Best Motorcycle Rain Gears 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Frogg Toggs Rain Suit 2. Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite2 3. Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite2 Suit

With the fast-paced rush that the world has become, we now rarely get a chance to take a break and connect with ourselves. We are always trying to race ahead and better our position in the world while not caring much about whether we are earning something on a mental and spiritual level. All this competition often leads to problems like depression and a feeling of general emptiness, that even money and other worldly pleasures of life cannot fulfill. It is somewhat alarming that not just old and mature people, but even youngsters and young adults, who need to be instead of thinking about best motorcycle rain gear and best stuff to buy, often experience such problems.

Fortunately, all is not lost. To cope with such problems, people have now started coming up with individual solutions of their own. Solutions, which let them reclaim the part of themselves that they had lost, or get back in touch with their adventurous side. One of such solutions, or adventure sports, is biking.


Best Motorcycle Rain Gears: What To Look For

1. Size

When it comes to size, the gear must be perfect. You won’t ever be comfortable while riding if you do not invest in gear that fits you perfectly. If you think of riding on difficult terrains or in rainy weather, you cannot let yourself get distracted by the fact that your clothes are too tight or that you are not able to breathe. All of your energies must be single-handedly focused on the task at hand, and that is keeping the bike upright and maintaining your balance.

If you do, unfortunately, happen to have gear that is wrongly sized, you won’t possibly be able to navigate without losing your balance. If the gear is too loose, it won’t feel snug and most likely won’t stay in one place on your body. The protection offers your body might also be compromised. On the other hand, if the uniform is too tight, it will impede your built-in ventilation and leave you majorly out of breath.

If you are somehow not very sure about the size you require, then you must look for adjustable waists which can fit a good number of sizes and will even accommodate layers. Another fact to consider here is that zip-in linings often extend the utility of the product and could take you through three seasons. Also, pay special attention to the elbows, knees, hips, or shoulders as these are some specific parts of your body where you simply cannot tolerate any constricted movements or binding.

2. Length

Keep in mind that motorcycle gear is good for one thing and one thing only, and that is to keep you safe and sound while you ride in harsh conditions. It is not a fashion accessory and not a means to look good. If you are worried about whether or not you are going to look good in specific motorcycle gear, we suggest you stop right away. Your first and foremost priority has to be to make sure that the gear you have bought is heavily equipped to protect you under all circumstances.

In regards to the above, the one fact we feel should definitely be noted here is that your gear may look slightly lengthy while you are standing up. The reason why this is important is that once you assume the sitting position on the bike, you would have to bend your body in ways which will further pull up your gear at certain places. In such a scenario, to make sure that some specific parts of your body are not left exposed, they make the gear slightly longer than it should be.

You need your sleeves to cover your wrists fully; you need the jacket to be long enough to overlap your pants or at least your pant legs should cover your ankles. That way, you will be adequately protected against all kinds of shocks and injuries which you may experience in the absence of these overlaps.

3. Armour

If your motorcycle rain gear happened to be just like your regular clothes, there would perhaps be no actual need left for them. The reason why they are important is that they tend to have certain properties that make them extra durable and reinforced. These additives let them brave whatever the harsh weather throws at them, and keep you protected against major impacts or sudden jolts.

In fact, this is the primary objective of all kinds of protective gear, and that is to safeguard against impact or to carry out quality impact protection. A pretty well-known standard for quality impact protection is CE-rated (a European standard) D30. If the gear you are buying is CE rated, then you can rest assured that it will do as much as it can to protect you against impact.

Furthermore, there are some well-known indicators which will tell you whether the gear you are buying is capable of affording protection or not. For your convenience, we have listed a few of them here. Make sure to check these off before you make the final purchase.

