Best Motorcycle Gloves 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Full Finger Goat Skin Leather 2. Tcbunny Pro-biker Carbon Fibre 3. ILM Alloy Steel Knuckle


Motorcycles are not just vehicles; they are style statements. On motorcycles, you feel fast and adventurous as the adrenaline rushes through your veins and your heart thumps with excitement. You also get a chance to take long drives and stay close to nature. However, if you do not take proper safety measures while riding a motorcycle, you can get fatally injured. Hence it is imperative to invest in proper best motorcycle gears, such as the helmets, the best motorcycle gloves, and the best of all the other equipment for motorcycles available.

Gloves are particularly important. They can protect your hands from the harsh weather. In the unfortunate case of an accident, gloves can reduce the impact of the fall on your hands. Additionally, they can also prevent your hands from slipping because of sweat. Hence, it is imperative that you invest in a pair that is comfortable and is of good quality.

We have curated a list of all the best gloves available in the market, which are functional, and also affordable!


Different Types of Motorcycle Gloves

There are different styles of gloves that are available. So, it is important to choose a design that you find both visually appealing and also extremely comfortable. Additionally, the design will also determine how suitable a particular pair of gloves would be for you. The style of gloves that you choose should be chosen after taking into consideration the terrain and the kinds of sports you indulge in. So, here are a few different designs available that you can choose from:

1. Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves cover the palms, the back of the hand, the wrist and the base of the fingers. It leaves the fingers unprotected. It protects most of the hand, but is considered an impractical option because your fingers are left open without any protection at all.

This is not the best option to go with if you are a rider who travels through difficult terrains. This may be suitable in urban areas where the possibility of accidents is slightly lesser. These gloves are stylish and fashionable. However, it is always advisable to keep safety as your top priority.

2. Touring Gloves or Adventure Gloves

This is for all those who travel around on their bikes a lot. These gloves are hard and they are usually textile. They use artificial hardening materials to be able to cater to the needs of the adventurous rider.

The materials used are often modern chemicals specially created for a good product. This is suitable for all kinds of weathers and climates. They are protective and extremely comfortable. These are amongst the most expensive gloves in the market.

3. Summer Gloves

Summer holidays are a great time to cruise outdoors in the most extreme of terrains. Yet, you may come to regret your decision if you underestimate the impact of the weather. Your gloves should be able to withstand the heat. If your palms get sweaty, it is possible that you lose control of your motorbike. Your hands may even slip off the handle bars. This could turn into a fatal accident.

Hence, it is important that your gloves are made up of a breathable material. Summer gloves are specifically designed for this purpose. They are extremely breathable, and they also offer ventilation. They are made up of lightweight materials to add to your comfort. Most of the time, they are made up of perforated materials.

4. Spring / Fall Gloves

Spring and fall are the two most beautiful seasons of the year. Yet, this is the time when temperatures are uncertain. Sometimes you may feel too hot and sometimes you may feel too cold. This might pose as a problem while riding a bike as well. You will have to look for riding gloves that are neither too heavy nor too light. Plus, they have to be breathable in case the weather is too hot.

On the other hand, they also need to be able to keep your hands warm if needed. It may seem impossible to find the perfect pair of gloves; yet, manufacturers have launched gloved specifically for this time of the year. These gloves fall into all the above-mentioned criteria!

5. Winter Gloves

The requirements for this season are quite contrasting to the requirements of the summer months. These gloves have to be thick, heavily insulated and multi-layered so that your hands don’t get numb because of the cold.

Riding in the winter may also cause cramps in your hand, which is a dangerous thing. This is because it might lead you to lose control of the bike, ultimately resulting in an accident. Hence, it is particularly important to keep your hands warm in such a weather. You also need to make sure that movement is not compromised because of the cold.

Special Gloves are available in the market, engineered for the freezing winters. If you are riding in sub-zero temperatures, heated gloves are also available. These are electronically charged. They are slightly pricier, but that is a much better option than suffering a frostbite!

6. Racing Gloves

Many riders indulge in thrilling, high-speed races. These are fun and extremely adventurous. However, the flipside to this is that they is extremely dangerous. Accidents during these races can be fatal. Hence, you need to ensure that all your safety gear is on point before taking part in a race.

Your hands are also quite vulnerable during such a ride. The best idea would be to invest more in gloves that are specially designed for races. These gloves are made up of high-end materials. They have hardened extra padding for your knuckles to protect them from any kind of injury. They also offer extra protection for the wrists. These gloves need to have a very good grip so that you can have good control over the bike during intense races.

7. Gauntlet Gloves

This is a unique category of gloves. The speciality of these gloves is that they are much bigger than the other gloves. They go up to your forearms. They are made up of multiple layers and protective materials in all the sensitive regions (knuckles, wrists, fingers). They have extra layers of nylon or leather on the palm as well.

In case you fall down during one of your adventures, these gloves will make sure that you are safe without a single scratch on your hand. Several people have reported that during terrible accidents,wearing gauntlet gloves protected their hands.

