Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Leepiya 2. Rockform Pro Series 3. Universal 4-31001 B-TechGripper

Riding your motorcycle amidst nature and the wilderness is one of the most thrilling experience ever. It is an experience of a lifetime. You need to be prepared for all the unexpected scenarios as well. There is a possibility of you losing your way amidst these scenes.

In such a scenario, you would need your mobile phone or navigator to find your way. You need the best motorcycle phone mount to help you in this situation. Many riders consider this to an extra attachment but trust me, it comes in handy if you are someone who likes exploring new places.

It might become a problem if you have to stop on your tracks to look at your phone every two minutes. And using your phone while riding is way too dangerous. It may distract you, and you may fall and injure yourself or be a part of a serious accident. To avoid any of the problems mentioned above, you need to buy a mount for yourself.

However, if you are buying a gadget and it is not the best one, you may have to replace it on a frequent basis, which is again a hassle. Hence, you need to buy a good quality mount there is in the market.


Why Do You Need a Motorcycle Mount?

You may wonder why is it even necessary to have a motorcycle mount. It may not sound like a great gadget, but it is one of the most useful and unique devices in the market. Here are a few reasons elaborating how a motorcycle phone mount will benefit you:

1. It will help you to Navigate

If you are riding through rugged locations with unmetalled roads, it is very easy for you to lose your way and wander about in confusion. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, you should have a navigator with you, or you should switch on your cell phone navigator.

But it might be a problem if you have to look at your phone multiple times while riding. Hence, the best option in this scenario is to buy a cell phone mount that you can attach directly to the handlebar of your vehicle.

You can turn on your phone’s navigation and go around with certainty. However, in areas more remote, your phone may not have a network. In this situation, your phone navigation will not work properly. Hence, you should also keep a navigation device as an option if you choose to go to such terrains.

2. Pull over and attend important Calls

During short journeys or long ones, you might get some very important calls that you may have to attend. If your phone is in your bag, you may not even realize that you are getting an important phone call. Even if you can hear it, you may dismiss it thinking that it is not important. In such a situation, your phone mount will save you.

After inserting your phone into the mount, you will be able to see who is calling you and you will be able to decide if you need to attend the call immediately or not. If the call is important, you can pull over to the side and attend it.

3. Listen to Music

Music seems like a great idea when you are wandering around amidst nature. It puts you in a good mood, and it can also raise your spirits. However, listening to music during a journey may be problematic. If you have airports, you can listen easily, but you will need to be able to see what song is up next. If you insert a motorcycle phone holder, you can attach your phone and change your song according to your own will.

You will be able to see what you are listening to. However, listening to music is not the best option if you are traveling through city roads or highways. You may miss signals and indications. Listening to music is a good idea when you are traveling on roads and places without any traffic.

4. Record your Travel!

If you are going around a beautiful road surrounded by tall trees, you may feel like video recording your surroundings or make a vlog to capture the picturesque sceneries. This might become extremely difficult if you are riding the bike with both your hands occupied. If you have to use one hand to record, it may become very difficult for you to maneuver your bike.

You may get distracted, and you can also get injured or get into an accident. For this, a phone mount can help you greatly. If you get a phone mount which does not cover your cameras, you can use it to record your whole journey and get a lot of content for your vlog. You also would not have to worry about getting distracted.

5. Track your Speed and Distance

If you have your phone around you, it may have multiple benefits for you. You can use your phone to monitor your speed, check your distance and keep a track on all the different places that you are going around. You can also understand your route and mark it for your next journey. This will also help you keep track of time, and you can plan everything else accordingly. If you are cycling, you can readily check the distance covered and the calories burnt by you.

6. Comfort

While making all these journeys, if you keep your phone in your pocket, it might feel bulky and inconvenient. Even in that case, your cell phone mount will help you. Mounting your phone on the gadget will make sure that your pockets are not too heavy. This will make your move easier and your journey more convenient.

7. Safety

In this day and age, everyone is addicted to their phones. Living without your phone even a minute seems impossible. Because of this, many people use their phones while riding or driving. This may seem harmless, but this act can be particularly fatal. If you are riding in the city where there is a lot of traffic, you may run into a big traffic accident.