First of all, you need to look for jackets with extra coverage at the elbows, shoulders, and back. Pants should be armored at the hips and knees. These protections will most likely fall below the joints they are supposed to be protecting you while you are standing up. But you don’t need to worry about that, as this is supposed to be happening. When you assume the sitting position on your bike, those protections will most likely fall in place and will be able to safeguard your critical joints against all kinds of external factors. If they are not exactly in place, make sure you manually place them before you start riding.

Also, your gear must have adjustable pockets for armor at joints to allow for varying leg and arm lengths. Also, the armor that the clothes are reinforced with must be removable so that it can effectively be removed and set aside whenever you decide to wash the clothes. Otherwise, it could get pretty tricky and virtually impossible to do the washing, and you certainly don’t want to keep on wearing the same unwashed clothes for a long period.

4. Build

When it comes to rain gear, the build or the make of the clothes is a pretty well-known concern that often goes overlooked. Customers look for a great many things such as armor, price, and size but fail to check if the material has been stitched together properly or not, or whether the thread and cloth used are of the highest quality or not. While all these may not show up at the soonest, they will certainly start having an impact on your riding experience within a couple of months. Without proper build, your jacket and other gear probably won’t last long and start falling apart at the seams.

You need to make sure seams are double or triple stitched and have a smooth finish. Unless there is multiple stitching involved, the chances of the seams coming apart are quite high. Also, without a smooth finish, you would never be comfortable while wearing the gear and the material will most likely keep poking onto your skin from the inside. The extra care will also make them more durable and resistant to popping open during a slide.

As for footwear, your boots need to be reinforced with ankle protection, a steel shank, shifter pad, and toe protection. Without even a single one of these, you are putting yourself at risk of injury. For example, if your boots don’t have the toe protection reinforcement, if you ever happen to get into an accident that puts some kind of an impact on your toes, they will most likely be crushed and may even permanently prevent you from walking normally. Other than that, oil-resistant soles are a great idea simply because they prevent you from slipping on wet roads. Also, ensure that the soles are properly stitched on, and not just glued in place.

5. Zips & Laces

When you are buying protective rain gear for yourself, you need to keep all your bases covered. If there is even the slightest chance of you getting hurt in any way, you need to cover it up and make sure that you are protected in the best way possible. While that mostly includes looking for clothes that have proper armor and don’t leave any gaps in between so that no part of your body is exposed to the rain.

Now a big part of making sure that this happens is opting for gear that comes with strong laces, chains and the like. Without these closure elements, your clothes would never be as tightly packed and shut in as they are supposed to be, and that would increase the chances of you getting hurt. There are a big variety of fasteners being used in these gear such as zippers, velcro, snaps, and laces. What you need to do is choose adjustable closures at the wrists and neck. Now talking of velcro, it is a great material that can work almost anywhere. It is pretty handy and convenient, and all you have to do is stick it on, and you are done. But if there is one place that you should avoid using velcro, it is at the neck. The reason behind this is that it catches on helmet straps and degrades the material.

Next, let’s talk of boots. You need to avoid laces on your boots. The reason for this is kind of obvious, in the sense that it tends to get entangled in a lot of places. Since you will be riding a bike, your shoes will be pretty close to the entire engine and gears mechanism, and it won’t be a good idea to have long laces hanging anywhere nearby. Although, if you must wear laces on your boots, or you simply cannot find another kind, we suggest you do so only when they have an extra covering to prevent snagging. However, in case you do decide to let go of laces, we must tell you that velcro closures make boots easy to get on and off as they are so convenient, while also providing a snug and comfy fit.

6. Ventilation

If you are out on the road on your bike and have been sporting your rainproof gear for the trip, there is a chance that you may start feeling a bit sweaty and uncomfortable after a certain point. This usually happens if the weather is unusually warm or if the humidity is high. With packed and sealed off clothes, it could get really difficult to go on long drives if the temperature goes on to the higher side.

To prevent yourself from sweating too much or to avoid the feeling of suffocation, it is necessary that your gear has some ventilation system that can easily regulate the air supply to your body and make sure that you remain fresh and cool. Without adequate ventilation, you won’t have access to fresh air, or at least your body won’t, and that would lead to problems like humidity and lack of comfort.

