Best Motorcycle Shoes 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Iron Jia’s 2. Harley Davidson 3. Alpiners Sektor
Iron Jia’s Best Motorcycle Shoe Harley Davidson Men’s Wrenford Alpiners Men’s Sektor Vented

Motorcycle boots are not meant for style only, though most of the commoners like us thought the same for a few decades. For serious rides, good-quality motorcycle boots is an essential apparel.

The main purpose of these types of boots is to keep the rider protective and comfortable while riding, no matter whether they are on a long trip around the country or just strolling around the city. Finding the best motorcycle shoes is undoubtedly intriguing.

Even a few years ago, motorcycle boots referred to those heavy and chunky protective gears for feet sans style. But with years, the industry has seen a lot of innovation, and there are multiple manufacturers emerging, which bridges the gap between functionality and style.


Now, designing a perfect motorcycle boot includes creativity and a little bit of self-expression as well, along with its functionality factor.

But the problem is, now there are like zillions of options available when it comes to motorcycle boots and selecting the perfect one as per your need and choice is as daunting as it can be. So, here we are, accumulating the best motorcycle shoes of 2021 in one place.

We have gone through extensive research about all the shoe models present in the market at this point in time and compared all their features and usability to build this document.
So stay tuned and be ready to get amazed.

Factors To Look Out For While Buying Best Motorcycle Shoe

Buying a motorcycle shoe is somewhere different than buying a regular one. There are plenty of factors in there, which determine the comfort and security you are going to get after wearing them. The shoe-buying process is intimidating in any way, and the numerous popular brands and their famous flagship models make it even tougher for all the users.

So, to help you in the buying process, we have compiled some important factors, which will help you understand the build and function of any motorcycle shoe you have chosen for yourself. It is basically a buyer guide from our site for you to understand all the primary features of a motorcycle shoe.

1. Height Of The Boot

Whenever a crash happens while riding, the body part which is most prone to injuries or sprain is the ankle. Scrapping the ankle bones during the crash is also very common among the riders. So, supporting the ankle properly while riding is extremely important and wise as well.

Motorcycle boots are meant for providing ample protection to your ankle. So, the next time you plan to buy a motorcycle boot, do invest in something which comes at least over your ankle. Stable support on the top of the shoe is also important for ensuring better support to your ankle.

2. The Material

The comfort given by any motorcycle shoe solely depends on the material it is being made of. Whereas regular walking shoes can be made of canvas or soft leather, these materials are not suitable when you are riding your motorcycle.

Materials like canvas, leather, and sometimes even suedes don’t at all give proper protection when needed. So, always look for motorcycle shoes which are made up of substantial and abrasion-resistant materials. Materials like thicker leather and breathable textile materials are widely being used these days to produce great-quality motorcycle boots.

And moreover, weather protected materials and extra-reinforcements acts as added advantages on motorcycle shoes. So, always look for these features when buying one.

3. Construction Of The Shoe

The construction of the boot is another important factor which you have to keep in mind before choosing your motorcycle boot. Motorcycle shoes are meant for extensive uses. And when you are regular on the road, facing one or two nasty accidents are also inevitable.

So, always look for a model which is strong and put together with two or three rows of stitching. And also, soles- soles in motorcycle shoes must be stitched together with the top base of the shoe, rather than just glued. Stitched soles are more durable than glued ones.

4. Soles

The stability and durability of any shoe depend on the sole itself. In the case of motorcycle shoes, softer soles are great for a better grip on the footpeg, but they wear off pretty fast.

On the other hand, hard soles are strong, last longer, but do not have a satisfactory grip whatsoever. So, the choice solely depends on your personal riding type, although investing in an oil-resistant sole is mandatory to increase the usability of the shoe in various weather conditions.

5. Added Protection

Mostly all different types of motorcycle shoes come with extra enforcements in various parts to give the rider some added protection from severe injuries. Most of the street style motor boots come with various protective armors in areas like ankle, toe, shins etc. to give extra protection to the rider.

