Best Motorcycle Brands 2021

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When it comes to motorcycles, it’s all about choice. Some motorcyclists prefer classic hogs while some may like modern sports bikes. It’s the same way with the brands as well. There are fans for both Yamaha and Harley Davidson and any other brand alike. So how do you know which is the best brand for you? In this guide, we’ll help you find the best motorcycle brands for you.

Not all motorcycle brands are alike. They each have their pros and cons and make motorcycles for a specific reason.

Top 15 Best Motorcycle Brands 2021

1. Yamaha

Yamaha is a Japanese manufacturer and the love of many motorcyclists all over the world. Yamaha makes a lot of products along with motorcycles like boats, watercraft, swimming pools, ATVs, etc. However, they are mostly known for their motorcycles and auto products.

Yamaha uses very advanced technology in its motorcycles. They have everything from simple bikes to superbikes used in professional racing. Yamaha holds an insurmountable record of winning 39 world championships with its amazing technology.

Yamaha bikes are known for their speed, durability, and reliability. The most popular Yamaha bikes include Yamaha YZF1000 R1, Yamaha YZR500 (OW48), and Yamaha V-Max. These are not the best in just performance but looks as well. Most of the Yamaha bikes are extremely well-designed and stylish.

Even with all their style, Yamaha never fails to touch speeds up to 186 miles per hour or 297 kmph. With Yamaha motorcycles, you don’t have to imagine flying because you may actually fly! The YZF R1M is the costliest Yamaha motorcycle topping at 21,990 dollars.

Yamaha motorcycles come in all price ranges from easily affordable to super crazy. They also sell racing motorcycles. These special motorcycles can be bought by anyone with a racing license. With motorcycles of every kind and in all price ranges, Yamaha is one of the best motorcycle brands in the world.

You can visit their website here Yamaha.

2. Honda

Honda is the second-largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. They are based in Tokyo and have a presence in almost all the countries in the world. From the release of the Super Cub in 1958, they have been maintaining their position in the motorcycle industry with advanced technology and innovative designs.

Honda and Yamaha are considered to be the big brothers in the motorcycle racing industry. They have been bagging most of the awards since the ’70s and gained an incredibly large fan base. The best thing about Honda is the support you can get on the internet.

If your bike is troubling you, you can go on any public forum and ask for help. Since they have a huge fan base, you will surely get some useful responses. Honda also has service centers in almost all countries.

Honda is also upgrading the technology in their latest bikes. The latest improvement is the upgrade of the Goldwing’s navigation system, which you can control directly from your android or Apple device.

Honda is also known to bring the latest features and technologies to the motorcycle industry. They are the first brand to bring the automatic Dual Clutch Transmission to the motorcycles. It combines the benefits of both the Continuously Variable Transmission and Manual Transmission and is mostly used in the ATVs.

Honda and Yamaha’s motorcycles are almost similar in performance except for a few things. While Honda relies on new technology, Yamaha mostly relies on the upgrades to the existing technology. So if you want to try something new, then you know which motorcycle brand to prefer.

You can visit their website here Honda.

3. Ducati

It is an understatement to say that Ducati motorcycles are Italian beasts. Ducati is owned by German automotive manufacturer Audi which is known for its luxury cars. Ducati motorcycles are appreciated all over the world by motorcycle lovers for their style, durability, and speed.

Ducati motorcycles are usually on the medium to high end on the price scale. But they are worth every penny. Ducati bikes are not just stylish but crazy fast as well. Some of the world’s fastest motorcycles are from Ducati. Ducati also conducts their races all around the year. Various models are displayed in the race.

The best thing about Ducati motorcycles is that you can find pre-used models in the certified outlets. So even if you’re buying a pre-owned model for a lower cost, you can rest assured that the motorcycle will work properly.

Ducati motorcycles are usually associated with their fiery design. All of the Ducati motorcycles are styled to look like superbikes. There won’t be any compromise in style and performance in the low-end vehicles as well.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 is the best motorcycle from Ducati. The top speed of this vehicle is 145 miles per hour almost as much as the top speed of any Yamaha motorcycle. With its style and elegance, Ducati became one of the best motorcycle brands in the world.

