Best Motorcycle Locks 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. MysBiker Alarm Disc Lock 2. Kryptonite Disc Lock 3. Grip-Lock GLRed

Do you love going on long drives on your bike? Roaming freely at a high speed and speaking to the winds is a dream come true. But there are people aka thieves for whom your motorcycle is an easy target. Your bike can be sold as a whole in the black market or discarded into pieces and each part sold separately. How cruel is that? You can never guarantee if your bike will remain safe forever. Nevertheless, there are ways to safeguard your bike. It does not ensure full security but acts as extra layers of protection and facilitates the safe storage of your motorcycle.

Best motorcycle locks are an essential part of your biking journey. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and with varied technology. Some of them suits best when you have parked your bike at home while some of them are best suited while travelling. For most motorcycles, a simple rotor lock is enough.


If you’ve been searching for best motorcycle lock within a budget, then you are at the right place. After doing extensive research, and going through hundreds of products and reading innumerable reviews, we have curated a guide for you discussing the best motorcycle locks. We will also discuss the types of locks, things to consider before you buy one, and why exactly should you use best motorcycle locks.

So, hop on to find out more!

Top 20 Best Motorcycle Locks 2021

1. MysBiker Alarm Disc Lock Silver Knight

MysBiker Alarm Disc Lock Silver Knight

  • 110dB Beep sound
  • Brake lock technology
  • Forged stainless steel

Rightly called the Silver Knight, this Alarm Disc Lock is the anti-theft device that you were always looking for your two-wheeler. This lock is made with forged stainless steel and protects your two-wheeler from any kind of theft or harsh movements all day long and over the night.

Manufactured by MysBiker, this lock is suitable for almost any kind and model of two wheels. Smartly designed with brake lock technology, it has easy ‘one-press’ operated lock which goes into alarm mode that produces a 110dB Beep sound. The sound is produced after sensing any vibrations on it.

It is a strong, durable lock and removing all kinds of security concerns it comes with a 6mm double-locking, carbide-reinforced hardened steel locking pin.

Moreover, MysBiker has taken care of the rusting worries by protecting it with all-around waterproofing technology. One doesn’t need to worry about charging it as it produces a different sound when the batteries get low.

The product comes with 3 keys which makes the lock efficient for motorcycle, bicycle and scooter holes/spokes on the wheel. The long 2m reminder cable is an add on for 2x insurance.

Moreover, each motorcycle alarm disc lock is fitted with 6LR44 batteries. It is super handy as MysBiker provides 6 extra battery pieces too, to keep all usage worries at bay. All these features and an overwhelming number of positive makes it one of the best motorcycle locks in 2021.


2. Kryptonite 00884 Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock

Kryptonite 00884 Keeper 5s Yellow Disc LockFeatures:

  • Lightweight
  • Stapler styled disc lock
  • Ergonomic design

The Kryptonite Keeper 5s Disc Lock is actually a keeper. It is known to keep your vehicle away from any kind of theft. Kryptonite has manufactured this disc-styled Cylinder which is Dual-reinforced. It has a 5mm pin with a viewpoint that the diameter should easily fit smaller vent holes. This 3.1 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches body, which weighs 1.55 pounds is rightly lightweight, compact and hence, easy to carry away your troubles related to your vehicle security! The lock includes 2 tough stainless steel keys with an ergonomic design which is going to reduce the torque amount.

It is well thought of- with a view to avoiding bending or breaking. To prevent the rolling away or riding away of your vehicle, the Keeper is designed smartly with a disc-lock which is stapler styled. Moreover, it includes a bright orange reminder cable to prevent riding away. This product thus claims to ensure your vehicle’s high safety and can stand any kind of weather conditions- be it extreme sunny, or normal to extreme rains and dust.


3. Grip-Lock GLRed Motorcycle and Scooter Handlebar Security Lock, Red

Grip-Lock GLRed Motorcycle and Scooter Handlebar Security Lock, RedFeatures:

  • Grip-lock
  • Lightweight
  • Compact

Grip-Lock claims its handlebar to be the smarter way of protecting your motorcycle from theft. It mounts right at the handlebar and locks both throttle grip and Brake Lever. Available in multiple colours, the handlebar is sure to fit almost all kinds of two-wheelers- from street-touring-motorcycles, all-terrain-vehicles, street-cruiser-motorcycles, off-road-motorcycles and street-motor-scooters to snowmobiles, street-sport-motorcycles and utility vehicles.

