Best Motorcycle Sound Systems 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Sound Systems

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageBoss MCBK470B
  • 4 Speakers in 3-inch size
  • Use bluetooth and apps like spotify and pandora
  • Remote volume control
  • 2.25'' Speaker & mini amplifier
  • Marine grade construction, waterproof and sturdy
  • Unique bullet design with chrome finish
  • Super easy to install
  • 4” Speaker housings with 100w peak amplifier
  • Waterproof perfect for any weather
ptsntbl-table__imageBoss MCBK520B
  • Access wirelessly with bluetooth and apps like spotify and pandora
  • Support up to 32 GB of memory
  • 2 Channel compact and weatherproof amplifier
ptsntbl-table__imageGolden Hawk
  • Has USB, micro SD, MP3 files, FM radio and clock display
  • Stream your favorite music using bluetooth up to 15 meters
  • Superb crystal sound quality

In this article, we will see some of the aspects of a motorcycle sound system and also some of the perks of a motorcycle sound system which will give it a tag of the best motorcycle sound system. A person reading this article can easily understand what a motorcycle sound system is and he can easily judge which motorcycle sound system best suits him depending on his priorities and also which adds a trendy and stylish look to its motorcycle.

We will also analyze some of the important technological enhancements done on this motorcycle audio system and the way they have impacted these motorcycle sound systems as an additional gear for motorcycle lovers.

Also, in this article, I will be mentioning the Top 10 motorcycle sound systems along with their detailed reviews which will lessen your workload of finding the best motorcycle sound system. So you can choose the best amongst the 10, which suits your requirements well, and click the link below that to buy it and enjoy your favorite music whenever you travel and wherever you travel.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Sound Systems 2021

1. Boss Audio MCBK470B Motorcycle Sound System

Boss Audio MCBK470B Motorcycle Sound SystemThis sound system is the most loved sound system by the youth for its stylish features. This sound system comes with a mirror integrated mount design. This motorcycle sound system is very compatible and comes with an ergonomic as well as titular design.

The size of this motorcycle sound system is very compact which means that this motorcycle sound system can be used in both light-duty and heavy-duty motorcycles as they do not eat much of the space of the motorcycle. Some of the salient features of this motorcycle sound system are as follows:

It has a weatherproof speaker, which signifies that this motorcycle sound system is made up of a very high-quality material and everlasting tight seals which makes sure that this motorcycle sound system can be used for a long time without any issues.

It consists of an amplifier sound system, which denotes that this motorcycle sound system though it is compact or small in size makes sure that the buyer or rider experiences a new definition of sound through its bass and treble quality. It may be a light-duty motorcycle, or a heavy-duty motorcycle, the sound of the speakers are inevitably going to make you love them even more and help you in enjoying your music more than before.

This enhancement is worth the price of your pocket. It is worth every penny you spend on this motorcycle sound system. Guessing what it is? It is a Bluetooth Amplifier. The amplifier speaker along with the Bluetooth amplifier, this combination itself is a deadlier combination. You can enhance the sound of the speakers as well as you can match the sound of your cell phone along with the speakers.

That is added sound which increases the whole level of experience into a new dimension. Once the sound of the speakers are maximum, and you want it to be even louder, then just connecting it with the help of Bluetooth of your cell phone will increase the volume which is by the help of the volume of the cell phone. That’s added bass plus the sound of an exciting party.

This improvement is just going to make you love this motorcycle sound system, and those who are not having this motorcycle sound system will surely want this after hearing to this cool feature. A unique feature of this sound system is the multi speakers. And the count of the number of speakers is not just two or three; it consists of four speakers.

Yes, you heard me right. Four speakers amplified. Just imagine the sound, when you are riding, and the background music of The Dark Knight starts playing, and with such an amplifier you will feel yourself like a batman riding the batmobile. This improvement also makes the speakers one of the best motorcycle speakers
Inline Volume Control: The device comes with inline volume control which means that the volume of the motorcycle sound system can be adjusted easily; it can be muted while answering calls or during emergency purposes. This is a handy feature of this motorcycle sound system as it will be very easy for riders to answer emergency calls during the music and also enables them to adjust the volume efficiently whenever needed.

ATV and 12 Volt Applications: ATV batteries are replacement batteries which help the motorcycle sound system run for an extended amount of time or duration. ATV is abbreviated as All Terrain Vehicles. So this motorcycle sound system uses a 12 volt ATV battery which is a lot for running a longer duration of time. These batteries also provide the need for dependability.

They also extend the overall life duration of the product. They have tested batteries, so there is 100 % guarantee that they will be able to start the motorcycle sound system.

