Best Motorcycle Cleaners 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Meguiar’s Care Kit 2. Aero Waterless All Around Kit 3. Maxima Chain Kit

As a beginner, I would always enjoy riding my motorcycle more as compared to washing it. Obvious isnt it? Yes, only to the extent when you are constantly spending thousands of dollars each passing week in part repairs and replacements. I learned the importance of regular cleaning and tune-up of a motorcycle the hard way. By the time I realized, it was quite a bit of money down the drain. Money which I could have easily saved if I had just taken a little more care.

Every motorcycle must always remember that cleaning your motorcycle regularly is one of the most important factors that determine the longevity of your parts as well as your entire body in general.

Keeping your motorcycle is extremely important as it not only washes off the dirt and mud from your precious ride but also a major role in maintaining the quality of your motorcycle in general.


And for the purpose of cleaning, investing in one of the best motorcycle cleaners must always be one of your priorities as a rider. A good cleaner will not only make your ride look fresh on the road, but it will also save tons of your hard earned by protecting your vehicle from the possible damages caused due to different kinds of junk and dirt.

Because of this, we have compiled for you below an extensive guide which will help you choose the best motorcycle cleaner based on your needs and preferences. This guide includes the factors that play a major role in determining the quality of any motorcycle cleaner, tips to follow when cleaning your motorcycle and lastly, a hands-on review of the best motorcycle cleaners available in the market at the moment.

Factors To Consider Whilst Purchasing the Best Motorcycle Cleaners

It is well-accepted notion that a motorcycle cleaner is your bikes best friend. It is one of the most important additions to your garage and it goes a long way in maintaining the health of your motorcycle which subsequently improves your own safety.

However, it is very easy for you to be intimated by the variety of options available in the market and the various factors that distinguish the bests in the industry. Also, more often than not you will come across some confusing terminology which will make it extremely difficult for you to choose the right product for you. We have a compiler below a list of all the factors that you must pay attention when looking for the best motorcycle cleaner.

Specifically Produced for Motorcycles

This is one of the most important factors and it is absolutely essentially that one invests in a detergent which is specifically manufactured to be used on motorcycles. A cleaning product which is not produced to be used by bikes would invariably affect the metal of your motorcycle. Not using the right cleaner will also have a negative impact on the paint and plastic of your motorcycle as harsh detergents contain chemical solvents which tend to react with the various elements.

Manufacturer Recommended

Manufacturers take extreme care whilst designing a bike. Each bike a certain features that are unique to its design. It is this uniqueness that differentiates an exclusive model from a normal one. It is extremely important that you invest in the cleaning products that are recommended by the bikes manufacturer. If you want to avoid costly repairs in the future and you are not sure of what product will best suit your bike, just go with the opinion of the experts.

All-in-One Cleaner

An all-in-one cleaner was specifically manufactured to give the maximum output of one investment. If you want to invest in something along the same lines, you should go for an all-in-one cleaner which must incorporate degreaser and anti-corrosion additives. However, it is important that one must make sure that the cleaner they are investing in is neutral and not over acidic or basic.

Now that you are well aware of all the factors you need to keep in mind whilst choosing the motorcycle cleaner which is the best for you, now we move on to the next segment which will cover some basic tips to keep in mind while cleaning your beloved bike.

Preparation Is The Key To Success

It important that you completely remove all the accessories from your bike before cleaning to get full access. This also makes sure that your electronic accessories remain safe in due course. For the purpose of washing, you will need bucket, cleaner, degreaser or the engine cleaner and a number of other equipment. It is important that you are well prepared to get the best output in the shorter span of time.

Don’t Wash The Bike Right After A Ride

The golden rule to cleaning motorcycles is that one must never spray cold water on a hot engine. You must always wait for it cool down before spending some of that extremely precious water. When cold spray is poured on to a hot body, it tends to leave streaks and water spots which do not come off that easily, leaving the bike in a worse condition. Hence, one must always remember the golden rule.

Do Not Overdo It

Washing bikes is bit of a balancing act. Frequent washing will lead to early developing problems such as oil or fluid leaks, loose or damaged parts etc. Washing to often will also lead to the reduction of lubricants from cables and exposed grease points on old engines. If you have just taken a small ride along the valley, then you don’t necessarily need a full wash. Constant full washes will lead to reduced life span of all the major bike parts.

