Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Helmet Speakers

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageSena 20S-01
  • Up to 2km intercom with bluetooth 4.1
  • Crystal-clear HD audio
  • Advance noise control to block ambient noise
ptsntbl-table__imageCardo PackTalk
  • Up to 13 hours talk time
  • Self-adjusting volume
  • Up to 5km intercom with 4 or more riders
ptsntbl-table__imageUclear HBC200
  • 6 Person intercom conversation
  • Connect to devices such as GPS system and smartphones
  • Mulit-hop uses each rider to extend intercom range
ptsntbl-table__imageSena SMH10-10
  • Up to 900meters music sharing and intercom
  • Up to 12 hours of talk time and 10 days of stand-by time
  • 4-Way intercom conversation, share music, make phone calls with speed dialing
ptsntbl-table__imageFreedConn T-Comvb
  • With DPS echo cancellation and noise suppression technology
  • Support maximum of 800m intercom distance
  • Allows 3 riders to pair and 2 riders intercom at the same time

As a kid, and even as a young adult, bikes have always fascinated me. But over time, I realised that bikes just fail to offer the amount of features that a car does.

When driving through a beautiful stretch of woods or breezing through the marine drive, I want nothing more but a good song out of my playlist in the background. And I was pretty sure that a bike could never offer me that.

However, all of that changed when I came across this article which talked about the usefulness of motorcycle helmet cameras. Six years hence, I have covered it all. Be it the Pacific coast highway or the Tail of the Dragon, I have done it all on my motorcycle. How you ask?

I had the company of some great music and fellow riders along the way.

I have since realised the importance of advancements in technology, especially in the field of bike accessories. Riding is cool again! And the wide array of gears which are at the disposal of every biker now has made it fun and exciting.

I have tried to share here all that I know about motorcycle helmet speaker only because of my sheer love for riding. I want individuals around the globe to take the road less traveled and chart uncharted territories on their motorcycles.

I have compiled below an extensive guide which will help you choose the best motorcycle helmet speakers available in the market at the moment. This guide has been divided into two parts so that you make the most of it.

The first part covers all the factors that every buyer must consider before investing in a helmet speaker. It is extremely important that you read this part of the article with dedicated attention in order to perfectly decide what you need in your purchase and what you can live without.

The second part includes a detailed hand-on review of the best motorcycle helmet speakers in the year 2021 to make sure you also have the best options at your disposal to make an informed decision.

We hope you find this guide helpful and you make the right choice.

Top 7 Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers 2021

1. Sena 20S-01

Sena 20S-01When it comes to bike accessories, there are very few products that are able to match the technical brilliance and cost effectiveness that come with a Sena product. Hence, it’s only natural that we start our review with the Sena 20S-01 – one of the very best motorcycle helmet speakers available in the market right now.

The Sena 20S-01 comes with a wide array of features which make this product a difficult proposition to deny. This attractive speaker is a multitasking unit which can hold Bluetooth communication with up to 8 people at a time and over a range of up to 2 kilometers.

The Sena 20S-01 offers others features as well. One can very easily connect it via Bluetooth to any device and use it to play music or listen to audio instructions using your GPS unit. It also offers an FM functionality which makes this speaker an exceptional all-rounder.

This helmet speaker can also be connected to your smartphone and may easily be controlled through voice commands or via pattern clicks of a single button. This one-of-a-kind feature makes this speaker quite an irresistible investment.

The universal intercom service which comes with the Sena 20S-01 ensures you can communicate with non-Sena models via Bluetooth within a range of 1.2 miles or 2 kilometers.

These speakers are adept with the Bluetooth 4.1 technology which allows for clear audio transmission, while high quality speakers ensure that audio reception is crisp and crystal clear.

The Sena 20S-01 isn’t the cheapest of options in the market, but the range of features this helmet speaker offers makes it worth every penny. At a little over 200 dollars, this helmet speaker has all that you need and so much more.