8. Off-Road Motorcycle Gloves

These are for all the bike riders who venture out into the dirt and the mud; the riders who prefer to travel through adventurous routes and unmetalled roads. There is a whole range of gloves available for such rugged riders. These gloves focus the most on comfort. Hence, they are made up of breathable material, and are extremely lightweight.

While off-roading, the rider might take jumps off the top of rocks and rough patches. For this purpose, these gloves also have an excellent grip. Additionally, they are easily washable in machines and are suitable for rough use.

9. Moto-Cross Gloves

These are gloves that not only offer protection but also have an intimidating look. These have knuckle reinforcements on them. They are generally well ventilated. In terms of functionality, these gloves are similar to off-road motorcycle gloves. They have a good grip and they are quite breathable.

10. Street Gloves

Street gloves serve the same purpose as off-road gloves, but they are much thicker. The designers of these gloves have kept in mind the modern powerful bikes and the incredible speed that they offer. Preventing an injury in such a scenario becomes quite difficult.

Street gloves are therefore made up of extremely hard and thick materials or good quality leather. These gloves are effective in minimizing the impact of injuries. They are not particularly suitable for summers or hot weather.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Buying the Best Motorcycle Gloves

You need to keep in mind a few key factors before buying a pair of gloves. There are plenty of options available in the market, and if you get into it without prior research, you can easily get confused and overwhelmed. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are a few factors that you need to keep in mind so that you can buy the best motorcycle riding gloves for yourself:

1. Budget

There are gloves ranging from 10 dollars to more than 300 dollars. Nobody wants to spend too much on one product. Yet, it is also important to ensure safety. Because of all the variety in the market, you can easily find a low-price option which includes all the features. Hence, before purchasing a glove, you should set a budget for yourself. Then, try to find the best glove in that price range which has all the necessary features.

2. Weather

Weather is also an important factor that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a pair of gloves. If you are riding in cold weather, you may want to opt for nylon or lycra gloves. This is also true for cold rains and snowfall. If you are riding in hot and dry weather, leather maybe the best option for you. If you are an adventurous, travel enthusiast, you may want to invest slightly more and buy an all-weather proof glove.

3. Type Of Bike Or Motorcycle

Your bike will govern the kind of motorcycle glove that you purchase. Be it style, grip or the kind of sport – there are several related factors that you need to keep in mind. If you are into bike-riding sports and adventures, you may want to opt for more colorful and stylish options. For racing bikes, it is important to have gloves that are more durable so as to prevent wear and tear. You may also wish to match your gloves with the color of your bike.

4. Material

Different parts of the glove will function better with a different material. Leather, sheepskin, nylon and lycra are some good options for the back of the hand. Goatskin is considered the toughest, followed by cowhide and lycra. Your choice for the material used in this part of your glove should depend on the strength and the scratch-resistance factors of the material.

The palm area should comprise of a comparatively softer material so that you can have a firm grip without injuring yourself. A blend of polyester and cotton could be a good option for the best motorcycle gloves.

The material of the armour is also very important. The armour redistributes the impact force in the case of an accident. Plastics and metals such as steel and titanium are used in this region. This is present in the knuckles and the wrist, which are essentially the most delicate regions.

5. Urban or Cruiser?

There will be a difference if you are riding a bike in the city and if you are riding in difficult terrain. The urban rider can choose to focus more on the look and appeal by opting for more stylish options. But, for the riders who are in far more dangerous territory, they need to take care of multiple factors.

Protection is a very important factor. It is essential to keep safety in mind while setting on an adventure. While riding through rocky patches or during difficult weather, you must want to stay as comfortable as possible. Hence, comfort is also a very important factor for cruisers.

ADV or touring gloves can also be a suitable option for cruisers. If you are thinking about an adventure across multiple countries, this is a great choice! It is definitely one of the best motorcycle gloves in the market.

6. Sports and Racing

The requirement for protection increases if you are involved in bike racing. There are special gloves designed for racing. These might be priced slightly higher than the regular gloves. If you invest in a good pair, it will be durable and long-lasting which is always a better bet. Sports bike gloves are engineered to maximize the experience.

They have maximum impact protection and the best anti-wear technology. They also keep in mind the comfort factor to ensure that the bike riders enjoy optimum control. They are well ventilated. Most of them come with an arched back which makes them much easier to use and control.

7. Fitting and Size

This is one of the key factors to be kept in mind while finding a great pair of gloves. Humans have different shaped and sized hands. Hence, it is possible that one particular range may not have your size or shape. So, it is very important to look at size.

Your gloves should neither be too tight nor too loose. If the gloves are too tight, they may interrupt in proper blood flow to your hand. This may make your hands numb while riding, which could further result in a hand cramp. This is extremely unsafe.

At the other end of the spectrum, your gloves should not be too loose either. This can affect your control on the bike, which is also particularly dangerous. To avoid such situations, you should pay close attention to the size guides offered by the sellers on the website.