Some of the extra salient features of this product are:

â— It promises Bluetooth Audio Streaming. That is music directly from your cell phone can be played.
â— It assures the usage of high-performance speakers, which are dual-channeled and are very compact.
â— It has the feature of multiple-inputs. A 3.5mm jack or an AUX is embedded in the motorcycle sound system which is compatible with most of the devices.
â— A 3-year Platinum Dealer Warranty is another added feature of this device.


2. Pyle 300 Watt Motorcycle Sound System

Pyle 300 Watt Motorcycle Sound SystemThis is a motorcycle sound system for the people who are in love with the color white and who are also known for keeping their things neatly. White is a pleasing color but it doesn’t look good when it is dirty. It has this stylish curvy design and is placed in such a way that the front face of the motorcycle sound system is facing the road, which adds this cool and suave attraction to the motorcycle.

The size of this motorcycle sound system is quite handy and can fit into both light duty and heavy duty motorcycles. The trendy speakers are what make this motorcycle sound system one of the best motorcycle stereo systems. Let’s see some of the salient features of this motorcycle sound system:

It has a weatherproof speaker which is one of the main technical qualities any best motorcycle sound system should possess nowadays. It is made up of a marine grade construction which helps in combating the worst weather conditions and degrading humid conditions. It consists of a tightly sealed material which encloses the speakers which lets nothing to pass through it.

It also consists of a waterproof speaker. This waterproof speaker is certified with the best IP rating which further proves its worth as the best motorcycle speakers. Be it a gentle rain or a mighty thunder, listen to your music without any fear with the use of this motorcycle sound system.

It also houses a total amplifier system, which means it not just has amplifier speakers but also houses a system which amplifies the sound into a double effect. The total amplifier system allows the adjustment of the bass, treble and amplifies accordingly with the music that is being played whether it is rock, jazz or a soothing melody. It helps in orchestrating the beats of the music suiting to the mood of the rider.

This speaker can be mounted along with the handlebar as it comes with an In Handle Bar Mount. It adds an extra look to the motorcycle as it looks as if two lights have been embedded on the motorcycle which makes the motorcycle look like an adventure bike.

It includes an ATV battery in its design. ATV batteries are very important characteristic features of a motorcycle as it helps in the increasing the duration of the battery and also helps in improving the life span of the battery and its overall duration as well as its performance and endurance. It houses a huge 12- volt ATV battery.

It composes of a Mini Stereo Audio Receiver Kit which categorizes this motorcycle sound system as one of the best motorcycle stereo available in the market. An audio receiver kit helps in the correct attenuation of the signals which are being received by the motorcycle sound system, audio signals to be precise in case of this motorcycle sound system.

The Mini Stereo kit enables the motorcycle audio system to comprise of the best qualitative sound output depending on the input which has been received by the audio receiver kit. The mini stereo also helps in extracting the maximum possible sound of the motorcycle sound system and amplifies the sound extracted to another whole level of definition of sound. Higher the amplification, higher is the sound.

Some of the other noticeable features of this motorcycle sound system are:
â— The waterproof speakers present in the motorcycle sound system are 2.25 inches thick. So it is mightily waterproof.
â— This motorcycle sound system also houses a USB charger port so that this motorcycle sound system can be charged anywhere and anytime possible.
â— The speakers resemble the look of a dome, which enhances the overall look and also enriches the look of the motorcycle.
â— The added feature of this device is that it enables multi-inputs and also CD or MP3 as it houses an MP3 player within.
â—This motorcycle sound system can be easily installed.
â— It has the enhancement of wired remote control, through songs can be played, and volume adjustments can be made quite easily.
â— Even power can be switched ON/OFF, and Volume can be muted through this feature.
â— The speakers are made up of aluminum material and enclose the shape of a bullet.
â— It consists of a wired harness, which means the whole motorcycle sound system is connected using wires.
â— It comes with a one-year deluxe warranty from the date of purchase.


3. Lexin Big Size Motorcycle Sound System

Lexin Big Size Motorcycle Sound SystemNow, this is a motorcycle audio system which comprises of stylishly designed speakers which are very much appealing to the design style which the youth loves a lot. They resemble the stylish look of a gadget belonging Tony Stark, The Iron Man. Just imagine the stylish look these speakers will add to your motorcycle. These speakers are also made up of the best build, which makes it one of the strongest speakers available in the market due to the presence of the strongest alloy material.

These speakers come in vibrant silver design, so it looks very good on the motorcycles, and these speakers will be a symbol of attraction to the viewers because of its emboss effects and glossy color. These speakers because of their looks and strength make their entry into the category of the best motorcycle audio systems available
Let’s have a look into some of the fantastic features of these mind-blowing speakers below:

This motorcycle sound system is embedded with weatherproof speakers which are the essential elements possessed by all the best motorcycle speakers available in the market.