The body with dimensions 6.7 x 2.2 x 2 inches, weighs only 10.4 ounces (330g), which is a great deal for people who are seeking for something more lightweight and easy to handle. Plus, applying and removing it takes only 10 seconds: so bonus points for that! Each Grip-Lock contains four hardened Steel cores ensuring maximum protection, and it comes with a reinforced nylon casing that protects the Grip-Lock from corrosion, too.

The Grip-Lock acts as both a visible deterrent & lock Reminder and are smartly designed to be able to be mounted on the left or right grip, according to your wish and comfort.


4. Tchipie Red Alarm Disc Lock 110dB Anti-Theft Motorcycle Wheel Padlock

Tchipie Red Alarm Disc Lock 110dB Anti-Theft Motorcycle Wheel PadlockFeatures:

  • String build
  • Moisture sealed
  • Water resistant

Tchipie anti-theft disk lock will keep your motorcycle safe, protected and theft-free with its built-in sensors detecting shocks and movements. It is said to be small but helpful and rightly so because of its weight, which is only 14.4 ounces and dimensions, 4.3 x 3.4 x 2.9 inches. It is made to serve a huge variety of vehicles. Tchipie has manufactured this lock with an intelligent alarming system that consists of one-press lock technology with loud warning beeps (10dB).

It is pretty easy to mount and use, and uses 6pcs of batteries that come preinstalled. More 6 back-up batteries are included in the set. This set also includes a 4ft long reminder cable, a mini-wrench, 3 keys ensuring safety, and a nylon pouch to keep them in condition, keeping us away from all worries. Built with an alloy aluminium body, sealed against moisture, dust and dirt, Tchipie motorcycle wheel lock with siren is fully water resistant and drop proof and can effectively protect the interior components and offer long-lasting protection.


5. Yohoolyo Disc Lock Alarm Motorcycle Alarm Padlock

Yohoolyo Disc Lock Alarm Motorcycle Alarm PadlockFeatures:

  • Made from durable metal
  • Lightweight
  • Motion sensor

This anti-theft lock manufactured by Yohoolyo is uniquely made entirely of metal, making it sturdier than others. Yet it still manages to weigh just a pound. The measure of the locking pin is 7 mm. It is so to allow it to be set at 360 degrees, making it possible to fix in any position. This lock is 5 x 3.5 x 2 inches in size and comes with two keys.

It is ideal for motorcycles, bicycles, scooters and any vehicle where there are holes or spokes on a wheel and the lock requires 12 LR44 batteries. It has a motion sensor with 5 seconds delay. It is claimed to be efficiently rust-resistant, weather-resistant, resistant to destroy physical and waterproof in size and is rightly ranked number 1 in Powersports Alarms and Anti-Theft. Overall, it’s a win-win package!


6. UShake Bicycles U Lock

UShake Bicycles U LockFeatures:

  • PVC Coating
  • Plastic covered cylinder
  • Dust resistance

Ushake has crafted and manufactured a solution to literally all risks and worries of our two-wheelers. This product is an anti-theft combo lock. It is a strong 10mm Shackle which is made of hardened zinc alloy. It resists both cutters and leverage attacks. It also has a 4mm PVC coating that amazingly protects the lock from any scratching.

What more? It serves high security with secure plastic covered cylinder to avoid dust and heavy-duty weight (up to 3.7 pounds) for top security of your belongings. It has really smooth buttons for top-notch ease while putting combination password on the go. Ushake offers 100% money back guarantee terming their product risk-free. All we need to do is set a combination of 4 numbers for password and get going!


7. Trimax THEX5060 Combo Set

Trimax THEX5060 Combo SetFeatures:

  • Lightweight
  • Nylomex sleeve
  • Scratch resistance

Trimax has tried to be really competitive by introducing this product as a set for utmost Customer satisfaction. It is ranked number 46 in Towing Hitch Locks. Weighing just 10pounds, Its size is 23.1 x 3.9 x 3.2 inches. It is a combo set of THEX Super Chain 5′ x 11mm hexagon link + MAX60 Disc U-Lock. It has long lasting Nylomex sleeve, which is known for protection against Scratches, so stop worrying about those now! The durable PVC sleeve covers the chrome steel Shackle to prevent it from marring and scratching.