You can visit their website here Ducati.

4. Kawasaki

Kawasaki is yet another Japanese motorcycle brand that rules a part of the motorcycle industry. Kawasaki also manufactures a lot of other things along with motorcycles. However, Motorcycles have been one of the most recognized businesses for them.

Kawasaki’s slogan is, “Let the good times roll!” and they seem to be holding up that slogan with every bike they release. Kawasaki motorcycles are known for their smoothness even when going at extreme speeds. Kawasaki is the number one premium motorcycle brand in a lot of countries.

The most popular motorcycle series from Kawasaki is the ninja and the Vulkan series. Ninja series consists of world-class motorcycles like 20201 Z 650, 2021 Ninja 650, Versys 1000, etc. These motorcycles are known for their amazing speed and sleek style.

The Vulkan series also has some of the world’s top motorcycles such as Vulcan S. The best thing about Kawasaki motorcycles is their constantly changing style. They have a motorcycle for everyone and in every price range.

Kawasaki is also famous for its superbikes. Motorcycles like Ninja H2R proved their worth time and time again by setting new speed records for the brand. The Ninja H2R is the world’s second-fastest motorcycle with a speed of over 249 miles per hour.

Along with superbikes, Kawasaki also makes street-legal race bikes. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11/ZZ-R1100 is Kawasaki’s fastest street-legal motorcycle with a maximum speed of over 283 kmph. Kawasaki’s quality and style made it one of the best motorcycle brands in the world.

You can visit their website here Kawasaki.

5. Triumph

Triumph is the dream motorcycle for many young hearts. This huge British motorcycle manufacturer has been in the industry since 1983. Most of Triumph’s market is overseas. The record number of motorcycles sold by triumph in their home country is just around 9,400 in the year 2018.

Triumph motorcycles are not as common as the previously mentioned brands. However, Triumph is slowly gaining more ground with a whole lot of features. One of the best features of Triumph motorcycles is the Configurator feature. With this feature, you will be able to control and customize every part of your motorcycle.

The Configurator feature is available on the Triumph website. A highly customized motorcycle may cost more than the regular ones but will be unique to you and your style. Scrambler edition motorcycles are signature marks of Triumph.

Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition is designed to bring life to the classic Bond stories of the Majesty’s Secret Service. This is a limited edition bike and first appeared in the new James Bond film, 2021. Only 250 models are being made with just 30 in the United States. So if you’re a fan of Bond and like motorcycles, well, then look out for the competition.

You can visit their website here Triumph.

6. BMW

BMW is not only popular for autos but also for motorcycles. Their superbikes are loved all over the world and appeared in a lot of world championships. These German beasts are known for both their super comfort and stunning performance.

Just like Triumph motor’s configurator, BMW also has an option where you can build your bike. This will save you a lot in customization charges as you won’t be wasting anything when building a customized motorcycle from scratch.

The best thing about BMW motorcycles is their reliability. They are as reliable as their cars and perform equally if not better than them. BMW also rolls out a lot of offers every year to attract more customers.

The fanbase of BMW motorcycles are not as big as it is for Yamaha or Honda, but it is growing and it’s growing rapidly. Even though BMW has a lot of advanced high-speed motorcycles, BMW K1 is still considered to be the best model.

K1 was released way back in the ‘90s and only around 6,000 units were produced. The 987cc engine and the four-cylinder engine make this motorcycle a dream for collectors and fans.

You can visit their website here BMW.

7. Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturer. Very few American manufactured bikes are popular among all circles and Harley-Davidson happens to be one of them. Founded in 1903, this local company earned huge profits and an even bigger place in the hearts of many Americans.

Harley-Davidson has a lot of new models that can compete with any of the top brands in the world, however, vintage motorcycles of Harley-Davidson is the dream of every collector. They have a lot of legendary bikes that went down in history as the greatest of all.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are known for their uncompromising quality. There are a lot of manufacturers out there who have models that look very much like Harley-Davidson motorcycles. But if you ask the owners of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, they’ll tell you a whole different story. The fanbase of this American manufacturer may not be big, but it is very deep.

