Best Motorcycle Trailers 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Best Choice Rack 2. GoPlus Carrier 3. VersaHaul Carrier
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If you plan to travel along with your motorcycle but don’t want to ride it to the destination, motorcycle trailers will definitely come in handy. They are an affordable but effective solution. Even though they can make your life a lot easier, failing to buy good quality ones can be detrimental to your efforts.

You can easily get lost in countless varieties present online. There will be many based on price, quality, usage, load, etc. That’s why we have come up with a review on the best motorcycle trailer you can buy for yourself.


So, sit back and go through our recommendations and lists to get thorough knowledge on this topic.

Why You Would Need Motorcycle Trailers

1. Simplify Travel

We can all agree that riding a motorcycle can be really fun. However, sometimes riding it for hundreds or even thousands of miles won’t be feasible. Also, you would need to consider a lot of factors, like weather conditions, fatigue, comfort, motorcycle readiness, etc. In such cases, trailers will be a boon.

Another scenario where motorcycle trailers can be useful is when you own an off-road bike. If you want to go on an off-road adventure with your motorbike but don’t want to use it until you reach the place, then trailers can be useful. Similarly, race bikes can be transported to and from the track if you like to participate in race events.

2. Transport Malfunctioning Bikes

If your motorcycle is broken, there can be no option of riding it to the nearest service station. In that case, using something else to transport it becomes mandatory. Trailers will be your best option as they are safe, cheap, and don’t require too much hassle. You just need to attach them to your four-wheeler and push them onto the trailer before them .

3. Protection And Security

Trailers are the best way to make sure thieves don’t steal your bike when traveling. Almost all of them have a very secure locking mechanism that would need a lot of time to unlock. However, you wouldn’t need much time to unlock it yourself.

There are also different types of trailers that can store your bike inside an enclosure. These types not only protect your bike from thieves, but also against the elements and dust. It can go a long way in reducing damage from natural forces.

4. Motorcycle Trailer Types

  • Enclosed

Enclosed motorcycle trailers are a broad classification that includes a lot of varieties of trailers. However, the common point among all of them is that they are completely closed. It is done by installing a roof and walls. The motorbike is placed inside this enclosed shell and hence, will be protected from prying eyes dust, the sun, rain and accidental damage.

The catch here is that enclosed trailers cost a lot more than other types of trailers. That is because of the higher cost of manufacturing as more materials are needed.

Also, you would need a powerful four-wheeler to drag around this trailer. However, if you have deep pockets, they should be your number one choice for a motorcycle trailer.

  • Open

As the name suggests, open trailers are the opposite of enclosed trailers. They also come in many varieties, but the common thing is that they expose the complete motorcycle to the outside and have a locking mechanism in place to hold them. They are simple to move around and in many cases, you can attach thems to the back of your car.

The obvious disadvantage is that your bike will be exposed to thieves, and accidental damage can also happen. Moreover, they provide no protection against the weather. The advantages include easy installation and maintenance. You can also load and unload your bike with ease.

  • Stand-Up

Stand-up trailers are a variation of the open trailer. They take the smallest space possible while giving full functionality. It is done by standing up on one end, while the motorbike is fastened to the whole structure. The usage of fewer materials also means that they are inexpensive. That also allows them to be attached to almost any car of any size.

Some of the stand-up trailers can also be folded to reduce their size even further. To fit the bike securely, they also have independent suspensions, balanced chassis, and big tires. So, if you want all the features that big trailers have but don’t want to spend too much money, stand-up trailers are a great alternative.

  • Front Wheel

Front-wheel trailers are extremely small in size, so much so that they can barely be called motorcycle trailers. The trailer is hitched to your car, while the front wheel of the bike is attached to the trailer.

They don’t have many of the features that other types of trailers have and hence, they are extremely low in price. Buying a front-wheel trailer only make sense if you’re very short on budget.

Most front-wheel trailers don’t have a capacity of more than 800 pounds. So make sure your bike weighs less than that before buying one. But beware, front-wheel trailers can only be used for short distances, or in emergencies.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Best Motorcycle Trailer

1. Material

There are two metals that are preferred for building trailers. They are steel and aluminum. The latter is a lot lower in weight and preferred by high-end manufacturers.