This motorcycle sound system is categorized by the addition of a Subwoofer system which produces higher sound and higher effects compared to that of the amplifier speakers. Subwoofer system produces sound at a higher amplification in front of which even the sound of a powerful engine stands powerless. That is the impact of the sound which is created by a Subwoofer system.

Bluetooth speakers are another added enhancement of this stylish motorcycle sound system. Bluetooth speakers enhance the sound which already has a higher impact along with that the Bluetooth speakers also help in hearing to Radio and also to our favourite collectibles of music present in our storage.

This motorcycle sound system can be housed or mounted either on the handlebars of the bike or on the standbars which are present below to the petrol tank of the bike. When mounted on the handlebars, they have to be connected with a lesser gap in between the speakers and when mounted on the engine bars or the stand bars they have to be connected in such a way that each of the speakers is present on either side of the engine bars.

It is also categorized as one of the Powersports speaker systems which make it one of the best motorcycle speaker systems available. It is because of its sporty and trendy design; it derives its name as one of the Powersports speaker systems. These speakers are always loved by sportsperson for its higher bass and treble sounds and also because of its high built strength.

The item weighs around 8.85 pounds, making it one of the heaviest motorcycle sound systems available. It is because of its heavier material used and the compact strength it derives through its alloy. The speakers are also strongest because of the presence of the Subwoofer output which impacts the overall presence of the speaker as well as of the motorcycle sound system. This motorcycle sound system is most loved by riders in the city due to its heavily powerful and addictive sounds.

Let’s see some of the extra embedded features of this motorcycle sound system:
â— It is an automotive speaker system. It can be connected or attached to any type of motorcycle system available and the installation for this system is done real quick and easily.
â— This motorcycle sound system has everything built around it for stylish housing. It consists of a really powerful 200 W peak amplifier, which means that the sound output of this speaker is very large. It also houses a Bluetooth radio and a USB port for charging.
â— This speaker has such a good built-in feature that it encloses of a solid metal build along with black or silver plate finish. Either of them can be preferred depending on your likes and requirements.
â— It enables higher bandwidth Bluetooth connectivity for a speaker which is of the version 4.0. This connectivity ensures that we can hear music directly from our mobile in the form of this motorcycle sound system easily without any irregularities.
â— It encloses a 50W along with 100W Peak per channel sound, which promises lots of high doses of volume, but with elimination of noise.
â— The main speaker is of the dimensions of 4 inches whereas it is provided with a tweeter for every 1 inch of its dimension.
â— The Additional features of this extravagantly designed motorcycle sound system include an Input for USB to play MP3/WMA and WAV musical songs along with a 3.5mm jack for AUX.
â— The special feature of this speaker is that it houses a Jog Dial for controlling purposes which is placed in each speaker in its center.


4. Boss Audio MCBK520B Motorcycle Sound System

Boss Audio MCBK520B Motorcycle Sound SystemThese are another type of Mirror Integrated mount motorcycle speakers which are compact in design but powerful in work. These motorcycle sound systems are a little more enhanced version of their precursor sound systems BOSS Audio MCBK470B. These are multifunctional motorcycle sound systems and are comprised of numerous multi-operational functions.

This motorcycle sound system can be used in both light duty and heavy duty motorcycles. This motorcycle sound system also has a lighter weight compared to other heavyweight motorcycle sound systems which we have seen above. Let’s see some of the other salient features of this motorcycle sound system:

It comprises of solid proof, weatherproof speakers due to which the life of the speakers is comparatively increased, and the durability and the performance of the speakers are increased. The speakers are made up of costly material, and the seals of speakers are tightly packed and enclosed properly because of which it allows no foreign material to pass inside the speakers and because of which speakers doesn’t fall prey to the worst weather conditions.

It houses an amplifier sound system. This is one of the motorcycle sound systems which house an amplifier sound system to increase the output of the music for enhanced bass and treble and also for a new impact in the volume of the sound. This sound system not just amplifies the output of the sound but also helps in attenuating the input of the sound to a considerable frequency due to which the overall sound quality produced by this motorcycle sound system remains at a higher quality and a top level.

It consists of two speakers which are 3 inches long in dimension. So these are very compact speakers and the shifting as well as placing of these motorcycle sound systems is very easy. In short, these motorcycle sound systems are easily attachable and easily detachable.

Bluetooth Amplifier is a prime attraction present in this motorcycle sound system. As it already houses an amplifier sound system, the Bluetooth amplifier not only enhances the sound quality of the motorcycle sound system but also becomes a treat for the listeners of music, as the amplification is done in each a way that the rider loves every beat present in the music.