These motorcycles are also known for their high customizability. A lot of motorcycle customizers prefer Harley-Davidson motorcycles because there is a lot of potential for customizability. The manufacturer also has special models for men and women each designed to provide the utmost comfort to the rider.

Harley Davidson is undoubtedly one of the best motorcycle brands in the world.

You can visit their website here Harley-Davidson.

8. Suzuki

Suzuki is yet another motorcycle brand from Japan. Suzuki is famous for making motorcycles of all types, including dirt bikes, superbikes, street use motorcycles, etc. The brand color of Suzuki is blue and white, and a lot of motorcycles are released in this color variant.

Suzuki motorcycles are known for their durability and extreme performance. Most of their motorcycles have a distinctive design which is aerodynamically beneficial to the rider. Suzuki manufactures sportbikes, touring bikes, dirt bikes, cruisers, standard motorcycles, adventure motorcycles, dual-sport, motocross, off-road, and superbikes.

Of all the above models, super motorcycles, dual-sport, and sportbikes gained a lot of popularity. Suzuki is rated as one of the most reliable motorcycle brands in the industry. Especially, their sportbikes won the hearts of many professional racers.

The Hayabusa series of Suzuki is a major hit in the market. The 2019 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa is the fastest motorcycle from Suzuki with a top speed of over 310kmph. It has a 1300cc engine which makes it a literal monster on the road.

You can visit their website here, Suzuki.

9. Aprilia

Aprilia motorcycles are quite popular in the racing circles. It is one of the best motorcycle brands in Italy. This Italian manufacturer has been in the market for quite some time. Aprilia motorcycles are used often in movies set in Italy for motorcycle chases and became quite common in high-end racing action movies.

Aprilia holds the record for the most wins in the Grand Prix by any European manufacturer with a total of 294 recorded wins. When it comes to racing motorcycles, there is nothing quite like Aprilia that can chase the light.

Aprilia motorcycles are not very common and attract a lot of attention. Their aggressive design and the eye-catching color palette surely turn a few heads along the way. Even though Aprilia is consistently defeating many of the Western motorcycle giants, they are not quite recognized outside the elite circles.

The fastest motorcycle by Aprilia is the RSV 1000R Mille. It runs on a 998cc V-Twin engine and is undoubtedly a powerhouse on the road. This model can reach 140 kmph in just 10 seconds which makes it perfect for any racing. It has a top speed of 175 miles per hour and is among the fastest motorcycles in the world.

You can visit their website here Aprilia.

10. KTM

KTM is a very well-known motorcycle brand from Austria. There is a rapid rise in the KTM motorcycles in the last decade and a significant increase in the fan-base. The company started manufacturing motorcycles in 1992 but has traces from as early as the ’20s.

KTM became quite popular with its off-road motorcycles. KTM motorcycles are known to perform well even under extreme conditions with maximum reliability. The maintenance cost of these motorcycles is not as high as that of the high-end motorcycles of other brands.

The brand takes pride in its motorcycle for performing well under any circumstances. The design of these motorcycles is very sleek and attractive. KTM motorcycles are not as common as Yamaha or Harley-Davidson in the United States, but they are growing in number as we speak.

They also manufacture pretty durable adventure motorcycles. These adventure motorcycles are designed to provide the utmost safety and comfort to the rider in those terrific adventures.

These motorcycles are not as fast as those of the other top brands. However, they are still pretty fast for normal roads and are used mostly on the street. The fastest KTM motorcycle is the KTM RC 390 with a top speed of 200 kmph.

You can visit their website here KTM.

11. MV Agusta

MV Agusta, previously known as Meccanica Verghera Agusta, is an Italian manufacturer. They’ve been in the market since 1945. Agusta’s motorcycles are known for their quality and performance.

Agusta motorcycles are carefully examined part to part and are vigorously tested before being released in the market. They are completely safe and reliable even under extreme circumstances.

