Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Seibertron Dirtpaw 2. Street Bike Glove 09 3. Fox Racing Ranger

Ever wondered what it’s like to ride a motorcycle along the country roads? It’s probably one of the most calm and delightful experiences. You feel the wind breezing by your side and the rejuvenating sweet scent of the age-old mud rejuvenates you while you accelerate through the hills, ignorant of the scorching sun above. At times, you may be busy riding towards the peaks of the mighty Himalayas or the alps, oblivious of the harsh temperature conditions around. Under these conditions, it is not advisable to leave your hands unprotected. That is when you need your motorcycle gloves.

Well, some of you may not be ride to that extent. You may simply use your bike for regular office or college commutes (or not even that). Then you might be wondering why you even need motorcycle gloves. Perhaps because your hands are no less precious than your forehead fitting perfectly inside your helmet. Owning the Best summer motorcycle gloves, though not a necessity, is an excellent advantage in terms of motorcycle gears.


One who is convinced to buy motorcycle gloves may go through a long process before deciding on the best summer motorcycle glove of 2021. To make it easier for all curious minds out there, we’re here to make this simpler by providing you with sufficient information.

Now that we have discussed enough about why we need motorcycle gloves, let us understand how they help the rider, the principles based on which good quality gloves are made, the factors we should check before buying a glove, and the best summer motorcycle gloves of today. And then we finally provide a decisive conclusion on which summer motorcycle gloves are the best (overall). This will make it easier for you to shortlist and pick one which suits your choice.

What Makes It Significant?

Now that I have told you why to invest in gloves for riding a motorcycle, you might think there is no point spending extra money in a glove specially designed for biking. Instead, why not buy regular gloves that cost way lesser?

As simple as they sound, they have a specific purpose to serve. Motorcycle gloves have special features that make them different and significant for bikers.

They provide extensive comfort to the biker in using the motorcycle features more effectively by tackling environmental hazards.

In case of a crash, they prevent your hands from scrapping and protect against harsh injuries.
They maintain an optimum temperature within and prevent your hands from sustaining environmental damage.
While riding a motorcycle, wind is a greater hazard than temperature. In this case normal gloves do not serve your purpose.

In situations where hot wind is blowing, regular gloves tend to make your hands sweat even more. But motorcycle gloves act as a defence against these hot winds.
They provide a better grip to the rider making it more comfortable for to ride.
They prevent your fingers from sudden impacts by providing palmed sliders and hardened knuckles.

So many advantages and just a small investment. Why risk it when you have a simple solution. Buying motorcycle gloves is of no loss to you, so why avoid it.

Assembly Of A Summer Motorcycle Glove

A motorcycle glove is built of approximately eight to nine separate structures. Unlike regular leather or woolen gloves, they are not stitched out of a single piece. Let us discuss each one of them.

The upper is the thickest and toughest part of the glove. It is meant to cover the top portion of your hand. So why is this part necessary in building a motorcycle glove? Because it not only protects you in situations of crashes but also prevents your knuckles from experiencing intense impacts.

The palm is where the comfort lies. You want to feel soft and relaxed while you place your hand on the throttle. For this purpose a goatskin is used to make this portion.

Fourchettes is that connecting part you feel between your fingers. It connects the upper part to the palm portion of the glove. It is a strip-type structure designed and attached specifically over motorcycle gloves. In certain low quality gloves, this can create discomfort in between your fingers. So it is better to choose a good quality glove to avoid any such feeling in unexpected places.

A mutti-layered or multi-lined glove is considered to be very cozy and warm. The lining forms an important part of motorcycle gloves as well. It increases the amount of comfort a glove can provide with materials like thinsulate to make these.

Cuffs are one of the most important parts of any glove. They provide the support needed for the glove to hold on to your wrist and not slip off. For this reason, they have to be sufficiently tight. A good-quality motorcycle glov cannot afford to be loose, which only causes it to repeatedly slide off the hands. Neither can it be so tight that it prevents the required ventilation.