This is the reason why they say that a good ventilation system for your clothes can become a lifesaver on a, particularly hot day. As for the mechanism of ventilation, there are again a few things you must look out for. First of all, there need to be zippers on the chest as well as the back to promote and facilitate air flow. Also, your underarms are certainly one of the regions of the body which are the worst affected due to the sweat. That is why underarm vents will be pretty instrumental in increasing your comfort levels. Also, please remember that big pulls make zippers easier to open and close with gloves while riding.

7. Visibility

We have said this multiple times before, but it is worth repeating it. The priority, while you are riding your bike, should be to keep yourself safe. Even when it is raining and you are wearing your protective rain gear, a little slip up could potentially fatally harm you, which is why you need to be on your guard at all times.

Now we have said before that when it rains heavily, visibility often goes for a toss. This is especially bad news for riders or drivers because what it effectively means is that neither you will be able to see the incoming traffic clearly nor would they see you speeding towards them. This would inevitably lead to an accident.

To prevent all this from happening, you can take specific measures from your side of things to make sure that you are appropriately visible and anyone coming from far away even under heavy rainfall will be able to spot you. The way it is done is usually by installing reflectors on almost all your gear. When you do this, the light coming out of headlights or rear lights will immediately be reflected to the source, where it will be picked up by people who will then realize that there is a bike ahead. The mechanism is pretty simple, but it goes a long way in keeping you safe.

This is especially useful when you are riding in the rain and on hillsides or certain cliffside tracks because in these places, it can get really difficult to recognize what lies ahead of you. Forget about a substantial distance, but even vehicles up to a few meters ahead of you may appear fuzzy or may not appear at all. We don’t need to tell you how dangerous that situation can be. To prevent anything bad from happening, these reflectors are a perfect choice. Reflective surfaces, especially those installed on your upper body, increase your visibility by a wide margin. While the larger the surface areas of these reflectors, the better it is for your safety, even the smaller ones like piping, insets, and panels can all help.

If you don’t want a bunch of reflectors on your gear though and think that they don’t look good, wearing a high-viz vest over your jacket is another option that can save you in any situation.

8. Water Resistance

This one is essentially a no brainer. But wearing water-resistant clothes under heavy rain can significantly help you a lot. Think about it. When you are traveling in the rain, and especially during long rides, riding can get pretty uncomfortable. The water, and the general feeling of being soaked all over is a pretty unsettling notion. Other than that, you are also putting yourself at serious risk of falling prey to colds or the flu, or any other ailment that may result from being wet for a long time.

On the other hand, if you are wearing waterproof gear, the water will just slide right over you without reaching your body and leave you as dry as ever. One more fact to add here is that although you will need to shell out some extra bucks for waterproof gear, the overall trouble that you will be saving yourself from will be well worth it. You will be saving yourself from a lot of unnecessary trips to the doctor and a lot of excess trouble that you don’t want to deal with.

Top 16 Best Motorcycle Rain Gears 2021

1. Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit

Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain SuitThe Frogg Toggs Rain Suit is made of 100% polyester and is an imported product. It comes with a jacket as well as pants and the primary material used is a breathable and non woven fabric which is not just waterproof and wind resistant but also quite lightweight. The jacket comes with a hood that is adjustable and removable as per the wearer’s comfort and also a full-length parka-cut plus open-waist design. The zipper of the jacket is adequately protected with a snap-down storm flap, and elastic cuffs are provided to keep you dry and safe. The waist of the pants is adjustable and elastic while the leg openings are adjustable too.


2. Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite2 Rain Jacket

Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite2 Rain JacketThis next one by Frogg Toggs is quite lightweight, which makes it easy to manage while wearing and also highly packable, which also facilitates the user’s convenience. The hood is adjustable, which is going to be a much-needed feature when you are out riding in the rain. In harsh weather conditions, the one thing you need to protect is your face. If you cannot effectively do that, you will start facing problems in seeing clearly, and that could lead to a severe accident. That is the reason why the adjustable hood is such a great idea. It also comes with cord locks which protect the wearer’s head and hair from moisture.