On the other hand, professional motor riding boots are way more advanced and consist of extra padding and armor in mostly all high-risk zones. Armors in professional racing boots are generally made with kevlar or carbon or integrated plastics, which can take up a lot of impacts when crashes happen.

6. Strapping Method

Boots can be strapped with laces or with velcro, but the choice is completely yours. Most people have believed in laces for ages. Laces are easy to untie, lasts long and moreover gives a better fit overall.

But velcro or buckle, on the other hand, allows the rider much more convenience while riding the motorcycle alone. Moreover, there are no chances of automatically untied laces, when you ate on board. So be it laces or velcro, the choice is completely your personal preference.

7. The Fit

Finding your perfect fit is quite difficult when you are buying shoes online. The size of the boots varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. But each of them has a detailed size guide along with the product features on their website. So, go through them thoroughly.

Most of the size guides come in both American and European formats, so comparing your size with the size chart will not be a major problem. But do consider the thickness of the socks you regularly used, before selecting the shoe size. The fit can widely vary with the thickness of the socks your wear.

8. Overall Maintenance

Though how to clean and maintain your boots should not affect your buying decision to an extent, it is a fact that street boots are way easier and hassle-free to clean than racing or MX boots.

But, as your buying decision mostly depends on your individual necessity, it really doesn’t matter which one is easy to clean and which one is not. Each of the motorcycle boots comes with separate care guidance. Do follow them word to word, and your precious pair will last longer.

Our outlined list for best motorcycle shoes consists of around 30 motorcycle shoes we find suitable for prolonged uses. The list comprises a wide array of comfortable and stylish street boots to more professional touring and racing ones.

Our list is made to cater to the needs of each and every passionate motorcycle rider out there. But, motorcycle boots can be a lot expensive on the other hand, so we have tried to incorporate models from various price ranges as well. Let’s check it out.

Top 30 Best Motorcycle Shoes 2021

1. Iron Jia’s

Iron Jia’s Best Motorcycle ShoeThe first name in our list of best motorcycle shoes of 2021, is from Iron Jia. The iron Jia motorcycle shoes for men are a street style one and come in a classic grey.

The electric green laces are a great addition to this pair of shoes and increase its style quotient as well. In addition to its casual and everyday look, the inside material of this Iron Jia shoes is extremely breathable and comfortable as well.

Now, coming to its capability, this Iron Jia motorcycle shoe is an ankle-length one with a specialized PP protective shell and gives enough support to the feet while needed.

There are multiple protection layers included in the shoe around the heel and toes. This also protects your feet from any sort of injuries as well. The sole is also made of good-quality rubber, and hence, the shoe has a better grip on the surface and is also wearable in any weather conditions.

What We Like

  • Breathable material.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Extra protection around the toe, heels, and ankle.

2. Harley Davidson Men’s Wrenford

Harley Davidson Men’s WrenfordThe next name in our list is also a casual street style shoe for motorcycle riding, and this particular one is also manufactured by the famous Harley-Davidson.

Though Harley-Davidson is known for producing the best-quality cruise bikes of all time, they also make a name in manufacturing equally great protective gear as well. And the Men’s Wrenford Sneaker is definitely one of the best they manufacture.

This particular shoe is made of 100% fabric materials, which makes it extremely breathable and comfortable when you are supposed to wear it for long hours. The rubber sole is also pretty much comfortable on the feet and also provides a great grip even in wet or oily surfaces.

Unlike any best quality sneakers like All-Star or Vans, this particular one is also made with Vulcanized Construction, hence adding extra durability to the shoe. The Canvas upper and the Canvas lining also gives an extra degree of comfort to the shoe as well.

What We Like

  • The Harley-Davidson guarantee.
  • Rubber outsole.
  • Comfortable.

3. Alpiners Men’s Sektor Vented

Alpiners Men’s Sektor VentedOne of the lightweight versions available in the market in comparison to other motorcycle shoes, the Alpiners Men’s sector Vented one is the rightful addition to our list.

Manufactured with extremely lightweight and durable microfiber material, this Alpiners Sektor Motorcycle shoe gives a decent amount of protection to the rider’s feet without being bulky or heavy on the feet.