While riding a motorcycle, you cannot afford a lesser-than-needed blood circulation as having numb hands can be dangerous. So cuffs are one thing you should look out for. Certain motorcycle gloves also have additional padding along the cuffs. Remember that the main function of the glove is to prevent weather changes from affecting your palms and maintaining the required ventilation.

The cuffs hold another element in charge of holding the glove on to the wrist. This part is called the closure. Finding a glove with the desired closure is more of a subjective choice. Some gloves have buttons while others have D ring straps. Sometimes it uses a velcro or hook-a-look. The user has to decide which type he or she prefers before making a purchase.

The Armour is the hardest part in a motorcycle glove. Any motorcycle glove is incomplete without it. It is that one thing which makes your additional investment worth the money. It counts as the difference between normal leather or woolen gloves and motorcycle gloves. The armour prevents your skin from scraping in case of a crash and reduces the damage to a great extent. It can be made of different materials like padding or more specifically an EVA foam, thermoplastic urethene (TPU), and even carbon fibre. It can also be made of steel or under very rare cases other exotic materials.

The one element that holds all other parts of the glove together is the stitching. We tend to ignore this before we buy ourselves a pair. After all, some of us do believe that stitching across all products remains the same. But no, we’re supposed to check which material is used for stitching, verify if the double stitching is aesthetic enough, and see whether there’s external stitching near the fingers.

As far as the material used for stitching is concerned, kevlar is preferred. There may be places where double stitching is used for extra support. External stitching is used near the fingers and thumb since internal stitching in those areas can be discomforting. Certain motorcycle gloves also have extra features such as palm sliders, finger bridges, knuckle vents, and touchscreen capabilities.

What Is The Material Used?

There are two kinds of materials used for making motorcycle gloves – leather and textile. Leather gloves are considered to be more comfortable as they mould themselves according to the shape of your hands. But when it comes to bearing harsh weather conditions, textiles gloves come off as a better choice. If you are an adventurer and use your motorcycle for biking in the extremes, you should go for textile gloves. But for regular use, leather is a perfect choice too.

Types Of Motorcycle Gloves

There are many types of motorcycle gloves classified according to their purpose. Let us see a few common ones among them.

1. Racing

These are expensive gloves specially made for intense racing. They are basically gauntlets with a complete armour and sufficient ventilation near the knuckles. They feature a thin material for the palm to provide brilliant throttle control and the required amount of ventilation. The armour proves useful in case of a crash.

2. Gauntlets

These are gloves which cover the complete wrist along with the palm and fingers. These are very useful for rain and cold prevention as they do not allow any moisture to seep inside and prevent changes in weather from affecting your hands. But these are not recommended in warm weather as they do not provide enough ventilation and may make your hands sweaty.

3. Summer

What exactly is different about summer motorcycle gloves? Well for starters, they provide utmost comfort with a good amount of ventilation. They are generally short unlike gauntlets and also have a stylish structure.

4. Off Road

Being regular gloves for those who seldom ride their bikes, off roads are a perfect choice. They lack armour and are very reasonably priced. They are generally used for a better grip on the throttle.

Aspects To Check Before Buying the Best Summer Motorcycle Glove

Before buying, or even shortlisting summer motorcycle gloves, you should consider certain aspects. In other words, you should keep a track of the criteria which will help you decide which summer motorcycle gloves are the best for you. There are a few things in that list you should look out for. Let us consider each of them.

1. Ventilation

This aspect is very important in, be it a summer, winter, or even an off-road glove. One cannot ride a motorcycle with the hands cramped inside the glove. Sweaty palms can loosen your grip loose and result in a loss of on the throttle as well as the brakes. Lack of sufficient blood circulation can also cause problem that go beyond your hands, like headaches, varying blood pressure, and more.

To avoid such situations it is better to choose a glove that provides sufficient ventilation. There should be enough space for air to flow in through the wrist to the palms as well from the knuckles all the way to your fingers. The material used in making the glove also contributes to a huge extent.

2. Material Used

As discussed earlier there are two types of materials that can be used in making any type of motorcycle glove. Depending on the purpose of your biking, you can decide which material you want to go for. For example, if you are involved into adventurous biking, textile makes a safer choice than leather. Also, there are a few more modern types of materials which have come up which sometimes prove worth the cost.

