Best Motorcycle Boots 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Harley Davidson Scour Boot 2. Bruno Marc Boots 3. Dr Martens Boots

Do you love to ride a motorcycle bike? Motorcycle riding is undoubtedly a fun, adventurous and enjoyable activity. But with all this fun, comes a danger of multiple risks such as accidents. So, if you want to keep yourself self and enjoy the riding experience, then having a good riding gear is of utmost importance. A proper gear will keep you protected while you are on the bike. You must have a good helmet, jacket, gloves and the most important part a good motorcycle boot.

The best motorcycle boot helps your feet to be protected from any unwanted and unforeseen accident or climate conditions. However, protection is not the only feature of these boots, they are comfortable as well as stylish in design. Generally, the right pair of motorcycle riding boots is relatively an expensive buy. But, because motorcycle boots are crucial and a must-have safety gear, nothing should deter you from spending a few extra dollars for getting the best motorcycle boots.


So, if you have put on a good pair of motorcycle boots whole day long, then without any doubt you will not feel any discomfort. You are bound to have a relaxing and comfortable ride throughout the day. But, to enjoy a ride with comfort, dry, aired, protected and warm condition you have to choose the best motorcycle boots. And choosing one is not going to be a simple task. There will be lots of confusion while selecting one. In order to make your motorcycle boot buying experience easy and quick, we have curated this article with lots of efforts.

In this article, we have reviewed the best motorcycle boots in 2021 available in the market. So, go through this awesome review of the best motorcycle boots and make your pick. Also, there is a detailed Buyer’s Guide that will help you to make the most informed purchase decision. At the end of the article, you will get the perfect boot to suit your style, be rest assured.

How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Boots?

Today, the market is filled with different kinds of motorcycle riding gear. Thus, due to the enormity of choices, brands, and companies, finding the right one can be baffling.

Many buyers keep struggling with questions like:

  • How to buy the right motorcycle gear?
  • How to buy the best motorcycle boots?
  • What are the important key points that should be kept in mind when buying protective riding boots?

So, if you wish to shop for a good pair of motorcycle boots, then here are the most important factors that you need to take into account:

1. Your Riding Style

The very first thing that you should take into account when you’re buying a motorcycle boot is your riding style. Since each boot is manufactured in a particular way to suit different riding styles you will want to buy the type of boot made for the kind of riding you will be doing.

The right type of boot will not only provide good protection but also support your style of riding. You will enjoy your ride a lot more if you have a boot that fits the occasion and situation.

2. Level of Protection

You should not fall prey to shoes that claim to be motorcycle shoes but fail to even protect your ankles. The rule is very simple, the shorter the boot, the less protection it will offer and vice versa.

The most common injuries in accidents and crashes are caused to the feet and legs. Thus, not only do you require a motorcycle boot that aptly covers your foot, ankle, and shin, it should also provide enough support to withstand a serious blow or force without twisting.

An unprotected and protruding ankle bone will most likely be one of the first things that will be damaged if you slide out on your bike. As such, the level of protection should be given top priority, even above comfort and price.

3. Construction of Boot

How your motorcycle boot is constructed is one of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind while making a purchase. This includes the material used, the design, the add-on features, and the overall make. Each and every feature of the boot can make a huge difference in your safety.

Not all motorcycle boots are created equal and similar. Thus, it is important for you to understand the different materials and methods of construction. It will help you to find a good quality boot. Additionally, because the motorcycle boots are to suit different situations and riding styles, the safety features included may also vary accordingly.

Over the years, a significant amount of research has gone into the motorcycle boot construction. The current models that are available in the market are more advanced in protective features than motorcycle boots have ever been. Generally, motorcycle boots have specific features that are not included in normal work boots. As such, any type of motorcycle boot a much better option than a pair of sneakers, casual shoes, flip-flops, and sandals. So, if you value your feet and ankles, then investing in the best motorcycle boots is an ideal decision.

Types of Motorcycle Boots

There are various types of motorcycle boots available in the market. Each one has some added features to suit the different riding styles.

Touring Boots

Generally, touring involves traveling at high velocities for long distances and also in various climatic conditions. As such to meet these unique requirements, you need to have perfect footwear. Touring boots provide protection against varying weather conditions and atmospheres. They are comfortable, flexible as well as durable. They usually come with a flexible sole, as well as padding around the toes and ankle bones. It provides good comfort and reflective materials for visibility at night.

Cruiser Boots

Cruiser boots safeguard the feet, ankles, and legs from various crash impacts. They also provide protection from the elements and hazards of the road. These boots offer a strong, tough and non-slip traction when you come into contact with the pavement. Basically, Cruiser boots are resistant to slip, water, and oil. Reinforced heels and ankle cups, a steel toe or shank, anti-torsion sole, and built-in shift pads are some of the basic characteristics of cruiser boots.

Casual Boots

As the name suggests casual boots are meant for the casual riders who majorly ride around town or close to home. Over the years, these shorty style boots and riding shoes have become increasingly popular. Though such Short boots lack upper leg protection, they offer great comfort. They are also weather resistant and durable.

In simple terms, casual motorcycle riding boots offer the durability, comfort, and protection of a general riding boot but offer greater versatility than its regular counterpart. They have a casual appearance that is suitable as an everyday casual wear.

Off-Road Boots

Off Road boots are one of the most protective riding boots that you will come across. Usually, off Road, riders are known to ride fast and hard in rough terrains that put their legs and feet to a number of risks and damages. A good off road boot is strong and durable. It offers good stability and toe protection. These boots feature gaiters to prevent dirt and water from getting into the boot, steel shanks for support and a torsion control braking system.

The Height of the Boots

Usually, the height of the boot has a wider perspective than merely considering the visual style. There are usually boot heights available in the market today.
The basic and most popular style is over the ankle. If you are searching for a good pair of boots, you should consider the following points:

  • The boots are made of leather and are more abrasion resistance
  • They rise to above the ankle and safeguards the ankle bone and is less likely to slip off during a crash
  • They have a good and secure closure system

Shorty Boots

The term ‘shorty’ refers to the height of the boot. Generally, a Shorty boot rises just above the ankle. As the name suggests, it is short in height and the minimum height that is required in a motorcycle boot. This is the least protective boot among all others. It is most likely to be a casual style and sporty style boots. Their main aim is to protect your shins and prevent it from falling to your motorcycle trouser. Though it lacks rigorous protection, they are the most comfortable boots in the lot. Most people use shorty boots as their daily motorcycle boots.