The Alpiners Skater shoe also consists of a 3D ankle protection system along with the internal protective toe box and heel counter, which not only gives proper protection to the ankle when necessary but also ensures a better fit. The construction of this shoe is very well designed and the flexibility in the heel areas and instep is the best example of this fact. The added flexibility in those areas also increases comfort during walking.

This Alpiners shoe consists of the original speed latching system, inspired by the strapping mechanism used in professional racing shoes. The speed laces and the ankle strap gives a personal touch to the shoes as well.

What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable.
  • Gives proper protection to high wear zones.

4. Harley Davidson Vardon D96175

Harley Davidson Vardon D96175The next inclusion in our list is also from the house of Harley-Davidson. This particular Men’s Vardon Motorcycle shoe from the brand is a slightly upgraded version from the previous shoe I have reviewed earlier in the list.

Unlike the previous shoe model, this particular one is made of a thicker quality of leather, which enforces a better structure to the shoe. The leather also makes the shoe extremely comfortable and breathable at the same time.

Unlike any other great quality street-style motorcycle shoes from Harley-Davidson, this one also comprises a cement constructed rubber sole. These types of strong and sturdy soles are basically known for providing the best grip in various weather conditions.

The leather outer body and the rubber sole are also completely waterproof with a breathable hydro-guard membrane layer. So using this shoe in heavy rains is not a problem at all.

What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Ankle length
  • Aesthetically pleasing

5. Speed And Strength Men’s 508051

Speed And Strength Men's 508051Looking very similar to the Iron Jia’s motorcycle shoe for men, the Speed and Strength men’s Moto shoe is also designed with a very protective and purposeful outlook. The Speed and Strength motorcycle shoe can be a great example of any shoe model which is aesthetically pleasing and also extremely functional at the same time.

This particular shoe model is designed and developed with anti-slip rubber outsoles and strong and sturdy leather upper. One of the distinct features of this shoe is its non-sank sole. The sole is meat for keeping the foot and ankle comfortable yet adaptable to any sort of free-range movements.

The undercover speed lacing system makes it easier in and out into the shoe and it is extremely safe while riding as well. Extra reinforcements in areas like heel and ankle and a specialized molded toe cap, protects the feet from any unwanted damages.

What We Like

  • Added protection.
  • Flexible
  • It looks very stylish.

6. BiLT Dexter 

BiLT Dexter The next name in our list of best motorcycle shoes of 2021 is the Dexter Men’s Motorcycle shoes from the manufacturer named BiLT. The Bilt Dexter motorcycle shoe is the product of the current trend of “comfortable urban riding shoesâ€, floating around the motor industry these days.

Most of these shoes are lightweight and aesthetically pleasing. The BiLT Dexter is also no different from the stereotype. In terms of construction, this particular shoe is made with a polyester synthetic upper with a molded synthetic sole, and the build is not satisfactory at all.

When you are planning to invest in a motorcycle shoe, you will definitely prioritize its capability and functionality rather than its design and outlook. But the functionality of this shoe is not up to the mark and the extremely decent outlook can only make it a perfect choice for a party or night out, but not for riding your motorcycle.

With minimum or no added protections or any sort of reinforcements, this BiLT Dexter Shoe gives no protection to the feet when it requires. Amidst all, the only good thing about this BiLT Dexter is that it comes pretty cheap in comparison to other motorcycle boots.

What We Like

  • Affordable.
  • Great for casual outings.

7. Fly Racing M16 Leather Shoes

Fly Racing M16 Leather ShoesThe leather riding shoe from Fly Machine is the next name on our list. There are thousands of shoe manufacturers these days, sacrificing the performance credibility of their products over design and style.

Brands like Fly Machine is one of those very few, which designs and develops shoes which not only look catchy but elevate the overall standards of motorcycle boots to many levels in terms of functioning as well.

This particular fly Machine motor riding shoe is made of reinforced leather on the upper side and strong rubberized sole. The sole is durable and gives a good amount of grip on the footpeg. The leather on the upper part of the shoe is also breathable and extremely comfortable.

