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Best 3/4 Motorcycle Helmets 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Westt 2. Torc 3. ILM
Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet Best 3/4 Motorcycle Helmets Torc Route 66 T50 ILM 3/4 Open Face

Cruising on two wheels with the wind gushing on your face; if only life’s journey was like a motorcycle ride. Those who ride motorcycles for this feeling, just need a good motorcycle helmet to set the deal, especially for vintage and cafe motorcycle riders.

Open helmets are preferred when riding in the city, especially the 3/4 helmets. The name speaks for itself. It’s a type of gear that has its hard protection all over your head exposing only your face, cheeks, and chin, though some have face shields too. Your range of vision will be significantly wider, plus no blind spots. Itchyour chin, go ahead and give it a scratch.


Helmet Safety

In some places, it’s the law to wear a bike helmet, this law is only for your safety. You’re more prone to fatal head injuries without a helmet, in an unfortunate motorcycle accident. If you’re positive you’re a safe and responsible rider, then an open face helmet will do you just fine, in fact, it’ll be a great companion.

However, if your main priority is safety, go for a full helmet. It will provide all-around protection but may feel stifled and suffocating most of the time. Also, full-face helmets restrict your vision and hearing.

The emphasis on wearing a helmet is one thing, and one thing only. Safety! Wearing a helmet is, literally, the one thing you must do to have maximum safety.

Factors To Consider

To get a better understanding of how to choose the best open face motorcycle helmets, these are the factors to be aware of:

1. Composition & Design

When you’re buying your open face helmet, be aware of what the unit is composed of. When it comes to material, go for lightweight and hard materials like thermoplastic, polycarbonate, and carbon fiber. The designs of the best 3/4 motorcycle helmets are all smooth. You have to choose whether you want a classic retro design or a more advanced modern aerodynamic design.

2. Weight

A good comfortable helmet should weigh between 3.08 and 3.96 pounds, but ultimately, it comes down to your comfort. So, if possible, try testing a few helmets and understand what weight suits you best.

3. Ventilation & Range Of Vision

Due to the 3/4 helmets’ design, they are all extremely ventilated, which prevents choking up while riding. Also, the design results in a better range of vision as it widens the range of vision. Riders who wear glasses can benefit well with an open face helmet since it will be more comfortable to wear.

4. Certification

The unit must be certified.DOT is the standard certification for a helmet to be street legal. ECE and SNELL are other common certifications.

5. Size

Make sure you measure your head with a measuring tape, about an inch above your eyes. Follow the head measuring guidelines to understand your perfect size and to obtain a perfect fit.

It’s recommended to change your helmet every 3-5 years based on the usage and current condition of the helmet.

Top 10 Best 3/4 Motorcycle Helmets 2021

1. Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet

Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet Best 3/4 Motorcycle Helmets

All Westt motorcycle helmets are made and designed primarily for safety and style. The Rover looks great, feels better. The helmet is matte black all over and very sleek. The top shell is made of light and hard ABS, one of the best thermoplastic polymers and has a great impact absorbing properties. The top shell also comprises vents for the inflow and outflow of air for cooling the inner layers and aerodynamics.

It also has interchangeable side parts in different colors – Black, Grey, and Blue, so the helmet looks good no matter what you wear.

Did you ever forget your sunglasses? Doesn’t matter now, the Rover has a retractable anti-scratch unified sun shield visor, which is also compatible with eyeglasses. On a sunny day, you can slide down the sun visor to protect your eyes and have a clear view to cruise away.

This helmet is extremely light, weighing at 2.4 pounds, you’ll hardly feel it on your head. Head
mobility is great with this unit. On top of being so lightweight, the inside lining is perfectly stitched and super comfortable. The inside line padding is also washable, you can remove and insert it in the helmet easily.

The helmet is available in multiple sizes-small, medium, and large, people of all head sizes can enjoy this unit. The safety buckle strap is safe and easy to use. It has a quick release buckle, easy to use while wearing gloves too. This is a street-legal helmet for men and women across the USA, DOT certified.


2. Torc Route 66 T50

Torc Route 66 T50

The T50 series of helmets by Torc is retro-inspired, it’s a class apart in vintage-styled helmets. Torc made this motorcycle helmet keeping in view – vintage riders, but it covers it all from British throwback riders to café riders. The design of this 3/4 motorcycle helmet is super slick, and the retro paint jobs and custom graphics make you want to go for a ride. There are 38 different paint jobs to choose from.

