem obvious, but it is often neglected.

You need to know that a motorcycle jacket should not be treated as a fashion statement, its main purpose is to make the rider feel comfortable during the ride and provide protection. It cannot serve its main purpose if it is too loose, rides up, or is so tight that it causes pinch spots that might burst on impact.

When trying on a mesh jacket, you need to make sure that it fits perfectly well, especially on the shoulders and arms, as most mesh jackets feature protective armor in these areas. Mesh jackets don’t work like leather jackets, the latter eventually adapt to your body shape.

Built-in armor is crucial and you will most often find it in all potential injury points like back, elbows, and shoulders. Whether a jacket features protective armor or not depends on the style and price of the item. Sometimes, armor is fitted into pockets or sewn in.

For it to fulfill its job, it must stay in place. You can test it by trying the jacket and moving around in it. This test will determine if the armor stays where it ideally should.

4. Price

Even the very best mesh motorcycle jackets for hot weather do not cost much. Mesh jackets are cheaper than leather ones. However, the prices of different brands may vary just like the sizes and styles of different brands vary. You should check out different jackets, shortlist according to your requirements and then compare the features of each to get the best one.

This is the product review section of our guide where we have listed some of the best mesh motorcycle jackets available on the market, highlighting their features and functions in detail. We have listed high-quality items manufactured by top brands like Joe Rocket, BILT, Klim, etc. This product review list will help you get an idea of what’s popular among bike riders these days.

Top 10 Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets 2021

1. Klim Induction Mesh Jacket Review

Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets Klim InductionWhen riding your bike in hot summer, you need a motorcycle jacket that will keep you cool and comfortable. The days of the classic leather motorcycle jackets are over. Nowadays, riders demand jackets that are lightweight but also offer a decent level of protection and breathability to ride in hot weather conditions.

If this is what you want, look no further. The Klim Induction Mesh motorcycle jacket is the perfect choice. It is made from the latest Karbonite mesh material, which is 700% stronger than polyester or nylon mesh. This top-notch mesh material is heavy abrasion and tear-resistant. The Induction Mesh jacket uses the same quality of 840 Cordura construction that is used to make Klim’s Gore-Tex jacket.

This item also incorporates the Klim Rhino-stitch construction technology that delivers high tenacity and durability. It features special abrasion zones around the elbows and shoulders. The D30 EVO material is used to make the protective armor which will save you by absorbing impact when met with an accident to protect your upper body.

The adjustable D30 EVO armor, shoulder pads, and a D30 level 1 back pad make sure you stay well protected. Besides this, the jacket comes with UV-resistant treatment of the mesh material, plus a breathable, moisture-absorbing internal mesh comfort liner. This liner takes care of ventilation and makes sure you get proper airflow, dissipating sweat when riding in hot weather conditions.

This tear-resistant and heavy abrasion mesh jacket serves well during the summers by ensuring maximum airflow. However, this minimal design is not suitable for cold weather.


2. Dainese D-Explorer Gore-Tex Review

Dainese D-Explorer Gore-Tex ReviewDo you want to purchase a mesh jacket that can be worn at any time of the year? If yes, the Dainese D-explorer Gore-Tex jacket is all you need. This motorcycle riding jacket can be worn in any season. It features a Gore-Tex breathable membrane which makes sure you don’t get soaked up in heavy rain and facilitates maximum airflow to keep you from sweating while on a long ride.

Moreover, it features something in its arsenal that makes it useful not only in the summer season but also in winter. It comes with a Thermal Liner that can be worn to ride on cold, windy days. The liner is removable; you can easily remove it when you don’t feel the need to wear it.

The mesh fabric of this jacket is made with a combination of Quickdry, D-Stone, Mugello, and Duratex fabrics. The D-Stone fabric is used to make the thermo-formed shoulders and the back has the standard G1 and G2 protection to protect your back from any impact in the event of a crash.

It also comes with removable composite protectors certified to EN 1621.1, which make sure you receive proper protection while ADV riding. However, such thorough protection and multiple layers of fabric do not make it uncomfortable to wear. On the contrary, Dainese allows riders to enjoy customized adjustments.