On the contrary, it is also less durable and can easily be damaged. Trailers made from steel are higher in weight but lower in price. Additionally, they are much more durable than aluminum counterparts.

As a rule of thumb, buy a steel trailer if your bike is big and heavy. If not, buy an aluminum one. Also, if you are buying enclosed trailers, lookout for flooring options too.

Wood will be used by many manufacturers, but the quality changes depending on the price range. However, you can also find steel floors if you look hard enough.

2. Compatibility

It is another important factor that can make or break your purchase of the best motorcycle trailer. There are five classes of rating from one to five and you have to ensure the class matches the trailer you are buying. As the class raises in number, so does the size of the vehicle and its load capacity.

Class 1 and 2 are meant for smaller bikes while everything above that is meant for bigger ones. Class 3 has a hauling capacity of 1200 pound bikes, while class 5 can haul up to 2700 pounds.

Enclosed trailers usually belong to bigger classes while the opposite is true for front-load trailers. Open and stand-up trailers fall somewhere in between.

3. Load Capacity

Load capacity can be a deciding factor of what kind of trailer you are going to buy. While deciding this important factor, you need to keep in mind the weight of your motorcycle along with all the accessories you will carry with it.

Also, if you plan on hauling more than one motorbike, you have to consider the combined weight too.

Dirt bikes are very low in weight, and can weigh a maximum of 400 pounds. Racing bikes will generally weigh less than 600 pounds while the cruisers and touring bikes can easily weigh up to 1000 pounds.

4. Tie-Down Locations

Tie-down locations are important because they are vital to secure your bike in place. It is worth noting that different bikes have different tie-down locations. So, you have to ensure the trailer also has tie-down spots in appropriate locations. Hence, there can never be enough tie-down spots. More is definitely better in this scenario.

Mainly there are two kinds of tie-down locations. One is on rails on the outside, while the other is on the floor of the trailer. Both are good enough and will provide adequate support.

5. Integrated Chocks

Integrated chocks are vital to helping you load the bikes on to the trailer. Before buying one, make sure the trailer has integrated chocks installed in it. It works on the mechanism that it holds the motorcycle while you tie it down.

If there are no chocks, loading and unloading will become a two-person job, and you cannot always depend on that option. Some trailers do not have this option and you will have to buy it from the aftermarket.

6. Price

Just like any other mainstream product, motorcycle trailers have a very wide price range. Also, just like others, the higher you spend, the better will be the quality, generally. However, worry not, because there are some value-for-money offerings too. Through this article, it is our job to bring such products to you.

The usual price ranges between $500 to a whopping $7000. The higher priced ones are usually enclosed trailers that offer the best convenience and protection. If you buy one below $500, most likely it will be of poor quality.

7. Versatility

Some trailers are more versatile than others. In some enclosed trailers, you can remove the rails and chocks to transport something else too. Usually, removing rails saves a lot of space through which you can move way bigger items than bikes.

Top 30 Best Motorcycle Trailers 2021

1. Best Choice Hitch Carrier Rack

Best Choice Rack Best Motorcycle TrailerThe first product on this list is from Best Choice. It is highly popular and has some great reviews that warrant its place at the top. The capacity is limited to 500 pounds, which means it is designed for carrying dirt bikes and low-end sports bikes.

The entire frame is made from steel, which means it isn’t lightweight, but is extremely durable. Additionally, the ramp is also made from steel, and attached to it is an anti-tilt device, vital for safety.

The steel has also been powder-coated to prevent rust and other abrasions. Lastly, the hitch carrier can be suitable for class 2 up to class 5 hitch carriers, making it very versatile.


2. GoPlus Motorcycle Carrier

GoPlus Motorcycle CarrierAnother hitch carrier type of trailer on this list is the one from GoPlus. This product has great reviews on Amazon and also comes at a great price point. Another thing going for it is the better load capacity of 600 pounds.

That means you can carry all kinds of dirt bikes and sports bikes on it, without worrying about the weight.