You may also miss speed breakers and injure yourself gravely. On the other hand, if you are in the woods in the middle of nature, you may miss a small rock or stumble upon a path with pebbles and fall because of your distraction.

You can avoid all these scenarios using a motorcycle phone mount. If your phone is on the mount, the temptation to take your hands off the handlebars and to use your phone will reduce. The mount will keep your phone right in front of your eyes will keep your mind off it.

How To Select A Motorcycle Mount For Yourself?

There are innumerable options of motorcycle mounts available in the markets which might overwhelm you. There are a few important criteria you should look out for before buying the best motorcycle mount for yourself. Not all mounts are the same. All of them are endowed with different features. Here is a list of a few very important features that your mount should have to be a perfect choice:

1. Universal Device

One of the most important features that your mount needs to possess is that it should be universal. This means that it should be extremely flexible. The flexibility should be in terms of the phones that it can hold. It is a very common feature in most mounts. It should be able to hold just about any mobile phone. If in case you choose to change your phone, you should not have to change your mount as well.

Also, if you have multiple devices, this feature will benefit you greatly. For that purpose, you need to ensure that your mount is a universal one. It should be able to stretch wide enough to hold a phone from any corner of the world in its clutches. The ‘universal’ description should also hold for any GPS device.

2. 360 Degree Flexibility

You will attach your mount at the position where it is the easiest for you to view your phone or your GPS device. You need to experiment and find the right angle for you from where you can see your phone. It the angle is unfavorable, you may not be able to make the best use of the mount. Hence, your mount should have 360-degree flexibility which would enable it to move in just about any angle to suit your needs. With the help of this feature, you can adjust your phone easily in a firm position.

3. Easy to Mount and Unmount

There are a variety of mounts available in the market. These mounts can have different ways in which they can be hooked on to the handlebars of the motorbike. To ensure firm and sturdiness, many of these mounts have extremely complex methods to secure it into position. On the other end of the spectrum, there are other mounts available which although are very simple to install and also clutch on very firmly. These are the best options for you. You should opt for a mount that you can install and uninstall within the matter of a few seconds.

4. Accessible Ports and Cameras

The problem with many of these mounts is that they cover all the ports and openings of your phone. This may not seem like that big of a problem. However, during long-distance journeys, this can be extremely inconvenient. If you wish to charge your phone during the journey, it will be impossible if all the ports are closed. So, even though it is not the most important feature, if you are looking for the best motorcycle phone mount, it is essential that you select one that has all its port open and exposed.

5. Strong and Durable Material

While going on too long journeys in difficult and rugged terrains, you would, of course, encounter rough patches in your journey. These patches may compel you to fall and injure yourself. Your bike may also fall and skid. This may cause your mobile phone mount to fall and break. This is a situation that you would want to avoid. For a rugged terrain, you would also need a phone mount which is just as strong and rugged. For that, you need a motorcycle mount that can endure high speeds, bumps, and sudden impacts. You need to find a phone mount which is made up of a strong material such as aluminum, zinc alloys, ABS plastic. If the mount is made up of good materials, it will last longer too.

6. Good Shock Absorption

If you are going on rough terrains and off-road landscapes, you will experience shocks and sudden impacts. It is inevitable that you experience these things. You may hit speed bumps, potholes, and rough patches. If your phone is not secure during these journeys, the impacts may affect your phone directly. Hence, your phone mount needs to be strong enough to absorb shocks and sudden impacts. For this, what you need to look for is a rubber grip and padded mount. It should also have silicone bands which will be able to absorb all the sudden vibrations. This is an important criterion that you should ensure your phone mount has.

7. Motorcycle Fit

Your motorcycle mount should also be flexible in terms of the vehicles it can be attached to. It should have a variable range of thicknesses which will enable it to latch on to a variety of motorcycles. Not only that, but its grip on the handlebar should also be firm so that it stays in position throughout your journey. It should also be able to keep your phone in the right place according to your convenience. Hence, it should have a firm and secure system to fulfill all the functions above.