  • The Sena 20S-01 comes with a feature wherein you can pair it up with two mobile phones for hands-free calls.
  • It has an audio range of 1.2 miles or 2 kilometers, which is a lot when compared with other speakers.
  • You can easily manoeuvre your helmet speaker with audio commands and other hands-free control options, which are patented for the Sena 20S-01.
  • The Sena 20S-01 does an amazing job at blocking out any sort of ambient noise.
  • It comes with a 9-way intercom service over a range of 2 kilometers. This makes sure you are connected with your fellow riders at all times.


  • The receiver of the Sena 20S-01 is attached on top of the helmet. This is not suitable at all for heavy rains. Hence, if you ride a lot in areas where it pours a lot, you are better off investing in another product.
  • When it comes to positioning the helmet speaker on the top, it may be awkward depending on the choice of clothing.
  • The Sena 20S-01 is not the cheapest of propositions.


2. Cardo PackTalk Duo

Cardo PackTalk DuoCardo is one of the oldest manufacturers in the industry. They have been producing audio systems for motorcyclists since 2004 and each one of their designs exuberates sheer class. Almost all their products have been bestsellers and there are very few brands that match the high-end features that these products come with.

The Cardo PackTalk helmet speaker is hands-down one of the most advanced and versatile motorcycle communication systems on the market. It is the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and a remarkably intuitive user interface.

The Cardo PackTalk comes with the best-in-line intercom service called DMC-Dynamic Mesh Communication. All Cardo products now come with dual technology for all sorts of communications. This technology is a combination of both DMC and Bluetooth 4.1 to give its user the best of both worlds.

This powerful communication system offers superior intercom conferencing with the help of Dynamic Mesh Communication, while the Bluetooth helps in making and receiving calls, listening to GPS navigation instructions, and hearing stereo music via the built-in FM radio.

Traditional Bluetooth devices tend to use linear pairing for group intercom. This basically means that each pairing is important in order to maintain the entire network. This works fine in most cases, but it has one major drawback. Even if a single link leaves or goes out of range, the entire group intercom collapses. As a result of this, a pack of riders have to constantly regroup in order to maintain a connection throughout.

On the other hand, the DMC is a self-healing, adaptive meshwork that comes with the ability to maintain a constant network with every member of the pack individually. This means that even if the group splits up, all the riders within the range of the speakers stay connected.

The Cardo PackTalk also comes with an ultra fast pairing technology which helps the rider to connect with the pack automatically the second he/she enters the range of connectivity.

The Cardo PackTalk offers uninterrupted multi rider conferencing for groups of 2-15 within a range of upto 5 miles or 8 kilometers. This range is the highest in the market at the moment and the powerful set of high definition speakers offers crystal clear sound and audio.

Another interesting feature of the Cardo PackTalk is its self adjusting audio. The speakers can easily adjust volume in accordance with speed and ambient noise. They can also be controlled using just your voice with its best-in-line voice recognition technology for a hands-free operation.

This model also comes with a dual intercom mode. The first is called the bike-to-bike intercom which has a connectivity range of about 1 mile or 1.6 kilometers. The other is termed the group or pack intercom mode which offers a range of about 5 miles or 8 kilometers with four or more riders.

It also comes with parallel audio streaming capabilities which let you talk and listen to music at the same time. A number of accessories such as USB cables, adhesive pads and a universal charger make sure that customers have to invest only once.

The Cardo PackTalk is one of the most premium helmet speakers available in the market and has been priced accordingly. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer any value for money.

If you’re an avid pack rider, the Cardo PackTalk is a once-in-a-lifetime investment. This product is technologically way ahead of its time and will not disappoint even 5 years into the future.


  • The Cardo PackTalk uses both DMC and Bluetooth technology for its communication-related activities.
  • It comes with a self adjusting audio feature which adapts according to conditions and scenarios.
  • This helmet speaker offers 15 person intercom.
  • It can be very easily controlled with the help of voice commands and recognition.
  • The Cardo PackTalk also offers parallel audio streaming.