If you are worried about moisture or water seeping in from below, you don’t need to be as this gear features a jacket with a full front zipper with a snap-down storm flap which helps to keep moisture completely out. Another feature added precisely so that you remain protected is elastic cuffs which will ensure that you always get the perfect fit. Additionally, the jacket also comes with a free stuff sack for easily carrying your things around.


3. Frogg Toggs Men’s Waterproof Ultra-Lite2 Suit, Forest Green

Frogg Toggs Men's Waterproof Ultra-Lite2 Suit, Forest GreenAnother one of Frogg Toggs great products is this one, and the reason why we are doing so many of them is simply that the brand has been quite effective in making these products. The gear that falls under their banner usually ends up having all the features necessary to make sure that the wearer remains protected. Also, they have great customer outreach and services.

They also do manage to take into account any suggestions or complaints that they may have logged from the users and further incorporate those suggestions in their products. This Ultra-Lite2 suit comes in the Medium size and is of an appealing green color. It also comes with a stuff sack which can get pretty useful when it comes to carrying your things around. It is a brand new variant of the gear and is made out of high-quality material which is rainproof and quite durable as well.


4. Frogg Toggs Road Toad Jacket

Frogg Toggs Road Toad JacketThis one falls under the textile category and is being hailed as the Road Toad jacket by the brand. It is not just great to wear but also quite durable meaning it would last you for a long time. It is a bomber style jacket but with a classic design which lends it a unique look and makes it very appealing to wear. Some features of the fabric include that it is waterproof, breathable, and also nonwoven. It is made out of polypropylene material and fixes a problem from which a great many bikers often suffer.

Whenever you are out riding in the rain, the visibility often goes for a toss due to the beating rain, and that puts you in danger of meeting with an unexpected accident. To save yourself from such a fate, reflective piping has been installed on the gear which will essentially reflect the light from headlights back towards the source so that they know that you are coming. It features a raglan design with action-cut sleeves which don’t just offer larger arm openings but also provide easy on and off and much higher mobility. The new sleeve design on these jackets also let go of seams on shoulders and other stress points for better mobility and more free movements. The hood is tuck-away and is specifically designed to be worn under a hat or a helmet.


5. Nelson-Rigg AS-3000 Aston Rain Suit

Nelson-Rigg AS-3000 Aston Rain SuitThe Nelson-Rigg AS-3000 is a two piece rain suit which is great in the sense that it is highly durable, and is also waterproof. That means it will protect you perfectly in case things ever get rough while riding. It has a soft polyester outer shell with PVC backing for enhanced strength and more durability as well as adjustable elastic suspender straps for the wearer’s convenience. This jacket also has a full-length zipper with a hook-and-loop storm flap to protect it from the rain and heavy winds as well as a breathable mesh back lining with nylon-lined sleeves so that you never feel suffocated or trapped inside your suit.

As a bonus feature, it is built with a specially designed heat resistant material which will do the most required job of preventing your legs from burning with accidental contact with any hot parts on your bike. There are as many as three outer pockets which are not just waterproof but also large enough to hold your stuff. There is a waterproof zippered mesh pocket which can also be used as a vent and an adjustable zipped back ventilation system which is full length and keeps you well ventilated at all times.

The inner collar is made of soft corduroy and has a hood to protect your head. The pants come with 25″ zipper gussets which are oversized and elasticized ankle cuff and boot stirrups. The belt adjusters are comfort stretch and elasticized as well as there are adjustable cuffs with hook-and-loop tabs. Finally, as far as visibility is concerned, you don’t need to worry at all since it comes with reflective piping on not just the jackets but also the pants for when you are traveling at night.