It is one of the rare motorcycle sound systems to enclose a multi-function wireless control. Some operations can be performed by the help of this multi-function wireless control remote. This attracts the riders and allures them towards this product as everyone loves wireless electronics good rather than wired electronic goods.

Even this motorcycle sound systems enclose the ATV batteries to prolong their duration of the battery as well as enhance the total battery life increasing its performance as well as durability. The ATV batteries present in this motorcycle sound system house a huge 12-volt battery or electrical supply.

Let’s have a look into some of the distinctive features of this motorcycle sound system:
â— This system comes in with an added feature of Bluetooth streaming. This motorcycle sound system connects with the cell phone and streams the music which is present in the internal storage of the cell phone.
â— It comes with a pair of two speakers each having a dimension of 3 inches. The speakers come with a simple of matte black, which is waterproof as no water can wash away the paint attested to the speakers.
â— It is embedded with two-channel compact amplifiers which help in amplifying compact signals within the input and output of the system and process the audio signals rapidly so that maximum sound quality can be achieved.
â— It consists of multiple inputs such as USB and External Storage ports for maximum utilization in the hands of the consumer or the buyer, and also has provisions for FM Radio, along with an FM Tuner in co-ordinance with the particular location and 3.5 mm jack for housing the AUX cables and ports.
â— It consists of Radio Frequency generated remote control, in simple words, a remote control which is wireless.
â— It consists of Adjustable brackets, as it is a mirror integrated mount which resembles the mirrors of the motorcycles, as well as enhances the look of the motorcycles. These motorcycle sound systems are simpler to attach and detach, which means they provide and quicker and easier installation.


5. Golden Hawk USA Motorcycle Sound Systems

Golden Hawk USA Motorcycle Sound SystemsThese motorcycle sound systems are another set of added stylish motorcycle sound systems which have impressed the consumers with their added ergonomic design, stylish features, and vibrant coloring techniques. These motorcycle sound systems house four stylish speakers which are enough to allure the consumers with those attractive features.

These motorcycle sound systems are characterized by their strong built-in features which are primarily because of their heavyweight and also due to the higher alloy strength of the material used. These motorcycle sound systems because of their stylish quotient and also due to their quality built-in features are one of the best motorcycle sound systems and also the best motorcycle speakers in the market right now.

These motorcycle sound systems are also characterized because of their sportive appeal and also deserve a place in the power sport sound systems.

Let’s have a look into the exquisite features present in this motorcycle sound system:

It consists of Waterproof speakers, which is categorized by the highest IP rating. The build material of these speakers is predominantly very high because it can never have wear and tear because of a soft drizzle or thunder trouble. These waterproof speakers also increase the performance of the speakers, which is the sound quality of the speakers and the amplification ratio and the factor never comes down and is maintained at a higher quality always.

Bluetooth wireless speaker is a cherry on the top of the cake for this motorcycle sound system. The reason is this is not a wired sound system, so the speakers can be placed anywhere on the motorcycle as they are enabled with the help of Bluetooth. The attenuation of the signals is carried out quite smoothly as the signals are carried via a wireless path, which is Bluetooth. So basically there is no loss of signals happening in this motorcycle sound system.

This motorcycle sound system can be attached to the bike by the process of a handlebar mount, which means that this motorcycle sound system is attached to the handlebar of the motorcycle which makes it trendier and classier to look. As their speakers comprise or take up a little amount of is more that of the other speakers, the handlebar area has to be judged precisely before mounting these speakers.

It consists of an MP3 Player. Not that’s an added advantage this motorcycle sound system provides us with. So, this sound system can play music through a CD or an MP3 disk without any disturbances. The flow of the music also won’t be deteriorated as it has the presence of a Bluetooth amplifier.

This motorcycle sound system comprises of an Audio Stereo Amplifier System which makes it one of best motorcycle stereo systems present in the market. This audio stereo amplifier system not only amplifies the input of the system and attenuates but also amplifies the output signals of the sound system and ensures a higher quality of sound is produced as an output.

The presence of this system impacts the sound to a new higher level which redefines the experience of the sound heard from these speakers. No wonder, why are these called as the best motorcycles speaker systems or best motorcycle speakers.

This is the first motorcycle sound system of the category to comprise of both ATV and UTV batteries (All Terrain Vehicles and Utility Terrain Vehicles). That is the prime reason the batteries of these motorcycle sound systems are considered of greater quality than the other motorcycle sound systems mentioned above.

It is because of the presence of the two replacement batteries these motorcycle sound systems have no complaints of battery draining or battery replacement issues. They are always regarded as the best performing batteries in the motorcycle audio systems.