Mid-height Boots

A mid-height boot is usually a common style for touring boots. It offers decent protection. However, it will not offer the size but without the size and protection of a full-on knee-high boot. There is another category, where the boots rise to the middle of the shin. Most of the cruiser boots and touring boots make use of this particular configuration. These boots are extremely comfortable, easy wear and remove. Also, it provides enhanced protection without bulk.

Full height Boots

A full height boot is a pair that rises quite close to the knee. It usually overlaps between the knee armor on the pant. The shin plate here is quite significant. Such boots are as they provide the ultimate level of protection and security. Its height is the added advantage that makes it nearly impossible to come off during a crash or accident.

It generally features a substantial armor (foam or molded plastic) that covers the entire Tibia leaving The closure systems in these boots may vary but they are the most difficult to get in and out of. You can get used to them, however, using them on a daily basis requires diligence and commitment.

Type of Materials

Mesh: A mesh, a combination of cotton, or any other lighter material boot will offer a better air circulation. It will help to keep your feet cool and relaxing during the hotter days of the year. However, a mesh material boot will not be waterproof or even the warmest pair of boots in the early fall or during spring when the temperatures fall down considerably.

This type of boot will usually be light in weight and is capable of offering varying degrees of safety and features. But even in the crash, mesh and textile materials don’t offer the greatest degrees of safety and security.

Leather: A completely solid or partly leather boot offers an abrasive shell that has the capacity to withstand from being dragged across far more asphalt than its mesh competitor. You will usually find racers in full leather gears, suits, and boots. There is a strong reason behind this. Leather gear is usually warmer in the summer days, but it is also warmer in cooler days of the year. These motorcycle boots are available in varying weights and also offer different degrees of safety and features. During an accident, your leather motorcycle boot will be strong enough and hold up. It can also be treated to be waterproof to a certain extent.

Comfort: The level of comfort of your motorcycle boots offer will ultimately decide how often you are going to put them on. As such, if you should strive to find a decent pair of boots that feel good on your skin. Ensure that before you purchase a pair, you wear the boots out of the house. Also, it is advisable that you spend some time in them to understand if you feel any kind of pressure or uncomfortable pain that may create an issue during your bike rides in the future.

Starting out in a comfortable manner is a good sign that you will be able to wear your boots more often and for longer periods of time. It will also ensure that you will not forego safety to forego pain or any kind of discomfort caused due to the boots.

For how long will you keep them on

It is important to consider for how long you plan on keeping the boots on as it will help you decide the level of comfort you require in them. Do you want to wear them for long stretches of time or only while you’re on a riding journey?

This may ultimately come down to what you are willing to sacrifice, safety for a pair that will allow you to comfortably walk around for long hours or a room in your bag for an extra pair? Make sure you do ample of research and then settle for a pair depending on your riding style and requirements. All this will help you find a great pair of motorcycle boot that may just have the capacity to do it all for you.

Upper, Foot and Sole Design

It is recommended to search for a pair of motorcycle boots that covers your ankles for apt safety and protection. A Reinforced boot at the ankles offers more strength to withstand anything that may come across while you’re riding on the bike. Additionally, it helps you to avoid burns on the legs that may be caused by your bike’s engine.

Shell protection can be an added additional advantage. A few boots come with shells that can be adjusted to get a proper fit.
A boot that has shell protection is regarded as the safest and the best motorcycle boots. You should be extra cautious with the grip of the boot around the heel and ankles. Also, ensure whether the boots have a changing pad or not. In addition, the sole of the boot should provide good traction for a good grip even when they are wet.

Other Considerations

Shin guards and ankle inserts
Shin guards and ankle inserts usually are meant to offer support and protection against impacts from flying debris, or if you skid/fall. The more protection your boot offers, the lesser comfort it provides. Thus, it becomes essential to find the perfect middle ground to suit your riding style.

Easily adjustable, quick-release clasps and buckles can be a boon if they are well built. On the other hand, they can also be a frustrating pain in the arse if their quality isn’t up to the mark.

Heel cup
Basically, a heel cup is a piece of molded plastic that is positioned between the inner and outer of the boot. Its main aim is to keep the foot in place and also prevent it from lifting while you’re waking. If the heel cup isn’t able to do its job properly, then there are higher chances of blisters when walking coupled with a decrease in control while riding the bike.

Many motorcycle boots come with a layer of EVA or Polyurethane between the sole and footbed. This layer helps to provide additional shock absorption. Also, it assists to cut out vibrations from the bike. Some boots also come with extra padding and cushioning on the ankles to offer extra comfort.

Gear shifter pads
You will find gear shift pads in most of the motorcycle boots available in the market. They are there for a good reason. They protect the leather of your footwear from damage.

Toe box
A number of motorcycle boots come with toe-boxes. A toe box serves to protect the leather of your boot from abrasion that is caused by the gear lever during the up-shifts. The positioning of the toe box is of great importance. To get make the most of it, they should be placed in the right position so that they sit underneath the gear lever in use. Also, they shouldn’t dig into the top of your foot when you walk.

Replaceable Parts
Replaceable parts imply the parts that can be removed and be changed. Motorcycle Boot Parts like a fitted bootie that easily removed and cleaned after wear. Also, the replaceable toe sliders that get damaged due to wear and tear. These are the great advantages of the best motorcycle boots.

Shopping for a good pair of motorcycle boots can be a bit difficult, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Often it is a neglected piece of the overall gear. But, you cannot do away with its importance. Keep the above mentioned key factors in mind the next time you plan to buy motorcycle boots. It will help you make the right decision to meet your needs and also fit your pockets.

Today, Motorcycle boots come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Thus, choosing the right type of boot can be a costly affair. You should not get carried away by the looks, shimmering add-on or a fancy color of the boots. Rather, it is wise to take into account the features offered while selecting a pair for yourself.
Here is one of the best motorcycle boots in 2021. The reviews are made keeping in mind the different types of riders and their riding styles. So, carefully read these brief reviews and then take a call.