  • The one and only drawback of this product is the fact that one needs to reinvest if they prefer half helmets, as the Cardo PackTalk requires additional attachments for the same.


3. Uclear Digital HBC200

Uclear Digital HBC200If you’re looking for a helmet speaker which allows you to connect with an unlimited number of users, then the UCLEAR Digital HBC200 is the perfect product for you. This speaker comes with a Bluetooth unit that can handle countless users over a radius of 700 meters.

The UCLEAR Digital HBC200 can easily filter out irrelevant noise from the outside. This speaker also has a standby time of 400 hours and a talk time of up to 10 hours, which is quite high when we compare the best available models in the business.

One of the best features of this product is the cross-brand compatibility which allows the user to connect this product with almost all other brands. It also boasts near-universal compatibility, which is a rare feature when we talk about helmet speakers.

The UCLEAR Digital HBC200 comes with a multi-hop feature which permits the rider to continuously keep in contact with the others even when they’re beyond the line of sight. As long as the units are within the range, communications can be set up with an unlimited number of riders.

At just a little over 100 dollars, the UCLEAR Digital HBC200 has all that a beginner-level rider may need. Not only that, but this is one of the very few helmet speakers that enjoy a great online reputation when it comes to the value for money.


  • The duplex intercom, which is a trademark feature of the UCLEAR Digital HBC200 cancels out the ambient noise from the environment.
  • The user can set up unlimited number of connections within a range or 700 meters.
  • They come with high quality stereo speakers offering exquisite sound quality
  • The UCLEAR Digital HBC200 is easily mountable on all helmets.
  • It comes with multiple intercom modes, facilitating both private and group talks.


  • The product can be quite pricey for some considering the amount of features it has to offer.


4. Sena SMH10-10

Sena SMH10-10The Sena SMH10-10 was designed to keep riders connected with their companions over a range of 1000 yards. It is one of the older Sena audio system models for bikers and one of the very few that has stood the test of time.

It comes with a talk time of close to 12 hours and a standby time of close to 10 days. This feature is unmatched till date, making this product a relevant buying option even at present.

If you travel long distances quite frequently, the Sena SMH10-10 is probably one of the best options for you. It is fully equipped with the universal intercom protocol and uses Bluetooth v3.0 along with advanced digital processing technology to produce crystal clear sound.

The Sena SMH10-10 can wirelessly connect to all other Bluetooth devices supporting HSP/HFP and A2DP profiles.

The Sena SMH10-10 also comes with individually adjustable volume profiles that not only help you increase or decrease the intensity your voice, audio and intercom using jog dial, but also keeps track of the volume levels of previously-connected devices. This ensures that whenever an earlier device is reconnected, the helmet speakers automatically adjust to specific volume profiles.

One of the major reasons for the immense success of the Sena SMH10-10 is the fact that it follows an easy installation process and fits on to almost all types of helmets.

The standard clamp which comes along with the speakers easily grabs hold on most helmet models. Not only that, but Sena also offers a variety of different clamps as additional accessories to allow different types of installations based on various user preferences.

A two year warranty against any workmanship defects is also included. Road-based products generally experience a lot of stress and strain and hence a warranty to protect you against any such damage can be extremely useful.

When compared to recent models, the Sena SMH10-10 is not the best. But there are very few others that offer the same number of features for under 150 dollars.

The Sena SMH10-10 has been one of the most trusted products for the past 5 years now and the fact that it comes from Sena makes this product a worthy proposition.


  • The Sena SMH10-10 has the highest talk time and stand by time in the industry.
  • The universal intercom capability ensures that the Sena SMH10-10 is compatible with almost all other Bluetooth devices.
  • The Sena SMH10-10 is also one of the few helmet speakers that come with multi-language user prompts.
  • A two-year warranty makes the investment worth every penny.


  • The only issue with the Sena SMH10-10 is the fact that it uses Bluetooth V3 as opposed to Bluetooth V4.