8. Arched Back

Motorcycle gloves can be flat and simple as well, but they have much less functionality than gloves with arched backs. These gloves are specially designed for providing a better grip and more comfort. This also reduces the possibility of cramps and aches during long rides by a large extent.

9. Extra Features

More often than not motorcycle gloves are made up of animal skin. There is a whole business operating on products derived from a multitude of animals. This includes goats, cows, sheep, kangaroos and often stingrays as well. It is always a better idea to opt for a pair that is made up of artificial materials such as nylon or lycra.

After keeping all of the aforementioned factors in mind, we have come up with a list of gloves that has something to offer to every rider. This list is for all the motorcycle enthusiasts out there seeking to set out on a new adventure, here is a list of the best motorcycle gloves 2018:

Top 20 Best Motorcycle Gloves 2021

1. Full Finger Goat Skin Leather Touch Screen Motorcycle Gloves

Full Finger Goat Skin Leather Touch Screen Motorcycle Gloves

This pair of gloves by Superbike is a great catch! It is made of real goat leather, and is one of the best leather motorcycle gloves in the market. The pair also consists of perforations so that your palms do not become very sweaty.

The material will feel light and soft on your skin. Additionally, it is extremely lightweight, flexible and durable. It has plastic and foam padding in the knuckle area to keep the joints safe. The advanced design also includes an anti skid feature so that your hands do not slip on the motorcycle handles.

You can also use your phone and other electronic devices easily while having these gloves on. It also keeps your hand warm while riding against the cold winds. These gloves are well suited for all weathers; be it spring, summer, fall or early winters. It is available in five sizes, namely small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large. They are also available in a variety of designs such as half finger, non-perforated and steel armored. The gloves are priced at a very decent rate.


2. Tcbunny Pro-biker Motorbike Carbon Fibre Powersports Racing Gloves

Tcbunny Pro-biker Motorbike Carbon Fibre Powersports Racing Gloves

This pair is made up of carbon mesh fibre. It is induced with hard shell protection and suede protection. The fabric is breathable yet hard and shock absorbing. The fingertip area in this particular pair has a design which protects against heavy impacts. It is made up of leather and is laminated with a reflective material to provide safety during the night.

The material and the special agronomic design enables this pair of gloves to have an excellent grip and be immune to skidding. They fit very well and are also weather-proof. It is available in three colors: red, blue and black.. They are available in large and extra-large sizes only. It is also available at quite a low price. Considering all its great features, it is certainly amongst the best motorcycle riding gloves!


3. ILM Alloy Steel Knuckle Motorcycle Motorbike Powersports Racing Tactical Paintball Gloves

ILM Alloy Steel Knuckle Motorcycle Motorbike Powersports Racing Tactical Paintball Gloves

This pair of gloves by ILM is studded with several features. It has been designed intricately, keeping in mind the details and functioning of the human body. It has increased protection for the joints and knuckles by putting in anti-collision alloy steel inserts in those areas of the glove to ensure extra protection. This is also one of the best motorcycle gloves 2021.

It is made by injection molding. Hence, it is not only safe but also extremely comfortable. It is designed in a U-shape, similar to the arch of a hand to ensure 100% comfort. This also prevents cramps. The product has 3D plastic non-slip lines so as to reduce skidding and slipping. This improves grip by a great amount.

It is also one of the most fashionable options available in the market, and is available in four sizes, namely, medium, large, extra large and xx-large. The product also offers 10 different colours. This pair is weather-proof and injury-proof. It can reduce the damage even in the case of severe impact. This pair of gloves is priced quite decently.


4. TitanOPS Hard Knuckle Motorcycle Military Tactical Combat Training Gloves

TitanOPS Hard Knuckle Motorcycle Military Tactical Combat Training Gloves

This model by TitanOPS is designed according to five principles: protection, comfort, function, durability and maintenance. The material of this pair is well thought of. It is made of microfibre and a combination of leather, lycra and nylon. The material is outdoor-friendly in all weathers.

These gloves are available in 2 designs: half finger and full finger. The full finger design ensures more safety as it provides extra protection to the knuckles. It also prevents cuts and reduces the impact of severe injuries. It has adjustable straps to make sure that you have the perfect grip!

It is stitched well to make the perfect design. It enables air circulation, but also makes sure that your hands are warm enough in cold weather. Rather than having a very long cuff and spending a long time on putting on and taking off the gloves, this pair has small cuffs for convenience. It is also amongst the best short cuff motorcycle gloves.

These gloves can be easily washed in a washing machine. They get cleaned easily and also dry up very quickly. It is available in three colours. It is priced at a reasonable rate as well.


5. Street Bike Full Finger Motorcyle Gloves 09

Street Bike Full Finger Motorcyle Gloves 09

This pair of gloves is also very function-specific. It is good for dusty weather, off-roads, and street bike riding. It is made up of a mixture of nylon and polyester to ensure that it is waterproof and weatherproof. It also provides warmth during chilly rides to make sure that your hands do not get temporarily numb. It is shock-resistant, and well padded. It also has padded insertions in the vulnerable knuckle area, which provides extra protection.