Its hardened solid steel lock efficiently prevents prying, sawing and hammer impacts, too. This product can withstand over 6 tons of pull force and 11 tons of cutting force. Trimax has used type B key in this, which is an ultra-secure wise wafer key. Its lock core design provides the highest degree of protection against picking to make your vehicle stay like new for a long time. It includes 3 keys in all, and one of them is also equipped with a mini flashlight, which gets bonus points.


8. Wsdcam 113dB Wireless Anti-Theft

Wsdcam 113dB Wireless Anti-TheftFeatures:

  • 7 level adjustment
  • 113dB alarm sound
  • Waterproof layer

If you are among the people who aren’t fans of lock alarms going off on every wave of wind and touch, this one’s for you. This anti-theft lock device is triggered by vibrations. You are in control of this one, as it has 7 levels of adjustment for sensitivity- right from a gentle touch to a push or beat. It is suitable for bikes, electric bikes, motorcycles; even doors and windows!

Plus, the alarm produces the sound of 113dB, which is more than other competitors. Along with all the technology served in this device, you also can press a key that can produce 6 different sounds, to search for your vehicle. This invaluable device is shielded with a waterproof layer too.


9. TCMT Wheel Disc Brake Lock

TCMT Wheel Disc Brake LockFeatures:

  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof technology
  • Loud sound

Manufactured by TCMT, the main parts of this product are made of high quality hardened stainless steel and metal. The alarm loudness of this brake lock is 100dB, which a little lower than its competitors. It’s still not bad at all. This brake lock is known to produce a sound that grabs public attention in order to scare thieves when they try to tamper with your vehicle.

It weighs 1.34 pounds (620g) and has dimensions 9.1 x 6.7 x 2.4 inches. The lock is suitable for use in various types of vehicles and luxury windows and doors. The package includes 1 x Motorcycle alarm lock disk brake locks + 2 x key which may be a little expensive though fair deal considering the rates. The product is sealed with waterproof technology and is available in different colours.


10. AGPTEK Alarm Disc Lock

AGPTEK Alarm Disc LockFeatures:

  • Built-in sensitive alarm
  • Seamless aluminium body
  • Water resistant

This locking anti-theft device is first off, suitable for most motorcycles, moped scooters, cruisers, machetes, sport motorcycles and race cars like Halley, Aprilia, BMW, Bill, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM, Triumph and Yamaha etc. AGPEK has intelligently devised this lock with a built-in sensitive alarm device, which also composes of a 6mm aluminium alloy core with a seamless aluminium alloy body.

In addition, it is waterproof, saw-resistant, shear resistant, rust resistant and weather resistant and works well in rain and snow which leaves you with zero hassles or worries about your beloved vehicle. The alarm sound produced is 110dB, as loud as a concert sound. It comes with an easy to use formula, which is super friendly. It weighs 11.2 ounces and its dimensions are 4 x 3.4 x 2.7 inches. Moreover, it is ranked no. 9 in Powersports Alarms & Anti-Theft.


11. Onvian Wireless Anti-Theft

Onvian Wireless Anti-TheftFeatures:

  • Impressive design
  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy installation

This device was updated recently in 2021. Produced by Onvian, this wireless anti-theft lock has an impressive tough and designed body. It acts as a great bike theft deterrent as it’s sound frequency goes up to 113dB. The alarm is triggered by vibration and can be used equally effectively on doors and windows besides your vehicle. It serves multi-purpose to cater to your needs and is super-sensitive.

It has 7 customizable levels of sensitivity. It is water resistant up to IP55 and can be used outdoors. Needless to say, it is designed to be easily installed and uses wireless technology.
It is overall a stylish little lock device and is very handy for all the purposes it serves!


