Best Motorcycle Backpack 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Ogio Renegade 2. Shoei 2.0 3. Ogio Stealth Black
Ogio Renegade Shoei 2.0 Ogio Stealth Black

Are you more than just a casual motorcycle rider? Perhaps you prefer going for long rides, away from your tiresome office life and boring routine to escape someplace where you can enjoy the weekend. You will of course need to carry important stuff like baggage, weekend essentials, personal tech devices, a few snacks, etc. and a strong, handy backpack to serve your distinct multidimensional way of life. Motorcycle backpacks are not only made to carry such overnight items.

A lot of people regularly use them while commuting to work or college. If that’s the case, then you will also require a protective functionality for important papers, electronics, lunch boxes, etc. If you generally prefer street bikes or café racers, then your essential gear must be secured in a sturdy containment. In this guide we will help you find the best motorcycle backpack to match your demands and budget.

Today there are a variety of products available in different styles and sizes. A motorcycle backpack, however, should fulfill one important purpose: durability. Some of the best motorcycle backpacks are specially designed to handle relentless exposure to the elements They are built with great quality materials suited to all kinds of necessary gear needed for a great time on the road.

Some offer tear-resistant technology, superior internal capacity, modular cargo systems, and other features that keep your personal items organized and the backpack immune to even windy canyon roads, beachside coastal highways, crisp mountain curves, and extreme rain. So you can enjoy your ride and not worry about the luggage tucked on your back.


Choosing the best motorcycle backpack can be a difficult task with so many options in the market. A few important factors to be kept in mind before shortlisting the best backpack for motorcycle are mentioned in the next section of this guide. For instance, if you cover vast distances on your bike, you will need to read up on a few things before exploring all your options. One of the sections of this guide also lists some of the best motorcycle backpacks which are available online alongwith their detailed reviews.

Important Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Motorcycle Backpack

Everybody has in mind certain variables like durability, quality, harsh-weather resistance, etc when they start looking for the best motorcycle backpack for themselves. Specific features come with specific budgets, but there are many other factors which you may overlook or not know about. Some of these crucial elements are listed as follows:

1. Your Body Size Matters

The first factor that you need to consider before buying the best motorcycle backpack is your own size, which means your height, weight and body structure. You may be wondering why this has anything to do with your purchase. Different kinds of backpacks fit different body types and some kinds may be comfortable while others not so much. Backpacks are things you carry and they do exert a certain weight on the back. So make sure you are careful about your delicate spine.

Another aspect to take into account is your hip size. There are a lot of backpacks that come with adjustable hip straps, so choose one that fits you perfectly well around the hip bone. This will greatly affect the comfort of your ride, lessening the pressure on your backpack. If you are a long distance traveler who likes to ride for longer hours, you cannot compromise on this factor.

2. Consider How Often You Ride Your Motorcycle

If you are a regular motorcyclist and believe that any day spent without riding is not a productive one, you may need a sturdier, more durable and dependable backpack. We recommend you to not be frugal when it comes to its quality. Only the best motorcycle backpacks tackle prolonged commutes, weekend road trips, and endless journeys. But if you cover only short distances to say work or college, any backpack offering a decent quality should suffice within a modest budget. Put simply, the more you are on your bike, the better the backpack must be.

3. What Do You Want To Keep In Your Backpack

Do you require a safe backpack to store motorcycle equipment (helmet, knee pads, gloves, etc) or your delicate laptop and other expensive tech? Or maybe you are someone who likes to cover longer trails and always keeps an extra pair of shoes and a few other personal items before commencing your journey? If so, then find a motorcycle backpack which offers functional compartments. Do note that some models with an extra space for a laptop inside may not be able to accommodate your bike helmet and other things.

It is desirable to choose a backpack based on your most demanding storage needs because there may not be a one-size-fits-all. You will have to select an optimized backpack for what you carry the most. If you have no problem with regards to money and feel that sometimes you don’t need a laptop for a weekend trip or so, then you may consider buying two different backpacks which can comfortably accommodate varied possessions on separate occasions.