The designers have made sure that it is not too thick. Hence, it is extremely breathable and lightweight. This pair has also been designed very intricately. Additionally, it is quite fashionable. It is available in eight different color options. It is also available in all sizes. The most notable benefit of this pair is that it is among the cheaper ones on the list.


6. New Thinsulate Motorcycle Leather Full Gloves

New Thinsulate Motorcycle Leather Full Gloves

This pair is made up of genuine high-quality leather. It is a full finger pair which has a hoop closing system. It also has an elastic band that ensures that the gloves are never to tight on your hand. It has a double-stitched design which it is extremely durable. This is also weather-proof and impact-proof.

Just like almost all other gloves on this list, this pair has extra padding on the knuckles to provide protection. The design is sleek, unique and fashionable. Plus, it is a unisex gloves model. it is also very flexible and gives a good grip during adventurous rides. It is lightweight and easily washable. It is priced very reasonably and is definitely one of the best motorcycle gloves. It is available in all sizes. This model is only available in black color.


7. Joe Rocket Men’s Eclipse Gloves

Joe Rocket Men’s Eclipse Gloves

This pair is made up of two very different materials for the two sides of the hand. It has a padded leather palm for a smooth grip on the bike, while the other side of the glove is made up of polyester. It is warm, yet, it has small pores to facilitate breathing. It has conductive material at the fingertips. This feature allows the rider to use their phone even with the gloves on.

To provide the smoothest experience, the gloves have a curved design which bodes well for the grip. It also has a TPR reinforced knuckle, giving the ultimate protection. It is also lightweight, weather-proof and long lasting. This pair is suitable for street spots, touring, cruiser motorcycles and also for vehicles that go on difficult terrains. It is available in three different color options; black, grey and brown. Plus, it is also priced at quite a low rate.


8. Omgai Upgraded Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves

Omgai Upgraded Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves

OMGAI’s gloves have many functions. This pair is the perfect match for all outdoor racing sports. They have the strength and durability of military equipment. They are made of high-quality leather. They have a loop system for greater accessibility. This system promotes a better fit and a stronger grip.

The pair has carbon fibres on the knuckles to protect them. Additionally, it is lightweight, washable, sweat-proof and overall, very comfortable. They can be used during paintball, mountain climbing, and a lot of other activities as well. It is weatherproof and extremely comfortable. It is priced at a reasonable rate. Yet, this pair is only available in black.


9. Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex Bmx Mx Atv Mtb Racing Mountain Bike Gloves

Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex Bmx Mx Atv Mtb Racing Mountain Bike Gloves

The designer of this pair has added innovative technology in order to reduce the possibility of injuries. It has rubber injects in the delicate regions such as the back of the hand and the knuckles. The base material used for this pair is lycra. It is lightly padded throughout. It also has silicone grippers on the fingers to minimize skidding or slipping. It has hoop closure which is easier to manoeuvre.

This pair is extremely flexible and can be used for a variety of outdoor sports, even in the most difficult terrains, such as for downhill biking, mountain biking and BMX biking. It will keep your hands safe irrespective of the challenge. These gloves are suitable for machine wash in cold water. It is available in two different sizes: youth and adult. Three colors are available for this model, namely, black, white and red for both the sizes. It is quite affordable.


10. Milwaukee MG7510-BLK-L Men’s Summer Cruising Gloves

Milwaukee MG7510-BLK-L Men’s Summer Cruising Gloves

This pair is made up of genuine leather and stitched intricately for ease and comfort. It has velcro closure for ease of accessibility. The palms of this pair are gel padded in order to give more comfort to the rider. This also increases the grip by a huge amount.

It is one of the most lightweight options available in the market for men. It also has breathability and anti-skid technology. It has great reviews, owing to its comfort. The pair is available in all sizes, but the only color available is black.


11. Men’s Premium Leather Street Motorcycle Protective Cruiser Biker Gel Gloves

Men’s Premium Leather Street Motorcycle Protective Cruiser Biker Gel Gloves

Jackets 4 Bikes offers this model, which is made up of aniline goat leather. It has a comfortable liner on the back of the palm to ensure minimum injury. Unlike other gloves, it has extra protection for the wrist so as to reduce the impact in case of an accident.

This pair has a hook to open and close the gloves. It is lightweight and weatherproof. The pair is stretchable, hence, also very flexible. It also has double stitching around the more sensitive areas. It is available in all sizes, but, it has only one color option. It is also in the same price range as the other ones on this list.


12. ILM Air Flow Leather Motorcycle Gloves For Men and Women

ILM Air Flow Leather Motorcycle Gloves For Men and Women

This is another unisex option available in the market. It is made up of goat leather, and is extremely breathable because of perforations in specific places. Despite all that, it does not compromise on leather quality. It also provides an all-rounder protection for your hands. It envelopes all your joints in protection shells to protect your hands from abrasions.