8. Positive Reviews

Whenever you are purchasing an object online, you may be very unsure of its quality. It may not be what it looks like in the given images. It can easily not meet your expectations. Hence, the best proof of the quality of a product is the reviews given by its customers. On every online website, there is a facility for feedback or customer ratings which are fairly the most accurate means of understanding the worth of the product of your choice. So before buying such a phone mount, you should also ensure that it has a very high rating online. Look for customers who have a similar motorbike or mobile phone as yours. This is the most authentic means of measuring the effectiveness of your product.

9. Waterproof and weatherproof

The weather may not turn out to be so good when you are out there in the middle of nature. It is possible that you run into a storm. You may experience sudden bursts of rain, snow and extremely strong winds. On the other hand, you can also experience dust storms and rocks flying about. This can potentially damage your mobile phone.

For that purpose, you need a phone mount that protects your mobile from all these things. Water and dust may get into the system of your phone through the different ports. You need a mobile phone mount that either protects your entire phone from dust and water. Or you can also opt for a mount that protects all your ports and prevents your phone from getting damaged.

10. Charger

When you set off on a long journey in unknown places, it is a big possibility that your phone’s battery may get drained. It will be an impossible feat to charge your phone in the middle of nowhere. In this case, what you would ideally need is a phone mount that can charge your phone anywhere. Not all phone mounts have this feature. However, many electronic phone mounts can charge your phone up to 5 times if it is charged once. Hence, if you are looking for the best phone holder for your motorcycle, you should look for a mount which has this feature.

11. Price

Price is another factor that you should look at while buying a cell phone mount. There are multitudinous options available in the market. You would need to look for one that suits all your need the best. If you are someone who sets off on dangerous and rough journeys, you should invest a little more and buy a good-quality mount with all the features.

However, if you do not go too far or venture in difficult terrains, you can opt for a cell phone mount which is priced at slightly lower rates. However, these days many cell phone mounts are available in the market at a low price, yet they have all the requisite features. All you need is to do a little research before your purchase.

12. Style

When you are riding an extremely stylish bike such as a Harley Davidson, it is almost inevitable that you will make all eyes turn. You may want to match all your gear with your bike, including your safety gear such as biker jacket, gloves, knee pads, and others. If you have made up your mind to purchase the best motorcycle cell phone mount, you need to ensure that it matches your entire appearance.

If you have a stylish appeal overall and your phone mount is old and unattractive, it can make your entire appearance shabby. Hence, when you are looking for the phone mount that is ideal for you, you should also make sure that it is the latest model and it is stylish so that it goes well with your overall appearance.

13. Low Profile

If in case you get involved in an unfortunate accident, your phone may face a major impact and it may also break. Hence, it is a smart choice to buy a mount that is low profile. Your mount should be at a lower level than the handle so that it does not face a direct impact. This feature also increases the durability of your phone. You need to ensure that your phone is closer to the stem of the handlebars so that it will shake less and rattle less as well.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts 2021

Now that you know all about the different features that you need to look for in the motorcycle mounts available, you will be able to make a smarter and a more informed choice. However, the whole feat might be slightly confusing. Hence, we have carefully curated a list of a few of the best motorcycle mounts available in the market:

1. Leepiya Motorcycle Phone Mount Adjustable Cell Phone Holder

Leepiya Motorcycle Phone Mount Adjustable Cell Phone HolderThis mobile phone holder by Leepiya can securely hold any mobile phone in its clutches. The width of the phone should be approximately around 3.5 inches to 6.5 inches, and the thickness should be approximately 0.42 inches. The height is adjustable. The mount can also hold any GPS device.

The added benefit of this mount is that it can also keep your cell phone charged. The mount is built with a 5 Volt 2.4 Amp USB charging port. The phone can be directly connected to the charging port. This way you can ride up to long distances without worrying about your phone’s battery dying. Additionally, the area surrounding the USB port is made up of waterproof material. This ensures that the device does not get irritated because of the weather.

