Best Motorcycle Lifts 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Motorcycle Lifts

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageBlackhawk B6350
  • 7,000 LB. lift capacity
  • Rugged universal joint for precise load control
  • Swivel saddle provides easy jack positioning
ptsntbl-table__imagePowerZone 380047
  • 1,700 LB. lift capacity
  • Safety lock with multiple locking positions
  • 4-1/2” high super easy to store
ptsntbl-table__imagePowerbuilt 620422E
  • Build to last
  • Lifting capacity of 4, 000 pounds
  • Flexible design adapts to different type of vehicle frames
ptsntbl-table__imagePro-LifT T-5355A
  • Non-slip foot pedal & rubberized platform
  • 550 LB. lift capacity
  • Easy to manuever
ptsntbl-table__imageTorin Jack
  • 1,500 lb load capacity
  • Equipped with 6 locking positions
  • Wide load bearing platform

Generally, most of us don’t take our beloved two-wheelers to a garage for washing, servicing, basic maintenance or for simple repairs. Since bikes have easy to use DIY features and parts, it doesn’t require professional help to fix small issues. In such cases, the best motorcycle lift becomes major support to tune up and solve basic problems.

So if you’re you looking for the best motorcycle lift, this article is just for you!

For taking care of the motorcycle, changing fluids, replacing tires, or undertaking some easy fixes, you will need a good motorcycle lift jack. Not only does it save a lot of money, but also keeps you away from the stress of kneeling in an uncomfortable position while trying to fix the issues.

However, buying the best motorcycle lift isn’t all about testing your internet research skills and choosing any random product. It requires thorough understanding and knowledge because you have to make an investment for getting the best product.

We have prepared this guide to help you to buy the best motorcycle lift that suits your needs and fits your budget. It lists the features you should consider while making a pick, and also lists the best motorcycle lifts with a detailed comparison of the pros and cons of each.

Top 22 Best Motorcycle Lifts 2021

1. Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack – 3.5 Ton Capacity

Blackhawk B6350 BlackRed Fast Lift Service Jack - 3.5 Ton CapacityAre you looking for better safety in addition to a comfortable lift to the vehicle? If yes, then the Blackhawk B6350 is one of the best motorcycle lift for you. It offers a huge 3.5-ton capacity. Designed precisely with super-fast technology for fast lifting, it has the best features. Furthermore, it is equipped with a high lift hydraulic jack. It also has a trolley and wheels attached on the front and the rear side, making it incomparable to others when it comes to security when lifting heavy vehicles.

Wondering how does it lift so fast and easily? Well, all credit goes to the latest invented mechanism that rests on lifting heavy vehicles so effortlessly. It has a couple of sensors that help to detect the pace of the rising action. It then adjusts according to the vehicle’s speed and user’s need. You can easily pump it with two-piece handles, without creating any friction.. It has the ability to reach a maximum height of 22 inches off the floor.

In terms of safety, this best motorcycle lift comes with a swivel saddle for easy positioning and protection. It’s high-quality and solid steel construction ensures better safety and durability. Not to forget, give due credit must be given to the built-in internal safety valve which offersextra safety.

To improve the safety parameter, this automotive scissor offers decent stability as the front and the rear wheels make maneuverability easy and convenient.
Also, it features a bypass device that helps in preventing damage from over-pumping in the wheels.

It lifts the bike to a full height of up to 22 inches by sticking the handle with a slight angle to improve the overall stability and helps in carrying out the maintenance task with effortless strokes. Additionally, it has rolled side frames that improve the strength, rigidity and avoids occasional twisting.

All in all, if you want the best motorcycle lift at an affordable price, then the Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service Jack is an amazing option. It offers greater functionality, design, and construction as compared to other high-end lift jacks.


2. PowerZone 380047 1700 LB Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Jack

PowerZone 380047 1700 LB Hydraulic MotorcycleATV JackThe Powerzone 380047 Hydraulic Jack is one such product that is suitable for all types of bike enthusiasts. Boasting of a huge lifting capability of 1700 lb, this best motorcycle lift can be used for most bike types and ATVs.

Its heavy-duty steel construction offers better strength and safety that you require to work comfortably on your bike.

Featuring a unique T-handle, it provides better grip and safety, making it easy to position and move around effortlessly. Using the handle is quite easy, all thanks to the efficient foot-activated hydraulic-powered pump. You have to give it only a few pumps and your bike starts rising to the desired height. The stability is maintained because of the easy hands-free operation.

Also, you can remove the handles while working on bikes in small and compact spaces.

For better security and convenience, it features a safety lock. This lock comes with three different locking positions, which help you to place your bike in a preferred position. The top of the list is padded with high-quality rubber pads to keep your bike in place, and also preventing it from coming in contact with steel materials.
As for the storage, it folds up to 4.5-inches and weighs around 62-pounds. So, it is easy to store in a small corner.