The GoPlus hitch carrier is also made from high-quality steel that has been powder-coated to prevent rust. Additionally, the 2-inch receiver is sufficient for most classes of vehicles. To ensure the bike is securely placed, two quick-release locks have been provided.


3. VersaHaul Motorcycle Carrier

VersaHaul Motorcycle CarrierVersaHaul is a very well known brand when it comes to motorcycle trailers. This product too has great reviews going for it. It has a total load capacity of 500 pounds, that can be enough to carry all dirt bikes and some racing bikes.

Another notable thing is that it was made specifically for class 2 to class 4 types of carriers. So, if you have a class 1 or class 5 vehicle, it won’t be suitable.

Like most other trailers, even this one is made of steel but doesn’t have the powder finish, just some black paint. On the advantages side, even after being made from steel, it weighs only 16 pounds. That reduces the load on your vehicle.


4. Motogroup Double Motorcycle Carrier

Motogroup Double Motorcycle CarrierThis trailer from Motogroup is very unique since it has space to carry two bikes simultaneously. Moreover, it is made from aluminum to keep the weights as low as possible. Users have reported that in spite of that, it is highly durable.

There are three locks provided into the setup to secure your bike. Talking about that, the trailer is compatible with all kinds of four-wheelers like RV’s, camper’s SUV’s, etc.


5. Versa Haul VH-55DMRO

Versa Haul VH-55DMROThe second product from Versa haul on this list is a pretty popular one on Amazon. Like the one from Motogroup, even this is made to transport two dirt bikes, each of a maximum of 300 pounds. However, if you have a 600-pound bike, you can also only use one ramp.

It is a little bulky due to its steel construction and two ramps, and that is its main disadvantage. However, the frame is powder-coated to stop rust and abrasion; it makes the trailer more durable.


6. Trackside Motorcycle Carrier

Trackside Motorcycle CarrierThe Trackside motorcycle is a high-quality bike trailer that can carry a maximum of 500 pounds. Hence, it is better to stick with dirt bikes for this trailer. Also, it is designed for class 3 and 4 hitch carriers. Furthermore, it has got an anti-tilt device to prevent wobbling and instability.

The entire carrier is made from steel, and also has powdered coating for anti-rust protection. However, the maximum tire width should not be more than 4.75 inches. All in all, it is the best motorcycle trailer you can buy in this price range.


7. Drop Tail Trailers Trike Trailers

Drop Tail Trailers Trike TrailersThe first open trailer we have got on our list is this one from Drop Tail. It is a product made completely from aluminum, obviously except the wheels. The unique aspect of this product is the IHDTS system that makes a world of difference. I uses hydraulics to move open and close the ramp.

IHDTS stands for the Integrated Hydraulic Drop-Tail System. An integrated chock has also been provided so that you don’t need help in loading the motorbike. Lastly, a six-inch stone guard is also present.


8. Trinity MT3 Motorcycle Trailer

Trinity MT3 Motorcycle TrailerAnother open motorcycle trailer is the Trinity MT3, and it has superb reviews from its previous users. The good thing about this trailer is that you can transport three bikes at the same time if they have the same base.

The versatility of this trailer is exceptional as it can be converted into a utility carrier by removing the rails. It has also got 13-inch chrome wheels for hood stability. We will have to recommend it as the best motorcycle trailer if you are looking for open type ones.


9. Condor SC-2000 Trailer

Condor SC-2000 TrailerCondor is a highly regarded company in the trailer business, and the SC-2000 follows suit in the same fashion. The trailer looks very sophisticated and can carry a good amount of weight.

It is a type of front trailer that can accommodate either the front or the back wheel of your bike. So, if your bike is dysfunctional, you can’t use this trailer to transport it.

However, the small size and less components makes this trailer very inexpensive. It can even be folded down to a smaller size.


10. Pit Posse Chrome Motorcycle Trailer Holder

Pit Posse Chrome Motorcycle Trailer HolderThe Pit Posse trailer holder is completely different when compared to many other motorcycle trailers. Not only in its looks, but also in its form factor. Since it is made of chrome, you won’t have to worry about rust and abrasion at all. It is a type of front-load trailer and hence, the back wheel of the bike will stay on the road.