3. Length

Summer motorcycle gloves are meant to be short in order to provide ventilation and extend their use when needed. But the user must decide as to how short the gloves should be according to comfort-level. It is recommended that it shouldn’t go beyond your wrist, but some prefer it to be longer.

4. Riding Style

You do not want to buy gloves which do not go with your bike or style. If you ride a sports bike, you have to choose the glove accordingly. Sometimes a rusty look suits your rugged bike, but this is a subjective criterion that one must carefully think over prior to buying a glove to keep in sync with your attire.

5. Climate

Summer motorcycle gloves may not be as obvious as they sound. There are generally two kinds of summer climates. Near the coast, you find moderately hot weather with high concentrations of moisture. On the other hand, you find a scorching hot and sunny climate in the interiors of continents. These two are different conditions and you will have to choose your glove in accordance with each of them.

In conditions of humidity, you have to choose the glove with features that prevent sweat from affecting your ride. The ventilation has to be enough and the material used should be decided accordingly. It may be porous near the palms or have some kind of opening for air intake.

But in case of a dry and extremely hot climate, gloves that offer protection from such harsh weather are a necessity. They must be completely covered and house an opening meant for air to come in. In such conditions, the wind flowing will be hot as well, so the ventilation should not be more than required. The material used must maintain a constant temperature inside instead of causing an unusual rise in warmth due to the conditions outside. Hence, before choosing your glove, check what kind of climate will you be riding in.

6. Comfort

The comfort of a summer motorcycle glove mainly depends on the material used, the stitching, the kind of fitting, and its lining. As mentioned earlier, choosing a comfortable material is a subjective matter. The same goes with the fit. Before making a purchase, check whether the finger bridge is of good quality. A few of the best gloves possess one of the most vital qualities – an exceptionally good stitching.

A perfect stitching can create comfort in wearing gloves. Double stitches and external stitches should be correctly located for these results. The lining on your palm must also provide a cozy feeling while maintaining a firm grip on the throttle. As a whole, comfort generally depends on person to person, though certain gloves are meant to provide only the best comfort. We shall look at that later.

7. Protection

Certain regular riders prefer to have a tough armour to prevent their hands from scraping during a crash. And it definitely is always better to have this.. If the investment in this quality is affordable, then why not go for the best considering the worst may happen to anyone?

Armour is not the only aspect of protection. The best gloves in the list are also known for impact resistance. Bikers are often exposed to situations where the momentum of their motorcycle changes suddenly. In such circumstances, inertia produces a sudden impact which could damage the knuckles of the rider. To prevent this, motorcycle gloves are added with extra protection to prevent damage by reducing the impact produced on the knuckles or joints in case of a change in momentum and even a crash.

8. Size/Dimensions

In very simple terms, before buying any glove, check whether they are of the same size as your hands. Many times, we check for advanced features but forget this basic requirement. Remember that the more accurate the size, the greater is the comfort.

9. Budget

Obviously, you must have already considered this. But if you have not, decide on your budget and look for gloves accordingly. We will be providing a list of few of the best products, so make sure you go through that and shortlist the ones which fit your budget as well as your purpose. Going a little out of the way won’t be harmful and would instead make you feel better while you ride your precious motorcycle. This is a relatively small investment, so unless necessary it is advised to not be too conservative.

Top 5 Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves 2021

1. Seibertron Dirtpaw

Seibertron DirtpawConsidered as one of the cheapest and still the best, Seibertron Dirtpaw is made of a blend of materials for good comfort. It is composed of 30% synthetic leather, 30% polyamide, 15% polyvinyl, 15% neoprene, and 10% polyurethane.

These are brilliant for sports-related purposes. Rubber logos injected on the patches of fingers and knuckles prevent the rider from sudden impacts. A simple rubber armour contributes to a decent protection and remain useful in case of a minor accident, but may not be able to prevent scraping in a serious occurrence..

They are extremely comfortable with the light silicone padding providing a good grip on the handle. Along with a very comfortable finger gusset, they have velcro to hold on to the wrist. For the price paid, it is an amazing investment that’s completely worth it.