6. Frogg Toggs Men’s Pilot Frogg Cruiser Rain Jacket

Frogg Toggs Men's Pilot Frogg Cruiser Rain JacketThis one is another product by Frogg Toggs and is a rain jacket well worth your money. It is built using three-layer submersible waterproof as well as breathable material which gives it full speed protection against water and has completely waterproof and taped seams so that there is no chance of moisture seeping in. There are adjustable and internal neoprene cuffs along with a front zipper that is fully covered with a storm flap and rain gutter. It also comes with an extended rear cape, adjustable drawcord collar and a completely watertight fit.

There is reflective piping on shoulders, arms, chest, and back, which will let you navigate yourself even at night or let other vehicles easily spot you coming towards them. There is a tuck-away hood that is fully adjustable and reinforced padded shoulders. Finally, there are two zippered chest pockets which are water resistant and two zippered hand warming pockets as well.


7. Galeton 7953-XXXL-YW 7953 PVC 2-Layer Rain Suit

Galeton 7953-XXXL-YW 7953 PVC 2-Layer Rain SuitThis rain suit from Galeton comes with padded elbows as well as knees and seat. There is a hood attached with a fold-out bill and even armpit grommets for ventilation. Without these, you wouldn’t have access to fresh air and would soon start feeling suffocated inside the suit. There are inside coat pockets in case there is some stuff that you want to protect from the rain and zippered inside bib pockets as well. The front zipper is heavy duty, and there is a tab sealing collar as well. The waist is adjustable, and so are the elastic suspenders that come with the suit.


8. Motorcycle Biker Road Rain Jacket WaterProof Neon Green RJ1-1

Motorcycle Biker Road Rain Jacket WaterProof Neon Green RJ1-1With a PVC free polyester outer shell with PU coating, this jacket is certainly one of the best motorcycle rain suits in the market. There is also non stick PVC coating on the inside so that you don’t feel uncomfortable at all while wearing it. There are reflective stripes at the upper arms which serve the purpose of warning any incoming vehicles of your presence on the road by reflecting the light from their headlights back towards them.

The jacket itself is 100% breathable and also waterproof so that any of the moisture doesn’t reach you. Even the seams are tape sealed. The zipper closures are kept completely waterproof with thick and broad storm flaps, and there is a built-in lightweight mesh lining which aids with air circulation for the gear.


9. Olympia Moto Sports MJ415 New Horizon Rain Jacket

Olympia Moto Sports MJ415 New Horizon Rain JacketThis one comes with an outer shell which is built using sturdy as well as lightweight, waterproof and breathable ripstop nylon. There is a back overhang detail with a hidden mesh panel inserted for improved breathability. There is also a stow-away hood with a 360 degrees neck gator hidden inside the collar which can serve well in protecting your head from moisture or the winds. It also implements the EZ-Pack Storage System, which means it can be stowed away in a self-contained storage pocket located in the interior of the jacket. Finally, they have provided front closure with a two-way zipper to protect your body from any erratic weather conditions.


10. Tourmaster Sentinel 2.0 Rain Jacket (Large)

Tourmaster Sentinel 2.0 Rain Jacket (Large)If you need a jacket that helps you stay dry even when it is pouring heavily, you have come to the right place. The Tourmaster Sentinel 2.0 Rain Jacket gives you everything you need for a great experience while riding without any kind of problems with the weather. It has a rip-stop nylon shell which comes with sealed seams so that moisture doesn’t get in and provides waterproof protection.

The patented Aqua-Barrier hood which is worn under the helmet will further eliminate seepage in the collar area. Even in foggy weather, the suit manages to keep you protected using the reflective piping that is installed to help you be seen by vehicles coming towards you. The waterproof protection is easily one of the best you can find in the market, and the nylon shell is rated MVM 5000 for maximum comfort and breathability.