Top 30 Best Motorcycle Boots 2021

1. Harley-Davidson Men’s Scout Boot

Harley-Davidson Men's Scout Boot

Just as the name states, Harley-Davidson Men’s Scout Boot is an apt option for you to use as you go about scouting the road ahead. It is a well-designed and thought-of boot that can be a comfortably worn both on and off the bike.

It is a classic motorcycle boot in that is available in two strong colors including Black and Brown.

It has a rugged look. The boots come with a metal harness around the ankle. The upper part of the boot is made of good quality leather. It is extremely soft to the touch and wears well with time.

The boot has a zipper on one side that makes it easy to put on and take off.

The inner layer of the boot has a removable cushioned insole that is very comfortable and plush. Also, since the insole is removable, you have the option of swapping it out and place your own orthotic. The outer sole of this Harley-Davidson Men’s Scout Boot is thick and has a semi-aggressive tread pattern that offers some good amount of traction. The thickness of the outer sole is protective as well as comfortable. It is just apt to take off the road whenever you desire.

In all, the Harley-Davidson Men’s Scout Boot is a cruiser style motorcycle boot that is precisely designed for someone who likes to explore the unknown.
It is stylish, durable, sturdy and practical. You can easily wear it for rides on the highway or as a regular motorcycling shoe.


2. Bruno Marc New York Men’s Military Motorcycle Combat Boots

Bruno Marc New York Men's Military Motorcycle Combat Boots

If you’re searching for a good pair of boots that can suit your motorcycling needs without burning a hole in your pocket, then the Bruno Marc New York Men’s Military Motorcycle Combat Boots are an ideal choice for you.

These boots feature faux leather and a lace-up design that is eye-appealing and also matches the modern trends. The decorative buckle adds to the vintage look and feel of these boots.

But, these motorcycle boots by Burno Marc and not merely about looks, but also about protection, performance, and comfort. It has a flexible design and an inner mesh lining that is extremely soft, thus making the boots very comfortable to wear even when walking.

The sole is made of a high-quality and durable rubber that ensures a good grip on the ground. It is also resistant to abrasion or slipping. While the heel measures one inch, the platform is approximately 0.5-inch high. It has zippers on both the sides, thus making it easy to wear as well as remove. While the lace eyelets are made of durable metal, the laces are sturdy and elastic.

All in all, you can give any of your outfits a classic look with the BRUNO MARC NEW YORK Men’s Military Motorcycle Combat Boots!


3. Dr. Martens Men’s Combs Nylon Combat Boot

Dr. Martens Men's Combs Nylon Combat Boot

Dr. Martens Men’s Combs Nylon Combat Boot is a good quality pair that has multiple attractive features. It features an air cushioned outsole, a slightly cushioned footbed, welted construction, cap toe, and contrast stitching. It is an ideal choice for all types of motorcycle riders that look for footwear offering high durability, stability, and comfort. Also, this boot offers the convenience of a side zipper that makes it easy to wear it and also take it off.

Though the zipper is single-stitched it is quite strong and reliable. Thus, you don’t require extra efforts to put them on. It is time-saving and very simple.

These Nylon Combat boots by Dr. Martens is not only eye-catching but also delivers exceptional performance. It is very soft and has a matte-like finish, thus enhancing the look and feel. However, the Pull loops at the rear of the boots are extremely small that make them virtually non-useful.

All in all, the Dr. Martens Men’s Combs Nylon Combat Boot is extremely comfortable to wear. They will provide the same comfort and relaxation even if you wear them all day long.


4. Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Men’s Motorcycle Riding Boots

Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Men's Motorcycle Riding Boots

The Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Men’s Motorcycle Riding Boots are very stylish and good looking. They have military inspired work boot look and are made from full grain leather. The boots are packed with some amazing features not only provides good protection but also enhances your overall motorcycle riding experience.

The strap has a ratcheting system, making sure that the boot offers a precise and comfortable riding fit.
The toe box offers a good amount of space for easy and comfortable movement. It also fits well enough to make gear shifts fast and easy. However, it is not all gold. The toe box is slightly high that makes it uncomfortable for some of us.

Also, the toe box also has a patch of textured rubber that offers excellent grip over your controls. The heel cup fits extremely well and it aptly hugs the foot ensuring no slippage. They are precisely made to look and feel strong. The boots are triple stitched, durable as well as abrasion resistant.

The ankle area is protected by in-built plates on the outside, while the inner layers are by good quality foam. Also, the tongue area is aptly padded. However, the only problem is that the top of the boots are not as plush as they should be. But they do break in exceptionally down the road. The sole is aptly bonded and has lugs for extra grip. The boots are oil-resistant as well.

All in all, Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Men’s Motorcycle Riding Boots fit extremely well. They come with a traditional lace-up system along with a buckled strap, providing you a secure fit. They are the best motorcycle riding boots that are fashionable, comfortable and can be used for any style of riding.


5. Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

The Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots an extraordinary pair that you will find around. The boot’s unique design, amazing features, and high-quality material make them one of the best motorcycle boots.
They offer decent comfort and are extremely flexible around the ankle. Thus, you can walk around with it easily, just as if you’re wearing a pair of lightweight sneakers.

The outer layer of the boots consists of full-grain oil-treated leather. They offer good protection and are an ideal option to save you from the impact damages that are caused by an unwanted event. All thanks to the double density compound rubber sole and injection molded plastic padding.
Additionally, they also have a special nylon midsole. It is made from PP Mid Dual Flex with anti-shock EVA that helps to protect your feet from any sort of vibration.

As the name suggests, the Forma boots are amazing while adventuring because they come with a Drytex a lining, that waterproof as well as breathable. It is an ideal pair of boots for trailing, motocross, off-road and even serves as daily wear on the streets.

It is one of the best motorcycle boots that can be put on regardless of the weather conditions. They offer accurate fit and are also easily customizable with an adjustable Velcro closure and adjustable GH plastic buckles. They come with extra soft polymer padding with memory foam that helps to make your feet comfortable and relaxing. Furthermore, they also come with an Anti-Bacterial replaceable footbed with an Air Pump System, thus keeping your feet away from bad odor or experiencing any foot rashes.