4. Where Do You Ride Your Bike

Do you live in an area frequently affected by heavy rains or subject to extremely hot weather? When we refer to a backpack’s durability, we mean the level of resistance provided against external factors like the sun, rain, snow, etc, which especially matters when you often ride in tough terrain. You cannot just go with cheap quality to tackle the many off road trips you occasionally indulge in.

Such models definitely won’t last longer than a few months or perhaps even a few weeks. If your usage is limited to regular local commutes, then a low quality one shouldn’t matter much is certainly acceptable. Daily travel under the scorching sun, however, can really shorten your backpack’s life, and this is why we recommend a model which is able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

5. The Design Of The Backpack

This is also one of the most important factors when buying the best backpack for motorcycle enthusiasts. The design affects quality and thus can impact your overall experience. Certain backpacks are specially built for professional sport bikers and hence come with advanced aerodynamics suitable for high speeds. Others are a little more versatile and manufactured for those who ride their bikes regularly. Visual attractiveness is also desirable because you certainly will be a lot happier carrying a classy and chic backpack instead of something which is not that appealing to the eye.

6. Consider If You Want A Waterproof Backpack

This factor is also related to how often you ride your bike because you if cannot possibly make it through the day without your bike then your backpack needs to be ultra-durable and waterproof too. There can be times when you have to ride your bike on a rainy day without any of your tech devices getting soaked in water. Hence, it is advisable to purchase a waterproof backpack even if you do not traverse long distances. You never really know how your day will unfold, so you need to be prepared for anything and everything (especially in areas frequented by rains).

Many different brands offer some of the best motorcycle backpacks which are 100% waterproof. For example, DryTide keeps all your personal belongings safe and dry even if there’s a hail storm outside. Another thing you should always be careful about is the material of the backpack. Looking only for attractive colors and sleek designs instead of the material’s fabric is not a great idea.

The regular backpacks used for school or college come in a variety of styles and colors but they are not built to provide resistance against extreme outside weather. The kind of cloth woven together to manufacture these leaves room for water and any liquid to seep in. What you require is an advanced production process and a totally waterproof fabric for complete protection against water.

Now there are a few characteristics only a waterproof backpack features, which are waterproof laminated fabrics, welded stitch-free seams, and fold-down closure. The weakest link in any waterproof backpack for motorcycle is the openings. No system can provide ultimate protection and if some brands claim to, do not believe it. If there is any chance that your backpack ends up fully soaked into a lake or river, then your belongings can surely get damaged.

Such incidents rarely happen and shouldn’t discourage you from investing in a waterproof variant. High quality motorcycle backpacks tackle the heaviest of torrential storms, but only if you have closed them properly. They will of course cost a little more than the regular ones, but they are definitely worth all the money.

7. Volume and Pockets

Extra pockets and big compartments to securely contain personal items are crucial features. Some of the best motorcycle backpacks come with more options to organize your belongings and are priced a little higher. You will also notice that only a few high-end models boast high-quality rainproof zippers. As we had highlighted before the size of the backpack is determined by your height, weight and your body figure to a certain extent.

Another important key is capacity. Many riders pack for short weekend road trips and will have to take clothes, cameras, etc. For such purposes, a bag with an internal volume anywhere between 40 to 60 liters is reasonable. The main compartment is the crucial one and if you are not sure about your intended purpose or you would want to use your backpack to carry different things then considering a model with 50 liters of volume will be good choice. If you are very particular about your personal laptop, then make sure you go for a model which offers an internal laptop pocket.

8. Heavy Duty Materials

Toughness and strength are also worth thinking about. For long routes and frequent rides, you require a reliable backpack made of durable material. We recommend a heavy-duty and sturdy product able to handle all sorts of harshness.