12. Bibowa Motorcycle Disc Lock

Bibowa Motorcycle Disc LockFeatures:

  • Smart disc style
  • Durable
  • Efficient design

Bibowa has produced this dual reinforced high-security lock in a smart disc style, which is available in 3 vibrant colours: red, green and yellow. With dimensions 7.2 x 4.8 x 2.2 inches and sound frequency of 110dB, it is the perfect combination of small size and loud volume. Bibowa has tried to make sure to make it really tough and durable. Catering more to your wants and needs, it is smartly and efficiently designed to keep working on rainy days and not get rusty. It contains rugged disc locks that are hardened to resist cutting, sawing and chisel attacks.

It claims to provide high security and has an anti-drill lock core to ensure all-the-more safety. Included with this is a long 5ft reminder cable. 6 LR44 batteries come in pre-fitted in each lock. Slightly at a win over its competitors to your satisfaction, Bibowa offers 3 brass security keys along with the extra 6pcs of batteries to the set. All this sums up to high security indeed, with quality and assured long life!


13. Mysbiker Alarm Motorcycle Lock

Mysbiker Alarm Motorcycle LockFeatures:

  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Lightweight

For an avid bike Rider, MISBIKER alarm motorcycle lock is a must to have the device. This is not only durable and Strong but also smart has a wide application range. You might have been in trouble sometime when you forgot to remove the lock. MISBIKER provides you with a reminder cable feature so that it gets noticed quickly and prevents damages caused due to riding the bike while disc lock is engaged. This disc lock comes with a wide application range of bikes.

With the waterproof function, it keeps operating in the rainy season and keeps your bike safe. This motorcycle lock comes with durable 6LR44 batteries with a set of extra batteries along with the lock. Battery replacement can be done by mini wrench; so you don’t have to run to the garage for battery replacement. The motorbike alarm lock comes with alarm of 110 dB which ensures safety and security of your belongings.

With the 3rd position in Powersports Alarms & Anti-Theft, MysBiker is a good choice for the safety of your motorbike along with the assurance of strength, durability and ease of operation.


14. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1415 and New York Disc Lock

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1415 and New York Disc LockFeatures:

  • Manganese steel
  • Protective nylon cover
  • Deadbolt locking

With Kryptonite’s 12-point security comparison system, the New York Fahgettaboutit 1415 Chain Bicycle Lock is produced with New York Disc Lock. It is the ultimate solution for the security of your bike. Made with hardened manganese steel, this lock assures extreme strength to the lock. Its 5ft long chain with double deadbolt locking ensures the security of multiple bikes along with great holding power.

The durability of this chain is assured with protective nylon cover, with hook & loop fasteners to hold it in place. With high-security disc-style cylinder,, this lock ensures protection from drill and pulling of bikes and thus provides you with the ultimate security. This product is provided along with 3 stainless steel Keys among them one is having a high-intensity bulb with replaceable battery to ensure your convenience in dark. It is one of the best motorcycle chain lock.


15. Jacool Anti-theft Disc Brake Lock

Jacool Anti-theft Disc Brake LockKey Features:

  • High grade alloy steel
  • Reminder cable
  • Easy battery replacement

For any enthusiastic bike Rider, the safety of their beloved bike from thieves is always a matter of big concern. Jacool anti-theft alarm system has been invented to steal worries for the safety of your bike. The Jacool lock is made with high-grade alloy steel which ensures the ultimate strength of the product. This lock fits where the brake rotor is less than 6 mm thick hence making it suitable for use with most of the motorcycles out there.

If you’ve ever landed in trouble when you forget to remove the lock and ended up damaging your beloved vehicle while riding the bike, you exactly know why Jacool serves you with a reminder cable which doesn’t let you ride without removing the lock. With ergonomic design, it gives your bike a stylish look with great security. With 6 pieces of zinc batteries pre-installed and 6 in spare, it ensures the long life of the service.

The battery replacement is also a pretty easy task as it could be done with Allen key and the product comes equipped with all necessary spare equipment needed for the same. This could be considered the great benefit as you don’t have to run to the mechanic for small maintenance works of the Lock. Moreover, this alarm Lock device is ranked 8th in Powersport Alarms and Anti-Theft.


