Best Helmet Locks In 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Lockstraps 801 2. Master Lock LYSBO6 3. Big Pantha

Motorcycle helmets are indispensable and are also made mandatory in most of the cities. However, helmets are certainly a pricey investment, most of the people prefer a particular design, color or convenience. I agree these pricey helmets are worth the money but is it really convenient to always carry them when you are out shopping or meeting friends? No right?

Well, this doesn’t mean that you should stop wearing your helmet while riding but we need to think of placing it somewhere where it remains safe. What’s better than placing your helmet securely on your motorcycle or bike? Yes, securing your helmets is now easy using the best helmet locks.

How important is your helmet to you? Well, if it is your favorite helmet and if you are not willing to bear the risk of losing it to some thieves or wind, then you must certainly consider buying the best motorcycle helmet lock so that you can store it safely.


Helmet locks are not just those old cables with a padlock but a number of unique locks are present in the market today. There are plate locks, carabiner locks, combination locks, cord locks, etc. The padlock follows the same mechanism of using keys to lock and unlock, whereas, these combination locks operate with either three or four digit pin combinations, completely eliminating the purpose of carrying another extra key. Also, these helmet locks are designed and constructed using high-quality materials.

Things To Be Considered Before Choosing the Best Helmet Locks

Always select a helmet lock that is easy to install and matches your skill range because some helmet locks may require soldering and welding, which is kind of complicated. However, while choosing an easy helmet lock, you should make sure if it is durable and effective in safeguarding your helmet against thefts.

Apart from carabiner and cord lock, there are other types of helmet locks that require proper installation. For example, the license plate lock needs to be installed on the flat license plate only. You can’t use it for your motorcycle with a curved plate. Hence, you need to pick an optimal helmet lock that is easy to install, falling within your skill range and also the one which is suitable for your motorcycle.

Well, almost all the helmet locks are designed to be weather resistant and comes with an anti-corroding property. And the best part, most of the products are either coated or rubberized to prevent any scrapes on the motorcycle that might occur because of the lock. Take a look at the various motorcycle helmet lock reviews and I am sure, you will be ready to pick one product by the end of this article.

Top 13 Motorcycle Helmet Locks To Secure Your Helmet

1. Lockstraps 801 Locking Carabiner

Lockstraps 801 Locking CarabinerThis product will surprise you with its solid and sturdy nature. The six inches long versatile helmet lock is built using solid steel making it hard for anybody to cut through, even with an angle grinder. The six inches body length doesn’t limit its power of taking the load, instead, the carabiner is capable of taking a load of 600 pounds and big enough to safeguard two helmets with deft. All thanks to its 12-ounce weight! What is better than not carrying a key and the fear of losing it? Yes, Lockstraps 801 has eliminated the problem of carrying a key. It has adapted three-digit combination lock which will give you 999 possible pin combinations.

The product is not just limited to locking the helmets, it can be used to secure other gears as well. However, if you are not in favor of carrying your helmet while shopping but still, are concerned about its safety, then this heavy duty helmet lock is perfect for you.


2. Master Lock LYSBO6

Master Lock LYSBO6This follows the basic helmet lock structure but with refined quality and features. As LYSBO6 has a simple lock and key structure, it is an absolute no-brainer for anybody who is willing to buy a helmet lock. The burly braided steel framework and 3 feet long with 5 mm diameter cable not just secures your helmet but also has the capacity of holding a jacket.

Moreover, adding to the safety, the integrated padlock is made up of laminated steel, making it durable and avoiding any sort of embezzlement. As a bonus, the lock comes with two sets of keys per lock, you won’t have to worry about losing it now. Looks like this one is the most easy-working helmet lock in the market.


3. Big Pantha Helmet Lock And Cable

Big Pantha Helmet Lock And CableThe Big Pantha is another sturdy carabiner, consisting of braided steel coiled cable and uses a pin locking mechanism. Like other motorcycle helmet locks, even Big Pantha consists of 3-digit pin combination providing a maximum of 999 possible combinations. The cable is six feet in length encased by a rubber coating to avoid any scratches on the helmet. Not only does this avoids scratches but also keeps the lock away from corrosion and the exposed iron surface of the carabiner is handled by coating it with a black paint.

This is a pretty adaptable helmet lock that can be used both for half as well as full helmets. So, without any doubts, you can anchor your helmets on the motorcycle using the Big Pantha helmet lock.


4. Kuryakin 4248

Kuryakin 4248Kuryakin 4248 is a license plate helmet lock which is unique from other motorcycle helmet locks. It is installed on a standard size 4 x 7 inches license plate frame using screws. This black metal body stationed on the license plate is perfect for keeping your helmet secured and also safe from getting knocked by the person parking next to you. Well, the locking mechanism follows the normal lock and key pattern, wherein the product comes with a spare key in case you lose one.

Although this helmet lock is unique and good, this product is inapt for curved or custom applications. You better have a motorcycle with a flat license plate to install this product. Other than this, I believe this is one of the best helmet locks for safeguarding your helmets.