6. AdTec Men’s 16″ Engineer Motorcycle Boot

Polar Fox Wyatt MPX608005 Mens Casual Engineer Zipper and Buckle Motorcycle Boots

If you’re someone who loves long tours and are searching for a good pair of men’s motorcycle riding boots that assist you throughout your journey, then this model by AdTec is just for you. The AdTec Men’s 16″ Engineer

Motorcycle Boot provides equal comfort and protection. Not only is the outside of the boot protected by high-quality coated material like leather, microfiber, and suede, but the inside padding is extremely comfortable. Integrated soft foam surrounds the ankle and collar for comfort, fit, and additional shock absorption.

These boots are quick and easy to take on and off, thanks to a wide-entry aperture opening. The buckle closure system allows for easy adjustment around the calf area, so you can find your perfect fit, allowing for ultimate ankle movement while riding and standing on pegs.

These boots tend to make a good walking boot on the flat ground. In our opinion, it’s the ideal combination of a highly-protective, and extremely comfortable, biker boot.


7. Polar Fox Wyatt MPX608005 Mens Casual Engineer Zipper and Buckle Motorcycle Boots

Polar Fox Wyatt MPX608005 Mens Casual Engineer Zipper and Buckle Motorcycle Boots

The O’Neal Rider Boots are a completely new design of Rider boot and it is becoming increasingly popular now with consumers because of its outstanding features. This is one of the best motorcycle boots suited for racing, trails, track, and motocross because of its moderate grip sole. The good thing about this boot is that it comes with traditional welt soles that contain a heavy traction pattern that is great for when you are walking.

Furthermore, a heavy-duty Goodyear welt sole is appropriately balanced with no unsteady rocking. These boots have an Air mesh interior, openhanded heel support, and cushioned insole to give comfort. Also, it has a synthetic leather heat shield to avoid heat damage. The boot is made with a four buckle arrangement with easy to operate adjustable snap-locks that provide for a great customizable fit.

Also, its buckles and straps are replaceable. It has a rear pull tab for additional leverage. Speaking of protection, it has injection molded plastic plates to give protection from any impact damages and a metal toe guard to guard the sole against delaminating. In addition, it has metal shank insert reinforcers to shape the boot and add support to make it stronger.


8. Harley-Davidson Men’s Badlands Motorcycle Boot

Harley-Davidson Men's Badlands Motorcycle Boot

Talking about popularity, the Harley-Davidson Men’s Badlands Motorcycle Boot has the ball in its court. These boots are one of the best motorcycle boots and also one of the top sellers in the market. The boots weigh approximately 2kg and are made from 100% Leather.

It has a rubber sole and a Shaft measures approximately ankle-high from the arch.

It makes for comfortable wear and has a premium full-grain leather upper body.

It comes with an oil and slip resistant mechanism, an ankle-high shaft, imported quality material and many more.

It has a Goodyear rubber outsole and Goodyear welt construction.

The boots come with a Breathable mesh lining along with a padded collar that makes it more easy and comfortable to put on.

However, there have been complaints about the boots overall life and durability.
All in all, the Harley-Davidson Men’s Badlands Motorcycle Boot is another champ that keeps up to its expectation and name.


9. AdTec Men’s 11″ Engineer Motorcycle Boot

AdTec Men's 11

The AdTec Men’s Engineer Motorcycle Boot is an 11′ inch black heavy-duty full-grain leather upper engineer biker boot. It is a strong and tough pair that is enough to protect the user against any kind of harsh working environment. It is not only sturdy but also classy enough to convey the status.

It has a split shaft and two adjustable straps along with buckle closures that enable for a custom fit at the calf. The Shaft measures approximately 11.5″ from the arch.

It is made from premium quality leather and has a rubber sole. Its amazing Goodyear welt construction ensures good durability.

It comes with an Oil-resistant outsole and a leather upper featuring soft toe. It has an adjustable vamp and side engineer straps.


10. Polar Fox Brady MPX508571 Mens Casual Classic Combat Fur Lined High-Top Motorcycle Boots

Polar Fox Brady MPX508571 Mens Casual Classic Combat Fur Lined High-Top Motorcycle Boots

Polar Fox Brady MPX508571 Motorcycle Boots are specially designed with high-level Hand Crafted Synthetic Leather. They are crafted in such a way that they provide extra Comfort, Durability, and good Breathability. The boots offer resistance to water, impact and traction. The Waxed Boot Laces maintain their form and stay tightened for a long time.

While the interiors are aptly padded for maximum comfort, the exteriors are stitched with triple Stitched for enhanced sturdiness. It has good quality Rubber Soles that offer Flexibility and Comfort. These are uniquely designed to protect and stabilize the ankle area from many activities. It offers a 6-Slot / 2-Hook Lacing Mechanism for ultimate support. Also, it is equipped with a Heel Tab and Heavy Duty Zipper. It helps to prevent Heel Folds during foot entry and also creates a Stress-Free Motion.

The boots come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. It also has a 90-Day Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty that covers Manufacturing & Material Defects. All in all, Polar Fox Brady MPX508571 Men’s Casual Classic Combat Motorcycle Boots are an ideal choice for any activity, climate, work, or a rugged outdoor environment.


11. Harley-Davidson Men’s El Paso Riding Boot

Harley-Davidson Men's El Paso Riding Boot

The Harley-Davidson Men’s El Paso Riding Boot is precisely thought and serious model specially built for the road. It is a Classic harness style boot style. It offers great comfort and features a Goodyear welt riding outsole. It is oil, slip as well as resistant. The upper part of the boot is made of good quality and durable full grain leather material. It features a cool strap detail around the ankle, and also a zipper on the short shaft for complete ease and comfort.

A sleek Goodyear rubber outsole and heel round out the design make it an all-purpose boot that can be worn for work, play, and more. It features YKK side zipper with a locking mechanism that makes it easy to take off as well as put on. It comes with a Breathable mesh lining that makes it a must buy for your motorcycle rides.


12. Polar Fox New Fabian MPX808006 Mens Dress Work Motorcycle Combat Boots

Polar Fox New Fabian MPX808006 Mens Dress Work Motorcycle Combat Boots

The Polar Fox New Fabian MPX808006 Mens Dress Work Motorcycle Combat Boots has an upbeat design with impressively light leather material. It comes with a desirable slick model design that will undoubtedly capture your heart.