The added reinforcements around the toe, heel, and ankle give proper protection a perfect fit. The shoe is also waterproof with the patented hydro-guard technology.

What We Like

  • Oil-resistant sole.
  • Waterproof.
  • Breathable mesh lining inside.

8. HeroBiker Combat Boots

HeroBiker Combat BootsThis motorcycle riding shoe from Hero biker is a perfect choice for riders who are passionate and regular on the road. This particular brand of motorcycle boots is clearly a crowd-pleaser with creative design and extremely efficient performance.

Manufactured with genuine cow suede leather on the upper part of the shoe, the material is extremely flexible and comfortable, even during prolonged wearing. The flexibility of the suede material also gives the riser the liberty to move their feet freely during long journeys.

The dual closure system with cow suede strap around the ankle and traditional loop and laces ensured a better fit of the shoe. The reinforced ESA protection film around the ankle joint and a specialized toe cap give adequate protection to the rider as well. The good-quality rubberized sole has an excellent grip and skid-resistant even in the toughest of terrains.

What We Like

  • Structural integrity
  • Durable built.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • All-terrain shoe.

9. BorLeni

BorLeniThe next name in the list of best motorcycle shoes of 2021 is the street style men’s motorcycle boots from the house of Borleni. The Borleni shoe looks pretty cool in the muted gray and fluorescent green combination and is perfect for any casual outings.

The upper part of this shoe is made of good-quality breathable super-fabric materials, with a mesh fabric lining for more breathability. Now coming to the structural integrity of this shoe, it has reinforced parts around the heel and toes.

Moreover, the ankle area also comprises specialized PP protective shells along with lateral support. These reinforced areas, not only improve the construction of the shoe but also protects the riders from any unwanted injuries and sprains on the feet.

What We Like

  • Rubberized anti-slip sole.
  • Added protective layers.
  • Perfect fit.

10. A.B Crew

A.B CrewThe next inclusion in our list is not a traditional shoe itself. Rather, it is an accessory to protect the boot you have. Made with industrial quality TPU, the A.B Crew motorcycle boot cover can cover the top of any of your shoes while you ride your motorcycle.

Shifting gears on your bike can cause severe damage to the top of your expensive and precious pair. Saving your shoe from these scuffs or abrasion can be very difficult and sometimes impossible at the same time. Hence, there comes the necessity of these shoe covers.

With the flat elastic strap on the back, it fits properly above your shoe and saves it from all types of damages caused during gear shift and even during prolonged wearing. The elastic strap also comes with a rubberized and anti-slip sole design as well for reinforced grip.

What We Love

  • Affordable.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Contemporary design.
  • Highly trustworthy

11. Harley Davidson Men’s Wrenford Sneaker

Harley Davidson Men’s Wrenford SneakerThis particular Wrenford Sneaker from the house of Harley-Davidson is the same motorcycle sneaker model from the manufacturer we have discussed earlier. The only difference between these two is the color combination.

Unlike the muted grey and black combination, this one is more fun and quirky with a Black upper body and rose gold details on the sides of the shoe. The upper of the shoe is manufactured with great-quality canvas fabric with canvas inner lining as well. Canvas is a very smooth and breathable fabric on its own.

So, this shoe is undoubtedly very comfortable to wear in true sense. The vulcanized rubber sole is strong and the grip is also very good. But above all the good features, the overall casual looks of this ankle length shoe is what stands out and makes it a crowd-pleaser.

What We Love

  • Breathable fabric
  • Perfect for casual occasions.
  • Vulcanized rubber sole.

12. Alpinestars SMX-! R Vented

Alpinestars SMX-! R VentedThe next inclusion in our list of best motorcycle shoes of 2021 is again from the house of alpine star and it is one of these motorcycle boots which are meant to be on the long roads on a daily basis.

In other words, this particular SMX-1 motorcycle shoe from Alpinestars is chiefly meant for those who are really passionate about biking and get on the road every now and then.

Now coming to the design and functionality of this particular shoe mode, the upper part is made of comfortable and breathable microfibre material which is durable and abrasion-resistant as well.