This pair also has a shock protection feature, and is also weatherproof. It has double leather and foam layers to keep your hands warm. The material and the pre-shaped arched back gives unprecedented comfort, and allows the rider to have a better grip on the handlebars. It is also very lightweight. This is slightly more expensive than the other ones on the list. However, it is worth the price because of all its features. This pair is available in all sizes and in four colours.


13. Shima Caliber Mens Vintage Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Shima Caliber Mens Vintage Leather Motorcycle Gloves

SHIMA is one of the leading brands in the motorcycle gloves market. This pair of gloves is made of the best quality leather which takes care of both style and protection. It has a special protection layer called temper foam. The main wrist bone is protected by Poron foam. These additional layers have the ability to reduce the impact by 70 percent.

Even though it has these extra layers, the gloves are still extremely breathable because of the design. Your hands will not sweat in this pair. These added layers provide extra safety. Because of these additional features, this is one of the most trusted brands as well.

The glove is shaped in a way that it ensures that the grip is maximum. The technology used is called GRIP+ system. The gloves have straps, hence, they are easy to put on and take off. The gloves are unique and vintage looking. This pair is also available in all sizes. It has brown, black and white options. However, it is pricier than all the other options on this list. Yet, because of all its premium features it has still made it to htis list of the best motorcycle gloves.


14. ILM Atv Cycling Dirt Bike Gloves

ILM Atv Cycling Dirt Bike Gloves

This is a pair of full finger gloves for both men and women. These gloves are lightweight which makes it easy for the rider to have control on the bike. It is made up of lycra and microfibre which keeps your hands warm. This material is also very flexible. The pair has knuckle protectors made up of TPU, PVC Gum protectors and SBR pads; the purpose of using these materials is to protect the delicate joints and wrists.

This one has the screen-touch feature which makes it possible for you to use your phone even while having your gloves on. It has anti-friction and anti-abrasion features as well. The gloves are intricately stitched to offer comfort and the perfect fit. It has reflective fibre sewn on top, which helps in night riding. It is suitable for all outdoor powersports. The gloves are available in six different colors and in all the sizes. It is one of the cheaper ones on the list. This one is a great catch for sure!


15. Men’s Premium Leather Motorcycle Cruising Street Palm Sliders Biker Gloves

Men’s Premium Leather Motorcycle Cruising Street Palm Sliders Biker Gloves

This is another pair from Jackets 4 Bikes. This one is one of the most fashionable ones on the list. It is made up of aniline cowhide leather. It has a double layered perforated leather structure. The material is tough on the outside, but the insides are padded for comfort. It has anti-skid and strong gripping technology. This pair is locked by a hook and loop system.

For extra protection, it has carbon fibre on the knuckles. It has silicone inserts on top of the fingers for an excellent grip. It has a pre-curved palm and fingers to make the grip even better. This product also has palm sliders for a better experience. It is priced slightly higher than most other gloves on the list. It is available in all sizes, but only in the colour black.


16. Kemimoto Motorcycle Gloves Winter Touchscreen Waterproof Riding Gloves Updated Version Four Layer Structure

Kemimoto Motorcycle Gloves Winter Touchscreen Waterproof Riding Gloves Updated Version Four Layer Structure

This pair of special gloves has a four-layer structure. It has four different materials in the four layers. The layers are made up of nylon, PVC waterproof film, polyester velvet and cotton. The cotton forms the innermost layer to provide maximum comfort to the rider. The outermost nylon layer is the hardest and it offers protection from injury during potential accidents.

It has adjustable straps that you can loosen and tighten according to your comfort. Additionally, it also has knuckle guards and skid resistant glue for maximum possible protection. This pair is waterproof and also has a touchscreen.

It is weatherproof as well since it protects the hands from the cold, snow and rains. This pair should be air dried after washing as it is not compatible with machine washing. The gloves are stylish, and suitable for both men and women. It is available in two colours and offers a wide range of sizes. This one is also quite affordable!


17. Premium Leather Motorcycle Gloves Indie Ridge

Premium Leather Motorcycle Gloves Indie Ridge

A slightly high-priced product, this pair of gloves by Indie Ridge is made up of high-quality cowhide leather. It protects your hands in all weathers, be it summers, winters or fall. It has a vintage look to it which makes it very unique and quite different from the others on the list.

The knuckles of these gloves are hardened for extra protection. This pair can stand off against injury from rocks and rough roads. It offers an excellent grip to the rider. It has adjustable velcro straps for ease of use. Additionally, it is available in large and extra-large sizes. This pair has a very unique design, and is visually appealing. It is available only in tan brown color which is also very uncommon. It is one of the best options to go with!


18. ILM Motorcycle Gloves Leather Hard Knuckle

ILM Motorcycle Gloves Leather Hard Knuckle

This is another pair from ILM company. This one has a unique camouflage/ military design, which is extremely stylish. It is designed for both males and females. It is made up of high-quality leather that feels comfortable and it is also durable and wear resistant. It has mesh fibre to add elasticity and comfort. Most of the glove is doubly stitched for better quality.