All in all, the Powerzone 380047 Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Jack is one of the best motorcycle lifts offering good durability and a heavyweight design suitable for most motorcycles.


3. Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack

Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift JackThe Powerbuilt 620422E Triple Lift Jack has everything you need in a good, durable and heavyweight lift. Surprisingly, it has one of the highest weight lifting capacities of 4000 pounds!

Having such a humongous weight limit, it can easily be used to carry some of the heaviest vehicles including a cruiser or overweight motorcycles.

The best aspect of this model is its combined bottle jack and jack stand in one single unit. It offers a lifting range of 8-5/8 inches rising up to 18-5/8 inches. All this helps it to elevate even the highest of vehicles offering good access for maintenance and upgrades.

If you want to fix your bike in a certain position, then it is possible with the jack’s unique locking system. Thus the bike can be locked as per preference, eliminating the need to use extra jack stands for better stability.

In terms of the design and looks, it is made from heavy-duty steel material. What makes it much more desirable for motorcycle enthusiasts is the flat, wide base that enhances stability and prevents the stand from dropping on softer surfaces, avoiding damages.

All in all, the Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack is an ideal option for people owning heavy vehicles such as cruisers, heavy bikes, and for those wanting to work on multiple motorcycle types.


4. Pro-LifT T-5355A 550 Pound Capacity Lawn Mower Lift

Pro-LifT T-5355A 550 Pound Capacity Lawn Mower LiftPro-LifT T-5355A 550 Pound Capacity Lawn Mower Lift offers you enough room and stability to work safely on lawn mowers. Also, it offers the ability to lift 23-3/8 inches off the ground to a wheel saddle, providing you the maximum space to undertake all the necessary maintenance work. Having welded solid steel construction with four wheels and a positive dual locking system, it also features a hydraulic foot pedal operation that offers the option to lift vehicles to a decent height effortlessly.


5. Torin Big Red Motorcycle / ATV Jack: 3/4 Ton (1,500 lb) Capacity

Torin Big Red Motorcycle ATV (1,500 lb) CapacityTorin Big Red Motorcycle Jack is one of the best motorcycle lifts with the reliability of a trusted brand. Torin is known for manufacturing some of the best car tools, accessories, high-end machinery, enhancing these products overall credibility.

With a number of proficient mechanics and a maximum weight lifting capacity of 1500 pounds, Torin Big Red Motorcycle outshines many others as it can easily lift ATVs. It offers a good stretching range that can go up to 16.625. Furthermore, the device is quite smooth, which makes it easy to lower or raise any motorbike.

All in all, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly and easy to use lift table, the Torin Big Red Motorcycle Jack is just the right choice for you.


6. Extreme Max 5001.5059 1100 lb. Wide Motorcycle Scissor Jack with Dolly

Extreme Max 5001.5059 1100 lb. Wide Motorcycle Scissor Jack with DollyFor lifting a bike, you require a strong and trustworthy instrument to do the task without any hassle and damage. If you’re looking for a reliable option, then the Wide Motorcycle Scissor Jack is exactly what you need. It has the capacity to lift motorcycles conveniently weighing up to 1100 lbs, thus offering the extra strength that you lack.

The process is as simple as fixing a bulb. Just fix the jack below the motorcycle, attach a 7/8″ socket to the drive and simply lift up. Easy isn’t it?

The lift begins at a good height of 3-3/8″ and has a good capacity to rise up to a height of 14″ from the ground.

Since it has a wide platform, it ensures safety and stability even when elevated. The Rubber padding protects a metal contact, thus avoiding any scratching, scuffing and scraping.


7. Goplus Motorcycle ATV Hydraulic Scissor Lift Jack Stand Quad Dirt Street Bike Hoist 1500 Lbs (Red)

Goplus Motorcycle ATV Hydraulic Scissor Lift Jack Stand Quad Dirt Street Bike Hoist 1500 Lbs (Red)Another good choice for easy to use, reliable, multipurpose and long-lasting lift is the Goplus Scissor Lift Jack. Just as the name suggests, it is designed like a pair of scissors. It works well for ATV’s, scooters, dirt bikes, as well as jet skis.

Specially made from high-end solid steel, it offers a great weighing capacity of up to 1500 pounds. It is ideal for working a variety of heavy-duty machines including sports bike, cruiser, racing bikes and more.

Not only this, you can easily move it from one place to another, all thanks to the four casters at the. Apart from easy maintenance, it can also be easily adjusted and stored when not in use. The large handles make it almost effortless to adjust the height of your motorcycle. As for the adjustment height, it’s possible to raise your bike up to 17-3/8 inches off the ground.

