Best Half Helmets 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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                 1.  Daytona                         2. Vega                         3. Ls2 Helmet
Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet In Dull Black Vega Helmets Unisex-Adult Half Size Motorcycle Helmet LS2 Motorcycle Half Helmet

Wearing protective headgear while driving a two-wheeler is essential and even mandatory in most places to ensure the safety of the rider.

A helmet is an important gear and can be worn by bike riders and their passengers. Your safety lies in your own hand while you are driving, and that necessitates investing in the best half helmet.


If you ride a motorcycle frequently and want to get your hands on the best half helmet, this guide will be of use to you. This guide enlists the best grade motorcycle helmets to help you make an informed decision.

Top 20 Best Half Helmets 2021

1. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet

Daytona Best Half HelmetsThis Daytona half helmet will protect your head in case of an accident. It features a contoured shape to fit snugly upon your head. This helmet secures your head well and is unlikely to fall off in case of any bounce on the road.

Daytona helmets don’t let size hinder safety and come in a wide range of sizes to fit the largest to the smallest heads. This helmet is approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and has passed certified lab tests.

This helmet does not come with a visor or sun shield, which can sometimes prove irritable. The chin strap fits perfectly, and you can adjust its position according to your comfort.

This is a very sturdy helmet and comes in dull black and is lightweight. Even after prolonged exposure to the sun, this helmet won’t chip or discolor.

You will also enjoy a money-back guarantee on this helmet for up to 90 days.


2. Vega Helmets Unisex

Vega Helmets Unisex-Adult Half Size Motorcycle HelmetIf a basic black half helmet is not your cup of tea, you should have a closer look at this stylish helmet.

With a drop-down sun shield, this helmet will protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun while driving. It will also prevent dust or rubble from getting into your eyes.

The helmet is lightweight and comfortable to wear for long hours at a stretch.

With a unique custom-fit feature, you can adjust the helmet according to the size of your head. This is possible with the help of a size-adjustment dial system. The chin strap snaps open with a quick release and makes it effortless to remove the helmet.

The helmet is lined with a moisture-absorbent liner on the inside to absorb excess sweat. This provides more comfort to the driver. It also absorbs impact during an unsteady ride with the EPS liner, which also increases the cooling.

Safety standards of this helmet meet with the DOT regulations. You should certainly consider buying this feature-packed helmet to make your motorcycle rides more comfortable and safe.


3. LS2 Motorcycle Half Helmet

LS2 Motorcycle Half HelmetThis half helmet impresses with its premium features.

It comes with a twin shield system to protect the driver from sun rays and dust. The twin shields are adjustable and can conveniently be locked half-way down.

This is a tech-friendly headgear that can be installed with LS2’s communication system to allow easy Bluetooth access.

It makes the rider’s experience nothing but comfort by allowing ventilation.

You won’t have to compromise on hygiene with this helmet as the fabric liner inside is moisture-wicking and removable. You can easily wash the liner whenever you need to.

The helmet is of good quality, meets best standards, and is DOT approved. This is the best half helmet when we talk about the quality for the price.


4. Biltwell Bonanza

Biltwell Bonanza half Helmet In Gloss BlackThis helmet from Biltwell Bonanza adds comfort to your rides. Lined with a plush interior that absorbs excessive moisture, you will get an increased sense of cooling wearing this helmet.

The tough outer shell of the helmet comes with a hand-painted finish. It is strong, durable, and resists impact effectively.

The inner shell is made with expanded polystyrene. The cushioned Lycra liner is lightweight, easily removable, and hand-sewn.

The heavily padded interior does not feel heavy on the head and maintains airflow to keep the interior cool. It reduces impact and proves to be an effective protective gear.

It comes with a plated neck-strap to keep it in place. It is an adjustment strap and a retainer to fit well according to the shape of the wearer.

This helmet meets all the safety standards provided by the DOT. It comes at an attractive price and an unmatchable quality that you should definitely not miss out.


5. Bell Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet In Solid BlackThe quality of this helmet is proven by the 5 year warranty that comes with it. It is designed in a way that makes it convenient protective gear for motorcyclists.

The composite outer shell is made in a three-shell design to make it stronger and sturdier than other half-helmets.

It comes with a built-in sunshade that protects against the harmful rays of the sun while driving.

It allows a custom-fit through an innovative dial-adjustable fit system. Since it is lightweight, it does not feel bulky on the head.

The neck curtain in this helmet can be removed to make the ride comfortable during hot weather.