16. WiHoo Wireless Motorcycle Bike Alarm

WiHoo Wireless Motorcycle Bike AlarmKey Features:

  • Stylish Design
  • Shock system
  • 113dB alarm (7 levels of customizable sensitivity)

WiHoo has manufactured this unique and stylish yet compact and easy-to-use alarm locker. It has a special design- Tiger head shape, PC shell and is claimed to be sturdier. It is a safe bodyguard for Bikes, Electric Bike and Motorcycles altogether. It is manufactured in a way that it barely allows dust to settle on it. Plus, it has IP55 waterproofing technology shield.

Its alarm can produce sound frequency up to 113dB which is fairly more than many other alarm clocks. The most unique feature of this one is that if installed on a concealed part, it can also shock the thief effectively! It has sensors which can detect and reduce false alarms caused by noise too. It is all, in fact, a huge win-win! You can wireless control your bike from 10-20 meters effortlessly.

Adding more to the panel of features, when the alarm is in disarm mode with SOS function on, tilt the vehicle at 45-degree angle, it will sound SOS tone automatically, straighten the vehicle will stop the sound. Needless to say, it gives its competitors a huge run for the money!


17. OxGord Heavy Duty Automotive Anti-Theft

OxGord Heavy Duty Automotive Anti-TheftFeatures:

  • Soft Coated Clamp
  • Universal fit
  • Bright colour visibility

Manufactured by OxGord, this is a very thoughtfully designed Wheel Clamp. Its bright colour (red and yellow) make it easily noticeable almost at any part of the day. Its soft coated clamp is made to secure your vehicle wheels and rims from scratches and scrapes. It locks easily in place and comes with 2 keys. Oxgord claims this to work better than a steering wheel club style lock, locking choc and boots.

Plus, it is termed Universally Fit, that is, it will not only fit with most cars, but are great for trucks, vans, SUV’s, motorcycles, ATV’s, UTV’s RV’s, golf carts, boats, scooters, go karts, lawn mowers, utility trailers, jet ski trailers, and even small aircrafts.

It can adjust to fit wheels ranging from 6 ¾ to 10 ½ inches in width and sealed with waterproofing technology, so you can go ahead and get it without a doubt!


18. Oklead Security Wheel Clamp Lock

Oklead Security Wheel Clamp LockFeatures:

  • Tough and secure
  • Highly visible
  • Easy to install

Oklead has manufactured this amazing wheel clamp lock which is so secure, you can forget about your vehicle’s safety. This lock has strong steel construction with full welding, making it tough and long-lasting. It is a bright yellow wheel chock lock with soft PVC coated arms protects wheel finish. So it is highly visible and secures the wheels from scrapes and cuts.

It is easy to lock technology allows you to just put a lock onto the wheel and push lock cylinder. The clamp self-locks itself. Coated with waterproofing technology, it is suitable to fit any vehicle wheel that comes under 10 inches. Oklead security wheel clamp lock is a good choice for people who want the best in basic! So go for it with no worries.


19. Motoba Motorcycle Handlebar Lock

Motoba Motorcycle Handlebar LockFeatures:

  • Uses s roller needle lock
  • High quality made
  • Convenient and fast

Manufactured by the brand Motoba, it is claimed to be very convenient and fast. 3.9cm in diameter, the handle of this anti-theft lock can be applied to almost all motorcycles, sports bikes, scooters, mopeds and ATVs. This handlebar lock is made of CNC aluminium, which is finely cut and smooth to the touch. It doesn’t fade away easily. This lock locks the handle and brake tightly so that the tires cannot move, guaranteeing your vehicle’s security. The lock uses a roller needle lock that ordinary master key cannot easily open.

Thus, the anti-theft is reassured proving it to be more secure. You require just 5 seconds to lock your vehicle away, so it is hassle-free even in a hurry, thus saving invaluable time. Moreover, it is durable, strong and tampers- resistant. The lock is coated to withstand water and rust.


20. Lihao Motorcycle Disc Lock

Lihao Motorcycle Disc LockFeatures:

  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Self-armed
  • Stapler-styled disc

Llhao has produced this lock with hardened steel for top-notch security. It uses Stapler style disc lock immobilizes vehicle to prevent roll-away or ride-away theft. It has amazing shock and motion sensors linked to a sophisticated microprocessor that is known to trigger a 110 dB alarm. If you don’t have room to carry a big U-lock, or a lock and chain, you can still give yourself an edge over bike thieves with this disc lock.