Agusta motorcycles are truly the mechanical beauties of Italy. The design of these bikes truly projects the Italian spirit. The latest motorcycle Rush 4000 is already a sensation even before the release. This motorcycle is a beast in both design and performance.

MV Agusta uses the latest technology in their motorcycles to give their customers the best riding experience. They are not a common sight in the United States and will attract a lot of people on the road. The Rosso range of motorcycles are also quite popular and are used widely in the elite biker circles.

You can visit their website here MV Agusta.

12. Moto Guzzi

If you like European motorcycles, then there’s no way you couldn’t have heard about Moto Guzzi. They are the oldest European motorcycle manufacturers in continuous motorcycle production. They’ve been in the market since 1921 and built a huge customer base across the world.

Moto Guzzi motorcycles are regarded as classic motorcycles. The high performance and distinctive design made them a dream for collectors. Even today, Moto Guzzi vintage motorcycles are lived by most of the collectors.

All the Moto Guzzi motorcycles are fuel-efficient and are highly durable. They are built to last longer than the standard motorcycles. The power offered by the motorcycles is nothing less either.

You can visit their website here Moto Guzzi.

13. Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield was originally a British manufacturing company. Now it belongs to the Indian motorcycle company, a successor of the BMC. Royal Enfield is the oldest global continuous motorcycle manufacturing brand. Now, these motorcycles are being manufactured in the plant in Chennai, India.

Royal Enfield is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands in both India and the UK. These motorcycles became extremely popular for their knock-like sound and royalty. They have a wide wheelbase just like the Harley Davidson motorcycles and look a bit like them.

Enfield bikes were able to gain a lot of audiences in India. This is mainly due to their appearance in various movies. Since the wheelbase is large, these bikes retain their stability on Indian roads. The most popular ranges are Bullet, Classic, and Thunderbird. These motorcycles not only won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of Indians but gained a lot of popularity all over the World.

Maintaining Royal Enfield motorcycles is very simple and cost-effective. Even the high-end motorcycles don’t need much maintenance and are built to last longer under severe conditions. These motorcycles are highly trusted and reliable.

Along with Motorcycles, Royal Enfield is also famous for its motorcycle accessories such as gloves, jackets, etc.

You can visit their website here Royal Enfield.

14. Hero

The hero is an India based brand running from New Delhi, India. They are the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world-beating Honda. Hero owns about 46% of the motorcycle market in India and is expanding its operations to other countries as well.

When Honda entered the Indian Market, they teamed up with Hero to become Hero Honda. Later, the two companies broke their agreements and went their separate ways. The hero is popular for affordable middle-class motorcycles.

The most popular ranges include Splendor, Passion, and Pulse. There are advanced versions of these motorcycles like Xpulse +, Splendor Smart, etc. This brand from India is representing the Indian motorcycle standards on the world stage with a unanimous control over the market in their native country.

Hero motorcycles are verily designed for extreme Indian conditions. These motorcycles are reliable and are super tough. Hero designed these motorcycles to be highly fuel-efficient. Hero is adapting the latest technology to hold its position on the global stage.

With a great customer reach and support, Hero is one of the best motorcycle brands from India.

You can visit their website here Hero.

15. Bajaj

Bajaj is another manufacturer from India. Baja motors are the sixth largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world and second-largest in India. Baja is mostly known for its unquestioned upper hand in the three-wheeler industry.

Bajaj acquired shares in KTM and now has a share of 48% of the brand. On the world’s stage, The Duke range of KTM is exclusively manufactured By the bajaj and is distributed all over the world. Duke motorcycles are efficient, durable, and are incredibly stylish. They are popular all over the world with a huge market in India itself.

Apart from motorcycles, Bajaj also manufactures scooters. These scooters are extremely fuel-efficient and come in various price ranges and models. Baja also started manufacturing electric two-wheelers on a large scale.

You can visit their website here Bajaj.


Every motorcycle brand has its own merits. There is no best overall motorcycle brand as each one of them excels in different categories. Also, remember that the best brand always depends on user preference as well.

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