Use Water Sparingly With Suitable Cleaning Agents

Experts believe that one must use the recommended cleaning agents only. Due to this, choosing the right cleaning product for the job becomes extremely important. One must stay away from abrasive cleaning agents as they tend to damage the paint and chrome. Detergents should have the a pH balance between six to eight, making them neutral. Using the right cleaning agent will also reduce your water usage significantly.

Pay Extra Attention While High Pressure Cleaning

High pressure cleaning can significantly reduce your efforts while cleaning. But one must also be careful while using this method of cleaning as the water tends to enter the electrics and crevices where it can cause corrosion and degreasing of vital parts. This significantly reduces the lifespan of major components. One must never use a pressure of more than 200 psi as this will avoid unnecessary repercussions and you will also save a lot of water.

The Right Sponge For Your Bike

You might think that it is okay to use the same sponge or rag cloth over and over again, but let me tell you it’s a big no. Once used, the sponge or the rag must be disposed of at once, otherwise they tend leave scratches and skid marks on the surface of the bike.

When choosing cleaning equipments, you should always go for ones that are manufactured using microfiber. They are the most effective and can be used to clean almost all external parts of your ride. If you are cleaning the internal parts of the bike, there is nothing better than a toothbrush to clean out the grime and grit out of the hard to reach areas. For cleaning the exhaust pipes, you should always use the finest grade steel wool and follow it up with a metal polish to get the best shine.

Pay Attention To Detail

Once you are done with initial cleaning and polishing, go over the entire body of your bike with a clean microfiber cloth. You need to spend some quality time cleaning the cables, engine casings and the wheel hubs. This will make all the difference. Paying attention to detail will reap you long term benefits as you will not have to constantly invest in newer parts and pieces.

Waxing And Lubes

Waxing is an integral part of cleaning your motorcycle. It is not the easiest of tasks either. Waxing can make or break a bike. One must always remember to not use compound bikes as they leave permanent swirls on the bikes which completely spoils the whole outlook and design. You must always use soft wax for cleaning for bikes in order to prevent any such mishap.

When we talk about lubes, there are few which are better than the WD30 which is great for getting rid of excess water as well as gently removing built up grease. One must always remember to not use lubes around the wheel axle or the chain as it will dilute the lubes which act as an extra layer of protection for those parts. You can use a dedicated chain lube or wax spray to coat the chain. When using wax or lube, you must always make sure you follow the instructions mentioned on the can to the T to get the best results.

Drying Off Is The Ultimate Step

The last and the most important step, drying off needs you to follow certain norms to make sure you get the best result out of the immense amount of hard work you have already put in. It is extremely important that you use a well rinsed and squeezed microfiber cloth or chamois to thoroughly dry your bike off. One must never reuse an already dirty cloth for this purpose as small pieces of grit which stick to these clothes can easily scratch your bike and leave a mark on forever.

Once you are finished cleaning your bikes, you must take it out for a ride so that all the remaining water leaves your bike. This ensures that they are no logged water which in turn can cause corrosion, thereby affecting your bike. After the ride, just give your bike a last quick wipe down and you are done.

With all that you have learned until now, we move on to the business end of this article. It’s time you put your knowledge to use and choose the best motorcycle cleaner for you. There are thousands of products which crowd the mind of the buyer, making it extremely confusing and difficult for the buyer to choose the right cleaner to invest in.

We have compiled below an extensive list of the best motorcycle cleaners which are available in the market right now, fully combined with a hands-on review of each and every one of those products.

Top 7 Best Motorcycle Cleaners 2021

1. Meguiarâ’s Motorcycle Care Kit

Meguiar’s Motorcycle Care KitThe Meguiar’s motorcycle care kit is one of the best motorcycle care kits available in the market at the moment. The six includes six products which cover all your necessities and requirements when it comes to cleaning your ride. The products in the kit are specifically manufactured for different motorcycles with a variety of finishes.

The entire care kit includes vinyl, leather, plastic and metal cleaners that make sure you have all things covered. Apart from the various cleaner, the Meguiar’s motorcycle care kit also includes a wax and a finisher spray that helps you motorcycles shine and look fresh after every wash.

The cleaners are intensive in nature and their pH generally lies in the range of 6-8. They are safe to use and help reduce unwanted damage.

The Meguiar’s motorcycle care kit comes with an easy to use guide, which when followed properly causes no hassle for any owner. The kit also comes with a specially designed microfiber cloth when can be used for washing and drying both.