The holder is designed in such a way that it is ensured that your phone’s front camera will not be covered and you can shoot videos even while riding. You can attach this holder to mirror handlebar of your motorcycle. Also, the quality of this phone cover is also excellent. It is made up of durable material which can protect your phone from sudden impacts and vibrations. Because of this feature, the phone mount holder comes along with a lifetime warranty. This holder is available at a very reasonable price.


2. Rockform Pro Series Motorcycle Perch Phone Mount

Rockform Pro Series Motorcycle Perch Phone MountThis is one of the most expensive mobile phone mounts on the list because of its supreme quality and all the various features. However, it has been called the best phone mount for a motorcycle by many of its buyers. This one is for all the rugged motorcycle riders who prefer to venture into difficult terrains with frequent and sudden twists and turns. This phone holder will never let your phone slip away which is the guarantee of the manufacturer. The mount can hold just about any phone in the world with its adjustable design. The design has precise machine slots to fit your phone.

The mount also has a technology which can reduce impacts. It has a rubber layer which ensures that even the most severe impact does not reach your phone. The design has American hardware technology which enables it to fit almost all Harley Davidson motorbike perches. The model is made of CNC aluminum which is extremely strong and impact-proof.

The mount is adjustable and extremely flexible. You can adjust it to different angles to get the perfect and the most convenient view for yourself. You can adjust your phone in landscape mode or portrait mode. The installation process of this mount is also very easy: decide the position, twist the mount and lock it securely.


3. Universal Motorcycle Control Mount Techmount 4-31001 B-TechGripper

Universal Motorcycle Control Mount Techmount 4-31001 B-TechGripperThis is one of the best-quality mounts available in the market. The holder is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum which is the best material for this. Aluminum makes it lightweight and extremely durable. This is very useful for your bicycle riding. You will not feel an unnecessary added weight while riding. And even in the case of a skid or an unfortunate accident, your phone will remain safe. This mount can also hold a wide range of phone models. The claw can expand up to 4.3 inches. It can hold large iPhones as well as small MP3 players.

The mobile phone holder is endowed with an advanced locking system. This mechanism uses a stainless steel spring mechanism in an adjustable phone slot. This is much sturdier than other basic plastic locking systems. The model is also UV proof and heat resistant. Unlike the other mounts on the list, this one is flexible enough to be fitted on cars. The phone holder guarantees a 100% money-return policy if there are any dissatisfaction or flaws in the product. This holder is priced at a medium range, yet it has all the features and aspects of an expensive holder.


4. Tackform Enduro Rock Solid Metal Motorcycle Mount

Tackform Enduro Rock Solid Metal Motorcycle MountThis phone mount by Tackform Solutions is extremely flexible and durable. It is very strong as well. It has an industrial spring system which gives an excellent grip. It is made up of 6061 machined aluminum which has very high strength. The model can work with trackers, clip-on, high and zero drag. It is extremely efficient.
The structure has an aluminum ball and socket joint which enables it to move in different angles. This is the 360-viewing capacity that allows you to twist the device to get the perfect angle. This also enables it to be viewed in both landscape and portrait mode. The whole system is also very easy to use. It only requires one hand to adjust it and install your phone because of the extra strong steel springs.

It is compatible with every phone available in the market with adjustable claws which can spread up to 3.24 inches. It works on bars which are up to 1.3 inches thick. It works on motorcycles, road bikes, mountain bikes and also a few cars. This piece of riding gear is on the more expensive side of the price spectrum.


5. Techmount 4-10105 TechGripper Universal Smartphone and USB Gripper

Tackform Enduro Rock Solid Metal Motorcycle MountThis phone mount by Techmount has an excellent and secure system. It can hold your phone even through rough terrains. It can hold phones, MP3 players, GPS device and all another device in the size range. The claws can spread as wide as 4.3 inches which is remarkable as it can hold even the largest phones.

The system is made up of DuPont Acetal resin and a stainless steel spring which makes the mount waterproof and weatherproof. It is also protected from UV rays. The mount can fit on to motorcycles which have handles of sizes 13mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, and 24mm.
The mount is made up of aircraft quality aluminum. This makes the structure lightweight and extremely strong. It is also extremely durable.