The perforated design in multiple areas results in excellent ventilation as well. Overall, the boot is very ergonomically designed and well-balanced to have adequate flexibility for free-range movements around the ankle and also extremely protective in high-wear zones.

What We Like

  • The strap closure improves fit
  • Includes a TPR shift pad on the upper portion.
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Durable.

13. Fila F-13V Fashion Sneaker

Fila F-13V Fashion SneakerThe Fila Men’s F-13V fashion sneaker is the next inclusion in our list. This particular shoe is very popular among youngsters due to its quirley design and fun color. It comes in a cherry red color, and this particular shoe has the ability to catch everybody’s eye in a gathering.

Now, coming to the other specs of this shoe, the upper part is made of full-grain leather for both comfort and durability. The combination of traditional speed laces and an ankle strap ensures a better grip as well.

The sole is also rubberized and hence provides better hold and traction over the surface. As it is mentioned in the name that this particular sneaker is a “fashion†one, so I think, this is not that appropriate for long and tedious bike rides. A quick and fun stroll around the city is what it is made for.

What We Like

  • Fun design
  • Pretty affordable.
  • Elevated front for lateral support
  • Bright red color.

14. Joe Rocket Atomic

Joe Rocket AtomicNow, it is time for the Joe Rockets Atomic Men’s Motorcycle boots to get reviewed. A perfect example of a bridge shoe model, the boots look extremely fashionable. And they are strong and durable as well and meant for giving adequate support to the user during tedious motor rides.

The outer part of this shoe is built with 95% leather and 5% synthetic materials. Construction-wise, this particular shoe is one of the strongest among the other shoe models we have discussed so far here with dual stitching over all the high-stress areas.

With low profile toe box and reinforced shifter zones, the shoe is giving decent support to those areas when some nasty accidents take place. The additional padded ankle cuff is also meant for added comfort to the user.

What We Like

  • Strong and durable construction.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Great structural integrity.

15. Daily Shoes Women’s Military Combat Boots

Daily Shoes Women’s Military Combat BootsWho says only boys can have all the fun of long bike rides on a blissful Sunday morning? In this 21st century, it is time for girls to claim all the fun they could have. But, until a few years ago as well, there was not a single appropriate motorcycle boot made for women.

The idea has changed now, and companies like Daily shoes are making good quality motorcycle boots for women as well and that too in a very pocket-friendly budget.

The Daily hunt Women’s combat boot is made of synthetic leather, hence though not durable as original leather ones but can give a decent performance if used properly.

The rubber sole is of an extremely good quality and provides a decent grip on surfaces, even if they are wet or oily. The chunky heel is also a great inclusion in the boot and elevates its style quotient.

What We Like

  • The chunky feminine design,
  • One wallet pocket with a zipper on the size.
  • Ankle length.
  • Multiple color options available

16. Alpinestars Sektor Street Motorcycle Shoe

Alpinestars Sektor Street Motorcycle ShoeThe next name in our list of best motorcycle shoes is again from the house of Alpine Ster, making it the third entry in our list from the same manufacturer. This particular Sektor motorcycle shoe is a street-style variant, yet possesses a very different overall outlook from the others belonging to this genre.

The outer part of this motorcycle shoe is made of specialized microfibres. Hence, the shoe is comfortable, breathable, and extremely lightweight as well. The specifically compounded rubber sole is extremely heavy duty and provides a textured grip on the footpeg.

The sole is good quality and shock resistant as well. There are some small flexible areas present on the shoe around the heel and eyelet, for free-range movements inside. The internal protective toe-box, the integrated shank, and the heel counter are all known for added protective measures to keep your feet safe.

What We Like

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Enhanced grip.
  • Replaceable EVA footbed.

17. Harley Davidson Nathan Vulcanized Sneaker

Harley Davidson Nathan Vulcanized SneakerAnother famous motorcycle shoe for men from the house of Harley-Davidson is the next name in our list of best motorcycle shoes of 2021. This particular motorcycle shoe from the manufacturer is quite similar to the other variants we have discussed above, both in terms of design and functionality. But, this particular one we are about to discuss now is quite a cheaper variant than the other two.