Let’s see some of the other noteworthy characteristics of these motorcycle sound systems below:
â— The speakers are built of a power unit which comprises of a 180 W Mid Range speakers for power saving as well as higher endurance capabilities.
â— The central Stereo unit of these motorcycle sound systems is built with aluminum.
â— It encloses a higher performance Amplifier which is built into the device, which means it is available internal to the device. This high-performance amplifier is the result why this motorcycle sound system delivers such a good output of sound and also the result of the superior sound quality.
â— It is provided with a speaker clamp to each of its speakers for the easy installation of the speakers to the handlebar of the motorcycle. The handlebar thickness should be at least a minimum of 1 inch.
â— It supports Bluetooth wireless connection up to 15 meters which are nearly equivalent to 1500 cms, which means the device can connect to other devices within a long distance of radius.
â— It supports AUX port or cable with the provision of a 3.5 mm jack, which means the music can be played with the help of an AUX cable also.
â— It supports both USB and External Storage cards to attract the consumer so he can listen to his favorite music anywhere and anytime.
â— The best feature of this type of motorcycle sound system is that it has a clock display. So a rider doesn’t have to overlook into his watch or cell phone, he can look into the display of this motorcycle sound system.
â— The main stereo unit of this motorcycle sound system is painted with matte black color for waterproofing abilities, and it is built with a high-quality aluminum material.
â— It has optional Mini-wired remote control for emergency and multi-operational purposes as discrepancies such as jamming of Bluetooth and other things if happen.
â— It has this beautiful backlit blue LED buttons which increase the beauty of the motorcycle at nights. It also adds to an overall thrilling experience due to the presence of the LED lights.
â— It is enabled by Bluetooth wireless technology and is compatible with all of the devices present.
â— It produces superior crystal sound quality which amplifies according to the beats and mixture of tunes in the music being played.
â— It comes with an easy and quick installation.
â— It comes with a warranty of over one year from the date of purchase.


6. Noam N4 Motorcycle Sound System

Noam N4 Motorcycle Sound SystemLet’s have a look at the exquisite features of the motorcycle sound system mentioned above:

â— It consists of a pair of 2- way wakeboard mountable speakers, which are of the dimension of 4 inches each. These speakers can be mounted on the handlebar as well down to the engine bar of the motorcycle.
â— It consists of a Marine grade constriction, which is one of the strongest constrictions as these motorcycle sound systems can be used in marine boats, ATV and UTV golf carts. These are multi-operational motorcycle sound systems.
â— The wires of these motorcycle sound systems are 2.5 inches long.
â— It easily fits the handlebars or the engine bars which are 1.25 inches to 2.5 inches in thickness and promises a quick installation.
â— It consists of the highest power required for a motorcycle sound system which fluctuates around 100 watts to 200 watts which is its peak power which can be reached.
â— The materials with which the speakers are made are of high-quality aluminum.
â— The main stereo unit of the motorcycle sound system is painted with Matte black color for waterproofing abilities.
â— It consists of a high-quality poly injection cone which is of the dimension of 4 inches long.
â— It consists of PEI Neodymium Dome tweeter which is present between the center of each speaker, and this dome is nearly 1 inch long in dimension.
â— This motorcycle sound system comes with a warranty of one year from the date of purchase.


7. JBL Cruise Motorcycle Sound System

JBL Cruise Motorcycle Sound Systemâ— This speaker consists of the extravagant feature in a motorcycle sound system which is the Bluetooth feature. It is because of the Bluetooth feature music from the consumer’s cell phone can be streamed directly on the motorcycle sound system.
â— This speaker resembles the shape of a mirror. This motorcycle sound system is a mirror integrated one as it resembles the shape of a mirror, and this is mounted on the handlebar of the motorcycle in the shape of a mirror. This motorcycle sound system can be easily attached and easily detached, which means this motorcycle sound system has an easy and quick installation.
â— The handlebar mount speakers of this motorcycle sound set system have a pair of two speakers which are of the dimensions of 2.5 inches long. So it can allocate itself a minimum area on the handlebar.
â— This motorcycle sound system has the best waterproof rating in all of the speakers discussed above. It comprises of an IPX5 waterproof rating which is great in terms of a speaker which proves that this motorcycle sound system is the best motorcycle audio system when it comes to the category of waterproofing abilities.
â— It is designed for easier operation.
â— This motorcycle sound system comprises of a lighter weight set of speakers whose weight is of the value 4.5 pounds.
â— This motorcycle sound system comes with a warranty of one year from the date of purchase.