When bikers are on the road for some adventure, their backpacks are susceptible to regular wear and tear. We know you wouldn’t want to ruin your ride day worried about whether or not the backpack will make it through. Another thing to note is that waterproof brands are relatively light in weight and increasingly durable compared to their hydrophilic counterparts.

9. Drag

Drag is the reason why it is essential to be able to manually adjust the backpack to perfectly sit on your back. Adjustable shoulder straps and a hip belt achieve this objective. A slim, sleek and simple design also plays a key role in creating the least drag pressure. In addition, a waterproof motorcycle backpack is really smooth and is responsible for minimizing drag from the material itself. Also if you go by its looks, these backpacks are generally very slim and compact.

10. Protection

Although it is not the backpack’s primary purpose, motorcycle bags generally do provide extra support during any incident, minimizing your chances of sustaining any back injury. This doesn’t mean that a backpack can be replaced with actual back protection.

Whatever kind of bike you ride and whatever your preferences do ensure that you spend enough time to research about different kinds of backpacks available online and choose a model that matches your expectations. If you still feel unsure of what to be even after reading all these factors, take a look at the next section of our guide which features of some of the best motorcycle backpacks.

The next step after noting down all the necessary factors is to decide upon a personal budget as it will help organize your options. Then you may research only those models which fit your budget. Also, you can surely look for similar options beyond our list, although these reviews will possibly give you an idea about what’s new in the market.

Top 15 Best Motorcycle Backpacks 2021

1. Ogio Renegade RSS Backpack

Ogio Renegade RSS BackpackThe first one on our list of best motorcycle backpacks is a robust traveler which can tackle anything you throw at it. A special compartment for fitting a laptop can accommodate any size and also comes with an added pocket for tablets. The laptop compartment is equipped with RSS (Reactive Suspension System) technology that safeguards your device from accidental damage.

One of the most interesting features of this model are its crush-resistant tech vault pocket with soft tricot liner, padded mouse or camera pocket, zippered side utility pockets, classic panel pocket with zippered stash, two side pockets for water bottles or any other accessory, and an expandable phone pocket. All these let you organize personal items. Each pocket is designed according to its function (for example, pockets that house tech gadgets provide enhanced protection).

This model also features adjustable sternum straps which make an ideal fit for different body sizes. It also offers a Hybrid Unibody Backpanel (HUB) for extra comfort. The increased shoulder strap foam padding creates a sweet spot for the rider. It is made of polymer and costs less than $100. All these amazing features do make it a great model to invest in.


2. Shoei Backpack 2.0

Shoei Backpack 2.0The second one on our list of best motorcycle backpacks is by SHOEI which falls under the same price range as the previous. This model also features an interior laptop compartment which can fit most laptops, tablets, and iPads. It also contains a padding to keep your electronic items safe and secure from any impact. The main compartment is large enough to accomodate an extra pair of shoes, your favorite t-shirt, gloves, etc., making this backpack ideal for long distance rides.

Additional specialities of this product include:

  • A removable shield holder that fits most SHOEI helmet shields.
  • Adjustable, padded shoulder straps which keep the rider comfortable both on and off the motorcycle.
  • A hidden three-point buckle and flap system to support your SHOIE helmet while walking or moving around.
  • Dual side pockets with stretchable netting for water bottles or energy drinks.
  • Utility pockets that enlarge to support all your personal essentials like mobile chargers, keys, pens, ear phones, etc.
  • Soft-lined media pockets inside the main compartment of the backpack plus a media port located at the top to listen to music conveniently from your iPod or any other device.
  • An adjustable waist and chest strap to help you keep the bag fitting as snug as possible.
  • Reflective piping on the backside and shoulder straps of the bag to help keep the rider visible at night.