The mount is also very easy to use as you can insert it easily at the center of the bike’s fork tubes. You can very easily insert your phone on to the mount. The grip is firm, and hence you will never have a fear of your phone or GPS device slipping away. This mount also has a lifetime warranty because of its quality. The phone mount is priced slightly towards the higher end; however, it is enriched with all the relevant features.


6. Tackform Solutions Phone Holder for Motorcycle or Bike

Tackform Solutions Phone Holder for Motorcycle or BikeThis is another mobile phone mount by Tackform Solutions. This one is much cheaper than the other model. The holder is extremely strong and keeps your phone protected during a rough ride. It is also very easy to use because you will have no problem in mounting your mobile phone at the beginning of the journey or dismounting it at the end of it the journey. Quite similar to the high-end models, this one can also hold just about any mobile phone. It can stretch up to 3.5 inches wide.

The mount is so affordable because it is made up of ABS plastic which is strong but a relatively cheaper material. The insides of the grip are made of rubber. It has grooves which secure the grip furthermore. It has a silicone tether which will keep your phone firmly in position. The holder will easily get stuck onto bars ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 inches in girth. The installation process is extremely simple and can be done in 10 seconds. The holder is also very lightweight. Thus, it will not weigh you down during long bike journeys.

All your phones ports, cameras, and buttons are accessible on this grip. The grip can rotate easily; So, you can keep your phone in portrait as well as landscape mode. The product has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee as well as the company claims this model to be the best cell phone holder for the motorcycle.


7. Sena PowerPro 01 Black Size 20.7 PowerPro Mount

Sena PowerPro 01 Black Size 20.7 PowerPro MountThis holder by Sena is more than just a phone mount. The selling point of this gadget is that it is a rechargeable battery charger as well. It is an innovative portable charger which functions well with all kinds of phones. You can easily mount it on your handlebar and attach your phone to it and keep charging it throughout the journey. The charging capacity of the device is 10,100 mAh, which is remarkable. If you charge the device once, it can charge a smartphone five times approximately.

PowerPro has a ball and socket joint which can rotate at any angle and stay affixed at that position for as long as you want. You can mount the device easily on to your motorbike and not worry about it getting loose or dropping your phone because of its firm locking system. However, it has a QRM quick release system, and you can unmount your phone very easily.
The gadget has a black colored body. The mount is one of the most expensive ones on the list. However, it is very useful too.


8. USB Cell Phone Charging Handlebar Mount

USB Cell Phone Charging Handlebar MountThis phone mount is by the brand Gears. The mount is an entirely digital one. It has dual USB ports which can charge your phone too. The ports are 5 volt and 2 amperes which can charge your phone very easily. The set has a built-in switch attached to a safety cap which is to ensure that your device remains safe from water. When switched off, it turns off the dual USB lighting and power drawn. The gadget can be connected directly to battery terminals without a second or third wire and switches.

The mount is very flexible as it can fit mobile phones of a variety of different sizes and thicknesses. It can also rotate in all directs, allowing you to bend it to any angle to ensure that you can look at your phone conveniently. The rear end of the mount has a 15-inch-long wire which has a male coax at the other end. The battery chord is also significantly longer. Mounting the phone on your motorbike or bicycle is also a very easy feat. Your phone will remain fully charged throughout the journey as well.

The handlebar mount can latch on to handles that are up to 1.25 inches in thickness. Additionally, this mount is also very stylish in terms of appearance. The gadget is black. It is also a relatively expensive mount, but it has excellent quality and excellent features.


9. Givi S957B Universal Motorcycle Smartphone Holder

Givi S957B Universal Motorcycle Smartphone HolderThis phone mount is by the brand Givi. This is one of the unique mounts available in the market. Unlike the other mounts which have a claw to hold the phone, this mount has a hooded insertion chamber in which you can fit your phone and zip it up. The upper half of the mount is transparent, and it has a touch-sensitive surface with sunshade. It also has a small opening at the bottom of it to allow the proper power supply to the device.