Other extra features include two waterproof front outer pockets, two additional front outer pockets, two rear pockets, a jacket-trousers fastening system, and an adjustment option in the wrist and neck strip. The removable thermal liner also features two pockets to make sure the rider gets plenty of space to safely store important items like keys, a wallet, tech devices, etc.

If you are looking for an all-round jacket that can be worn in any weather condition, provides maximum protection, and comes with plenty of extra features, this is your best pick.


3. Alpinestars T-GP R

Alpinestars T-GP RIt is not easy to ride in hot weather while wearing a jacket, this is why special jackets are made for bike riders that do not restrict airflow while also providing protection. Motorcycle jackets that are not made for hot weather conditions won’t serve the purpose. Getting rid of the jacket is the worst idea as you are depriving your body of any protection. This is where mesh jackets come into the picture.

The Alpinestars T-GP Air mesh jacket is another best mesh motorcycle jacket for hot weather as it provides protection like a leather jacket but is lightweight enough to make you feel comfortable even in the hottest weather conditions.

It is constructed with a special lightweight mesh material and a durable 450 Denier polyester fabric. It features strategically positioned mesh panels that provide resistance against abrasion as well as a fully ventilated chassis that supports removable elbow and shoulder protectors. All the safety armor the jacket is equipped with is CE certified and offers protection in key impact areas.

It features pockets for chest and back protectors. The chest and back compartments of the jacket come with PE padding to offer complete protection. When it comes to weather protection, you need to know that it is suitable for only hot weather. If you are riding in the summers, you can depend on this jacket as it comes with a windbreaker liner.

However, since it does not come with a removable thermal liner, it is not suitable for cold weather. This jacket won’t disappoint you in terms of comfort as it has pre-curved sleeve construction as well as large accordion stretch panels for comfortable movement while riding.

Accordion stretch panels make it easy to ride without limiting any movement. It comes with lots of pockets to store your personal belongings.

As it is equipped with an inner waterproof pocket, you won’t need to worry about your belongings, it will keep them dry and clean on rainy days as well. Another amazing feature is reflective inserts that’ll help you during the night by increasing rider visibility.


4. Pilot Motosport

Pilot MotosportThe Pilot Motosport Direct Air mesh jacket is contender for the best mesh motorcycle jacket. It offers the necessary protection to the rider, off-road, on-road, on a track, or while ADV touring. It features overlay panels on the shoulders and elbows for resistance against abrasion and tear. The removable CE certified protective armor ensures maximum safety in case of a crash.

Most mesh jackets offer a minimal level of protection like shoulder and elbow panels, but Pilot Motosport lets you upgrade the protection level. So, you can replace the back pad with the Pilot Core level 2 cellular PU back pad to maximize protection.

It features a windproof and waterproof REISSA membrane that is made of breathable fabric to keep you dry and clean when it rains. Overall, this item is a great choice for summer riding.

You won’t need to depend on a heavy leather jacket, you can enjoy your bike ride without worrying about scorching heat and safety. The price point of this jacket adds to its appeal as it costs a lot less than some other jackets of this kind.


5. Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0

Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0Joe Rocket is a popular brand that has been manufacturing high-quality motorcycle gear for decades now. The Phoenix 5.0 was launched a couple of years ago and has served bike riders very well. Hence, it is listed among the top 10 best mesh motorcycle jackets.

It is a classic retro-style mesh jacket from the long lineup of the brand’s riding gear. It is made with a FreeAir polyester shell covered with RockTex at the shoulders, ribs, back, and elbows for maximum protection. The mesh fabric facilitates airflow and provides incredible breathability, which makes it the perfect choice for summer bike riding.

It is equipped with CE certified protectors in the shoulders and elbows, a removable spine pad, and a pocket for optional CE spine armor if you need extra protection during long rides. When it comes to the fitting, Joe Rocket makes sure you get a proper fit by including elastic sleeve adjusters and the SureFit adjustable waistband.

Besides, you will receive an 8-inch zipper to fasten riding pants, plus a zipper-secured detachable waterproof liner to save you from getting soaked when riding in the rain. If you are a frequent night rider, the reflective stripe on the jacket will enhance your visibility on the road. It is equipped with several pockets to store personal items, an 8-zipper for pain attachment, and 6-point sure fit custom.