3. Ogio 123007.36 No Drag Mach 3 Motorcycle Backpack – Stealth Black

Ogio 123007.36 No Drag Mach 3 Motorcycle Backpack - Stealth BlackThis is yet another design by OGIO which costs a little more than the above models. It features a streamlined single shot molded exterior which is water resistant and easily able to tackle wind shear without getting deformed. It offers a shoulder gasket which fits your body type and maximizes aerodynamics. Its bolstered back foam profile is responsible for increased ventilation. Soft neck shoulder straps make sure that the rider is extremely comfortable. This model also has a 360 degree retro reflective safety piping and logo.

Key selling points include a removable off-center hip belt that won’t scratch the gas tank, a zippered fleece-lined electronics case, huge main compartment with multiple storage areas, organizer panel with zippered security pocket, special shoe compartments, hidden aerodynamic handles, and high visibility interior lining. It comes with ergonomically padded,adjustable shoulder straps with a fast release exit buckle plus a removable no-slip sternum strap.


4. American Kargo 3517-0329 Black Trooper Backpack

American Kargo 3517-0329 Black Trooper BackpackConceived by the renowned motorcycle brand American Kargo, this particular backpack is specially designed for anything that you can imagine. This motorcycle backpack is huge and way too tough. It features interior plus exterior pockets, tie-downs, the required fittings, adjustable straps, and a distinct laptop or tablet compartment. Additional specifics include a compartment for holding first aid, a place for storing goggles safely, and the ability to tie your helmet to the back.

It offers a four-way adjustable butterfly harness which ensures safety and a proper fit. It is specifically designed to be used in combination with the brand’s hydration system. The retroflective material it is made from facilitates extra visibility. It includes optics pockets, additional storage, internal mesh pockets, TSA lock-compatible side compartment and 15′ padded laptop storage to provide maximum safety. This backpack is indeed a great buy for those who ride more. Do note that this model costs a little more than the previous ones. American Kargo is known for its motorcycle backpacks as it never compromises on the quality of its products.


5. Alpinestars 3517-0402 Black – Red 25 Liter City Hunter Backpack

Alpinestars 3517-0402 Black - Red 25 Liter City Hunter BackpackThis motorcycle backpack by Alpinestars is available in two different colors- red and black. This city hunter tech backpack offers an advanced load-carrying system as well as ergonomic shoulder straps which distribute weight equally across the back for maximum comfort during long bike rides. It is aerodynamically profiled with a various external and internal storage options plus a tech device organizer.

This model is one of the best motorcycle backpacks with its multi-material outer shell, approximately 25 liters capacity, 2 external waterproof pockets on the front, laptop compartment with full length zip, protective fleece covering, and large main compartment. It is a lightweight motorcycle backpack made of Nylon and perfect for those seeking more features at a reasonable rate.


6. Mardingtop 25l/28l/35l Tactical Backpacks Molle Hiking Daypacks For Camping Hiking Military Traveling

Mardingtop 25l 28l 35l Tactical Backpacks Molle Hiking Daypacks For Camping Hiking Military TravelingThis motorcycle backpack by Mardingtop has a capacity of 35 liters and is made of 600 D polyester. It has a special hydration compartment and can accommodate a 2.5 liter bladder whose tube is fortified at the top of a bag near the grab handle. This is actually a pseudo-rucksack which can hang on small items or for joinextra pouches or gear, with 4 molle hooks underneath to attach a bedroll, tent, or anything else.

The waist-belt design is stitched in but you can slip it inside the middle space behind the back padding support. It offers a pretty snuggle fit and will not protrude back out on its own. This backpack is both durable and multifunctional, featuringes chest straps for easy carriage no matter the weight, a Velcro name tape and flag patches, front zippered pockets with organization slots for tools, pumps, maps, camera and other belongings, large expandable main compartment, and padded elastic pouch for storing iPads or tablets.. This product comes with a 90 day warranty period from the brand itself.