The containers are also quite handy. They can safely be stored and kept for future use. One of the best features of the Meguiar’s motorcycle care kit is its long life. One investment can go a long way as the multiple cleaning options available with this kit make sure you don’t have reinvest again for quite some time.


  • One of the best cleaning kits for starters due to its easy to use and easy to store features.
  • The Meguiar’s motorcycle care kit is also quite decently priced which is great for the variety of products it offers in a single kit.
  • The cleaners available in this kit can very easily target stubborn dirt and rust on your bikes, and produce outstanding results.
  • Conditioners and wax which are part of the kit add great shine to your motorcycle.
  • The Meguiar’s motorcycle care kit is known for its versatility. The wide array of cleaners which are available in the kit can be used to make any surface look extremely good.


  • The cleaning cloth which comes with the kit is quite good but wears out easily. This means that you have to constantly invest on new clothes from time to time.
  • The clay bar which comes with the Meguiar’s motorcycle care kit is a major cause of concern if you use it regularly. The get easily damaged and contaminated with soil and dirt.
  • The bottle cap design of the cans may cause easy spillage which wastes a lot of product.

2. Aero Cosmetics Wet or Waterless All Around Kit

Aero Cosmetics Wet or Waterless All Around KitIf you are looking for a motorcycle cleaning kit which consists of just the most important needs and is still one of the best in the business when it comes to quality, the Aero Cosmetics wet or waterless all around kit is the perfect product for you.

The Aero Cosmetics wet or waterless all around kit only includes two cleaning products with several washing clothes. This kit also contains a spray nozzle for easier waterless application.

This is one of the best products to use just after washing your motorcycle with water. It comes with an easy to use guide to make sure the buyer is able to make the best use of the products which are his or her disposal.

At times when you are running short on time and you need to clean your ride, you can just spray the product on to the surface of the motorcycle and wipe it dry. This waterless option, which is a unique feature, lets you wash and polish your motorcycle practically anywhere.

The Aero Cosmetics wet or waterless all around kit is water based which makes it safe to use as there is no ammonia or alcohol content. Another interesting fact about this cleaning kit is the fact that it is used by the US military and airline corporations, which just goes to show how popular and trusted this brand is.

This kit is popular not among motorcyclists, but is also quite extensively used for cleaning boats, cars or planes.


  • It is water based, so it leaves no streaks or scratches on the surface of the vehicle.
  • The product does not leave any sticky residue on the surface of your motorcycle.
  • The fact that it is water based and comes with nozzle spray helps in the formulation of liquid and easily removes rust, grits and dirt.
  • The Aero Cosmetics wet or waterless all around kit is quite long lasting. Even with extensive use it lasts more than a year.
  • The product is quite affordable and effective.
  • Aero Cosmetics is one of the most trusted brands in the industry.
  • The waterless variant ensures you can clean your bikes anywhere and everywhere.


  • The product does not bode well with fiberglass and has a tough time cleaning it.
  • The Aero Cosmetics wet or waterless all around kit does not have waxing capabilities. If you need that extra bit of shine, you will have invest in a polish to be used after the cleaning.
  • Spray nozzles tend to leave streaks here and there if not adjusted carefully.
  • If you have just come back from an extensive tour and your ride it too dirty, this is probably not the best product to use after. This works the best when used regularly.

3. Maxima Chain Kit

Maxima Chain KitIf you are looking for the perfect cleaning product for your bike chains, then you don’t have to look beyond the Maxima chain kit. The Maxima chain kit comes in a pack of 3 and mainly target the maintenance of your motorcycle chain. However, when used moderately, they give outstanding results when used on metal surfaces.

The Maxima chain kit guarantees cleaning and maintenance of your chains without damaging any other links or surfaces that might come in contact with during the cleaning process. The products on the kit are specially manufactured for heavy duty cleaning and hence, are perfect for your bike chains.

Apart from the cleaner and the wax that comes with the kit, there is an additional multi-purpose lube which has a variety of uses. This lube can double up as a lube for the cracks and crevices inside the body of your motorcycle.

This product helps you protect your chain, sprockets and springs by making them rust proof. Moreover, the lube which in included inside the pack has pressure additives.

The Maxima chain kit comes in cans of aerosol sprays and are quite easily storable. The kit also includes an easily understandable manual which helps the user at every step of the way.