Like any Harley-Davidson street style motorcycle shoe, this particular one also has an essence of an ankle-length converse, but instead of canvas fabric, this one is made of leather. Leather increases both the structural integrity and durability of any shoes.

The vulcanized rubber sole is also of a great quality and long-lasting. The internal cushioned sock lining not only promotes ventilation but gives a warm feeling to the feet as well. The cap toe feature is good at protecting the toe from any unwanted injury.

What We Like

  • Minimum branding on the shoe.
  • Affordable

18. Harley Davidson Tegan Ankle Boot

Harley Davidson Tegan Ankle BootThe Tegan ankle boot from Harley-Davidson is the powerpack motorcycle boot for women. This particular model is considered one of the all-time best motorcycle shoes for women.

Made with solid leather, the rugged construction of this boot is embellished with so many sleek feminine features, that make it the perfect choice for women who love motorcycle riding.

The boot comprises a traditional lace-up design with an added buckle on the top. The buckle not only increases the aesthetic value of the shoe but also acts as a fit enhancer.

The 1.5 inch block heel also gives a very chick look to the boot and proper support and stability while riding the bike. Regardless of the leather body, and strong rubber sole and heel and all the other leather and metal accents, the boot is pretty lightweight, making walking easier as well.

What We Like

  • Added zipper for closure.
  • All soles are cemented together with welting technology.
  • Flexible

19. Harley Davidson Hagerman Motorcycle Boot

Harley Davidson Hagerman Motorcycle BootAnother Harley-Davidson shoe for men in our list, this particular Hagerman motorcycle boot is completely different from all the other models we have discussed above. Though they look quite similar to those typical combat boots, the Hargermen motorcycle shoes have a very chick appeal to it.

Manufactured with 100% authentic leather, the shoe is extremely comfortable to wear. The inner mesh lining is breathable and makes inside-boot ventilation easier. Like any leather shoe from Harley-Davidson, this particular one is extremely flexible as well.

Flexibility is an important factor in any motorcycle shoe, because when you have to wear it for 12 hours straight, you need to move your feet inside the shoe every now and then. Unlike most of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle shoes, the rubberized platform sole is sewn with the shoe, instead of cement construction, for far better integrity and support.

What We Like

  • Constructional strength.
  • Great support on the feet.
  • Extremely flexible.

20. Fila Vulc Plus Walking Shoe

Fila Vulc Plus Walking ShoeAnother similar motorcycle shoe from the house of Fila, the Vulc 13 shoe is labeled as a “walking shoe†by the manufacturer itself. Not very sure about the name, though, I am guessing that this particular shoe is good for both motorcycle riding and walking purposes.

Anyway, coming to the individual features of these Fila shoes, this one is also made of synthetic materials in both soles. Though synthetic soles are not at all as good as pure leather ones, they are doing a pretty decent job in this Fila shoe.

Unlike the sole, the upper part of the shoe is made of leather for improved lateral support and better stability. The overall cushioning of this Fila Walking shoe is somewhat decent, if you compare it with all the other great shoe models we have discussed in the list.

What We Like

  • Multiple color options are available.
  • Affordable price range.

21. Honeystore Men’s Zipper Booties

Honeystore Men's Zipper BootiesThe next inclusion in our list of best motorcycle shoes of 2021 is from Honeystore. The Honeystore Men’s Zipper shoes are unique from all the motorcycle boots we have discussed until now. This particular model is inspired by the British Martin style and designed with extreme creativity.

The shoe consists of a rubber sole and all-leather body. The leather is soft and gives a comfortable feel on the feet. One of the greatest features of this Honeystore leather show is that the sole is very durable and slip-resistant.

The latch design on the tongue incorporates a unique accent to the overall look of the shoe. The leather is moldable. After wearing a few weeks, you will feel that the shoe has taken the shape of your feet, which is great for the perfect fit.