The zip closure ensures that rainwater does not seep through. The mount can perch on to motorcycles and scooters that are of the thickness of 8 mm to 35 mm. The gadget cannot hold all the different phones available in the market. However, it can hold a large number of popular brands including Samsung S series, Apple iPhone 6, HTC One, Microsoft Lumia, Sony Xperia, HUAWEI phones and phones of a similar size.

The model has a quick release system. It also has a unique rearview mirror. The device has additional accessories such as a cable port, a safety strap, extra padding, and a hook and looks fastener. This one is black and is very compact and easy to carry. It is slightly expensive, yet it can ensure safety like never before.


10. Tackform Enduro Brake/ Clutch Reservoir Motorcycle Phone Mount

Tackform Enduro Brake Clutch Reservoir Motorcycle Phone MountThis is a very strong and flexible mounting gadget. It uses your brake or clutch to bolt holes to mount your phone conveniently. It has multiple size bolts and nylon bushings. The design has a matte finish and a unique design which also looks very stylish. It has a metal arm that can expand up to 3.5 inches. It can also minimize the vibrations and impact experienced while riding the bike.

The metal clutch can move in all directions and spread up to 3.25 inches wide and accommodate just about any mobile phone. It has rubber inserts to protect your phone from scratches. It also has dual thumbscrews which can help you to tighten and loosen the joints to fix the mount in any position. The mount is unbreakable, and it will not even bend even under a lot of pressure. The phone will remain extremely secure.

The mount is easy to insert and easy to take off. You can put it on even with your riding gloves on using only one hand. The mount will fit most perfectly on to Honda, Goldwing and Harley bikes. However, it adjusted slightly; it can clutch on to any bike. It has a 100% bulletproof satisfaction guarantee as well. The product is extremely reliable. The mount is available in black color. Plus, it is slightly expensive too.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Mobile Phone Mount A Prerequisite For Motorcycle Riding?

When you are riding a motorcycle, safety should be your main concern. There are a few important additional gears that you need to purchase and wear during your journey to stay protected. These include a helmet, motorcycle gloves, biker jacket, knee pads, elbow pads, and riding shoes. These will improve your experience too.

A motorcycle mount is not the essential gear that you need to possess. However, it can benefit you in many ways as mentioned above. It will improve your experience and make it much easier.

Can All Motorcycle Mounts Reduce Large Impacts And Shocks?

A motorcycle mount cannot alter the impact of the force that you experience on your bike. However, if you mount your phone on it, it can most certainly save your phone from experiencing a very strong force. A few of the motorcycle mounts available in the markets have the capability of absorbing more shock than some others.

Some of the mounts have rubber padding inside, some of them have silicone inserts, and many others also have such materials layered on the insides of these mounts. These materials reduce the impact or shock on your phone to a large extent, if not completely.

What Kind Of Vehicles Can I Use A Phone Mount On?

You may have a motorcycle, a scooter, a bike a car or a cycle for all your journeys. A phone mount can suit all these vehicles perfectly. However, it is not that simple. All the different phone mounts will have different flexibilities. They will be able to stretch only to a certain width to get attached to a certain handlebar or mounting place. You need to check how to think your handlebar is placed and then you need to purchase a mobile phone mount that can spread that much. You also need to ensure that your phone mount is neither to tight nor too loose for your vehicle.

How Do I Install My Motorcycle Phone Mount?

Different mounts have different installation processes. Some of them have a relatively simple process where the mount latches on the handle directly and some others it is a slightly more complex process. In the packaging of all of the motorcycle mounts, there will invariably be a guide which will elaborately recite the process of mounting and unmounting your phone or another device. You need to follow these instructions carefully. Generally, they are very easy to keep up with.

Get the Best Motorcycle Phone Holder now!

When you find the best phone holder for a motorcycle, it will make your life much easier. It can make your journey much more convenient. Hence, you need to do prior research and look up different features carefully to find out what suits you best. You also need to read reviews and take a good look at customer images and insights before making a final purchase. You also need to ensure that you have all your safety gear in the proper condition while riding. However, the most important thing is to enjoy and make the most of your adventures!

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