5. FreedConn T-COMVB

FreedConn T-COMVBIf you’re just starting out as a rider, then you’re most probably looking for a product easy on the pocket in order to check whether helmet speakers are something you will enjoy. If so, then we have the perfect product for you.

The FreedConn T-COMVB has the best bang-for-buck value when it comes to motorcycle helmet speakers.

These helmet speakers generally come in a pack of two and are compatible with all Bluetooth V3 devices over a range of 800 meters. It allows two riders to pair and three riders to intercom with relative ease and works fine up to speeds of 120 km/hour (or 75 miles/hour).

The FreedConn T-COMVB also comes with audio multitasking technology which allows you to simultaneously listen to music and talk to your fellow riders at the same time, as it has separate audio channels for different purposes.

Most Bluetooth devices and helmet speakers tend to struggle at high speeds. But the FreedConn T-COMVB allows the rider to stay in touch even on a fast and hectic freeway. It also comes with an FM radio function, which is quite rare considering its price.

The FreedConn T-COMVB is known for its advanced noise cancellation and suppression technology. This ensures that you always get to hear crystal clear audio and voice even at high speeds.

The hands-free function of the FreedConn T-COMVB is functional and works exceedingly well in all conditions.


6. Lexin LX-B4FM

Lexin LX-B4FMIf you are looking for helmet speaker which is well equipped to perform under all circumstances and also offers excellent value for money, then there are very few which can compete with the Lexin LX-B4FM.

The Lexin LX-B4FM provides the easiest of hands-free communication. With access to both Siri (iPhone) and S Voice (Samsung), the rider can use all the features of their speakers hands-free. Be it answering calls, listening to stereo music and the radio, or GPS guidance, this speaker performs exceedingly well in all scenarios.

When it comes to connectivity, the Lexin LX-B4FM uses Bluetooth to create an intercom with a maximum of four people over a range of 1600 meters.

The universal pairing feature of this speaker makes it compatible with most Bluetooth headsets and earpieces available in the market.

The Lexin LX-B4FM has a very sturdy built. It functions perfectly fine even at high speeds.

The lithium ion battery of the Lexin LX-B4FM gives up to 15 hours of music streaming, 8 hours of talk time, and 120 hours of standby.

This speaker uses an A2DP Bluetooth profile for wireless music and audio-based GPS directions and a HFP profile for mobile and voice commands. This makes the sound crystal clear. So when we talk about the quality of sound, the Lexin LX-B4FM performs at the same level as the very best in the industry.

The speakers and the microphone included in the head set provide high quality sound with noise cancellation technology. The model also comes with interchangeable microphones that give the user a choice between a boom microphone for open face or flip face helmets and a button microphone perfect for full face helmets.

However, it must be noted that these helmet speakers work the best with full face helmets, but they also perform exceedingly well with most flip-face and open face helmets.

The Lexin LX-B4FM comes with a waterproof design that can handle all weather conditions. They are also marked snow and ice proof. It is a proven fact that the Lexin LX-B4FM performs even at freezing temperatures of -3 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a one-of-a-kind feature in the market at the moment.

Another interesting feature of this headset is its charging port. It comes with a universal charging port and can be charged using any 5V DC charger.

The Lexin LX-B4FM offers exceptional value for its price. At under 150 dollars, this motorcycle helmet speaker is one of the best right now with an entire array high end features. The budget pricing may mislead a number of buyers, but the Lexin LX-B4FM remains an amazing investment.


  • It comes with a 1600-meter communication range, which is quite high considering its price range.
  • A standby time of 120 hours is one of the highest in the industry.
  • It is fully adept with all communication features and can be connected to almost all Bluetooth devices including mobiles, GPS, and music players.
  • It also comes with a range of voice commands and the fact that it is compatible with Siri and S Voice makes this helmet camera a hard proposition to turn down.
  • It functions well even at extremely high speeds.
  • The Lexin LX-B4FM has a sturdy exterior which can withstand even the most extreme climates with relative ease.
  • It offers good value for money.