This one has touchscreen functionality and it operates smoothly on all devices. The joints have thick carbon fibre inserts for better protection. It has soft pads on the palm for better grip, as well as, protection. This can be used for a lot of outdoor sports such as riding, cycling, climbing and other games. It has anti-skidding, anti-wear and anti-collision features. It is priced at similar rates as the other ones on this list. It is affordable and functional. It is available in all sizes, and in the colours blue, brown and red.


19. Scoyoco Motorcycle Gloves for Men

Scoyoco Motorcycle Gloves for Men

The design of this pair is very unique and it is also very cheap. It is made up of PVC and polyester. It has PVC particles on the palm for its anti-slip and antiskid properties. It is also shock resistant and impact resistant.

It also has adjustable velcro closure for better fitting and more comfort. This pair is weatherproof, and also reduces the possibility of an injury in the case of an accident. This one is available in 6 different colours and medium, large and extra-large sizes. This pair is suitable for only hand wash and air drying. To clean this, mild detergent would be ideal. This is perfect for someone who is looking for a good pair of gloves in the lower price range.


20. Harley-Davidson Official Men’s Removable Pad Gloves

Harley-Davidson Official Men’s Removable Pad Gloves

This pair by Harley-Davidson is one of the best ones on the list. It is made of cowhide leather and polyester mesh. These are full finger gloves which enable comfort and flexibility. This one has four removable pads for the palm. You can insert the pads for comfort, and take them out or adjust them according to your choice.

This one is available in all sizes. It has only one color, that is black. The price is slightly higher than the other ones on this list because of the iconic brand name attached to it and its quality.


Understanding The Anatomy Of Motorcycle Glove

It is always better to understand your product and have some knowledge about it before making a purchase. Motorcycle gloves are obviously quite different from other regular gloves. This is because of their unique design and technology. Here are the different parts of a motorcycle glove:

1. Upper Glove
This is that part of the glove which protects the back of your hand. It is ideally supposed to be thick and tough so as to prevent injuries. At the same time, it should not be too heavy because that might disturb its breathability. It is often made up of cowhide leather or artificial materials such as nylon or lycra.

2. Palm Area
This is to protect the palm area. The material is thinner in this region to facilitate better gripping and to avoid skidding. It often has soft padding inserts for more comfort.

3. Stitching
Stitching is what holds your glove together. If the stitching is intricate and well done, your gloves will never fail you. This is done using strong and firm materials. Some high-quality gloves have double stitching, which is also indicative of greater quality. The stitching should be external in areas such as the palms and the fingers. This is to ensure that your experience is comfortable.

4. Fourchettes
These are the area between the fingers. Fourchettes connect the upper area of the palm to the region between the fingers. These are made up of light and breathable material. This part is often used to ventilate your palms.

5. Lining
This is the inner part of the glove that comes directly in contact with your skin. A glove may often have multiple linings. In that case, the innermost lining will touch your palm. The material differs based on requirements and functionality. The lining is made up of materials like thinsulate. Thinsulate offers insulation and also is breathable.

6. Closure
This ensures that your gloves are secure on your hands even during the most adventurous rides. The material in this area should be strong. There are different styles available for closure. Some gloves have button, others have Velcro, and some others have hooks.

7. Cuff
Cuffs act as a barrier. These prevent the cold air, rain or snow from getting inside your glove. They can either be long or short. Cuffs often include protective material so as to protect the wrist joint. Long cuffs can be slightly inconvenient. Hence, you should look for the best short cuff motorcycle gloves.

8. Armor
This is present near the back of the hand. The armor is used to protect your hands from severe impacts. Foams of different materials are often used to accomplish this purpose. Sometimes harder materials such as steel or titanium are also used.

9. Knuckle Padding
Knuckles are that parts of your hand which are the most prone to injury. They are exposed during the bike ride. Hence, any accident may have a direct impact on your knuckles. A knuckle is also a very delicate part of your hand because it is a joint. Hence, gloves should ideally have a hard knuckle padding to reduce the impact of any potential accident.

10. Extra Parts
There are some extra features which can improve your experience – these include the touchscreen facility, ventilation slacks, finger brides, silicon inserts and many more.

Why Should I Wear Motorcycle Gloves?

You may wonder why you should spend your money on the best motorcycle gloves at all when you can do without them. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a proper pair of motorcycle gloves:

Motorcycle gloves should be worn every time you set out on an adventurous ride because you may meet an unfortunate accident at any time, or you may come across extremely difficult terrains that are very difficult to go through. If in such situations you do not have gloves on, your hands may suffer terrible injuries. Hence, it is extremely important to wear gloves.

While riding through different terrains or different weather conditions, your hands will get exposed to harsh conditions. This may distract you from riding your vehicle efficiently. Hence, you need to make sure that your hands are comfortable at all times. Gloves will keep your hands comfortable no matter how bad the external conditions are.