8. Kicker 40PSM34 Motorcycle Sound System

Kicker 40PSM34 Motorcycle Sound SystemLet’s have a look at some of the exquisite features of this motorcycle sound system below:

â— This motorcycle sound system comprises of Mini-speakers which were the first of a kind to be launched. These mini-speakers were built to attract the consumers as they have started to use motorcycles which are having very little handlebars and the previous speakers used to eat most of the area of the handlebars.
â— These Mini speakers though are of small size provided much quality sound compared with the other huge speaker motorcycle sound systems. These mini speakers were mounted on the handlebars, and these set of speakers had a rapid and easy installation process.
â— Although these speakers are small to look, they are embedded with weatherproof material within them. They are constructed with a different material, and their envelopes were tightly sealed because of which there was no air gap created between the speakers and envelopes and which also ensured that no foreign materials would damage the structural characteristics of the speaker under any weather conditions either bad or worse.
â— The build of these speakers were characterized by chromed durable enclosures.
â— These chromed durable enclosures were completed with the mounting of the handlebar hardware.
â— The recommended power of these mini speakers is 50 watts beyond which they may fail to perform.
â— Added multiple inputs such as AUX, SD, and USB are eliminated from this motorcycle sound system as it consists of only a mini set of speakers connected to a Bluetooth device with no display or wired remotes embedded to it.
â— These Mini Speakers are one of the best in the business right now, as it is just oriented with the Bluetooth technology and no other criteria, which makes it one of the simplest speakers available in the markets right now.
â— This motorcycle sound system is preferred by many because of its simple approach, as some of the riders need speakers which are embedded with Bluetooth and do not care about the rest as nowadays most of the music is available in our fingerprints due to the presence of newer applications in our cell phones.
â— These speakers come with an authorized warranty of two years from the date of purchase.


9. 5.25 Motorcycle Crash Bar Motorcycle Sound System

5.25 Motorcycle Crash Bar Motorcycle Sound SystemLet’s have a look at what these new types of speakers bring on the table as a motorcycle sound system below:

â— These motorcycle sound systems are first of the type to be introduced to the market.
â— These are miniature versions of speakers, which resemble earphones but are not earphones as they are quite bigger than the earphones.
â— They resemble the shape of the cans; hence they are also called as speaker cans.
â— These are the easiest amongst all the speakers mentioned above to install.
â— These speakers are specially designed to fit into crash bars, highway bars and engine guards, which mean these speakers, can be a fit anywhere on the motorcycle which has free area.
â— It consists of 2 speaker pods, which come with two clamps. These clamps are the ones which help in attaching the speaker pods with the handle, crash or engine bars.
â— The special characteristics of these bars are that they fit all the motorcycles efficiently, and they do not compromise on size also as they require only a minimum area.
â— These speakers come with a special package where the consumers can choose the speakers themselves.
â— These speakers are manufactured using the highest quality aluminum material which is characterized by 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. So their quality both inbuilt and strength is predominantly higher for the sizes they offer.
â— These motorcycle sound systems are embedded with integrated stereo systems which produce crystal clear output and attenuated input, and also the presence of Bluetooth further attracts these types of motorcycle sound systems with motorcycle enthusiasts.
â— It has just clamps and pods, so no worries entangled wires or display incorrect systems as here everything is dependent on the input of your cell phone and output of the speaker pods which gets amplified in the between.
â— These pods are easier to carry around and also and a sense of flexibility to the rider.
â— Any rider who simply needs a sound system and which requires smaller size can opt for these speaker pods which do not have the high-end features which the other speakers have with them.


10. Kuryakyn 832 – Second Generation Motorcycle Sound System

Kuryakyn 832 - Second Generation Motorcycle Sound SystemLet’s have a look what does this second generation speaker has which makes it unique:
â— This is a second generation speaker. Let me give an example of that. Amazon Echo is a second generation speaker. Now you might have known the answer for this. Yes, this is a smart speaker which is activated by the use of voice command.
â— It consists of speakers whose dimensions are of 3 inches long with additional tweeters in between them, which makes the design look robust and stylish.
â— This is the first of the type speaker which comprises of a full-bodied sound. Normally what happens is that in a speaker, the sound output is released in the center of the speaker. But this type of motorcycle sound system has the whole body of the system has its sound. So an overall sound experience is achieved through these motorcycle sound systems.
â— It consists of a weatherproof speaker which is housed of by different materials which are having high alloy strengths due to which the envelopes at the speaker boundaries are tightly sealed, and no foreign particle is allowed to pass through it.
â— The whole sound system resembles a dome-shaped object, precisely to tell it looks like a bullet.
â— It encloses a powerful amplifier which amplifies the input to crystal clear loud enough output, which redefines the overall sound experience as the whole speaker acts as a sound box in the motorcycle sound system. The amplifier is capable of withstanding a maximum power of up to 50 watts. The sound system also comprises of volume button and a power on/off button switch.
â— The freedom of position is entirely dependent on the rider, which means the rider can choose his favourite position where he wants to place the speakers. How is this possible? This is because of the easy operation of the swivel regulation which also helps in choosing our preferred direction.
â— As the name suggests this smart speaker houses a 3.5 mm jack for headphones and for connecting your cell phones, iPods, MP3 players. This also serves as an extension of the various activities the rider can do with this sound system.
â— It consists of a noise purifier which eliminates the excess noise when it is passed through the amplifier.
â— It also houses a plug-and-play wiring harness which is used for charging these motorcycle sound systems.