The outer shell is made of advanced ABS, which is lightweight and impact-absorbent. The sun visor on the Torc is removable, it’s the kind that provides shade to your eyes, so it is recommendable to carry your sunglasses. This helmet does not have a face shield. The helmet comes in two low profile outer shell sizes for proper fit and proper scale of appearance.

All the designs have a chrome trim along the helmet border, seamlessly blending the top shell to the inner lining. The inner lining is made of a technical fabric Torc made called Ultra Suede. This faux suede fabric on the inner padding looks and feels like leather, though it’s made of this modern material that locks moisture. This inner lining and cheek pads are easy to remove and wash. This soft inner lining and padding make it fit perfectly.

The 3/4 helmet lies on the heavy side of the scale, it weighs 5 pounds. Though it might sound really heavy, the comfortable inner lining and padding that comprise that weight compensate for it. The strap is adjustable and quick to release.

The sizes available in the market range from XS to XX, so you’re bound to get your right size. This Torc open face unisex helmet is DOT certified and also certified by many other standardizations in other countries, this shows its recognition around the world.


3. ILM 3/4 Open Face

ILM 3/4 Open Face

ILM riding gear is known for being affordable and reliable. This helmet is cheaper than the ones above but similar when it comes to quality. This helmet is ideal for ATV, MTB, Dirt bike, Streetbike, Cruiser, Scooter, Moped, and other Outdoor Sports. The helmet is retro style with a half casco fit, suitable for men and women.

The retro design also has a snap-on and snap off retractable sun visor, however, it does not have a face shield. The design is smooth and stylish, retro and vintage, and available in two colors – white and matte black. Though it doesn’t have a face-covering visor, it is possible to wear a face mask and eyeglasses at the same time.

The helmet is made of engineered ABS, with a firm shock resistance power. Right under this hard-top shell is a thick layer of high-density EPS, expanded polystyrene, a dense buffering foam material that has an incredible impact absorbing property.

When the adjustable quick release chin straps are adjusted correctly, along with the chin pad, the helmet provides its maximum comfort and protection. The inside lining is another realm
altogether. Premium quality breathable, absorbent, and skin-friendly mesh liner. It’s designed so you stay fresh and keep it as fresh as new. All the inner padding is easily removable and washable.

Thanks to its open face shape, the unisex helmet is compatible with all types of accessories like a facemask, sunglasses, goggles, etc. For both stylish and practical reasons.

The 3/4 helmet is available in sizes from small to X-large. The weight of this unit is around 3.5 pounds, a decent average weight. Some reviews mention that they forget the helmet is still on. Overall, this open-face helmet has an incredible quality for its price. Also, the helmet is not low profile, so it’s more suitable for people with big heads, so make sure you get the right size. This helmet meets and exceeds DOT safety standards.


4. Yema YM-627

Yema YM-627

Yema has been in the high-end motorcycle helmet business for more than 20 years, they’re one of the top specialists in this industry. The Chinese company, of vast proportions, has passed the International Quality Management system, obtained DOT and other certifications too. Yema’s development comes from stringent quality control and advanced production methods, which allows them the guarantee of high-quality products. This particular Yema open face helmet is packed with supportive features.

The Yema YM-627 is one of the most cost-effective helmets in our list of best open face motorcycle helmets. This unit, on top of being packed with advanced features, also has a very aggressive design. The top shell is made of ABS and it’s aerodynamic design allows minimum drag while cruising your motorcycle. A design like this reduces wind resistance and ultimately puts less strain on your neck while riding.

Right under the hardtop shell is multi-density EPS, great energy management properties in case of impact. The reinforced chin strap with the quick release buckle is very convenient to use, even with gloves, and quite comfortable too.

Yema’s sun visor system is a class apart. It includes a face shield and a retractable sun visor that slides down from the helmet to protect your eyes. The sun visor can resist high impact and UV light too. It provides a large range of vision, scratch-resistant, and easy to remove from the helmet.

The ventilation system is outstanding. Inflow and outflow vents on the top shell allow air to pass through the interior of the helmet cooling all of its components, helps with aerodynamics too. The interior is just as good as the exterior. The inner lining is made of soft fabric on laser cut foam. So the helmet will fit just fine and will be snug as well. The inner lining and padding are easily removable and washable so it’ll keep your helmet fresh.