The top surface is coated with a non-slip pad, offering better stability and safety. This not only keeps the bike in place, but also prevents it from external damages.
Weighing merely 70 pounds, it is lightweight and portable. Also, the wheels underneath make it easy to position the stand and move around when not in need.

All in all, the Goplus Motorcycle ATV Hydraulic Scissor Lift Jack is an apt choice if you’re in search of one of the best motorcycle lifts that fits a wide range of different vehicles.


8. Pit Posse Motorcycle ATV Scissor Floor Jack Lift Table Stand – 13 inches Thru 36-inch-High Stable Safe Comfortable 2 Years Warranty

Pit Posse Motorcycle ATV Scissor Floor Jack Lift Table Stand - 13 inches Thru 36-inch-High – Stable – Safe – Comfortable – 2 Years WarrantyPit Posse offers one of the best motorcycle lifts, the PP2551S Motorcycle Dirt Bike. This model makes use of hydraulic lifting and is equipped with wheels. It is a perfect option for quads as well as dirt bikes (MX), and can lift heavy bikes without hassles. Featuring foot pedal, it helps to lift the stand much more easily. It comes with loops and pins for better security and stability.

A high-quality steel frame is used in its making, thus making it tough and durable to carry machines up to a capacity of 300 pounds. Furthermore, it also has a gas and oil resistant vulcanized top, which offers a secure grip.


9. Extreme Max 5001.5038 Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Jack – 1700 lb. Capacity

Extreme Max 5001.5038 Hydraulic Motorcycle ATV Jack - 1700 lb. CapacityThe Extreme Max Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table is an apt option for anyone who owns a small, lightweight motorcycle or scooter. It can easily carry a machine that weighs 300 pounds, but if you have a machine that is heavier than that, you’ll need to consider other options.

Basically, it is a hydraulic powered lift that extends up to an ultimate height of 34.5-inches. It comes with a unique locking bar, which keeps it intact and locked at a specific place, preventing it from dropping and further damages. Moreover, the release pedals attached to it makes the work easier in lowering and removing the bike from the stand.

Equipped with a good quality rubber pad, it prevents the stand from scratching the bike and also maintains the overall stability.

When not in use, the stand can be brought down to a low height of 13.25-inches, making it apt for small working places and garages.

In terms of maneuverability, it is equipped with four wheels underneath, making it easy for shifting and positioning. Also, you can easily lock the wheels when working on the bike, preventing it from dropping androlling around.

Even though the Extreme Max Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table has a weight constraint, it is an ideal option for basic machine lifting needs.


10. Vivohome Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle Atv Lift Jack Hoist Stand 1500lb

Vivohome Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle Atv Lift Jack Hoist Stand 1500lbVIVOHOME Steel Hydraulic Lift Jack is fit for anyone who has a motorcycle or an ATV. Having a huge 1500 lb. lifting capacity, it can easily manage even the heaviest of machines. It offers three different safety lock positions, keeping you away from protection issues and security troubles. Your bike’s frame will also be protected by the rubbing padded arms, which will prevent your bike from being scratched during the lifting process. It offers two different but easy ways of functioning. Either you can make use of the manual foot pedal, or simply attach it to a compressed air line and make use of the pneumatic lift cylinder. If you’re still in a dilemma, then don’t forget the fact that it offers a handle and swivel caster which makes it easier to move around.


11. Zeny 1500 Lb Hydraulic Motorcycle/Atv Hoist Jacks Stand Quad Dirt Street Bike Hoist Up To 14.76 High (Red)

Zeny 1500 Lb Hydraulic Motorcycle Atv Hoist Jacks Stand Quad Dirt Street Bike Hoist Up To 14.76 High (Red)Next on the list is the ZENY Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift, another product which is easy to operate, credible and long-lasting. Weighing 27.8-pounds, it has a robust steel construction with a red and black powder coating.

The operating system is simple Crank OS. It can be used with any one of the two variable screw adapters to lift machines weighing up to 1100 pounds.

Wondering what stands out in this one? It’s the machine’s compatibility and acceptance to most vehicles out there. The ZENY 1500 LB Hydraulic Motorcycle offers a universal fit. It simply means that it can be used with all types of bikes such as tricycles or sports bikes. It provides a good execution when lifting your bike.

The most impressive aspect of this model is its scissor jack. Having a wide-deck and stand increases the overall stability and durability. It offers a lifting range of 3 ½ inches to 17 inches and a height of 3½ inches.


12. Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table “ 300 lb

Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table – 300 lbThough the Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table might have the capacity to lift small motorcycles or dirt bikes, it still works wonders when it comes to performing efficiently.

Just like many others, this also has a precisely padded rubber platform that prevents the bike from scratches and scrapes. Also, it comes with an easy to use foot pedal operation for elevating and lowering the bike.