Bike Control
In the difficult terrains and off-roads, your hands may get injured. After the injury, it becomes very difficult to hold on to the bike handles. In this situation, it is important to wear motorcycle gloves so that you do not lose control of your bike. This will prevent accidents.

While riding, you can experience different weather conditions. Your hands may freeze in the rains or in the winters. You may also get a frostbite if you are riding in the snow. If you are riding under the scorching sun, your hands may get sweaty and slippery. They can also develop blisters if it is too hot. Hence, it is extremely important to protect your hands against all extreme weather conditions.

Fashion statement
Apart from functionality, biker gloves are a huge fashion statement. They complete the rugged biker look. They are available in different colors that you can choose from. You can match your gloves to the color of your bike and look extremely stylish.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the most perfect material for the best motorcycle gloves?

With a growing market, the number of options that are available have also multiplied. There are a few common ones available everywhere, while a few pairs of gloves are made using new materials.

Leather is one of the most common materials used to make gloves. Leather is very durable, wear-proof, breathable, yet warm and comfortable. It is taken from the external portion of the animal hides. Animals used for this purpose are cows, goats, kangaroos, deer, pigs, and many more.

Artificial Leather is also used to make these gloves. This is made up of tree marks or other elements which are made to act and feel like leather by adding a few chemicals. This has more or less the same features as leather. But it is it not as tough, wear-proof or durable as real leather. It is available at cheaper rates than real leather.

Cotton is an eco-friendly option for motorcycle gloves. This was one of the earliest options used to make protective gear for the hands. These are a good buy if they are mixed with other materials. The palm area of many gloves is still made up of cotton.

Nylon gloves are also a good option. These are very effective in providing heat. These keep your hands warm in cold weather conditions, and during rainfall or snowfall. These are weatherproof and also durable.

Lycra is a material that is used for multiple sportswear and sports gear. This is also a good option for motorcycle gloves. These are weatherproof, stretchable and durable. They are also very strong and durable..

2. Are motorcycle gloves supposed to be tight?

Motorcycle gloves need to be of a perfect fit. These cannot be too tight or too loose. If it is too tight, it can cause a wide range of problems. If the gloves sit too tightly on your hands, it can constrict the blood vessels. This can reduce the blood flow and pose as a problem later on. It can be extremely painful during the journey, and may lead to accidents as well. During summers, this can be extremely uncomfortable because they make the palms sweaty. During monsoons, it can pose as a problem as it may stick to your hand and cause inflammation.

3. Can I ride without gloves?

You can ride without gloves, but it can be extremely dangerous. If you ride without gloves, your hands are exposed and have nothing to protect them in case of an injury. Also, the friction between the motorcycle handle and your palms can cause your hand to bleed during a ride. This can be extremely painful and inconvenient. You can also experience numbness in your hands during winters or the rainy season, and get blisters on your hand in the summer heat. Plus, if you ride you bike off the road, there is a huge possibility that you may injure yourself severely because of the terrain.

4. Do I have to spend a lot of money on buying motorcycle gloves?

If you do not do your research and set out to buy a pair of gloves, you may get startled because of all the expensive options in the market. But, if you do your homework, you will find that there are several thousands of options for you in the lower or the middle price range. But if you are someone who takes part in motorbike racing competitions or off-road adventures, it is better than you opt for a high-end glove. It will be a one-time investment that will serve you for ages.

5. How do you stretch a leather motorcycle glove?

You may buy a leather motorcycle glove and it will seem to fit perfectly at first. But after using it once or twice it may feel slightly tight on your hand. This happens because leather has a tendency to shrink when exposed to even the slightest bit of moisture. However, there is no need to worry. To reverse this, you need to do the following things:

  • Take some hot water in a bowl.
  • Wear your gloves and immerse your hands into the bowl until it is completely wet.
  • Do your everyday chores while keeping the gloves on for about one hour.
  • Let it air dry.
  • This will stretch out your gloves considerably.

Other Protective Equipment That You Should Invest in

You may be a motorcycle enthusiast ready to go on a new adventure. Yet, before you start off, there are a few pieces of protective gear that you would need to invest in. This would ensure a good experience, safety and comfort. Here is a list of equipment other than gloves that you should definitely invest in:

1. Helmet
Helmet is not only a prerequisite for safety, in most places in the world it is required by law. You may be penalized if you do not wear a helmet. A lot of people complain about the discomfort caused by a helmet, but you will also find many comfortable options in the market to wear. The purpose of a helmet is to protect the most important part of your body – your brain.

A helmet can protect you from the most fatal of accidents and save you from injuries. Without a helmet, there are multiple possibilities of mishaps. A blow on the head can result in serious damage, causing brain haemorrhage, paralysis, memory loss or even instant death. Hence, it is imperative to wear a helmet. You can also find helmets in different colours, sizes and designs, and pick one according to your preference.

2. Goggles
While riding in difficult terrains, stones, rocks and debris might fly into your face and hit your eye. You may also get bugs or dust in your eyes. Moreover, during harsh weather conditions, you may experience a lack of vision or watering of eyes. All of these are extremely unfavourable situations that you need protection from.