The overall design will give you the right fit and also extra space for glasses. Though Yema has a wide range of sizes from S to XXL, it’s recommended to buy a size extra.


5. MMG 207

MMG 207

The MMG 207 is destined for cafe racers. The 3/4 helmet is widely compatible though, comfortable for ATV, Adventure, Scooter, UTV, Cruiser/ Touring, and other Street bikes. This MMG has an old school design, it has an assorted number of different colors and graphic design. The MMG is so old school, it has a D-ring chin strap making it completely authentic for the prime appearance.

The helmet has an aerodynamic design and is well vented. The helmet includes a bubble snap-on visor and a pair of adjustable windproof goggles. The visor is sturdy and serves its purpose, it’ll provide shade to your eyes. The MMG 207, however, doesn’t have a face shield or any extra protection to the face and eyes. Although, wearing glasses, goggles, face masks, etc. is highly compatible.

This particular open face helmet is adapted just for what it’s designed for. Just like a café racer, the 3/4 is lightweight, comfortable, and optimized for speed. Though this open face helmet is not suitable for long rides, it’s perfect for short and quick rides, exactly like a café racer.

The interior is fully lined with a perfect fit. To prevent wobbling caused by different face cuts, the MMG 207 has gaps in the interior for your ears. So, the helmet will be comfortably tight and stable, and won’t put any pressure on your ears.

The available sizes range from S to XXL. Make sure to measure your head size with the proper method of measuring to understand your perfect size and get the perfect fit. The 3/4 helmet is DOT certified.


6. Vega X380

Vega X380

Vega helmets have been making helmets for the past 25 years. While designing their helmets, they are continuously tested and those tests have been confirmed by international testing labs. They take full control when it comes to quality and safety.

The Vega X380 is one of the best open face motorcycle helmets they have in their collection. The helmet has a retro throwback design with wild graphics designed on the top shell. Choose a helmet from two classic colors or four vintage-inspired graphics. The top shell is made of polycarbonate, a strong tough thermoplastic. The basic structure is simple and retro. The helmet weighs 2.3 pounds, eliminating neck fatigue, the lightest in helmets with simple retro designs.

The 3/4 is so light and packed with features, it’s ideal for both men and women who want a safe and vintage helmet. The helmet is included with a 3 snap short sun visor, although other snap-on accessories are available for this unit in the market. You can buy a face shield and other sun visors are sold separately.

The helmet has a padded chin strap system. The buckle of the chin strap is a comfortable D-ring strap system. The inner lining is made with an antimicrobial, Comfort Tech Wick-Dri Liner System. This type of technology is used to make the liner clean throughout its usage but the inner line is also easily removable and washable for that extra bit of care.

The sizes that are available for this 3/4 helmet range from XS to XXL, so wide range to choose from. It’s recommended by Vega Helmets to use centimeters while measuring your head and choosing the correct size for a perfect fit. The helmet is DOT certified and in every batch of production, randomly selected units are taken and tested frequently. Vega Helmets also provides a 5-year manufacture defect warranty.


7. TCMT Open Face Helmet

TCMT Open Face Helmet

The TCMT open face helmet is by far the most basic and cheapest of the best open face (3/4) motorcycle helmets list. What can you say about something basic? It’s basic.

Although, the quality of this helmet is top grade. If you’re looking for an open face helmet that simply serves its purpose and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, well this should be your choice. It’s the best in those constraints. Also, it only comes in matte black, so pretty basic.

The sizes available are small and large, pretty basic too right. So if you’re a basic kind of rider, then you found your match. This 3/4 helmet is made of strong ABS, lightweight, tough, and durable. The top shell has three snap-on pins so you can snap on and snap off the removable sun visor. The visor is anti-scratch. The chin strap is a Double D-ring strap retention system. The strap will stay on tight but not as easy to remove as a quick release strap, although comfort wise it’s the same.

The inner lining is super comfortable and padded all over the inside. The overall helmet, comprising all of its parts, weighs between the average scale as it uses light and strong top shell and a basic layer of EPS and inner lining.

This helmet will do for any kind of two-wheeler. It’s DOT approved. The helmet also comes with a helmet bag to store it anywhere you’d like.


8. LS2 Verso

LS2 Verso

The LS2 Verso is the most expensive of the best open face motorcycle helmets. But it’s definitely worth it if you have the money. LS2 has beyond reproach research and development. They’re always releasing their new products with high-end materials and new technologies; they actually always seem to be a step ahead. No matter the certification, DOT, ECE, or even BSI, LS2 either meets or exceeds all test standards for different countries.