  • The Lexin LX-B4FM still uses Bluetooth V3 as compared BluetoothV4.
  • It can only pair up to four riders, which is still a fair price to pay for the range of features this product comes with.


7. Fodsports M1S

Fodsports M1SIf you haven’t yet found the perfect helmet speaker of your choice, then you’re about to. We have saved one of the best products for the very last.

The Fodsports M1S is a Bluetooth-enabled motorcycle helmet speaker offers a wide array of features at a very nominal price.

To begin with, let’s start with the connectivity of the Fodsports M1S. The Fodsports M1S comes with Bluetooth version 4.1, which is the most advanced available in the market at the moment, and offers high stability and compatibility.

Like other high end helmet speakers, it has multiple intercom modes. For groups, the connectivity range is close to 2 kilometers, provided there are no obstacles in the way. On the other hand, when the connection is between just two bikes, the maximum effective communication range is 500 meters.

The full duplex call feature of the Fodsports M1S can accommodate a maximum of 8 riders in a group intercom. It also supports simultaneous calls.

With the Fodsports M1S headset, you can ensure hands-free security and convenience and easily listen to music or the radio, seamlessly retrieve GPS routes, and receive voice commands wirelessly via Bluetooth.

When it comes sound quality, the Fodsports M1S delivers exactly where it matters. It uses a high-quality full range membrane monomer which provides high definition sound, especially for people who tend to listen to high bass. So you would definitely be pleasantly surprised by how well these headsets perform.

The Fodsports M1S has a range of hands-free functions which are quite easy to use. The manual settings can be changed according to the choice and preferences of the user.

The microphone of the Fodsports M1S comes with a specially-designed CSR chip, which ensures that no ambient noise enters the speaker and any outside disturbances or the engine roar aren’t annoying for the rider. Thanks to this chip, the voice quality of the rider also maintains its authenticity and is not affected even at really high speeds.

Moreover, the Fodsports M1S comes with a specially-designed coating which makes it both waterproof and dustproof. So it can easily survive in any circumstance or weather.

This product comes with a 900 mAH rechargeable battery which gives a run time of close to 20 hours and standby duration of more than a week. This is the highest in the industry at this price range.

The entire headset contains multiple mics and a variety of stands to make sure they can be attached to any and all types of helmets.

At around 150 dollars, the Fodsports M1S is the helmet speaker which offers the best value. The wide array of features combined with its durability and connectivity make this product the best helmet speaker available in the market at the moment. There are very few that are able to can compete with the sheer brilliance of the Fodsports M1S.


  •  It comes with the most advanced Bluetooth V4.1.
  • The Fodsports M1S can set up a group intercom over a range of about 2 kilometers.
  • The speaker inside the headset uses a special monomer which produces high definition sound and bass.
  • It has a range of hands free functions.
  • This speaker comes with a CSR chip which blocks out all ambient noise and improves voice quality.
  • The sturdy design of the Fodsports M1S is both waterproof and dustproof. It works perfectly fine under all circumstances.
  • The long battery life of the Fodsports M1S make this one of the best in the industry.
  • It comes with a variety of accessories which makes this investment worthwhile for the buyer.


  • The only drawback of this otherwise brilliant headset is the fact that it only supports a group intercom with a maximum of 8 riders.


Factors To Consider Before Investing In the Best Motorcycle Helmet Speaker

With advancements in technology and new gadgets being introduced every day, it is only natural that the industry of bikes and accessories keeps up. Gone are the days when bikers listened to just radio stations while riding their motorcycles.

These days, staying connected while riding has become a need for any rider. Motorcyclists now wish to listen to the best music, want to stay connected with their friends and what not. As a result of this, helmet cameras are the most recent addition to bike accessories.

However, for the first time buyer, it is always a tough ask to get it right the first time. Through several testing and reviews, we have compiled below a detailed list of all the factors that one must consider before choosing the best helmet speaker.

1. Headset Form

Headset form is one of the first things to consider when browsing through the hundreds of options available in the market. Helmet speakers, more commonly known as helmet headsets, are generally of two forms: attached and free standing.