The most impeccable feature this has is that it is self-arming, with no on-off switch. So you don’t have to worry because the lock is going to re-set automatically to armed mode within 15 seconds if the attack stops! Finished with an assuring waterproof and dustproof layer, this lock with all these features is a sure go-to for vehicle- protection and top security.


Why Do You Need Motorcycle Lock?

As mentioned before, motorcycles are an easy target for thieves. They can be easily stolen and taken away when compared to cars.

1. Help prevent Crime

Motorcycle locks help to prevent crime by deterring the thieves. They reduce the chances of your bike being stolen considerably. It challenges the thieves to mobilize your bike, hence taking longer time to actually steal.

2. Your bike is expensive

You have saved every single hard -earned penny to buy your favourite bike. If you own an expensive and branded bike, there are high chances that it will be stolen. It’s imperative that you use a bike lock.

3. Unsafe area

Some areas are prone to theft. Maybe your locality is an easy target for thieves as there are no CCTV cameras and police presence. Hence, it’s your own responsibility to safeguard your vehicle.

4. Built-in locks are insufficient

Many bike companies provide built-in locks, which are insufficient to protect your vehicle. These locks can be easily smashed and the bike lifted into truck.

5. Insurance

Some insurance companies provide extra support in case you use a high-quality lock. Insurers reduce their premium when they see that you use quality and strong lock fitting.

Types of Motorcycle Locks

Generally, there are five types of motorcycle locks. We will discuss all five types of locks in brief, which will help you understand and make a confident decision on what is the best way to lock a motorcycle.

1. Chain locks and anchors

Chain locks are heavy chains built from stainless steel or other heavy-duty material that is attached to your bike and to some other strong structure like gates or the floor. They are extremely heavy and cannot be broken easily even with normal cutters or drills. Only heavy industrial cutting equipment can break them that too after making a lot of noise.

A chain or anchor lock is one of the best ways to secure your bikes at your home or in your garage. Although they do not work very well in the outside environment as they are not easy to carry.

2. Brake Disc Locks

These locks are fitted into the holes of motorcycle brakes discs as anchor points. They make it impossible for the bike to be revolved and immobilize the bike. They are highly compact and easy to store. The only issue with these locks is that many times you may forget that you have fixed them into the bike and still will drive your bike. You will most likely fall off damaging your bike and getting injured. For the same reason, many brake disc locks come in bright colours so you can give them enough attention.

3. U Shackle locks

U Shackle locks have two parts. The first one is a flat base or a wheel plate on which you roll the front tire of the bike. The second part is a large steel shackle which is bolted to the base and fixed to the wheel. U Shackle locks are the best way to lock a motorcycle if you do not use your bike frequently. They offer a good level of security and cannot be pushed away. They weigh less and can be easily stored.

4. Handlebar grip locks

As suggested by the name, these locks fit into the handlebars of the bike and make it next to impossible to drive the bike away. It works in two ways. For one, it grips the throttle and front brakes of the bike. Second, it also grips the clutch.

Handlebar grip locks are compact and tough locks which cannot be cut open with normal cutting equipment’s. They can be quickly put to use or take off.

5. Alarm locks

Many rotor locks come with a built-in lock. If the lock is removed without putting in the key, the alarm goes off. They come with a sound level of more than 100dB which is enough to make a loud sound and scare away the thief. They are a greats security measure. You can easily carry an alarm lock with you. They are lightweight, portable, and compact.

Things To Consider Before Buying the Best Motorcycle Lock

There are several types of locks that come in varied styles and with different technology. It is quite confusing and fairly difficult to choose one amongst them. To help you out, we have curated a list of things you should consider before buying a motorcycle lock:

1. Where will you park your bike?

One of the first thing you should consider before buying a motorcycle lock is to figure out where do you park your bike the most. If the answer is home, then you should opt for a heavy chain lock. They are extremely difficult to break even with cutting equipment. Also, your bike cannot be lifted and put into a truck as the other side of the chain is bolted into the ground.