5. DDKY Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Again, this one is a carabiner helmet locker with an extended spring like cable operating on three-digit pin combinations. The cable is made up of zinc alloy, hence the cable is elastic in nature. All the components of the helmet lock are powder coated black, preventing it from corrosion. However, this five feet elastic cable is very flexible and can easily secure two helmets.

Well, along with safeguarding your helmet, it can also be used for various other purposes. This product is very light and can easily be carried in a pocket or under the seat of your motorcycle. Once purchased, you do not have to worry about the product because it comes with a lifetime warranty. Honestly, this product should certainly be on the list of the best motorcycle helmet locks 2018.


6. Helmetlok 4101

Helmetlok 4101Helmetlok 4101 is a sleek carabiner helmet lock that operates with a four-digit combination lock. This comes with an aluminum coating which keeps it light as well as durable. The overall plastic framework prevents any scratches on the bike as well as corrosion. Unlike other combination locks, Helmetlok is made of zinc alloy, hence the lock is weather resistant. Moreover, the hinge on this carabiner opens outwards eliminating all the fuss and making it as a multipurpose product.

Four-digit pin combination adds extra security to safeguard your helmet and also, the product is so small and light-weight that it can easily be carried and used anytime.


7. Master Lock #99

Master Lock #99Similar to Master Lock LYSBO6, this is also a cable helmet lock but with a single padlock and operates with a 4 pin tumbler. Moreover, the lock also comes with a spare key in case you lose one. 5mm thick and 14 inches long steel cable is absolutely very portable to carry either in pockets or in a handbag. Also, the nylon coating makes the helmet corrosion and scratch resistant.

The padlock is very soft in nature as it consists of a plastic framework. The 4 pin tumbler works really well providing extra security and avoiding jamming. Overall, this helmet lock is very simple but yes, it won’t let you down when it comes to securing your helmet.


8. Auto Parts Prodigy Motorcycle Helmet Lock And Cable

Auto Parts Prodigy Motorcycle Helmet Lock And CableLike most of the easy helmet locks, even this falls into the category of carabiner helmet lock. It is portable and versatile to secure your helmet as well as other gears. This carabiner helmet lock comes with a six feet long cable and 3mm in diameter, operating with a three-digit pin combination mechanism. You don’t have to worry about getting any grazes on the bike or helmet because the helmet lock cable is rubberized and coated with PVC.

Overall, the lock is built using high-quality metal which is weather resistant with anti-rusting property. Another advantage is, the product comes with a year’s warranty. This tiny, portable helmet lock is definitely worth the money spent.


9. Kuryakin Street Racing

Kuryakin Street RacingThis is a compact and unique helmet lock. You can look it as a clamp that needs to be attached on the metal tube using screws. Although this is a permanent attachment, it doesn’t harm any structural integrity of the motorcycle. It comes in two different sizes, â…ž to 1-¼ inches for the 4220 or 1-¼ to 1-½ inches for the larger 4232. Also, it involves a padlock that comes with a spare key.

The chrome finish makes it look better on a cruiser or maybe on a small sports bike as well. Yes, this is a compact device, hence appreciated by people with less carrying space. This helmet lock is optimal if you are looking to secure one helmet.


10. Lock-It Straps 901

Lock-It Straps 901At first sight, you might feel as if this is a 3mm diameter fabric with a carabiner. Do not go on its outer look, it’s way stronger than its appearance. Two rugged steel cables are covered under this nylon strap, and since it is nylon, you do not have to be worried about the fading bike paint or the risk of corrosion.

This helmet lock is durable as well as flexible and the three-digit carabiner lock secures your helmet pretty well.

Helmet combinations Carabiner lock and cable by burning candle creations
Even though this helmet lock is small in size but is a great product to not only secure your helmet but also your jackets, backpacks, and other gears. I think the small size of the lock is really an added advantage as it is super portable and light to easily carry around. Well, this helmet lock comprises of all the vital materials, – the braided stainless steel cables adds to the durability of the product, whereas, the nylon coating makes it water resistant and prevents it from rusting. What’s more? The lock is completely rubberized, hence you will not have to worry about your motorcycle getting scraped.

This is a carabiner based helmet lock with an extended six feet stainless steel cable operating with a three-digit pin combination. If you got motorcycles of great brands such as BMW, KTM, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Harley, etc, then this motorcycle helmet lock is specifically designed for you.


11. Motorcycle Helmet Lock By Racing 1

Motorcycle Helmet Lock By Racing 1Another keyless, three digit combination helmet lock, now with a self-coiling feature is in the market by Racing 1. The six feet long coiled cable is made up of braided steel and coated using PVC to prevent from rusting and scrapes on the motorcycle. As usual, the three-digit pin combination lock will leave you with an option of choosing from 999 different combinations to secure your helmet.