The Verso meets everything above and more. The top shell of the Verso is made of Kinetic Polymer Alloy. This material is made using nanotechnology to cross-section aramid fiber and encases it into space-age thermoplastics. This material is ultra-lightweight and has high penetration resistance.

The helmet has a face shield and a sun visor that slides down. The visor is made out of a polycarbonate which is highly resistant and provides maximum clarity. Both the face shield and visor are scratch-resistant, UV-resistant, and have a quick release system to take off.

The best open face motorcycle helmet when it comes to comfort, you can wear it for miles. The interior is made of breathable technical hypoallergenic fabric, easily removable and washable, and always fresh. The cheek pads are made using 3D laser technology for all-day comfort.

The helmet has air inflow ducts on the top front and outflow vent on the top back. This is a great ventilation system that is channeled through the multi-density EPS. The reinforced chin straps are made with the same attention to detail as the different layers of the helmet. The Verso has a steel quick-release chin strap.

This unit was made to deliver the best fitting, inside and out. LS2 is always trying to push the limits. For extra security and comfort, the helmet has a neck roll. The Verso has an overall weight of 4 pounds if you consider all the high-end features above it kind of makes sense why.


9. LS2 Track

LS2 Track

The LS2 Track is a cheaper variant of the LS2 Open face helmet collection. End of the day, it’s still an LS2, so you have a bunch of jam-packed features in the unit. The 3/4 has a modern design, comparatively smaller than the verso, and has soft lines across the top shell.

This unit also has a long visor (face shield) and a small visor that slides in front of your eyes to protect them from the sun. The top shell is made with High-Pressure Thermoplastic Technology (HPTT), extremely advanced. HPTT is polycarbonate injected into a mix of ABS. So it’s strong, light, impact absorptive, and flexible for energy dispersion.

The visors are made with a space-age polymer that avoids distortion and provides maximum clarity. The visors are both scratch-resistant and UV resistant. The unit has a quick release system in case you want to take the visors off.

The interior, under the layer of multi-density EPS, is made with laser cut foam for a perfect fit. The foam is lined with hypoallergenic fabric, it’ll stay fresh and clean. The inner lining and pads are also easily removable and can be washed easily too.

The reinforced chin strap is padded for comfort and has a quick release buckle, hassle-free. The ventilation system is the same as the Verso. Inlet and outlet vents on the top of the unit, where the air channels through the EPS keeping the entire helmet cool, even on those sunny days.

LS2 aims for excellence and perfect fit both in the interior and exterior of the unit. The
The track has an oval design for that reason. This open face helmet is great for the warmer months of the year. The helmet is DOT certified. This open face helmet is available in four different solid colors.


10. ILM 726X

ILM 726X

This open face motorcycle helmet is a peculiar one, frankly, unique. The ILM 726X is an open face helmet, but with the in-box accessories, it can look like a full-face helmet. The unit has a detachable sun visor and chin guard that masks the entire face when you wear them. The unit also has a detachable sun shield too, that is adjustable.

Once all the accessories are off, the helmet meets all open face requirements. This unisex open face helmet for motorcycles is ideal for MTB, ATV, Dirt Bike, Street Bike, Cruiser, and other outdoor motorsports. The top shell is made with ABS, it’s lightweight and extremely strong. Also has impact absorptive and energy dispersive properties to reduce any sort of impact.

When riding in warm climates the air vents release harsh hot air. To prevent that, the ILM 726X has one-touch control to open and close vents. As soon as the air vents are open, cool air channels through the hot EPS layer, cooling the entire helmet and also preventing your head from heating up. The detachable chin guard has air vents too. This will allow you to breathe freely and not suffocate.

The inner lining and padding are removable and washable. Different inner linings and pads are available in the market if you want to get a more perfect fit. The liners have buckles on them to easily remove the interior. Have to take off or put on your helmet quickly? This open face
a motorcycle helmet has a quick release buckle and strap. The strap’s adjustment system for you to tighten the helmet is glove-friendly too.

The weight of the helmet is around 3.5 pounds, the average weight so it shouldn’t feel too heavy. This helmet like all others too is DOT certified. This helmet is safe and looks great with all of its accessories and without them.


FAQs on 3/4 Motorcycle Helmets

Q1. What Type Of Helmet Should I Wear When I Ride A Motorcycle?