2. What is it made from?

Motorcycle locks are mostly made from heavy-duty and strong material. They are mostly made out of steel or strong metals. They also need to be resistant to dust and water as they usually will be left out in opens.

3. Is the lock visible?

The best way to keep the thief away from stealing your bike is to already show that a lock is on and you are safeguarding your bike. Many locks come in bright blue and yellow colours for the same reason. It deters the thieves from coming near to your bike as they find that it is locked.

4. Can the lock cause any damage?

Locks are made from heavy-duty metals and steel and may cause damage to bike paint. The large chain locks are excessively heavy and can cause dents on your bike. Hence, see that most of the locks come with a nylon cover to save the bike from any damages.

5. Will the lock fit my bike?

One of the most asked queries is if a particular lock will fit your bike. Locks come in varied sizes and style to suit different bikes. You may like a lock but when it’s time to put it on, it may actually not fit. Hence, before choosing a motorcycle lock, check if it meets your bike size requirements.

6. Can it fit easily?

A lock that takes too much time to fit will irritate you. Heavy chain locks take the most time to fit. Whereas handlebars disc locks can be fitted easily within minutes. Check where and when will you put the lock and how much time do you actually have.

7. Is it easily portable?

The most ideal lock is the one, which is compact and easily portable. Handlebars disc locks and alarm locks are examples of these. You should opt for a lightweight and easy to carry around lock if you travel a lot.

8. How loud is it?

If you are choosing a lock with alarm, check how loud it is. Mostly an alarm locks with a 110dB sound level is enough to wake you up from sleep and scare the thieves away.

9. Reminder Cable

If you are going to use a disc brake lock, chances are that you will forget that you are using one and would straightaway drive off. It will not only hurt the bike but also injure you. The best way to play safe is to have an additional reminder cable that will be attached to the accelerator to help you remember that a lock is being used.

10. Warranty

Although most locks do not cost much, if you opt for an expensive lock, make sure that it comes with a warranty for at least a year or six months. Just in case it doesn’t work and breaks off, you can have your money back.

Best Motorcycle Locks – FAQ

There are many questions in the mind of a buyer before making a purchase. And to help you out in figuring answers for few repeatedly asked questions, we are presenting a series of most asked questions and their answers.

Q: How does a motorcycle steering lock work?

From the start, motorcycles come fitted with a steering lock. When you twist the handlebars towards the right or left, they automatically get locked into a position and cannot be moved further. The only way to make them open is to ignite a key. Once this built-in steering lock was thought of as the best anti-theft device.

Sadly, now thieves have come across easy way off bypassing these locks. They just smash them up or put the entire bike into a truck. Hence, now the built-in steering locks are not of much use. You need an extra layer of security.

Q: How to lock motorcycle seat?

Most motorcycle seats come with a built-in lock so that you can store your belongings safely. It is locked with the same key but some bike manufacturers provide two keys for the same purpose.

These locks are of not much use. They can easily be smashed or opened by a crowbar. Or a thief can just take away your entire bike.

Q: How do I lock motorcycle saddlebags?

Many people use motorcycle saddlebags to store their belongings. Earlier, saddlebags were left at the mercy of other people. With changing times, you cannot believe anyone to look after your bike.

Now, most bikes come fitted with a cable lock, which fixes the saddlebags to the body of the bike. Also, many manufacturers sell separate saddlebag locks.

Q: How much does a lock cost?

This depends on the type of lock you are buying and from which brand. Locks that come with extra features like alarms and more than one keys are priced higher. Truly sturdy and quality motorcycle locks that can really safeguard your bikes cost a little higher. If you want the best for your bike, then buying an expensive lock is always worth it.

Secure Your Motorcycle With the Best Motorcycle Lock

Motorcycle lock is a great way to secure your bikes. Gone are the times, when you could just trust the passersby and other people to protect your vehicle. Now, you have to ensure that you completely safeguard your bikes from thieves. Choose a lock after deciding your budget. There are five types of locks so choose one that closely fulfils the responsibilities.

Remember you have put in your hard-earned money to buy a bike, so you should put a few pennies more to add a layer of extra protection. There is no sure shot way of saving your bikes but you can always put deterrent to tire the thieves or at least get enough time to wake up and act.

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