11. Men’s Ultra-Lite II Rain Suit, Bright Yellow

Men's Ultra-Lite II Rain Suit, Bright YellowThe Men’s Ultra Lite II Rain Suit is exactly as advertised. It is durable enough to last you for a long time and also quite lightweight, which makes it pretty easy to carry around or comfortable while wearing.

This product by Frogg Toggs will keep you as dry as possible even in the most erratic and humid weather and also manages to incorporate features such as sealed seams, great fit, and large pockets. It is completely waterproof and also leaks free. Finally, it is also breathable, which means that you won’t be feeling suffocated inside the gear even in adverse weather conditions.


12. Frogg Toggs Road Toad Jacket

Frogg Toggs Road Toad JacketThis one is a textile product and comes in the form of a bomber jacket with a classic design that will easily make you look good and fashionable. It is waterproof as well as breathable and built using non woven polypropylene material similar to other Frogg Toggs products. There is reflective piping on the jacket, which makes it easier and much more likely for a vehicle coming from the opposite direction to spot you.

It comes in a raglan design with action cut sleeves which make larger arm openings possible and thus you get much more mobility and flexibility with the jacket. Due to the new sleeve design implemented, you also get no seams on shoulders and other stress points. Finally, the tuck away hood is designed to be worn under a hat or helmet.


13. Frogg Toggs Packable Adult Poncho

Frogg Toggs Packable Adult PonchoFrogg Toggs is a brand which has effectively established their dominance when it comes to rain suits and jackets. They make products which are easily the best in class and incorporate all the features that you would expect from a good rain suit. They serve their purpose well and keep you dry when you arr out driving on the road in the rain. There are special measures in places such as taped seams and elastic sleeves to make sure that any of the moisture doesn’t get in. There are pockets which are large enough for you to carry around your stuff on the inside too.

They also come with a hood which makes sure that your head remains dry and you remain comfortable while you’re riding. Furthermore, a major problem while driving in the rain is that incoming traffic usually can’t see you well, especially when the weather is also a little foggy. To counter that, these suits have reflective piping on them which effectively reflect the light from headlights and such back to the source. That way, the incoming vehicle is informed of you coming towards them. If that is not enough, this brand also has great customer service and will usually resolve all of your complaints and concerns as quickly as possible.


14. Frogg Toggs Men’s Java 2.5 Illuminator Black Rain Jacket TR63135-01-MD

Frogg Toggs Men's Java 2.5 Illuminator Black Rain Jacket TR63135-01-MDAvailable in multiple colors, this one is easily one of the best motorcycle rain suit to be sold in the market. You can buy it either in black or yellow as per your choice, both of which look pretty great. It comes with an attached hood, which is also adjustable. There are internal wrist gaskets which are also adjustable and a beefy chest zipper to keep you safe and dry in case of a draft.

The zipper along with the jacket material is enough to prevent you from getting wet in the rain, and there is also Frogg Eyzz Piping installed which is reflective and serves the purpose of warning the incoming traffic of your presence on the road so that accidents can be avoided as much as possible. There is also reflective tape, which again contributes to maximum visibility. Finally, the E-z Push Hood comes with a Hem With Push Button Cord Locks for the wearer’s convenience.


15. Frogg Toggs Men’s Java Toadz 2.5 Jacket

Frogg Toggs Men's Java Toadz 2.5 JacketThis one by Frogg Toggs is another great product that will manage to protect you from not just the rains but heavy winds and any thing else the weather might throw at you. It is currently one of the best motorcycle rain gear 2021 and would probably be well worth your money if you choose to buy it. It is washable by hand, unlike some other products from the same category that you might find in the markets. That makes it much more convenient to maintain and also increases its durability to a certain extent.

It has taped seams which are completely waterproof and will let you venture out without worrying about getting your clothes wet or catching a cold. Another fact you must know about it is that it is not just lightweight which makes it easy to carry around but also packable which means you could take it almost anywhere you want to without worrying about how much space it is going to take. It also has a hood which serves to protect your head from the rain and is fully adjustable as per your convenience. Finally, it is made of 100% polyester material.