The maximum width of tires that the trailer can accommodate is six and a half inches in size. Moreover, a chock is also provided to make it easier to load the bike You can install the trailer on a temporary or permanent basis, depending on your needs. Lastly, the manufacturer is offering five years of warranty.


11. GoPlus Removable Wheel Chock

GoPlus Removable Wheel ChockIt is GoPlus’s second product on our list and this one is a front-load type of motorcycle trailer, unlike the previous one. The whole body is made of one-inch steel tubing that has been coated with a layer of black paint for rust protection.

The front wheel has to be locked to the trailer while the back wheel stays on the road. However, the diameter of the front wheel has to be less than 3.5 inches. That is kind of low, and only small capacity bikes have such small wheels. Although, the price and size do justify it.


12. Pit Posse Chrome Motorcycle Removable Trailer

Pit Posse Chrome Motorcycle Removable TrailerAnother front-load motorcycle trailer is this one from Pit Posse. Instead of the black powder treatment that other trailers get, this one has a chrome finish. That should also be sufficient to protect it against rust.

The not so good thing about this trailer is the smaller wheel capacity. It is restricted to a width of 3.5 inches, and if your bike wheel is bigger than that, this product is not for you.


13. Extreme Max Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Extreme Max Motorcycle Wheel ChockThis front-load motorcycle trailer is one of the cheapest you will find. However, that doesn’t mean it lacks in quality. It has a layer of black paint that prevents rust, and can accommodate 5-inch wide wheels. That means, even mid-weight bikes can be transported using this chock.

The steel used in the construction of this small trailer is an inch thick and can be assembled quite easily. Lastly, the company itself does not provide any straps for securing the bike, so you will have to buy them on your own. All in all, it is the best single motorcycle trailer you will come across at this price.


14. Pit Posse Recessed Motorcycle Trailer

Pit Posse Recessed Motorcycle TrailerSo many products from the Pit Posse brand on this list indicate how good in quality they are. This unique recessed motorcycle trailer is a good example. Unlike its counterparts from the same brand, it can accommodate even 16-inch wheels. Hence, even high-end bikes can easily fit into this chock.

Additionally, a 2-inch tie-down area has been provided to make it easier to secure the bike. The chock can be loaded to your vehicle on a temporary or permanent basis. To make things simpler, the device can also be folded, if needed.


15. Pit Posse Universal Chrome Chock

Pit Posse Universal Chrome ChockWhen we talked about the previous Pit Posse chrome trailers, we complained about the small wheel size that they can fit. With this one, however, the wheel size limit has increased to six and a half inches. However, the price is also a bit higher.

Almost all other features remain the same. The chrome accents prevent rust to a large extent, while the steel rods used in making are thick enough to firmly hold even bigger capacity motorbikes.

Also, permanent installation doesn’t affect your vehicle’s other functions. All things considered, it is a pretty solid product that deserves to be called the best motorcycle trailer.


16. ABN Motorcycle Wheel Chock

ABN Motorcycle Wheel ChockCompared to all other wheel chocks or front-end trailers as we call them, the one from ABN is more sleek and stable looking. The company claims it is also much easier to operate than others. The way it works is, you will have to drive into the chock and it will automatically lock into place.

Although there isn’t an exact size mentioned as the wheel diameter limit, ABN says it can fit all tires except custom fat ones and bikes with large fenders. That should be good news for almost everyone with stock bikes. Also, you can install the chock on a temporary or permanent basis.


17. Ramps Aluminum Motorcycle Trailers

Ramps Aluminum Motorcycle TrailersThis particular product is an open motorcycle trailer that can be a good choice for big bike owners. It is four feet long and 44 inches in length, and can be folded into half its size whenever needed. The company has also provided buckle straps to safely tie your bike in place.

Total capacity of the open trailer is restricted to 1500 pounds, that means it can be used with almost all bikes. Not to mention, the ramp itself is pretty light weight since it’s made of aluminum.