What Is A Motorcycle Sound System?

A motorcycle sound system is a sound system which is used in motorcycles, a legitimate viva answer from an Engineering Student. That’s right, but not precise. Let’s properly make the definition sound. Speakers or Sound Systems are systems which can be anchored to a motorcycle’s handle and which have the same functionalities of that of a sound system in a car or a four-wheeler but are smaller in size. Sounds Precise right?

They are moving on why are these sound systems used in motorcycles? Because a best motorcycle sounds system makes your ride safer and sounder so. Why Safer? Just think of the accidents which may happen because the rider wasn’t concentrating on the road as his earphones were too loud to caution him about a speeding truck’s horn or a school van’s indicator.

That’s Disastrous. But with the use of a sound system, such mishaps can be avoided, as they won’t block your ears as the earphones or headphones did. Now, why sounder? It generates the same effect which your earphones did with a better experience.

But it does have its disadvantages, like using it near a hospital can get you caught by the police and even the music you love the most wouldn’t be loved by everyone right? You may irritate some people because of it, as human behavior is pretty unpredictable and it may end up getting you some friends if people match with your taste.

But a best motorcycle audio system will make a motorcycle look cooler and classier. But the only thing you have to take care is that it should be used in the right place and time. Preferably on a long ride, like really long or also at your favorite hilltop or a trek or even at a silent and smoother highway. These sound systems soothe your mind by playing the music which you like.

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Motorcycle Sound System

There are numerous factors to look out for in these stereo systems, in which some unique qualities can be looked into to select our best motorcycle sound system. So what are those unique elements which classify these stereo systems into best motorcycle stereo? Let’s have a look at it.

The common thing in all of these motorcycle sound systems is the design. They are more or less the same, might be some look bigger than the other and some sound systems may even use vibrant colors to allure the customers. But their designs are just like the backside of a cell-phone, with minute adjustments to color and placements but the overall structure and dimensions remain the same.

To qualify a sound system as the best audio system, it must have some out-of-the-box features right? For example, nowadays in a cell-phone, the in-display fingerprint is considered to be an out-of-the-box display. Similarly, the speakers to be used must have such enhancements within them, which can rank them as the best speakers. So, at first, let’s consider some of the enhancements which these sound systems possess nowadays.

1. Built-In-Bluetooth

An attention-grabber, this improvement in the sound system not only emphasized the overall quality but also allows the consumer to connect the stereo system with his cell-phone or bipod and listen to the music out of his favorite collection or playlist.

2. IP rating

It is abbreviated as the International Protection Rating. How to use these sound systems when it’s raining? A question to ponder upon right? That’s where the IP ratings come into play. These ratings make sure that your sound system is waterproof and you can listen to your music without any hiccups en-route your journey. Now, that’s a major enhancement under the category for the best audio systems. There are still many more nominations on the way.

3. Mirror Integration Mount

Well, these improvements look like added mirrors on your motorcycle as these speakers resemble the design of a mirror, and they are mounted in such a way that it seems as if the motorcycle has four side-view mirrors. What is the use of this? A normal motorcycle will resemble a Harley-Davidson. That’s the use. It is just like an icing on the cake.

4. Maximum Amplifier Speakers

This enhancement is what impresses most of the people and credits its name into the category of the Best Motorcycle Speakers. Why? Suppose your motorcycle is loud enough and it is a known fact that you will hear to the music only when you are driving, and the volume of the speakers are so minimal that you barely hear to the music, then what is the use of those speakers.

There comes this requirement of heavy bass speakers or high volume speakers which are loud enough to beat the powerful engine’s noise and make it powerless. Maximum Amplifier Speakers does this job with ease. So we got the frontrunner of the Best Motorcycle Speakers Category here.

5. Weatherproof Speakers

What is the basic job of a stereo system? It is to convert the electrical signals into mechanical energy which in turn generates a disturbance in the air; the outcome of this is we hear the music. But the air-flow, as well as the disturbance generated, depends on our sound waves.

The sound waves are different in every part. The sound waves produced in the indoors have a different effect compared to the sound waves produced in the outdoors. Now the picture is clear, why the weatherproof speakers were mentioned in the above list correct?