It features a low-profile toe-box for mobility, an internally reinforced toe, heel, ankle, and shin. The boots also have articulated ankle area injection-molded toe armor. Not only do these boots provide a great level of comfort, but it also ensures that your toes are in the right positions when immobile. However, what lack in these boots are the unwarranted durability and the not-so-satisfying feet ventilation design.

All in all, the Polar Fox New Fabian MPX808006 Men’s Dress Work Motorcycle Combat Boots deserves your attention.


13. Harley-Davidson Men’s Electron Motorcycle Boot

Harley-Davidson Men's Electron Motorcycle Boot

If you wish to have a pair of boot that will become your best supportive companion in long shift work or riding a motorcycle, then Harley-Davidson Men’s Electron Motorcycle Boot is the right choice for you. This Harley-Davidson design is strong and is made of premium material. The upper part of the boot is made of premium full grain leather, giving it a classic look.

The sock linings are aptly cushioned and are made of mesh lining. Also, they are full in length, thus making them extremely comfortable and reliable. The Goodyear rubber outsole is oil, slip and water resistant. Also, the Goodyear welt construction makes the boots strong enough to endure any strong surface.

The Shaft of the boot measures approximately 6″ from the arch. Furthermore, this boot comes with an easy on and off with a locking YKK side zipper.

All in all, the Harley-Davidson Men’s Electron Motorcycle Boot is strong in looks as well as performance. It is protective, durable and makes your motorcycle ride safe and happening.


14. Xper Men’s Brown Fashion Lace-up Motorcycle Combat Winter Ankle Boots

Xper Men's Brown Fashion Lace-up Motorcycle Combat Winter Ankle Boots

XPER Men’s Brown Fashion Lace-up Motorcycle Combat Winter Ankle Boot is an ideal choice for anyone who loves to go adventure riding. It is specifically designed keeping the ergonomics in mind and easily adjusts to almost all foot shapes and sizes.

The Heel of these boots measures approximately 1.5 inches, while the Platform measures approximately 0.5″. The boots are made from high-level Man-made leather and has a durable Rubber sole. What makes these boots stand apart is its stylish stitching vamp design and flexible interior zipper closure. Altogether, the XPER Men’s are lightweight and Comfortable Motorcycle Combat Boots.


15. 206 Collective Men’s Denny Lace-up Motorcycle Boot

206 Collective Men's Denny Lace-up Motorcycle Boot

The 206 Collective Men’s Denny Lace-up Motorcycle Boot is one of the best motorcycle boots that ensures both comfort and quality at the same time for any type of motorcycle rider. More or less, the style and feel of this boot are traditional.

The upper part of the boot is waterproof and the Shaft measures approximately 6″ from the arch. The boot is easy to wear and remove. The Supple leather lining feels extremely comfortable.
It is an oiled suede lace-up boot with metallic eyelets, cushioned collar, and pull tab.

All in all, the206 Collective Men’s Denny Lace-up Motorcycle Boot offers a great deal of quality, safety, and comfort.


16. GM Golaiman Men’s Work Boots Combat Hiking Military Tactical Motorcycle Boots Lace Up Zip Boots Plush Warm Ankle High

The GM GOLAIMAN Men’s Work Boots are made from animal-friendly leather. The offer excellent quality texture and great gloss. The fabric and plush lining of the boot offers a unique next-to-skin comfort. These boots come with a TPR sole and cushioned insole that endows amazing skid resistance and durable stability. It offers a good grip that keeps you safe and prevents you from slipping during any outdoor activities.

The GM GOLAIMAN Men’s Work Boots are the ideal example of simplicity coupled with classical designs to suit the modern lifestyle.

The mesh lining is breathable, soft and comfortable offering an enhanced footwear wearing experience. Since the upper part of the boot is water-resistant upper, it keeps the wet out, keeping your feet dry and relaxing under all the weather conditions.

The Side zipper makes it easy to take the shoes on and off within no time. Additionally, the 7-eyelet lace-up design makes these boots flexible for adjustment.

All in all, the GM GOLAIMAN Men’s Work Boot is a perfect combination of performance and style. It is an all-purpose pair of boots that can be used during casual business occasions, suitable for combat, motorcycle riding, hiking, multiple pieces of training and other outdoor activities. These plain-toe work boots enhance the work efficiency and make your experience as comfortable as possible.


17. Harley-Davidson Men’s Chipman Motorcycle Boot

Harley-Davidson Men's Chipman Motorcycle Boot

With Harley-Davidson Men’s Chipman Motorcycle Boot, you will be able to enjoy a perfect blend of great looks and an extremely comfortable ride. The boot is made of leather and is quite flexible and free. It has a buckle and side strap. There is a YKK locking outside zipper on the ankle side that makes it easy to wear and remove.

It has full grain leather upper and the YKK locking outside zipper. It has a rubber outsole that is resistant to slip, water and oil. Also, it has cushioned, removable insole with a mesh lining that is flexible, breathable and comfortable.


18. Bruno Marc Men’s Philly Dress Chukka Boots

Bruno Marc Men's Philly Dress Chukka Boot

Chukka boots are usually considered to be casual wear. However, this does not imply that Chukka boots have no style and class. It is undeniable that most of the Chukka boots available in the market have style, but the Bruno Marc Men’s Philly Dress Chukka Boots carries a classy look and feel with it. This makes it an ideal option for choosing good footwear that almost all types of wardrobes.

The Bruno Marc has a classic Chukka-style design along with three eyelets for lacing them up. These laces in return make it easier to take them on and off. They have a plain toe design. They are lightweight, airy, and keep the foot from becoming uncomfortably hot. Also, the boots prevent sweat and moisture from building up inside the boot throughout the day.

Additionally, the Bruno Marc Men’s Philly Dress Chukka Boots also has a small elastic panel on the back to help ease the struggle of removing and wearing them time and again. Though initially, this special kind of touch may go unnoticed, with time you will realize its practical value and its overall impact on the comfort level of the Chukka boot.

The Bruno Marc Men’s Philly Dress Chukka Boots is made of high-quality man-made material . It has a Synthetic and Durable rubber sole. The Heel of the boot measures approximately 1 inch, while the Platform measures approximately 0.5 inches. This Chukka Boot features a specially designed wooden heel.
Altogether, the Bruno Marc Men’s Philly Dress Chukka Boots are Stylish, Flexible and Comfort Ankle Boots.