7. Seibertron Motorbike Backpack Motorcycle Bag Outdoor Sports Riding Package Black 37L

Seibertron Motorbike Backpack Motorcycle Bag Outdoor Sports Riding Package Black 37LThis motorcycle backpack by Seibertron is made of water-resistant material, but the zipper and sewing pinhole are the only components which are not waterproof. It features multiple molle hooks underneath. This is the best backpack for motorcycle riders living in areas frequented by rains and harsh weather. For such areas, a fully waterproof backpack is required for comfortable daily commuting as it will keep your laptop and other electronic devices completely secured.

The best part about this bag is its $50 price, which is fairly economical for a waterproof backpack. It may not offer a lot many features and expandable compartments, but will nevertheless work wonders for those who have a low budget.


8. Viking Moto Motorcycle Backpack

Viking Moto Motorcycle BackpackThis motorcycle backpack by Viking is priced at less than $100 and comes with a heavy duty Cordura, several compartments, and expandable organizers to keep your keys, mobile phone, wallet, and tablet separately. It features an adjustable sternum strap that perfectly fits on your back. Except for the large main storage, it also has a specially padded compartment for laptops sized upto 15′ and reflective piping for additional night time visibility or enhanced conspicuity in less than optimal riding conditions.


9. Advocator Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack Men Bike Motor Bag with Rain Cover (1+1)

Advocator Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack Men Bike Motor Bag with Rain Cover (1+1)This product is made of great quality polyester – a popular and lightweight choice for manufacturing strong and heavy duty backpacks. It is able to tackle harsh weather conditions and very much suitable for outdoor use. In matters of durability, this material does not shrink and is stretch- and wrinkle-resistant too.

It is ergonomic, double padded, reinforced, and offers adjustable shoulder straps for maximum comfort for your back as well as shoulders, with a huge main compartment that contains extra storage options such as an interior organizer panel and dual side pockets for water bottles or umbrellas.

The padded laptop compartment can fit 14′ laptops. It has a weather-resistant exterior shell with a molded graphic design, protective pockets, and fluorescent labeling. Its streamlined single shot molded exterior is water resistant and immune to wind shear. The shoulder gasket conforms to one’s body and maximizes aerodynamics. It is one of the best motorcycle backpacks due to its bearing system which allows for all-around ventilation.

The mesh back panel, shoulder straps and waist belt increase ventilation for you to stay cool and dry while it is tucked on your back. What makes it different from other models is that it comes with an additional rain cover which is located in the zipper pocket under the back.


10. Icon Squad 2 Backpack

Icon Squad 2 BackpackThis motorcycle backpack is amongst one of the most unique and classy designs. It is made from heavy-duty ripstop nylon. It boasts a chest harness fit, features 18 liters of storage in the main compartment, a separate storage area, a jacket carrying system, and a laptop sleeve which can easily fit a 15 inch laptop. It is available in funky colors like yellow and orange to help suit your unique style. If you are into unconventional designs, then you should definitely go for this backpack.


11. Harley-Davidson Mens Skull Backpack BP1924S-Black

Harley-Davidson Mens Skull Backpack BP1924S-BlackIt is specially made for old school riders who fancy choppers over high-speed motorbikes. This product flaunts a vintage look and offers both utility and comfort without any compromise on quality and design. It is one of the best motorcycle backpacks on account of its reliability and versatility, although it is priced on the higher-end.

It is made out of 5 different kinds of nylon cum poly-nylon blends. These materials offer maximum lifetime and increased durability. It also features Bar and Shield ghost print lining. The leather zip of the bag pulls together with a foam lined pocket meant for laptops and notebooks. The interior consists of 6 v kinds of pouches in different sizes, all custom-lined, and a headphone port for an MP3 player or iPod. It is ideal for regular purposes like going to the office or college as it does not offer extended capacity for those who plan road trips on bikes. But it sure is lighter and comfortable than many other models. Its users have never faced any problems with storing electronic devices even in extremely cold or rainy weather conditions. Its intuitive organizing compartments are pretty easy to use.