Weatherproof speakers are similar to the speakers which we use for our indoor purposes but are made from compact substances and which are tightly sealed only for the prevention of excess moisture from leaving them in ruins. These weatherproof speakers add such greater importance while high-adventure rides or rides in humid places.

This quality of the speakers can also be categorized under the Best motorcycle Speakers. These speakers are outside throughout the day rite, so they are remarkably immune to many discrepancies, so it’s better to be cautious rather than crying later right? As we know the well-known proverb ‘Prevention is better than Cure.’

6. Multiple Inputs

Multiple inputs are the hidden features of the best motorcycle stereo system. Why am I referring to these inputs as hidden features because they help when the rest fail. Surprising right? Let’s see what these multiple inputs are. Radio, USB, AUX are those multiple inputs which are found in best motorcycle audio systems. Did I refer to the best motorcycle audio systems?

Yes. Why because sometimes due to network fluctuations or signal interruptions the Bluetooth of a device might fail, at such a time these multiple inputs prove to be very handy for a sound system. As with the use of such inputs, your music will stay nearer to you only. And also if you use Bluetooth for a longer time, it might drain your battery. So better to use such options know.

7. Warranty and Service

If these things are not available properly, then its waste even though all the others are available. Because the warranty determines the quality of the product and service determines the timely repair of the sound system as well as the availability of the parts.

Such characteristics or qualities help in making the Best motorcycle sound system convert into best motorcycle sound systems. That is these qualities enhance the sound system to a higher level, and higher reach of the audience will be possible.

8. Wireless Remote Control

Which has the highest speed in internet facilities? Wired Cable or Wireless Internet? Will it be cool if our Television remotes are wired? Similarly, the best component of Best motorcycle sound system is the wireless remote control.

If things are wired around to your bike, it might be very difficult to ride, and it might lead your speakers to a disastrous end. So it will be safe if it is wireless right? And upon that, can it be controlled using a remote? That is a reasonable deal. Now, that’s a prime quality of an audio system.

9. Hard Built-in Parts

The part of a stereo is what makes it the best motorcycle stereo. If the parts are not able to sustain the wear and tear, in precise if the body is not able to sustain to the wear and tear, then it may break into pieces.

So it is essential for the parts and the body to have a heavy and high-quality build so that it sustains with the wear and tear which it may have to endure during the process. This Hard Built in not only guarantees the overall endurance and performance of the stereo but also ensures its position in the category of best motorcycle stereo.

10. Sensitivity of Buttons and Mounting with the help of Adjustable Brackets

We are pulling down the curtains with the last nominations of our best motorcycle sound system category. Button sensitivity is one of the main causes which pull the consumer or the buyer towards the product which is the sound system.

A consumer gets mesmerized with the quality of button sensitivity; the higher the button sensitivity higher will be the consumer interaction as well as the sales of the product. Why is button sensitivity so important here because most of the riders will be having gloves on their hands and even if they are without the gloves, due to the humidity of the atmosphere hands tend to be rough or slippery sometimes?

This is where the button sensitivity comes into the picture; it helps reading the right button accurately and performs the job required of it. Sometimes, if the button sensitivity is high, then the consumer may not even use the wireless remote control option as he might feel very amused and attracted towards the sensitivity of the buttons which makes his job done in seconds.

Moving on to the second part of this category is the adjustable mounting brackets. These brackets help in perfectly aligning the sound system. And the biggest plus point of this quality is that it can be aligned in our favorite position anytime and anywhere. This also helps us in removing the sound system whenever it is not required and mounting it back whenever it is required.

So the buyer or rider feels enthusiastic with this option over here as he can mount his speakers whenever he plans out for a long ride, and unmount it whenever he has some official work and has to have a more formal approach in his personality which is reflected by the way he communicates with his motorcycle.

These qualities not only enhance the modifications of a sound system but also helps the consumer or the buyer analyze according to his priorities and choose the sound system which he feels will be his best motorcycle audio system or his best motorcycle stereo according to his priorities or his requirements.

So that will be a detailed approach of how to buy the best motorcycle sound system and what are the factors which make an audio system or a speaker, the best motorcycle audio system or the best motorcycle speaker.

Now, let’s focus on our next sector of the articles and look at some of the best motorcycle sound systems available in the market as of now.

Choosing The Best Motorcycle Sound System is now Easy

So we learned about what are motorcycle sound systems and later saw the different enhancements seen in them, along with the unique qualities which make a motorcycle sound system the best motorcycle sound system. We also had a detailed review of the Top motorcycle sound systems available where we also studied and saw their different and distinguished characteristics. After seeing this, I am entirely convinced that I will be buying the best motorcycle sound system for my motorcycle. What about you?

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