This is one of the most comfortable half faced helmets that you can get for the price.


6. ScorpionEXO Unisex 

ScorpionEXO Unisex Adult Half-Sized Designer HelmetThis protective headgear comes with an intricate and stylish design on its outer shell. It is different and better than regular half helmets in terms of appearance and quality.

The durable shell is made with advanced LG polycarbonate. The shell is strong and will not break easily. The helmet features a customizable and secure fit.

A drop-down sun visor comes attached to the helmet to protect the eyes from the sun rays and dust.

The interior is lined with an antimicrobial comfort liner. You will enjoy a comfortable and cool ride because of the aero-tuned ventilation system.

The removable ear flaps allow you to fit in wireless communication devices.

This is a highly recommended half helmet that you should consider buying.


7. Outlaw Helmets T70

Outlaw Helmets T70 Solid Black Half HelmetThis helmet is constructed using strong and durable materials. The outer shell is made using a thermo-polymer alloy.

The interior of the helmet is designed to absorb maximum impact and is lined with a comfort liner. It is easy to wear and comfortable to keep on for continuous hours.

The chin strap is made using nylon and can be adjusted according to the user’s requirements.

The comfort lining on the inside will not let you feel any impact. The sleek padding will only enhance your driving experience while keeing you safe.

This is a lightweight helmet that weighs only 2lbs. It won’t feel heavy on the head and will keep you comfortable throughout your ride.


8. Bell Motorcycle Half Helmet

Bell Motorcycle Half Helmet In Matte BlackBell comes with the most innovative and affordable motorcycle half helmets.

This matte black protective gear aims to provide its users maximum comfort and optimum safety. The carbon composite outer shell promises this and more.

The internal sunshade is meant to protect the user from excessive sunlight and to promise a clearer vision on the go.

This open-face helmet will also allow fresh air to reach your face and will freshen up your rides.

The interior of the helmet is equipped with speaker pockets to allow using communication devices.

The standard and quality of this half helmet is superior and matches the standard recommended by the DOT.

But this helmet if you like quality products that come at budget-friendly prices.


9. Bell Recon Open Face

Bell Recon Open Face Motorcycle HelmetThis is one of the best half faced helmets to have. This helmet takes care of your safety as well as communication.

This helmet can be fitted with communication devices to enable convenient and safe contact while driving. The removable ear covers consist of built-in speaker pockets.

Helmets by Bell are sturdy and last a long time, according to customer reviews. They sustain impact and protect the user effectively.

This lightweight half helmet is comfortable to wear. It is also loaded with features that also consist of a goggle strap holder.

The interior lining of this helmet is removable and washable.

Overall, this helmet can cause a dent in the pocket of some people, but it is worth spending a little extra over.


10. Sena Cavalry Gloss

Sena Cavalry Gloss Black Half Helmet 

This helmet comes with a low-profile visor that protects from the immediate rays of the sun and can be removed as per the convenience of the user.

The glossy-black outer shell is made with composite fiberglass. This material helps in dealing with impact and makes the helmet durable.

The chin strap is made using nylon to make it comfortable for the user. It comes in D-ring retention built to secure it in place.

The innovative design of this helmet allows the use of Bluetooth 4.1 to make communication during driving easier. You can not only talk through the Bluetooth speaker but you can also share music, listen to FM radio, and take GPS directions.

This versatile helmet is everything that a motorcycle rider will need to make their ride comfortable and safe.


11. Milwaukee Unisex

Milwaukee Unisex Adult Half Helmet In Matte Black

Constructed in a composite manner with ABS plastic shell, this lightweight half helmet feels comfortable on the head. It fits snugly to protect the head from any unfortunate accident.

It is equipped with a drop-down visor to protect the user againstthe sun’s harmful rays. It also helps in preventing dust and rubble from getting in the eyes while driving. The visor can be easily dropped down or flipped up according to convenience.

The inner lining is composed of an antibacterial microfiber liner that will give you a cool sensation while you are wearing the helmet.

The quick-release padded strap goes across the chin and is not harsh on the skin of the user.

Each part of this helmet is carefully designed to maximize comfort for the user. The matte black color of the helmet makes it look stylish as well.

This gear is fairly good in terms of quality, but it is certainly the best half helmet according to the price.


12. Bell Sport Unisex

Bell Sport Unisex Adult Half Helmet In Solid BlackAll Bell helmets seem to be equally innovative and strong. While the quality of all of Bell’s helmets can be trusted, there are several other distinguishable factors that can lead you to like or dislike a Bell helmet.