What We Like

  • Looks pretty unique.
  • Extremely flexible.
  • Suitable for both casual and formal wear.
  • Extremely affordable

22. Harley Davidson Men’s Beau Boot

Harley Davidson Men's Beau BootThe Harley-Davidson Beau boot is the next model of best motorcycle shoes, we are going to review here.

As you can understand by now, Harley-Davidson is one of the premium names in the motorcycle industry, and the products they manufacture, from motorbikes to protective gears, are all worth the praise. The Harley-Davidson Beau boot is a unique combination of a boot and a sneaker. The typical H-D style urban Hiker silhouette is definitely a crowd-pleaser.

The full-grain upper and tough rubber outsole is also a great addition to the shoe. The leather provides comfort and the abrasion, oil, and skid-resistant sole provide stability and security.

What We Like

  • Great aesthetics.
  • Welted outsole.
  • Long-lasting.

23. Harley-Davidson Women’s Amherst

Harley-Davidson Women's AmherstThe next name on our list is again a women’s motorcycle shoe from Harley-Davidson. If you are looking for some boots which are comfortable for walking as well as for riding your bike, this Harley-Davidson Amherst shoe can be a great choice for all the adventurous women out there.

Designed and developed aesthetically, the upper of this women’s boot is made with highest grade full-grain leather, which is extremely breathable and gives an overall smooth finish to the shoe.

The traditional boot design is embellished with an H-D metal shield logo and the YKK zipper is also a great addition to the shoe. The hard rubber outsole is strong enough for giving proper support to the feet while riding the bike.

What We Like

  • The chick design.
  • The 1.5†block heel.
  • Versatile.

24. Harley Davidson Men’s Static Steel Toe

Harley Davidson Men's Static Steel ToeThe next name in the list is again from Harley-Davidson and a specialized motorcycle shoe for men. Though we have already discussed almost a ton of H-D shoes by now, this particular one is completely different from the rest in terms of design and functions.

This static steel toe motorcycle shoe is the perfect example of when workwear meets casual. The resemblance to the famous VANS shoes, the user can expect the comfort of a sneaker with all the safety of a professional motorcycle boot.

One of the distinct features of this H-D shoe is the ASTM compliant steel toe technology, which is low-key yet gives adequate support and security to your toe to prevent permanent damages.

Other than this all the other features are usually like any H-D shoes- full-grain leather upper, hard rubber outsole, excellent grip even on wet and oily surfaces, etc.

What We Like

  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable.
  • Low-key design

25. Tcx Men’s Motorcycle Boots

Tcx Men's Motorcycle BootsThe perfect combination of style and functionality, the TCX Men’s Motorcycle shoe projects a classic, high top style with all the protection and security one can expect from any best quality motorcycle boots.

Like any other best quality motorcycle boots, the upper portion of this shoe is also made of good quality full-grain leather with added waterproof lining on the top. This lining makes the shoe compatible even to the worst weather conditions. The shoe comprises medial and lateral malleolus ankle inserts for added protective measures.

The unique comfort fit and the ergonomic design of this shoe definitely makes it a perfect choice for passionate yet safety-minded riders.

What We Like

  • Ergonomic high-top design
  • Excellent safety measures

26. Harley Davidson Eagleson Sneaker

Harley Davidson Eagleson SneakerAnother name from the Harley-Davidson Family in our list of best motorcycles shoes, the Eagleson sneaker is another crowd pleaser from the manufacturer.

It looks almost similar to all the other H-D ankle-length sneakers/motorcycle shoes; this particular one is a classic black and white one, with some textures and accents. Like any other famous H-D shoes, this one is also manufactured with 100% imported quality full-grain leather with a rock-solid rubber outsole.

So, you can expect both comfort and support for your feet from this shoe, the added waterproof layer on top of the leather is also quite a smart addition and it dramatically breaks the myth that leather shoes can’t be worn in rainy weather. The traditional speed lace also make the shoe very hassle-free to use. .

What We Like

  • Low-key design.
  • Minimal branding.
  • Inner mesh lining for proper ventilation.