12. ArcEnCiel Tactical Sling Pack Backpack Military Shoulder Chest Bag with Patch

ArcEnCiel Tactical Sling Pack Backpack Military Shoulder Chest Bag with PatchThe best part about this Tactical Sling military backpack is its price, which is probably the lowest on this list. It costs below $50 and provides amazing features. Its versatile multifunctionality makes it a handy model for riding a bike, trekking, hiking camping and more.

A high-density 1000 D nylon and canvas outer shell complemented by a simple yet ergonomic design is very much reliable. The ABS buckles are light in weight and lessen the overall mass of this model, but are also strong enough to tackle continuous exposure to wind as well as humidity, which are regularly faced by bike riders. It is a compact and comfortable model high in demand.

What makes it flexible is the number of ways in which it can be used – as a shoulder bag, backpack, and even a suitcase. It offers a lot many dividers that make it easier for you to organize personal gear and belongings. We recommend it for outdoor use and are are certain that it won’t disappoint you. It is a great choice for those who want to buy the best motorcycle backpack with a really low budget.


13. Motorcycle Backpack Motorsports Track Riding Back Pack Stealth No Drag Molded

Motorcycle Backpack Motorsports Track Riding Back Pack Stealth No Drag MoldedThere are many bike riders who prefer slow old-school choppers that take them to the other side of town, while others like faster advancedvehicles. For those in the latter category, it is crucial that their options include aerodynamics and reduced drag leading to lower fuel consumption and discomfort, and less noise while riding at high speeds. This particular model is perfectly designed for such use. This model offers an aerodynamic design and a sturdy plus resistant outer shell made out of carbon fiber and waterproof nylon for maximum night time visibility.

It features a shoulder gasket that adheres to your body contour, which further cuts down the amount of drag. The back profile maximizes air ventilation, so you do not overheat while riding your bike. It has a total volume of 30 liters and internal mesh pockets to keep small items organized. It is equipped with an adjustable belt and no-slip straps that ensures a firm fit. The concealed makes it even more aerodynamic. This model is compact and adjustable, and therefore ideal for various kinds of riders.


14. Ogio International Soho Pack

Ogio International Soho PackThe second last model on our list of best motorcycle backpacks is again by OGIO and costs less than $100. It is specially designed for women riders and is literally one of the best products on the market. It is comfortable, versatile, and offers the utmost level of protection for the items stored inside. aA huge padded laptop compartment fits most 17 inch laptops and another pocket safeguards tablets, iPods, and MP3 players.

The shoulder straps are suitable for any woman’s body and the backpack is also equipped with a grab handle which makes it easy to carry around. The overall storage capacity is about 23 liters and it weighs about 0.8 kilograms, easily making it the lightest and most compact model available today. Superior linings and padding provide maximum protection against damage. It has a quilted back panel for maximum comfort and a high visibility liner for a safer night riding experience.


15. Outdoor Cycling Bluetooth Mp3 Speaker Backpack Bag Stereo Music Amplifier

Outdoor Cycling Bluetooth Mp3 Speaker Backpack Bag Stereo Music AmplifierThe last model on our list of best motorcycle backpacks is a really funky backpack. If you are riding solo and start getting bored, you can listen to your favorite tunes using this offering’s inbuilt music amplifier. With this design, you can carry regular, daily items in a compact interior compartment.

It is one of the best backpacks for a huge variety of outdoor activities. This product comes with a built-in stereo system with subwoofers, extra storage compartments, andshock, wind and water resistance that vows to protect what’s inside in all possible situations. It is made out of a special long-lasting material called Eva.


So Have You Selected Any Backpack Yet?

If not, then we hope you find the best motorcycle backpack best-suited to all your needs and budget. Just remember to keep all the crucial factors in mind before shortlisting backpacks. You can always check more models by visiting the manufacturer’s official website and read up on specific products in more. We hope this guide has helped you gain fundamental expertise about motorcycle backpacks.

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