  • If you have any stubborn dirt mark that just won’t go, a few sprays of this cleaner and it will go away in a jiffy.
  • The Maxima chain kit comes at a very reasonable price and it is better to invest in a pack of three rather than buying them individually.
  • There are very few other products that can compete with the quality of Maxima chain kit when it comes to cleaning chains. A few sprays makes the chain quicker and smoother.
  • The wax and lube which are included in the pack of three are great for rust protection. Using this will significantly improve the lifespan of your parts.


  • Excessive use of this product can negatively impact your bike.
  • Although it can very well be used as a metal cleaner for your bikes, extensive use can corrode the plastic surface and melt of paint.
  • The Maxima chain kit gives a strong chemical odour which can cause irritation.

4. S100 Motorcycle Care Kit

S100 Motorcycle Care KitThe S100 Motorcycle Care Kit is the perfect amalgamation of five great products which together combined make it the best bike care kit available in the market at the moment. The kit consists of a dedicated motorcycle cleaner, a corrosion protectant, a finish restorer, a super absorbent drying towel and a wax spray.

All the aforementioned products are needed for a quick and easy cleaning session. Every product on this kit contemplates the other quite well, making this product one of the best in the market right now.

All the five products are placed in a carry case, making it extremely convenient for the user to store and even carry along, during long rides.

The S100 Motorcycle Care Kit comes with a special drying towel which is far more absorbent than the regular chamois. This is indeed a very important addition to this already great set of cleaning agents.

The cleaner and polish which is included in this product is work perfectly fine on all surfaces. The S100 Motorcycle Care Kit is one of the best products to invest for starters as it comes with straightforward user manual which make the use of all the individual products extremely easy.


  • The size of the carry case is perfect if you need to take this along with you on your trips.
  • The S100 Motorcycle Care Kit is a great product for young riders as it is easy to use and does not require much knowledge on complicated detailing and cleaning.
  • It contains all that you might need, making this an all-in-one cleaning kit.
  • The special towels that come with this bike care kit are one of the best additions to this already brilliant product. They are extra absorbent and make the job quite easy.
  • The S100 Motorcycle Care Kit can also be used a tire greases, making this a multipurpose bike cleaner.


  • Among all the kits we have reviewed here, this is the most expensive. The volume of each product is also very little.
  • It is not supposed to be used as a heavy duty cleaner and works best with bikes that have minimal dirt on it.
  • Due to the lack of volume, the cleaner runs out first. This makes the entire investment a waste of money.
  • The wax and detail spray which is included in the kit is not one of the best products. Due to this, more often than not you will find yourself investing on them separately.

5. Bike Brite Cleaner and Degreaser

Bike Brite Cleaner and DegreaserIf you are looking for an easy to use 2-in-1 product, that gives you good quality and value for money then the Bike Brite cleaner and degreaser is the best product for you.

The Bike Brite cleaner and degreaser is the perfect all-rounder as it gives you an overall cleaning session on all kinds of surfaces without any damage to either the body or parts of your motorcycle.

In addition to that, you don’t have to invest on an additional tire degreaser as this two in one product performs exceedingly well as a degreaser too.

The fact that this is just one can of liquid might make a lot of people wonder how this product manages to cover all the bases. It all down to the versatility of the product. Despite being 2-in-1 product, its versatility to clean any and all kinds of surfaces makes this investment worth every penny.

The Bike Brite cleaner and degreaser is also one of the cheapest products on this list. So, if you want to invest on a motorcycle polish as well, you can very well do so as you are already saving quite a lot money on the Bike Brite cleaner and degreaser. The product is long lasting as it only comes in half a gallon of size and can easily cater to all your cleaning needs for over a year.

The formulation of the Bike Brite cleaner and degreaser is guaranteed to be biodegradable. There by it causes absolutely no harm to the environment. Also, it has a pH balanced formula that helps preventing any form of corrosion. This is extremely important as it improves the life span of your parts.


  • The Bike Brite cleaner and degreaser offers good value for money. And for the amount of volume, there are very few which can compete the quality that comes with this product.
  • Formulation is pH balanced. They don’t cause any harm to the environment or you.
  • The Bike Brite cleaner and degreaser cuts the cleaning time to half because it can very effectively wash any kind of dirt from all kinds of surface.
  • It is great for starters as it extremely easy to use. Just add a cup of the Bike Brite cleaner and degreaser in to the sprayer and you are good to go.
  • This product needs to be diluted with water first. This make it one of the most long lasting bike cleaners available in the market at the moment.