16. Frogg Toggs Men’s Pilot Frogg Road Pant

Frogg Toggs Men's Pilot Frogg Road PantThis one is a nylon rain suit. It is an imported product that boasts of pretty high quality and great endurance. It is hand washable and thus is pretty convenient to maintain. It is also as tough as they come and also durable to the max, which means you could use it for a very long time without worrying about damaging the fabric. The seams of the jacket are fully sealed, taped, and waterproof such that no amount of moisture can get in.

The leggings you get are scorch free, and the suit will fit over any of your jeans or leathers. It also has the Frogg Eyzz reflective piping installed on it due to which it becomes much easier for the incoming traffic on the road, especially in foggy weather, to spot you coming towards them. This, in turn, drastically reduces the potential for accidents or mishaps on the road.


Biking: A Passion

Whether you are a casual biker or someone who wants to make a career out of it, if there is anything you would relate to is the love for your bike. When a person buys a bike, they generally put a lot into the purchase. From a considerable amount of money to a whole lot of thought goes into that one single transaction. And which is why, when the bike finally comes home, it is greeted with so much fanfare and almost revered by the owner.

Now you could be someone who uses the bike to often set out on mountain trails and long drives, or you could just be someone who views it as a means of getting to and from work every day. Irrespective of which category you fall into, the one thread that runs common is the fact that you will always love your bike.

You would pretty much do anything to keep it new and shiny, and it would break your heart if anything were to happen to it. But as much as you would want to keep your bike in as good a condition as possible, there is something else that needs and requires equal, if not more, protection. And that is yourself, or your body. If you happen to go out on your bike a lot, especially to areas which are unpredictable and you don’t know much about, you need to take all necessary security measures before embarking on the ride. If you don’t do that, you run the risk of running into problems such as heavy rainfall and erratic weather conditions.

Put Your Life First

The fact is whether you bike for sport or simply because it is a necessity, you run the risk of exposing yourself to accidents or mishaps on the road. It doesn’t matter whether you are a good driver or not, an accident could happen with virtually anybody, and the worst part is that they usually arrive without warning. Now if you are actually conscious about their safety, you would know that certain kinds of gear are pretty much essential when you are riding into difficult areas or conditions.

Don’t Let The Rain Wash You Out

First and foremost, you have got to watch out for rainfall. Heavy rainfall is often the premier cause if accidents, especially when it comes to motorbikes. The amount of water that gets accumulated on the roads reduces the coefficient of friction between the road and your bike tyres, leading to more chances of slipping and skidding off the bike. With heavy rain, your visibility may also go for a toss. When you cannot see clearly, you won’t be able to navigate to your best, which could further lead to an increase in the potential for an accident.

To avoid any such accidents and keep yourself safe while driving even in heavy rains, we strongly suggest you invest in some quality gear that is fully capable of saving yourself from the rain and any other problems it might bring along. Talking of gear, you can easily find motorbike gear specific to rainfall protection in the markets which won’t just save keep yourself dry, but in the unfortunate event that an accident may occur, may even protect you from injuries or trauma.

And that is exactly we are here to discuss today. Through this article, we aim to educate you about some of the best motorcycle rain gear that is available in the markets today. And we won’t just be talking about products, but would make sure that you get to know as much as possible about the risks associated, and how best to avoid them.

We will be going over some of the most essential and critical requirements that we must look for in a motorcycle rain gear so that you can purchase the one that suits you best.


Rain gear for motorcyclists is something that is not just recommended but also a necessity in today’s times simply because it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are traveling on a risky trail in unpredictable weather without a rain suit, you are merely putting your own life in grave danger and intentionally coming in harm’s way. If however, you do understand the necessity of a suit while riding and are ready to buy one, we suggest the best place start would be any of the products we just talked about above. Choose wisely and travel safely because that is truly what biking is all about.

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