27. Adidas Originals Seeley Running Shoe

Adidas Originals Seeley Running ShoeThe next name in our list of best motorcycle shoes is from one of the most popular shoe manufacturers in the world-Adidas. In the wide range of combat style boots, the Adidas Seeley is like a breath of fresh air.

With a classic old-school charm, the Adidas Seely boasts a new age look along with a more improved feel. The upper portion of the shoe feels smooth and made with abrasion-resistant material.

The material is soft enough to give flexibility, yet strong enough to stand up to mild to moderate abuse. The lightly padded inner lining in the ankle area gives comfort and protection at the same time.

What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for daily use
  • Vulcanized rubber outsole.

28. Power Gear Racing Boots

Power Gear Racing BootsThe first proper motorcycle boot in our list, the Powergear Motorcycle racing shoe is undoubtedly an extraordinary inclusion in our list. Reinforced with all the necessary protections you might need while riding your bike, the shoe does not make a hole in your pocket after all.

The top of the shoe comprises a gear shifting pad to save the upper from daily wear and tear. The boots are really one of its kind, the outer is made of sturdy leather with some fiber portions as well, hence it is extremely durable and lightweight as well. The inner lining is made of 100% nylon fiber, which dries down very fast and keeps the inside of the shoe dry and well ventilated.

The fiber protective armors around the toes and the inner padded ankle armor give ample support to the feet and save it from the unwanted damages.

What We Like

  • Professional racing boot.
  • Best quality protective armors.
  • Pretty affordable

29. Harley Davidson Mackey

Harley Davidson MackeyThe women’s Micky Motorcycle shoe from Harley and Davidson is a peppy yet extremely rugged one for all the rider women out there. Not only riders, but the look and structure of this particular shoe also make it a favorite to all the women who have a thing for rugged combat style boots for daily wear purposes.

The Mickey shoe is different yet traditional at the same time. With the ankle-length converse alike style and traditional lace-up details, it seems that the user is ready for anything and everything right at the moment.

The full-grain leather upper with hydro guard waterproof shield, it is weather and abrasion-resistant. The 3M reflective laces are there for the pop in the style and also for added safety. The shoe is undoubtedly flexible, yet strong enough to absorb up to 90% of shocks when hugely impacted. The Poron ankle guard is also pretty efficient in its job.

What We Like

  • Waterproof
  • Sleek and stylish.
  • Traditional cement construction on the soles.

30. Alpinestars Men’s Faster-3

Alpinestars Men's Faster-3Finally, we have come to the end of our list of best motorcycle shoes of 2021, and the last inclusion is from the popular motorcycle boot manud=facturer Alpine Star.

We have discussed a fair amount of Alpine Star shoes in our list by far, and this particular Faster-3 model is also somewhat similar yet slightly upgraded from the rest.The construction of this shoe is pretty solid and the stable, abrasion-resistant yet extremely lightweight microfibre top is a burning proof of that.

Unlike most of the Alpine star shoes, this particular one has a TPR inspired heel counter design, which is meant for improved lateral support to the feet. The asymmetric toe design not only gives proper protection to the toe but also saves the shoe from wear and tear in the gear shift area.

The traditional lace closure is safe and secure and helps the shoe hug the foot properly. The slightly heightened tongue and the velcro strap protects the ankle to an extended level.

What We Like

  • Best grip on the sole.
  • Fits perfectly and literally hugs the foot.
  • Lightweight


It is time to finally end this article. To me, shoes are always an extension of someone’s personal style. No one can ever manipulate you to buy a specific type of shoe, in which you are not comfortable. Shoes have to be about comfort only. Style and design, etc., are not that mandatory when you are planning to buy a shoe for the long run.

For motorcycle shoes, they are meant to give you adequate protection for your feet while riding and save it from unwanted crashes and accidents.

Keeping this point in mind, we have enlisted 30 of the best motorcycle shoes available in the market. We have plenty of options from Harley-Davidson, some valuable ones from Alpine Stars, and many others. We also included some famous sneakers brands like Adidas and Fila in our list to give it a variety.

Now, the ball is in your court. Go through the list, understand all the factors you have to keep in mind and select the best motorcycle shoe as per your need and necessity.

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