18. Yitamotor Removable Chrome Motorcycle Chock

Yitamotor Removable Chrome Motorcycle ChockOther than Pit Posse, Yitamotor is one of the few companies that makes chrome front-end trailers. The product itself has some great reviews going for it, and hence, deserves to be on the list of the best motorcycle trailers. Other than transportation, they can also be used for stabilizing the front wheel.

You just have to slowly slide the front wheel into the chock so that it can lock onto the wheels. Talking about wheels, the maximum diameter can be five and a half inches.


19. GoPlus Motorcycle Carrier 600 Lbs

GoPlus Motorcycle Carrier 600 LbsGoPlus is a familiar name in the motorcycle trailer world. This heavy duty trailer is one of its more popular products.Just like other trailers of this type, you will find that it is powder coated with black paint. Also, it has got a loading ramp built into it.

The total length of the bike has to be within 79 inches so that it can fit onto the trailer. To secure the bike in place, you will also be provided two quick release locks.


20. TMS TSN Motorcycle Carrier

TMS TSN Motorcycle CarrierThe TMS motorcycle carrier is another ramp type trailer that can hold a maximum weight of 500 pounds. That makes it suitable for only dirt bikes and smaller street and racing bikes. As with most others of this type, it is also black in color with a powder finish.

The ramp length is 38 inches while the area where the bike lands is double that. Coming to the class of vehicles to haul this carrier, you can use any class 2, 3, 4, or 5 vehicle.


21. Cocoarm Removable Trailer Wheel Chock

Cocoarm Removable Trailer Wheel ChockWhen all other trailer wheel chocks are either black or chrome in color, the one from Cocoarm is orange, and looks a lot more sophisticated. The steel used in making it has a high percentage of carbon to improve the strength and durability. Moreover, it has the powder finish coating to protect against rust.

Talking about the wheel diameter, it can fit a wheel whose size is up to 430 mm. It is a little smaller than other chocks of the same price. If you discount that, then it is the best motorcycle trailer in terms of quality.


22. Best Choice Hitch Motorcycle Trailer

Best Choice Hitch Motorcycle TrailerWhen it comes to hitch carriers, not many are of a higher quality than the one from Best Choice. It has got many features up its sleeve like anti-tilt devices, strong steel composition, etc. To top it off, it has some excellent reviews as well.

Once you receive the hitch carrier, it is very easy to assemble it and won’t need more than 2 people. Also, it is compatible with all classes except class 1 vehicles.


23. Yescom Motorcycle Trailer Hitch

Yescom Motorcycle Trailer HitchIf you want a hitch carrier of the highest capacity, then the Yescom Motorcycle trailer will suffice. That is because it has a capacity of about 800 pounds. It can accommodate even smaller capacity cruisers with that capacity.

It has 4 buckles to tie down the bike properly. Its construction looks a lot different than other hitch type trailers. However, users are not entirely happy with the product due to the difficulty in assembling it. If you can do that, then it is the best motorcycle trailer of the hitch type.


24. GoPlus Adjustable Motorcycle Chock

GoPlus Adjustable Motorcycle ChockOne of the most sophisticated chocks on this list is this one from GoPlus. As we all know, it is a well known brand in this segment, and they don’t disappoint with this product too. Unlike many other chocks, it can fit both the front and back wheel of the bike.

It can accommodate a massive wheel diameter of up to 15 inches. So, if you have a cruiser, it might be the best motorcycle trailer for you. Other than transportation, you can use it for bike maintenance too.


25. Black Widow Motorcycle Chock

Black Widow Motorcycle ChockAnother high quality chock is this one from Black Widow. It is very easy to use and can be operated by a single person. Another unique thing about this chock is that it is made using aluminum. Not many trailers of this type employ aluminum in the making.

If you drive into the chock, it automatically guides the wheel into place for a secure fit. Talking about that, it can accommodate up to 14.5 inch wheels, making it appropriate for cruisers.


26. Rack’em RA 17 Motorcycle Chock

Rack'em RA 17 Motorcycle ChockOne of the most compact motorcycle chocks on this list is the Rack’em RA17. It is also one of the most affordable. Due to a low price and good quality, it is rated highly by users.