Moreover, this helmet lock is portable and multipurpose, you can use it either for your motorcycles, skateboards, motorbikes, gates and fences, ladders, etc.


12. FJM Security SX-645

FJM Security SX-645This is another tough cable lock that comes with a four-digit pin combination mechanism, which will give you around a maximum of 10,000 possible combinations to safeguard your helmet. The cable is 6 feet long and 5mm in diameter and also contains a loop at the end for securing any stationary objects. PVC coating on the cable prevents it from corroding and also avoids scratches on your motorcycle.

The length of this motorcycle helmet lock will allow you to secure other stuff such as jackets, backpacks, etc. You can totally rely on this and place your helmets on the motorcycle without any worries.


13. Motorcycle Helmet Lock And Cable By Bristol Designs

Motorcycle Helmet Lock And Cable By Bristol DesignsLike most of the other motorcycle helmet locks, it is a carabiner lock with a cable, working with three-digit pin combination lock mechanism. Not only does this secures your helmet but also immobilizes your bike’s brake disk and locks the bike’s saddle in place, preventing motorcycle theft. No doubt on the durability of this product since it is made up of stainless steel, with 100% waterproof and anti-rusting guarantee, and also the product is rubberized to avoid scratches.

Again, this helmet lock is multipurpose which will help you secure either jacket, backpacks, strollers, gates, etc. You can definitely consider this carabiner helmet lock if you are not just looking to secure your helmet but are also looking to secure other stuff as well.


Eco-Home Helmet Lock Cable

A self-recoiling motorcycle helmet lock cable from Eco-home features two locking mechanism of the cable and D-lock. You can either secure your helmet using the five feet long cable or secure it by using the D-lock. You can trust on the quality and durability of the product as the cable is constructed using stainless steel and coated with a proactive sleeve, providing it with anti-cutting and anti-scratching protection. Zinc alloy is used for the lock giving it maximum security.

Like other helmet locks, even this is a versatile product opening multiple options to secure other stuff such as jackets, backpacks, strollers, etc, and can be used either for your motorcycles, motorbikes, skateboards, etc. Adding to these features, this motorcycle helmet lock comes with a 24-months warranty.

Different Types Of Helmet Locks

While buying any products we all look for its durability, hence the same applies to the motorcycle helmet locks. Most of them prefer the lock to be very discreet also, they want it not to interfere in any bike aesthetics. So, before buying any helmet locks, having proper knowledge of different varieties is always advantageous. You can select the best one for your motorcycle or motorbike or etc. Below mentioned are some popular varieties of locks.

License Plate lock

As the name suggests, this lock is installed on the license plate without affecting any of the bike parts or will it create any problem in balancing. It is completely a metal body, which is very strong and very hard to pass through. You do not have to worry about its installation as it is very easy and hardly takes thirty minutes to perfectly fix it.

Bolt Lock

There is no particular location to attach this lock but preferably place it where it doesn’t interfere in the operation of the motorcycle. It is cylindrical in shape and always comes with keys. This is a permanent as well as a versatile helmet lock.

Handlebar Lock

This lock is very robust, stylish, and has a universally accepted design. It is constructed using steel and other shiny metals hence have a very sturdy look.

Cord Lock

The long cable locks that we often see is the cord lock or also called as the mesh leash. Generally, these locks are very durable and also rubberized to avoid any scrapes on the bike. It can either operate with a padlock that comes with keys or with combinations that don’t require any key.

Combination Or Carabiner Lock

This lock is usually preferred by motorcycle enthusiasts or cyclists. It is a very simple carabiner lock that operates with three or four digit pin combinations. You will never be at a risk of losing your keys with this type of helmet lock.

Why Is It Important To Buy Helmet Lock?

First of all, helmets are necessary, they protect motorists, bikers, and other recreational riders. Owning the best helmet of your choice or the one suitable for your motorcycle or motorbike is certainly exorbitant. Well, in that case, it is very important to safeguard your helmet from thieves.

Moreover, carrying your helmets at times while you are street shopping or in malls might be annoying. However, most of the helmets don’t fit in your handbags or backpacks, so what are you going to do with your helmet? This is where the purpose of motorcycle helmet locks are served. Nowadays, helmet locks are not just used to secure helmets but are also used for securing backpacks, jackets, strollers, etc.

A number of quality helmet locks are currently available in the market today and with these helmet locks, I am sure, you can be very confident about leaving your helmets out on the motorcycles.

Secure your Helmet With the Best Lock!

Some helmet locks these days are tiny and portable that doesn’t mean that you need to buy a random one for securing your helmet. I am sure, you are very conscious about your helmet and doesn’t want to lose it.

If this is the case, you must certainly buy a helmet lock that suits your motorcycle or bike and your helmet as well. You can find a number of options designed for all kinds of helmets, also these locks help you secure other gears as well. I guess this guide has given you a complete idea about the motorcycle helmet locks and I am sure, you are ready to buy a helmet lock of your choice by now.

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