Hence, investing in a pair of goggles is extremely important. Motorcycle goggles come in tinted shades and offer UV protection to defend your eyes against all the external irritant factors. If you have a helmet which covers your eyes with a tinted glass, investing in a pair of goggles separately will not be necessary.

3. Jacket
Biker jackets are a huge hit in the fashion industry. They are great looking. But other than that, they are also very functional. In the case of an accident or bad weather, you may need some extra protection. This protection can be offered to you by your jacket.

Biker jackets are specially designed to reduce impacts, injuries and abrasions. Some of these jackets come with extra padding or removable padding. This also adds to the safety factor. These are available in a variety of designs, styles and fits. You can choose to match your jacket with your gloves and thus, look extremely stylish.

4. Safety Vest
Bikers may also choose to ride in harsh weather, during the night or early in the morning. At such times, it may be extremely difficult for truck drivers or cars to see a biker. This may lead to a disastrous accident. This can be prevented by wearing a fluorescent safety vest. This will reflect off the light and make you visible to approaching vehicles. These are ideal for riding in bad lighting conditions. This is not the most fashionable gear to put on, but safety should always be more important.

5. Pants
Riding pants or chaps need to be worn during a journey. Especially when it is a long journey, it is sensible to invest in a good pair of pants. A lot of people tend to wear think denims or track pants while riding but that is not advisable. This is because denim pants can cause scraping of the skin, while track pants can get torn because of the large external forces.

Hence, the best idea here is to invest in a pair to traditional riding leather pants or riding pants. These are weatherproof and the best option while riding. Protective pants can save you from a lot of pain in case of an accident. A few pants are specially designed for the sport. These are slightly expensive, but are perfect for such journeys.

6. Boots
Normal running shoes are more likely to fail you during a rough journey. There are several options available in the market which can protect your feet. You can choose to opt for the classic pair of leather boots. Not only are they stylish but are also extremely tough and protective. Other than that, a lot of boots have been designed in the recent ages which are more modern and practical. These cater to specific purposes.

For riding, knee-length or high-calf boots are a good bet. If you are choosing boots with laces, make sure to tuck them inside before the ride. Otherwise, the conventional pull-up boots are best-suited for this purpose.

7. Earplugs
Sometimes the sound of high speed winds blowing, trees racing by and the sound of your own motorcycle’s engine can be deafening. This can be a problem even after you have worn a helmet. It will become even more problematic if you are travelling a long distance.

In this situation, the best option is to go for earplugs. It will protect your eardrums from all unwanted noises. Just insert the earplugs into your ear and put on your helmet on top of that for a safe and comfortable journey.

8. Knee Guards
The knee is one of the most important and sensitive joints of the body. It has an important bone and it also protects a bundle of nerves in that area. A knee guard has the function of protecting your knee during an adventure. It will also protect your skin and prevent scraping. Knee guards are made up of thick carbon fibre or hardened foam.

Some knee guards only cover the knee and the joint area. Yet there are some other options available which cover the shin as well. This offers greater protection. Knee guards are very important, especially during bike races or off-roading.

9. Elbow Guards
Elbow guards protect the elbow joint. An injury in this area may not be particularly fatal, but, it can still lead to a devastating injury or a fracture. Elbow guards can protect you in the case of an inadvertent slide on the track.

Similar to a knee guard, elbow guards are also made up of hard carbon fibre or hardened foam. These helps to cushion the blow in case of a skid.

10. Chest Armour
Chest armours are essential in the case of off-roading or a high-speed race. In such situations, you can experience a high impact on your chest even though you have worn a jacket. An armour is required to protect your body and the most vital internal organs during these tough journeys.

An armour is made up of dense and flexible material. In the case of an accident, it can redistribute the pressure on your chest and reduce the damage by a large extent. The chest armour can also be made up of flexible foam material. It protects your body from the front, as well as, the back.

11. Reflective Tape
If you do not want to wear an unflattering fluorescent jacket, you can invest in reflective tape. You can put this tape on your jacket, your bike, or your boots so that it is easily noticeable from a distance. In bad lighting conditions, the drivers will be able to spot you as the tape reflects the light from their headlights.

These are the most important equipment, other than motorcycle gloves, that you may need. There are other equipment as well, but they are not as important.

It is crucial to invest in the best motorcycle gloves for all the reasons mentioned above. One should not even think about riding a bike without a glove and other protective equipment. You should also maintain your motorbike and your equipment so that they last longer. You should clean them regularly and take care of them.

Also, try to make it a point to clean your gloves after every adventure. Our list features a few of the best gloves available in the market. The advantageous factor about this list is that all the gloves on the list are priced at either a low or a medium rate. If you are seriously, interested in motorbike riding, take an informed decision after going through this list thoroughly. Ultimately, you should buy a good pair of motorcycle gloves which caters to all your needs and requirements.

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