This helmet is ultra-light and will make you forget that you are even wearing a helmet.

Despite the helmet’s light weight, it is strong and durable. This is because of the superior quality products used in making the helmet.

An antibacterial microfiber inner liner improves hygiene while the padded interior promises a close fit over the head.

It also comes with an innovative adjustable speed dial fit system.

This is a good helmet that you can rely on for safety as well as comfort.


13. GLX Motorcycle Novelty Gloss 

GLX Motorcycle Novelty Gloss Black Half Helmet

The lightweight and comfortable design of this helmet is something that customers love. If you are looking for motorcycle half helmets that are neither too fancy nor too pricey, this one should be the right option.

Although it is not DOT approved, it still serves to be a better safety gear than none.

The outer shell comes in a black UV protective paint finish that protects against harsh rays of the sun.

It can be secured into place through the Y-shaped chin strap that comes with a quick-release buckle.

The size of this helmet is medium and cannot be adjusted.

If you only have eyes for something basic, you should consider buying this helmet.


14. Milwaukee Designer Black Helmet

Milwaukee Designer Black Helmet

If you think that the matte black plastic shell of this helmet is the best part about this half helmet, wait until you read about its impressive features.

The overall build of this helmet is designed to provide superior comfort to the user. This helmet meets the DOT standards and is absolutely safe to use.

It comes without a visor and lets you feel the air on your face while you are driving. While the minimal head covering will make you stay more refreshed while driving, it won’t prove 100% effective in protecting your face in case of an accident.

The goth skull design on the outer shell of this helmet makes it a stylish gear for the head.

The outer shell is made with advanced fiberglass reinforced with plastic. It resists impact effortlessly and keeps the rider safe.

The helmet is lightweight and gives a snug fit on to the head of the user. It can be secured with a quick-release plate reinforced padded chin strap.

With nothing but comfort and safety to offer to the user, this is the best half helmet from this list.


15. Bell Pit Boss Open Face

Bell Pit Boss Open Face Motorcycle Helmet In Solid Black

The open-face design of this helmet offers a more comfortable experience than regular helmets. While the open face design will keep you cool through your ride, the sunshade in the interior will protect you from the sun.

Like other Bell helmets, this one comes with an innovative speed dial-adjustable fit system that can be customized. This feature allows Bluetooth, FM radio, and efficient driver-seater communication.

The helmet comes with a removable neck curtain. The sunshade can also be replaced.

It is DOT approved and is one of the best motorcycle half helmets in terms of durability and aesthetics.


16. GLX Size S

GLX Size S Motorcycle Matte Half Helmet

This is another extremely lightweight half helmet that offers more comfort and is not a burden on the head.

It comes with a comfortable and soft inner padding. It fits comfortably over the head and doesn’t bounce off when secured on the chin with the adjustable quick-release Y-strap.

The outer shell comes coated with a UV protectant to reduce heat and give the user a cooler experience.

The helmet does not meet the DOT standard and, therefore, is not the best half helmet in terms of safety. It might not resist high impact as effectively, but it will protect your head from injuries in case of minor accidents.


17. Klutch Helmets K-10

Klutch Helmets K-10 Flat Black Half Face Motorcycle German Style Helmet

The German vintage design makes this helmet look classy as compared to the regular half helmets. It fits like a hat over the head.

The durable shell is made of superior ABS thermoplastic resin. Its superior quality makes it good at resisting impact and durability.

A quick-release chin strap fits the helmet into place. It does not cut through the skin and comes lightly padded.

The cool and comfy interior of this helmet comes lined with lightweight pads that absorb excess moisture. This enhances the experience of the user.

This helmet is sturdy and meets DOT standards. It impresses in terms of performance, durability and comfort as well. If these are the things that you are looking for in a motorcycle helmet, you should consider investing in this one.


18. Skid Lid USA FLame Eagle

Skid Lid USA FLame Eagle Original Designer Helmet

If you are into all things designer, this colorful helmet will interest you. It comes with a flame eagle design on the outer shell that looks as decent as it looks stylish.

The thermoplastic alloy injected shell is strong and is effective in resisting impact.

It comes with D-ring retention straps that keep the helmet in place. Once secured into place, the helmet doesn’t move or fall.

It comes in a lightweight built to make it comfortable for the user.

It meets DOT standards and protects the skull well against injuries.

You should certainly check this colorful half helmet out. It will leave you impressed with its outstanding quality and performance.