There is a range of different kinds of helmets in the market. It’s about choosing the right helmet that will be suitable for you. Whether you choose to wear a half helmet, three-quarters helmet, beanie style helmet, dual sport helmet, or full-face helmet, it all comes down to preference, just make sure it meets the required safety certifications.

Q2. What Is The Safest Motorcycle Helmet?

If your main priority is safety, then going for a full-face helmet sets the deal. It doesn’t get safer than a full-face helmet. However, all other types of helmets have safety as a priority too. The designs are different to meet other specifications. So if you love the wind and want one of the best open face motorcycle helmets, you’ll get a sturdy helmet but be conscious that your face is exposed.

Q3. What Are The Best Helmets For Long-distance Rides?

When you go for a long ride, you don’t want a helmet that is a bit heavy and not so comfortable. If the helmet is heavier than what you’re comfortable with, then it strains your neck, causing huge discomfort even after the ride. You must make sure the inner is comfortable and advanced, it shouldn’t get too hot in there while riding. So, make sure the helmet is well ventilated too. Using one of the best 3/4 motorcycle helmets will be perfect.

Q4. Why Does A Helmet Need To Be Certified? What Are The Different Types Of Motorcycle Helmet Certifications?

There are a few organizations that do safety and other durability tests for motorcycle helmets. Certifications are also different in different countries. So, make sure the helmet’s certification is eligible in your country. The most common standardizations are DOT, ECE, and SNELL.

Q5. How Do I Choose A Helmet Which Has A Perfect Fit For Me?

Human heads are in different shapes and sizes. So, the first thing to do to choose a helmet with a perfect fit is to understand your head shape. When you look at your head from a front or back view, you’ll notice your head will either be round like a circle or oval; look like an egg straight up or upside down, or any other shape. Once that is done, take a measuring tape and measure your head according to the head measurement scale.

Q6. How Do I Take Care Of My Helmet?

Helmet maintenance is very important. If maintained well, a helmet can last a lifetime, it doesn’t have an expiry date. Although, it is recommended to change your helmet every 3-5 years based on usage and current condition. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for removing the inner lining and cleaning it and the helmet. When you’re not using the helmet, store it in a cool and dry place.

Q7. Where And How Should I Buy A Motorcycle Helmet?

You can buy a helmet either online or at a store. However, the smart move would be to go to a store and check out how the helmet feels on your head, see how it feels physically, and once you find that it’s perfect check online on amazon. The chances are that the helmet will be cheaper online. Make sure you know what the helmet is composed of, the helmet fits right, feels comfortable, isn’t too heavy, ventilated, and never forgets to check the certification.

Best 3/4 Motorcycle Helmets – Conclusion

Going for the best open face 3/4 motorcycle helmets shows that riding against the wind is your ecstasy. Of course, safety is primary. But when you own an open face helmet you’re getting this wide range of benefits, no pun intended. The very first one that pops to the mind, ventilation. Other than the wind directly blowing on your face, some of the best open face motorcycle helmets have air vents that help the aerodynamics and keep the EPS layer cool.

You’ll never feel that suffocation or choke again. No more blind spots. Expanded peripheral vision. Some might not realize this but the moment you wear an open face helmet, you’ll realize how much more you see the road and everything around it. With a wider range of vision, you see more and you make better driving decisions.

It’s 3/4 of a full-face helmet, the helmet lost 1/4 of its weight. Well, that is if you’re not wearing any other accessory and that’s a whole other facet. With so much weight loss, it lessens the strain on your neck. Plus, those comfy interiors in the best open face motorcycle helmets are bliss. Comfy and cool inside and the blowing wind outside.

Being incredibly lightweight and comfortable, it’s the most efficient option for a cruiser, café racer, dirt bike, or any other kind of rider. Let’s not forget how retro and cool open face helmets look. Some of the best 3/4 motorcycle helmets offer a dazzling range of accessories. There are different kinds of sun visors, goggles, masks, etc.

In some helmets, you change the parts of the helmet with a different color. The best 3/4 motorcycle helmets have amazing graphic work on them. You can give your helmet a new look whenever you want too.

I hope this article helps you find your perfect helmet. You know everything about open face helmets now, the features, the sizes, and even the materials and their quality. When you purchase one of the best open face 3/4 motorcycle helmets, it’ll totally be worth it. As long as it’s maintained, it’s a great investment. You’ll never regret this decision.

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