  • The Bike Brite cleaner and degreaser might not be the best option for very dirty bikes or chains.
  • You might want to invest in a dedicated chain cleaner for all your chain maintenance needs.
  • There is a good chance that it may leave water marks on the mirrors.

6. Star Brite Ultimate Bike Guard

Star Brite Ultimate Bike GuardThe Star Brite Ultimate Bike Guard is an easy to use spray on motorcycle cleaner which can be used to wipe off dirt off almost every painted surface. The formulation of this product is such that it never affects the paint and only focuses on cleaning.

They are manufactured using protective polymers that bond on the surface and protect it from the both dirt and UV rays. The Star Brite Ultimate Bike Guard is extremely safe to use and works fine even when used to clean helmets. It is important however that one does not over spray on to the visor as that can damage the helmet.

The Star Brite Ultimate Bike Guard comes in an easy to carry and use spray pack which can be used with relative ease. This is one of the best motorcycle cleaners to take with you on long rides as you can constantly use to clean almost all parts of your motorcycle with relative ease.

This waterless cleaner can only be used however, to clean and remove light road grime, bug debris, greasy fingerprints etc. They don’t work that well if you plan on using it for an extensive cleaning session. However, at under 20 dollars, they offer good value for money. By using this you are not only keeping your bike clean at all times but are also protecting them from any problems caused due to dust retention and corrosion.


  • One of the cheapest waterless cleaners which take out all light road grime, debris, dust and grease.
  • The Star Brite Ultimate Bike Guard protects your bike from UV rays and dirt due to its PTEF polymer barrier.
  • It works wonders if you use it simply to enhance the appearance of all chrome, stainless steel and painted surfaces.
  • They are perfect to carry along with you on long rides.


  • The Star Brite Ultimate Bike Guard is not the best product to be used for a full body cleaning session.

7. Skidmore’s Biker Edition Leather Cream

Skidmore’s Biker Edition Leather CreamIf you are a seasoned rider and constantly chart thousands of kilometres on your ride, then you will need the perfect leather cream in order to give your motorcycle the makeover it deserves. The Skidmore’s Biker Edition Leather Cream is one of the best leather creams available in the market at the moment. This is one of the very few products in this list that have stood the test of time. It has been in the market for more than a decade now and still trusted by users around the globe.

The Skidmore’s Biker Edition Leather Cream will repair every seat scratch, scuffing or fatigue that your ride may experience. It is an all purpose leather care product that cleans, conditions and protects all types of leather.

The Skidmore’s Biker Edition Leather Cream is manufactured using a non toxic formulation and contains no animal products, dyes or perfumes. This is one product which has maintained it quality over the years and when it comes to leather cleaners, there are very few which can compete with the brilliance of the Skidmore’s Biker Edition Leather Cream.

Manufactured to be used on all bikes, the Skidmore’s Biker Edition Leather Cream works best Harley Davidson and Indian. If you love your cruiser and want to maintain it well, then this one product you must definitely invest in.

The Skidmore’s Biker Edition Leather Cream comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee which just goes to show the amount of confidence the manufacturers have on their product.


  • It is the best product if you want to maintain the shine of all the leather in and around the body of your motorcycle.
  • Each application of the Skidmore’s Biker Edition Leather Cream makes the leather look superior than the last.
  • Product warrants a 100% lifetime guarantee.


  • Some riders might feel this is an extra investment as this not the cheapest of products.

Final Word

I am sure if you love your ride, you would always want to maintain it and keep it as good as new. Now, cleaning your own motorcycle regularly can be quite a task. However, we believe with the best motorcycle cleaner by your side, you would enjoy cleaning that lovely motorcycle of yours.

Although specific cleaners can be quite expensive as compared to regular soap, these products reduce your cleaning time up to half as compared to water and regular soap. Not only that, using the recommended cleaners also ensures that you reduce the damage cause due to stuck dirt and rust which is caused due to extensive use of regular soap for cleaning.

We hope that this guide to choosing the best motorcycle cleaner will help you choose the right product based on your need and use, so that the next time you ride, you gleam with pride at the shine of your ride. Happy Riding!

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