19. TCX X-Blend Waterproof Vintage Boots (Black, 11)

TCX X-Blend Waterproof Vintage Boots (Black, 11)

The TCX X-Blend Waterproof Vintage Boots are precisely designed to offer an advanced fit to all the feet shapes and sizes. It has designed gender specific soles that make it the most unique and best motorcycle boots available in the market. The rubber sole is well-built and is sturdy enough to be worn for a long period of time. These boots are extremely flexible and offer ease in movement. These Vintage Boots have a casual look, design and feel, thus suiting any type of motorcycle bike. The boot contains high-quality full grain leather uppers, but it is light in weight.

The superior comfort makes these boots one of the best choices for motorcycle riding. It features a padded tongue, ankle, and collar giving you the ultimate sense of comfort and perfect fit. Additionally, the boots have dual security lace and hook/loop closure that cannot be broken easily. All these customizable features make the TCX X-Blend Waterproof Vintage Boots one of the best motorcycle boots in 2021.


20. Harley-Davidson Men’s Bowden Motorcycle Boot

Harley-Davidson Men's Bowden Motorcycle Boot

The Harley-Davidson Men’s Bowden Motorcycle Boot gives the apt crackle to make your motorcycle journey a memorable one. It eye-appealing design and convenience perfectly blend together making them easy and pleasurable to wear. Multiple features and exemplary performance in ensures that this pair of boots falls in the list of the best motorcycle boots.

These boots by the much-appreciated brand were designed to be a great looking 8-inch boot with side zippers and adjustable ankle strap. They are made of good quality premium full-grain leather that offers immense comfort and relaxation even during long days of wear.

The leather has a good and thick finish, thus enhancing the level of protection offered by the pair. You will not have to face any trouble with the laces as they have high-level zippers that are stylish, convenient, and comfortable.

Since they come with double zippers they are easy to put on as well as simple to take off. Additionally, the side strap and buckle together provide a secure custom fitting. Moreover, the rubber soles attached are non-skid, non-marking, and oil resistant.

While the Shaft measures approximately 11.75″ from the arch, the platform measures approximately 0.5 inches. And the Boot opening measures approximately 13.5″. The outsole of the boot is also made from rubber giving it a sturdy look and feel.

All in all, the Harley-Davidson Men’s Bowden Motorcycle Boot is comfortable, and its cushion insole is completely removable. Furthermore, its unique freedom flex sole construction, they offer instantaneous comfort to your feet. The feature that makes it the best motorcycle boot is its weight. It is extremely lightweight, thus preventing it to put much pressure on the feet.


21. Gaerne G-Adventure Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

Gaerne G-Adventure Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

Gaerne G-Adventure Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Boots are full length, dual sport, and crossover models. They are a great combination of the perfect road touring and off-road riding boots. These boots by Gaerne G come are equipped with some of the most rugged protective factors that are extremely essential for dual sports. Additionally, they also offer stylish comfortable factors that are usually available in long distance touring and walking boots. It provides a decent amount of comfort while standing as well as walking.

The Gaerne G-Adventure Boots are waterproof and breathable. They come with a non-removable and in-built membrane. These boots are an ideal option for those looking for a cold and wet weather boot. It comes in full grain leather along with a high-grip shift pad. It has a reinforced toe and the sole has a rugged outdoor style made with rubber lugs.

These boots offer good stability in the sole and the is quite stiff with ample of flexion in the toe.
For adjusting the fit and locking, the boots come with a TPU cam lock buckles. These buckles are ratchet adjustable. A broken shin or tibia is a common motorcycling injury and the G-Adventure Boots look after this well by providing precise protection.

The shin area has a TPU plate that offers decent padding and also shields the shin from hitting the foot-pegs. The heel of the boots is held down perfectly by the heel cup, thus offering a good snug fit. The Gaerne G-Adventure Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Boots are an ideal option off-road riding as well as touring enthusiasts. They are well suited for both cold as well as wet weather riding conditions.


22. O’Neal Rider Boots

O'Neal Rider Boots

The O’Neal Rider Boots are good quality motocross boots that help you make the ride comfortable and easy. They can be used on a track or on a trail. These boots are specially engineered to help you hold your foot in tight while providing perfect protection as well as stability.

The O’Neal Rider boots are made of high-quality strong molded-plastic protective plates that help in reducing the impact on the foot. The boots have a good fit and offer ease in mobility. Also, they help to reduce the range of motion on your foot. Additionally, it comes with an easy to operate a four-buckle snap lock system that offers a perfect fit.

The toe has a sturdy metal guard that protects the sole of the shoe from undergoing wear and tear. The steel toe guards come with removable screws, so they can be replaced as and when damage takes place. The soles of the boots have a good tread and grip along with a full metal shank for enhanced support. On the other hand, the insole is cushioned for extra comfort. The interior has a mesh lining along with better heel support. Also, the ankle area offers apt protection as well.

All in all, the O’Neal Rider Boots are available at an excellent price range and are totally value for money. These boots are a must buy, if you’re an off-road enthusiast.


23. Power Gear Motorsports NEW Men’s Motorcycle Racing Boots

Power Gear Motorsports NEW Men's Motorcycle Racing Boots

The Power Gear Motorsports Men’s Motorcycle Racing boots offer some extraordinary features when it comes to riding hardware. They have all the protective features that you always required in a sports motorcycle boot.
To begin with, the toe sliders are easily adjustable as well as removable.

On top of the toes, they have a reinforced gear shifting pad. This uniquely placed shifting pad helps to reduce the wear and tear on the boot while you’re shifting aggressively and with force. The midfoot has an active vent that enables airflow during the hot summer days. The boots have a heel cup which is removable and replaceable.

The Power Gear Motorsports Men’s Motorcycle Racing boots are one of its kinds, as they come with an Achilles protector. Also, on the sides, they have sturdy and strong removable ankle protectors in addition to a zipper system.

One more feature that sets these boots apart from its competitors is that they have calf protectors. These boots come with a removable shin guard. Considering the amount of hardware, these racing boots are extremely lightweight.