2. Street Bike Full Finger Motorcycle Glove 09

Street Bike Full Finger Motorcycle Glove 09Made of polyester, this glove provides a rigid armour along with a good amount of padding. It also has an additional shock absorber at the knuckle region and sufficient protection to deal with any kind of crash.. The material used provides enough ventilation for the rider thanks to its porous nature and air vents through the pads.

Available in every size from small to extra large, it is quite inexpensive considering the protection provided. Though not the winner, it stands second to the least-priced summer motorcycle glove in this list of the best gloves of 2021.


3. Fox Racing Ranger Mountain Bike Glove

Fox Racing Ranger Mountain Bike GloveIf you want something as comfortable as a regular glove in fashion along with the protection of a high end motorcycle glove, this is the perfect choice. It is built of a synthetic suede and has more features than meet the eye.

Being extremely fashionable, Fox has invested a lot in comfort. It is made with a mesh-like structure that not only provides enough breathing room for your hand but also consists of a flexible structure that adjusts to your hands immediately. The material along with the frame makes this glove incredibly light in weight – probably the lightest glove available with all these features.

Apart from its weight, the synthetic material dries rapidly. Sweat has absolutely no chance to prevail inside this glove. No matter how hot or moisturous the weather, it remains a comfortable and stylish wear. The netted synthetic suede provides a slim fit, preventing your glove from coming in the way while riding your motorcycle or getting stuck in your clothes.

Well, it does not stop at comfort. This versatile glove made by Fox is a brilliant choice for adequate protection. The double layer of the fine clarino synthetic suede prevents any kind of scraping in case of a crash. It also provides a high end padding for the knuckles that prevents shocks and knuckle or finger injuries.

This all-in-one glove is a little more expensive than the average motorcycle glove, but the amount of features it holds makes it worth the price. It seems like the company has not compromised on anything, be it protection, comfort, style, or even colours.


4. Full Finger Goatskin Leather

Full Finger Goatskin LeatherThis product, as the name suggests, is made of goatskin leather which is considered to be the best organically. The most amazing aspect is the fact that it is sold in three types: perforated, non-perforated, and steel-armoured. You can decide the type according to your climate and purpose.

If you are involved in adventurous riding, you should go for the steel armoured glove. For a humid climate, a perforated glove provides sufficient ventilation in the warmth and even minimizes sweating. On the other hand, a non-perforated glove is useful when the humidity is low and when issues like extreme sunlight and other external weather conditions affect what’s inside the glove.

Being made of goatskin, it is extremely lightweight, flexible and durable. It also has a hard plastic padding to prevent from crashes. An additional padding on the knuckles provides impact resistance as well and an anti-skid structure on the palm provides a firm grip on the throttle.

Apart from the above features, it also has a knuckle button lock and touch screen capability, which is one of the most useful additions a glove can hold. Although it is an expensive product, the features offered by this glove more than make up for the cost.


5. Toniski Carbon Fibre

Toniski Carbon FibreMade of synthetic fabrics like rayon and polyvinyl chloride, this product has an armour made of carbon fibre that offers immense protection. It is perfect for intense use because of its rugged hard shell and knuckle protection along with shock absorbing abilities.

It also has a breathable mesh for sufficient ventilation and a comfortable velcro hold on the grip. Although not the most fashionable structure, they have managed to make the cheapest motorcycle glove among the best with every required feature.


The above five products are the best summer motorcycle gloves available in the market. All of these products either have a list of endless features worth their price or all the necessary offerings at a cheaper rate. Each of these fit perfectly on your hand while providing the required protection. Every glove in the above list serves the basic purpose of a satisfactory summer motorcycle glove.

To Sum It Up

This article discussed everything about a motorcycle glove, from what it is made of and how it’s made to what to look out for and the best summer motorcycle gloves available in today’s market. You can make a list of the given criteria that match your needs along with the product that satisfies. Although the products in the list are all capable of fulfilling every criteria given, it should be easier for you to just choose your budget and buy what you need. A required investment in your own safety that still keeps your hands pretty is absolutely worth it!

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