Attached helmet speakers come with a set of attachments which can be used to build the speakers on to the motorcycle. On the other hand, freestanding helmet speakers are not in any way built onto the helmet.

Freestanding helmet speakers are relatively more comfortable as compared to attached speakers.

Then there are attached helmet speakers which are incorporated into the helmet.

Such speakers are generally of the form of on-ear headphones and are embedded on to the system such that they cover the ears. These helmets are also connected to a media device with the help of a cable or Bluetooth connection.

2. Bluetooth or Wired

Wired helmet speakers need a physical connection with the device, while the Bluetooth connection is wireless.
Bluetooth headsets are best for riders who prefer longer-duration commutes as there is no issue of any wires tangling with each other. It also comes with a wire to ensure that the headset functions even when the juice runs out. This is perfect for prolonged journeys. However, there may be times when the Bluetooth fails to connect.

On the other hand, there is no such issue with a wired set. Due the hard connection between the headset and device, these headsets connect directly and easily. Wired helmet speakers can, however, lead to tangling and isolation breaking.

It is therefore a matter of choice when it comes to choosing between Bluetooth or wired helmet speakers. They both have their strengths and drawbacks. Bluetooth brings a good level of practicality and safety. And when it comes to wired models, the connection is quite secure and crystal clear.

3. Size

Another very important aspect of choosing the best helmet speaker is making sure you invest in the right size. When it comes to helmet speakers, the diameter and thickness of the speaker play a great role.

If the speakers are too small, then they may not be very practical; the sound quality of smaller helmet speakers isn’t that great either. But if the speakers are too thick, they will make for an extremely uncomfortable speaker by constantly being pressed upon your ears. Also, having a thicker speaker will have an effect on the size and structure of the helmet.

Thereby, this is one of the most confusing of decisions and one must choose on what size to invest in wisely.

4. Sound Quality

Naturally, this is one of the most important things to consider whilst investing in any speaker. Speakers these days have an excellent sound quality. But nevertheless, one must check this trait first hand before making the final call.

Extensively reading reviews from trustworthy sources is the one and only way in which you can determine the best helmet speaker in terms of sound quality.

The quality of output is extremely important for every helmet speaker. It determines the clarity of your audio signal no matter how, when, and where you use them.

5. Comfort

Bikers are very particular about what goes inside their helmet and how it affects their driving experience.

Manufacturers of helmet speakers need to be extra careful whilst designing helmets and ensure that they don’t obstruct the rider in any form.After all, an uncomfortable set of helmet speakers can be both irritating and unsafe for the rider. So comfort plays a major role in deciding which helmet speaker you invest in.

6. Safety

One must pay a lot attention to the safety aspect of a helmet camera. It is extremely important for an item to comply with all safety standards.

There are some in the market at the moment that haven’t designed their speakers based on safety norms, so the customer must be vary of such products.

While browsing for the best motorcycle helmet speaker, one must make sure they pay extra attention to this point as safety must always be the first priority of both the manufacturer as well as the buyer.

We have compiled below a list of all the top motorcycle helmet speakers available in the market right now. All the products below include a hands-on review of the product followed by a list of Pros and cons for each product.

This makes sure that you’re aware of what each offers and most importantly, what it does not. It is essential for every buyer to realise what they need in their product and also what they’re willing to let go in order to purchase the best product in their price range.

Final Word

Individuals around the world today are now investing money in experiences rather than property and stocks. And one of the best ways to experience any new place or landmark is by taking a road trip all alone on that favourite bike of yours.

However, it is only understandable that long distances can take a toll on even the best of riders. Due to this, the helmet speaker industry is on the rise with riders wanting to invest in accessories more and more with each passing day.

We understand that with such competition in the market, it can get really difficult for a buyer to choose the best motorcycle helmet speaker. This was one of the reasons that motivated us to write this extensive guide which covers all the nuances of choosing the best helmet speakers.

We hope you take the right decision. Happy riding!

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