All in all, the Power Gear Motorsports NEW Men’s Motorcycle Racing Boots are one of the most technical boots available in the market. They offer excellent protection and features for a good bargain on price. So, if you’re into sport or racing motorcycles, then these are the best motorcycle boots.


24. Dingo Men’s Chopper Harness Boot

Dingo Men's Chopper Harness Boot

Dingo Men’s Chopper Harness Boot is appreciated for its spectacular build, precise form and function. The brand is renowned to provide excellent quality boots and it doesn’t fail to keep up to the expectations with its Men’s Chopper Harness Boot.

The Dingo Men’s Chopper Harness Boot is an amazing combination of good looks and excellent performance. It is a durable cruiser style motorcycle boot. The boot comes with a sole that is meant to support riding of these types of bikes. It has a slightly higher heel and a smooth tread. It enables you to move easily around the controls without fearing a fall.

It comes with decorative silver-tone hardware on the toe as well as the heel, giving it the rugged old school and vintage look. The upper part of the boot is made of a leather material with minimal seams. It measures 12 inches from the shaft and fits well.

Usually, cruiser boots are equipped with one specialized requirement, which is the sole thickness and height. The reason behind this special need is that cruiser style motorcycles may get quite pretty wide; also the extra boot height offers extra footing. All this makes the gear shifts easy and convenient.

All in all, the Dingo Men’s Chopper Harness Boot is one of the best motorcycle riding boots. The Dingo Chopper in the market. This model is an ideal option for those of who love to take their road journeys on extra wide choppers or cruiser style bikes.


25. Tourmaster Solution WP Air Men’s Road Boots

Tourmaster Solution WP Air Men’s Road Boots

The Tourmaster Solution WP Air Men’s Road Boots are loved and admired for three main reasons including: The first and foremost thing is its Price. These Road Boots by Tourmaster are extremely affordable and totally worth the price tag. The second important reason is Diversity. It is available in a wide variety of wide sizes up to size 14 and also in different vibrant colors

The last but most important factor – Usability. It is an all season boot

The Tourmaster Solution WP Air Men’s Road Boots are sport touring all season boots. They are made from leather and exposed panels. They are specially designed to withstand all the seasons without compromising the safety and protection factors.

The exposed panels come with an abrasion resistant mesh lining on top. It enables the air to flow over the top of the boots waterproof membrane.

The mesh area exposes the waterproof membrane to the environment and allows sweat to pass through. Thus, it provides a good cooling effect that helps to relax your legs. The boots have reflectors attached across them that help to improve the visibility during the night and in low light zones.

Also, they have padding around the toe. This padding is precisely placed near the toe, to reduce the wear and tear of the boots while shifting gears.

On the front side and rear side of the boots, the Tourmaster Solution is aptly placed with bellows for better ankle movement.

The shin area of the boots offers good support on the inside for extra safety and protection. It is an added advantage that is important for those with kick-starter bikes or anyone riding a bike in general. Usually, the shin area is considered to be a high-risk area, thus it must be adequately protected.

The inner side of these boots comes with a zipper that makes it easy to remove and wear.
The sole of these boots by Tourmaster is very flexible. It enhances the level of comfort for those who like to get off the bike and explore the place on foot.

All in all, the Tourmaster Solution WP Air Men’s Road Boots are one of the best touring motorcycle boots that are available in the market today.


26. Gaerne SG-10 Boots

Gaerne SG-10 Boots

The Gaerne SG-10 Boots is one of the best motorcycle boots in 2021 and ranks among the top sellers in the market. Not only is it an affordable buy, but also lives up to the user expectations and branding standards through Gaerne SG.

These boots are available in various sizes and seem to feet almost all types of foot sizes and ways. With its amazing quality, extraordinary features and economical price, it has managed to gain a lot of customer traction. However, one factor that may be of concern for some buyers is its weight. The boots weight 13.88 pounds and can be a little heavy. But, with plenty of features, be rest assured that it will serve its purpose of comfort and protection.

It features a well designed Dual composite rubber soles, lightweight alloy, replaceable buckle system, exclusive Gaerne “grip guard”, floating “razorback” with a built-in ankle alignment system, super-cross shank as well as a heel bumper and memory cell inner foam liner that complete a grip guard mechanism.

These boots are extremely comfortable. Its Italian design and excellent craftsmanship are really worth its price tag. They offer a decent range of heel to toe movement, all thanks to its superb mechanical hinge joint. Although, the toe box quite thin but still provides maximum protection, with external toe guards. All this together offer better positioning of the boot under/over the shift lever.

The Gaerne SG-10 Boots are known for its premium quality leather material, sophisticated overall quality and an avant-garde, high-end model design. By all means, it is a complete package of various useful features. Apart from genuine support and protection, it gives a wholesome experience to your feet.

All in all, the Gaerne SG-10 Boots is one of its kinds and is a noteworthy model available in the market. It has earned customer trust and satisfaction. It is regarded as a masterpiece by the Gaerne brand.


27. Speed and Strength Run With the Bulls 2.0 Men’s Moto Leather Shoes

Speed and Strength Run With the Bulls 2.0 Men's Moto Leather Shoes

The Speed and Strength Run with the Bulls 2.0 is not the usual traditional motorcycle boot that you will come across. It is considered to be a motorcycle shoe. It is one of those models that you will not have to take off when you get off the bike and rush to your office or school. It can be very well be used as a daily wear shoe. These boots or simply to call them motorcycle shoes are very comfortable and convenient. They were designed keeping in mind its all-purpose use. Thus, were built to be worn both on and off the bike for a longer period of time.

It comes with a non-shanked sole that is very flexible and offers ease in movement. It gives you that plush comfort that your favorite pair of shoes provide.

As much as comfort is required, safety is also a major key requirement. These Speed and Strength Run with the Bulls 2.0 Men’s Moto Leather Shoes have taken the matter of safety very seriously.

It comes with a reinforced ankle cup with TPR rubber on the back that enhances the burliness to the heel area of the foot. Also, it has molded ankle pads for protection as well as abrasion resistance.

This boot also comes with a reinforced heel and toe box.

One more subtle safety feature that is of great importance is the stylish velcro strap. Though Laces are nice, but they usually create potential safety problems when it comes to bike rides. Keeping this is mind, Speed And Strength have designed this model so that the laces are secure and tucked away under the leather strap.