19. AHR Run-C

Ahr Run-C Motorcycle Half Face Helmet In High Gloss Black

The top-grade ABS shell of this retro style German helmet ensures your safety while riding.

The interior of this helmet is lined with an EPS liner that makes it comfortable to wear. It is thick, high density, absorbs moisture and is fully vented. It maintains a cooling sensation inside the helmet.

The helmet is lightweight yet provides the best protection. It comes with a chin strap that can be released conveniently.

The high gloss black color looks stylish while still looking minimal.

The helmet ensures security by being DOT approved.

You should get your hands on this superior half helmet soon before it runs out of stock. It won’t disappoint you.


20. Skid Lid Original Helmet

Skid Lid Original Helmet In Flat Black

Be it designer or minimal, Skid Lid makes the best half helmets. This one provides protection through its strong, thermoplastic alloy injected shell.

It takes care of the comfort of the user as seriously as their security. It meets DOT standards and can resist high impact.

Its D-string retention straps help secure it in place. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear, even for long hours at a stretch.

This helmet may not look as fancy as other designer Skid Lid helmets do, but it offers quality performance and durability.

You won’t find anything to complain about this half helmet, and that is exactly why you should not think twice before purchasing it.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Half Helmet

1. Outer Build Of The Helmet

The outer shell of the helmet is the area that suffers immediate impact at the time of an accident. It is important that the outer shell is made of robust materials to help absorb impacts.

At the same time, the material should also be lightweight to ensure that the helmet is not uncomfortably bulky for the user.

In short, the material should be able to sustain maximum impact while being comfortable to wear.

2. Inner Build Of The Helmet

The interior lining of the helmet should absorb excessive moisture immediately. The foam should be hypoallergenic too.

Comfort matters a lot when you are driving. A good quality interior and can help provide that. That is why the foam inside the helmet should be lightweight to not cause any discomfort to the user.

The interior should be sufficiently padded to make it comfortable for the user, yet it should be ventillated to keep excessive moisture out.

The inner lining should be removable too. This will help you maintain hygiene by making it possible to clean it from time to time.

3. Design Of The Helmet

The structure of a half helmet can make people look like a mushroom head sometimes. The basic look of a half helmet can also be too boring for some.

Remember that half helmets come in a number of styles and designs, and you do not need to compromise on your style and settle for a boring helmet.

Designer helmets can also take attention away from the shape of the helmet. If that’s something you want, you should buy a designer helmet, without a doubt.

The idea is to explore brands. Many brands have a range of designer helmets where everyone who doesn’t want a basic half helmet can find something for themselves.

Make sure you do your research and don’t miss out on all the fun designs.

4. Chin-Strap

You should pay as much attention to the kind of chin-strap as you pay on the structure of the helmet.

A chin-strap is responsible for securing the helmet in place. Therefore, it should be adequately comfortable and strong.

It should also feel comfortable against the skin. Many chin-straps can be harsh against the skin because of inferior quality.

A good chin strap should be padded to make the user feel nothing but comfort.

Even if it is not padded, it should be made with good material like nylon that doesn’t rub harshly against the skin.

It should also come in a quick-release design.

Your comfort depends greatly on the chin-strap of your helmet. So, choose wisely.

FAQs on Half Helmets

Q1. Are Half Helmets Safe?

Half helmets are used as protective headgear to prevent traumatic injuries on the skull. They will be less effective in protecting your face or eyes from injuries.

Q2. How Should A Half Helmet Fit?

A half helmet should fit snugly on your head. It should neither be too tight nor too loose.

Q3. Do Motorcycle Helmets Loosen Up?

A helmet can loosen up a bit with time. This happens because the comfort liner compresses through regular use.

Q4. How Do I Know If My Motorcycle Helmet Is Too Small?

A helmet that is either too small or too big will annoy you with the fit. If it feels uncomfortably tight on the head, it is possibly too small for you.

Best Half Helmets – Conclusion

Every person who rides a motorcycle should know how to choose the best half helmet.

It is not to be mentioned that a helmet is an essential aid in preventing people from serious accidents, but it should be remembered by all those who ride two-wheelers.

You should do some thorough research and look through multiple options before settling with just any other motorcycle helmet. If you don’t have the time for that but have read this guide, you will already be able to make a good decision.

If you are worried about choosing the right helmet, don’t worry. You can count on this guide to find some of the best possible half helmets. It will help you choose the best motorcycle half helmet according to your requirement and preference.

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