Another good thing is that it is available at an affordable cost. The only problem is that it is not suitable for cold weather. It doesn’t come with a removable thermal liner to provide protection from chilly winds. The lightweight mesh fabric is only suitable for hot and humid climates.


6. Alpinestars Viper

Alpinestars ViperThe Alpinestars Viper Air mesh motorcycle jacket is optimal for hot and humid climates. It is common for bike riders to ride against hot blows of air. In such cases, everyone requires a jacket that provides proper airflow and facilitates ventilation.

You can’t wear your leather motorcycle jacket in summers as the material is suitable for winters only. Summer is the time to switch to the best mesh motorcycle jacket for you that offers sufficient airflow and is lightweight, two of the basic needs during summer riding.

This jacket is made from a durable 600 Denier poly-fabric shell which is fully strengthened with the PU protective shell. You don’t need to purchase a leather jacket since the mesh jacket is well-equipped to provide you full protection in case of a crash. It features CE certified Bio-Armor on the elbow and shoulder area to offer a lightweight protective shell in order to provide outstanding tear and abrasion resistance.

The only drawback of the Alpinestars Viper Air mesh jacket is that its Bio-Armor is not as good as you get with leather or adventure motorcycle jackets. This is the only compromise you’ll have to make. But, it definitely offers better abrasion protection than other mesh motorcycle jackets.

Other than that, the jacket offers adequate padding for upper body protection, but the padding is sold separately. The jacket is not very expensive, so you can spare some amount to get additional protective gear for your chest and back.

The most important feature offered by mesh jackets is airflow and the extensive mesh in the front and rear panels to provide great ventilation. These panels provide unsurpassed airflow performance and breathability for the rider.

It comes with the new two-way sleeve zippers for safe closure that help with the passage of air inside the jacket. Therefore, you can channel the air intake and the mesh liner to increase the cooling performance. If you’re riding in the cold and want to stop airflow and ventilation, you can wear the removable windproof infer vest lining to insulate yourself.

The Alpinestars Viper Air features a light mesh on the collar to offer breathability and comfort to the neck area. It is specially made to offer a protective and highly personalized fit. Additional features include VELCRO brand closures on the chest pocket, cuffs, waist adjustment, and pre-curved sleeves to maximize comfort while in the riding position.

If it starts raining heavily while you’re riding, you can take advantage of the internal waterproof pocket to prevent your valuables from getting wet. Overall, this mesh jacket is the definition of airflow and comfort.


7. Joe Rocket Velocity

Joe Rocket VelocityThis is another great mesh jacket by Joe Rocket. The Joe Rocket Velocity is one of the most popular jackets manufactured by the company for summer riding. In summers, it becomes entirely impossible to go riding wearing a leather motorcycle jacket which is quite heavy and restrictive. Instead, you need something lightweight and breathable to keep you cool through your ride.

The Joe Rocket Velocity is made to offer protection, breathability, style, comfort, and versatility at a very reasonable cost. It is not easy to find the best mesh motorcycle jacket for hot weather at such an affordable price.

Velocity features Joe Rocket’s FreeAir mesh shell that is so light in weight that it delivers unmatched airflow, even on scorching summer days. Since the fabric is light in weight, the manufacturers have equipped the jacket with contoured armor at the shoulders and elbows to make sure you receive full protection against abrasion and tears.

It comes with a removable dual-density spine pad with a pocket to provide additional protection to the spine. You will get full protection for your shoulders, back, and elbows without compromising on airflow.

This jacket offers the most comfortable and personalized fit due to the all-new 6-point SureFit custom adjustment system. The jacket features two outside pockets and one on the inside. It comes with a removable waterproof liner to protect you from getting wet in the even of a sudden rain. The jacket has a lot to offer at such a reasonable price.

Extra features include extended back and belt loops for attaching riding pants and reflective stripes to increase your visibility while riding at night.


8. Ilm Carbon Fiber

Ilm Carbon FiberILM Carbon motorcycle jacket is a unisex item, designed to suit both men and women. If you are looking to buy a jacket that is as classy as you think any motorcycle jacket should be, this one will certainly suit your stylish personality. It is not a jacket typically tailored for women, but it has a look that fits a rider.