They are urban inspired sneaker style shoes that offer added protection as compared to your rdnormal sneaker.
It comes in full leather with textile and PU features built in. The Perforations in the leather enable better airflow for those who wish to keep their bike riding game on even in the hotter days of the months.

All in all, the Speed and Strength Run with the Bulls 2.0 Men’s Moto Leather shoe is designed with a view to cater to the urban audience. It is an ideal option for urban commuters who want everything, good safety, eye-appealing style as well as comfort packaged into one shoe.
It is known to be one of the best motorcycle boots for walking.


28. Cortech Latigo WP Men’s Road Race Motorcycle Boots

Cortech Latigo WP Men’s Road Race Motorcycle Boots

The Cortech Latigo WP Men’s Road Race Motorcycle Boots will give your feet an amazing power to enjoy your motorcycle bike rides with ease and comfort. Once you wear these boots, the motorcycle riding experience will not be the same.

It is uniquely designed and packed with some never-seen-before features. Thus, it proves to be the ultimate motorist’s boot that every motorcycle rider should have.

It features a padded front and rear ankle areas, a molded replaceable toe slider, a breathable pack, a vented contour, a HiPora waterproof quality and many more.

The Cortech Latigo WP Men’s Road Race Motorcycle Boots are appreciated as a credible protector and comfort provider. However, there are some issues that create concern for many buyers. This includes problems such as the boots easily wears out, easily detachable Velcro pads and unnoted factory errors.

But with this model, you will be able to endure the harshest conditions of the AMA Pro Racing schedule. Also, it helps to keep you comfortable on your local back roads all day long. The boot’s vented Mycro Tech upper and Air Mesh lining help to keep you safe and cool. On the other hand, the shock absorbing foam and a molded TPU shin guard keep you guarded against any sort of impact. The sole is made of good quality material and thus offers long term durability without sacrificing on the grip.

All in all, the Cortech Latigo WP Men’s Road Race Motorcycle Boots decently protect your feet from impact and friction. Though it is packed with it features, it also poses a question on the boot’s durability standards.


29. Cortech Accelerator XC Men’s Riding On-Road Motorcycle Boots

Cortech Accelerator XC Men’s Riding On-Road Motorcycle Boots

Cortech Accelerator XC Men’s Riding On-Road Motorcycle Boots is ranked among the best-sellers in the market. It promises to give you comfort and shape your toes appropriately when riding the motorcycle. Undoubtedly, this model not only promises but also aptly keeps up it with its spectacular performance.

These motorcycle boots feature an anti-slip, oil-resistant rubber sole, a PU upper and PU inner calf panel, and water-repellent leather. Among all these amazing features, the boots leather quality stands out and is known to be the ultimate winner. It makes a good cover from the calf down to the foot.

Also, the boot impresses with its unique toe-shaping molder. It helps to keep pain and aches at a distance even if you take on to long rides. However, these boots fail at certain areas such as the stiff quality, a thick and hard shift pad feel, a rather unbearable/painful leather quality and a poorly-ventilated pattern.


30. Vulcan V300 Men’s Velocity Motorcycle Sport Boots

Vulcan V300 Men’s Velocity Motorcycle Sport Boots

The Vulcan V300 Men’s Velocity Motorcycle Sport Boots are slim but are precisely packed to deliver the best.

It features a reinforced shin and ankle, anti-oil and anti-slip rubber sole, a padded topline for comfort fit, a leather upper waterproof membrane lining, a well-shaped rubber for gear change patch, stretch panels, and more. However, it suffers some drawbacks when it comes to the leather quality, the design and the overall comfort level offered by the pair.

All in all, despite a few flaws, the Vulcan V300 Men’s Velocity Motorcycle Sport Boots still prove to be a worthy buy. Not only do they come for a well-known brand, but also deliver their best.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of motorcycle boots that I should buy?

Before you buy a pair of motorcycle boots for yourself, it is important that you are aware of the manufacturer’s size charts. Thus, check the size charts on a prior basis as it will help you get the right size of shoes for you. These size charts may vary depending on the brand and company. Therefore, ensure that you aptly convert the size to US size if it displays the size in EU.

Usually, a good motorcycle boot must hug you around the ankle and toes, but it must not be very tight and stiff that it leads to discomfort and pain.

Are all motorcycle boots resistant to water?

Before you choose the best motorcycle boots for you, you must keep in mind if you require water protection in your boots or not. The reason behind this is that not all the motorcycle boots available in the market are waterproof.

The best waterproof feature is provided by boot models that have special linings attached in them like the Gore-Tex and DryTex.

But, today many motorcycle boots that are not marketed as waterproof or water resistant, but can still keep your feet dry during the downpours. Most of the models have uppers made of leather that is well-treated with oil and can shed water easily.

Can the motorcycle boots be stretched?

Before you buy the boots, it is better you personally try them. It will help you understand the size and fit. If you’re purchasing these boots from an online market, then make sure they are returnable in case of size defects.

It is advisable that you purchase the right size of boots in the first place to avoid discomfort and even pain. In case you feel numbness in your heel, ankles, and toes after wearing the boots, then it should be replaced at the earliest.

Some leather models available in the market have a little stretchability. Though they can be stretched, the size gain may just be minimal. If the boots get wet, then the leather will shrink to its actual size.


If you are a motorcycle riding enthusiast, then you know that one of the top priorities after your bike is the riding gear, especially the motorcycle boots. The best motorcycle boots can make a long ride more comfortable, safe and all the more enjoyable.

A good pair of motorcycle boots can protect you over a lot of factors- cold, heat, impact, friction, and more. Thus, purchasing the best motorcycle boots is a definite gain and nowhere not a loss. While the discourses on the motorcycle boots good design and working mechanism ensue, manufacturers have come up with ample unique and trendy features. Some even have introduced fancy bullets in their boot models.

However all these enhanced features, the motorcycle boots must first and foremost work for what it is intended and that is to protect. A decent pair of motorcycle boots may keep your legs safe from almost all kind of problems that you may experience in your riding journey.

We Hope that the guide on different types of motorcycle footwear helps you to make the right choice when buying the best motorcycle boots to suit your individual motorcycle riding style.

Happy and Safe Riding!

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