A compact size doesn’t mean it can’t fit big wheels. It has a capacity of six and half inch diameter, which is suitable for almost all types of bikes, except cruisers. Lastly, it is also easy to install, since it needs only 4-8 screws in place.


27. Pit Posse Universal Motorcycle Chock

Pit Posse Universal Motorcycle ChockPit Posse, as you might know by now is the segment leader for motorcycle chocks. It is one of their most sought after products because of the universal fit. It also looks quite different from all other chocks.

The chock has been designed for one person loading so that it can be easy to load. It is made of heavy gauge steel with a layer of zinc for optimal rust-protection.


28. Dragway Tools Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Dragway Tools Motorcycle Wheel ChockThis chock from Dragway tools is one of the bulkiest on this list, and can carry almost any motorcycle you want. It has a wheel diameter capacity of 16 inches and a load capacity of 1500 pounds.

It has a self wheel-locking system for easy handling. Also, the materials used in its construction are heavy duty alloy steel that are incapable of rusting.


29. Black Widow Aluminum Motorcycle Hitch Trailer

Black Widow Aluminum Motorcycle Hitch TrailerHitch trailers are your best bet if you want to carry smaller motorcycles like dirt bikes, sports bikes, etc. Aluminum ones are even better since they are rust-proof, and quite low in weight. This one from Black Widow has a load capacity of 400 pounds.

You can use it to carry all kinds of dirt bikes and smaller sports bikes. The trailer itself is 75 inches, so make sure your bike is smaller in length than that. You can use it with a class two, three, and four carrier. All in all, it is one of the best single motorcycle trailers.


30. Ecotric Motorcycle Hitch Trailer

Ecotric Motorcycle Hitch TrailerThe last product on our list is a hitch trailer that can carry a maximum of 600 pounds. That makes it one of the trailers with the highest capacities on this list. The company also provides a loading ramp in addition to the carrier. It is black in color and entirely made up of steel.

Also, you get a two inch receiver that is useful during the loading stage. With a rail length of 79 inches, the hitch trailer is perfect for dirt bikes and sports bikes of all weights. In addition, you also get an anti-tilt device to stop wobbling.



So, we have come to the end of this extensive review of the best motorcycle trailer. We have included almost all types of trailers except closed ones. Also, there has been variety in terms of different price, load capacity, brands, construction, etc.

However, if there is still a little bit of confusion in your head regarding which trailer to buy, let us make it more simple for you.

If you want a hitch trailer, then there are many options. The ones from Black Widow, GoPlus, Ecotric are all good products. Likewise, if you want a chock kind of trailer, you should go with any product from Pit Posse.

Just make sure your bike wheel diameter is suitable. However, if you want an open trailer, drop tail and Rack’em are pretty good options.

In terms of construction, you will have a choice between aluminum and steel. Note that aluminum ones are costlier but lighter in weight.

Also, they can’t rust. Black Widow has a good aluminum hitch carrier and Pit Posse has a good aluminum chock. Moreover, you can choose between chrome and powder finish too.

FAQs on Motorcycle Trailers

1. How To Use A Motorcycle Trailer?

For almost all kinds of trailers except front-end, you would need a ramp. Make sure the ramp is properly attached to the trailer so that it doesn’t move when the bike goes on. Then, slowly turn on your bike and ride up to the trailer. If using a hitch trailer, you will have to roll the bike up. Next, secure the bike using ropes, locks and every other support so that it doesn’t move.

2. How To Strap Down A Motorcycle?

You have to use different straps and note down the different points at which you can tie down the bike. Some common straps are ratchet straps, tie-down straps, etc. First hook the motorcycle up using tie-down straps. Then put the side stand and tie the back and front properly. Then use other types of straps to make it even more secure

3. Why Are Wheel Chocks Important?

Wheel chocks are extremely important to keep the wheels in place while transporting so that the base of the motorcycle doesn’t move around.

4. What Size Ratchet Straps To Use For My Motorcycle

The ideal Ratchet strap should be at least 2 inches wide and at least 10 inches long. Also, they should be made of polyester for better strength and flexibility.

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