It features protective armor on the shoulder, back, and kidney and offers a kind of space-age look that only a few mesh motorcycle jackets offer. It comes with additional protection that most mesh jackets don’t provide.

Every bike rider wants to own at least one edgy motorcycle jacket that is perfect for an off-road journey. So, go ahead and level up your style game by adding this jacket to your closet.

It features a reflective white lining that increases visibility during night rides. The ventilation system is uniquely suited to deal with the scorching summer sun. Whether you are a racer or an on-road rider looking for some summertime motocross fun, this is a great option and comes with adequate ventilation and protection.

One of the best things about this jacket is that it doesn’t cost much and is worth every penny you spend. In case it starts raining while you are riding your bike, the waterproof feature will keep you dry and warm enough even at a temperature of 45-degree Fahrenheit. However, it is not suitable for extremely cold weather.

It will protect you from harsh winds and the removable liner is handy for chilly morning bike rides to keep you cozy and comfortable. When you are hot and sweaty, unzip the jacket and let the ventilation flaps do their work by allowing air to flow through the jacket.

Other features include a short connecting zip, a removable memory foam back panel, a removable thick liner, Velcro adjustment hip tabs, and zip entry front pockets. In a nutshell, it is an incredible buy for the price.


9. Bilt Techno

Bilt TechnoWhenever you feel like going out on an adventurous bike ride in the summer, it is recommended that you keep a mesh motorcycle jacket handy that can protect you from the blazing sun. Keep your classic leather motorcycle jacket aside and get the BILT Techno mesh motorcycle jacket.

Mesh motorcycle jackets are light in weight and offer reasonable protection in case of an accident. It is a jacket that lets you enjoy bike rides in hot weather conditions. For those extremely hot and humid summer days, BILT has come up with a jacket that will keep you cool while riding along with the benefits of CE armor.

The BILT Techno mesh jacket feels like you are wearing a light and breezy cloth. It has long arms that could fit anyone nicely and offers a perfectly snug fit from the waist. It is equipped with a tab adjustment sleeve system and features adjustable waist straps to ensure you get a great fit.


10. Joe Rocket Women’s Atomic 4.0

Joe Rocket Women's Atomic 4.0The last product on our list of best mesh motorcycle jackets is another great item manufactured by Joe Rocket. This is the third mesh jacket on our list by the same brand and is particularly designed for women. It is lightweight, airy, and features an adjustment system across the lower back to ensure the perfect fit.

This jacket has pretty much everything built-in that makes it worth every penny. It is a great lightweight summer motorcycle jacket that offers a variety of features. It features a waterproof outer shell and the interior has detachable sleeve liners with insulation capabilities, suitable for the odd cold day which may come up.

The jacket comes with a CE approved shoulder and elbow protective armor as well as a removable spine pad for added protection. Joe Rocket has leveled up after launching the finest women’s motorcycle jacket all over again with the Atomic 4.0.

It features a multi-point adjustment system and the textile material used to design this jacket offers a snug fit and matches any helmet perfectly. The plastic used to construct protective armor for the shoulder and elbows is thick and sturdy enough to protect you from major injuries in case of a crash.

The jacket offers one of the best ventilation systems, featuring four vents. Two are located on the back of the jacket and two on the front to allow for maximum airflow when opened. It also comes with 8 zippers for pant attachment and a removable insulated full sleeve liner.

The reflective stripes on the sleeves ensure increased visibility during the night. The pockets are spacious enough to accommodate all your essentials like phone, keys, and wallet. It comes with a removable fleece liner to keep you warm on chilly morning rides. The armor provides full protection to female bike riders and is not too large.


Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets – Final Verdict!

We hope that our best mesh motorcycle jacket review guide has helped you gain a lot of basic information on what’s trending and how to find the right one according to your requirements. We have compiled a list of unique products manufactured by renowned brands to give you an idea about what to look for in a mesh motorcycle jacket.

Selecting the ideal summer motorcycle jacket type for yourself can be a tough task in 2020. There are a variety of options available on the market today. However, the above-listed tips and important factors should help you choose the best mesh jacket of your preference. Keep those tips in mind and don’t hesitate to check out other great jackets available online. All the best!

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