For better adjustment and stability, there is a locking bar which helps secure the position of the bike from falling.

All in all, Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table might not be great in terms of weight lifting capacity, but it surely offers excellent safety and stability.


13. Pyle Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift w/ Dolly – Portable EZ Bike Rack, Front Rear Center Tire Wheel Engine Stand w/ Wheels – Low Profile Manual Flat Floor Hoist Table for Cruiser, Dirt Bikes – PLMOTJC11

Pyle Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift w Dolly - Portable EZ Bike Rack, Front Rear Center Tire Wheel Engine Stand w Wheels - Low Profile Manual Flat Floor Hoist Table for Cruiser, Dirt Bikes - PLMOTJC11The Pyle Motorcycle Jack is an ideal option that works well for a cruiser, sports bike or even dirt bikes. It is easy to use and lift the bike off the ground for maintenance purposes. All you need to do is merely place the stand below and use a wrench or air tool to raise it to a comfortable height.

The service floor is made of high-end steel, which is strong enough to handle most bikes. Also, it has a black powder coating that adds to the sturdiness. The 1/4 inches thick rubber mat on the platform helps to get a good grip and improves the stability.

The strong and well-built scissor-shaped flat jack lift comes with a wide (9″ x 14.6″) workstation, which can easily handle weight up to 1 ton.

One of the best features of this lift is the dolly tray. It helps to place the bike on the center stand, enabling it to be easily moved from one place to another. Moreover, it is equipped with four steel casters that need minimum assembly.


14. Dragway Tools 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack

Dragway Tools 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift JackThe Dragway Tools 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack is one such product that offers almost all the useful features that will give you the best experience.

It is specially designed keeping in mind the variety of motorcycles available in the market, and is compatible with almost all of them.. Boasting of a weighing capacity of 1100 lbs, it has a strong platform measuring 16 in. x 10 in.

It has a rubber mat on the lifting platform for enhanced stability. The mat also helps to prevent slippages and scratches, thus leading to overall damage control. It comes with a minimum height of 3.75 inches and a maximum height of 13.5 inches.

Since Dragway offers some of the finest features; it is a great deal that you shouldn’t miss!


15. Smartxchoices Red/Black Motorcycle ATV Jack

Smartxchoices Red Black Motorcycle ATV JackAnother motorcycle lift jack in the list is from a well-known brand, Smartxchoices. When it comes to authenticity and reliability of the product, no one can beat this brand.

Just like others on the list, this motorcycle lift contains all the useful bells and whistles that one needs. Boasting of a weighing capacity of 1500 lbs, it suits almost all the machines available in the market today.

The Tubular frame is constructed of high-grade steel with a lead-free paint finish, ensuring durability and reliability. It also helps to prevent damage from rust, oil, and grease.

It features rubber grip pads that help to protect the motorcycle frame from any other kind of damage. On the other hand, the welded tie-down brackets aid to keep the load secure. Moving the lift around is far more convenient, all thanks to the rubber comfort grip.

Moreover, since it is CE and ANSI certified, you shouldn’t think twice before spending on this product. It also offers some extra accessories such as jack, handles, and adapters, making it all the more desirable.


16. Dilated Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack

Dilated Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift JackThough the Dilated Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack is one of the lightest lift jacks weighing around 7 pounds, it still is strong enough to lift machines weighing up to 1000 pounds. Constructed using heavy-duty steel, it comes with and an extra thick and wide rubber deck that improves the overall stability.

What makes it more desirable is that the platform is paint, oil, grease as well as dirt resistant, so you don’t really have to stress about its cleaning and maintenance. Having a lift range of 3 3/4 and to 13 and…–, it helps you to do all your tasks easily and conveniently. The package includes a motorcycle scissor jack along with a hex sleeve.

All in all, the Dilated Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack is a perfect balance of simplicity and efficiency.


17. Wide Deck Motorcycle 1100 LB Center Scissor Lift

Wide Deck Motorcycle 1100 LB Center Scissor LiftThe Wide Deck Motorcycle 1100 LB Center Scissor Lift offers excellent compatibility, making it one of the best motorcycles lifts out there. It suits almost all types of motorcycle models and also offers decent convenience.

It is an ideal choice for anyone who owns two or more bike models. It features a simple and hassle-free scissor jack and is convenient for beginners. It features a vulcanized lifting platform that makes it a stable and also a high-grade product. Further, this rubber platform mat reduces chances of slippage and scratches on the frame of the motorcycle. This motorcycle jack has a weight bearing capacity of 1100 pounds and can lift bikes from 3.2 inches to 13.25 inches.


18. LiftMaster 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack Hoist Stand Bikes ATVs

LiftMaster 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack Hoist Stand Bikes ATVsThe LiftMaster 1100 LB Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack comes with an easy Crank Operation System. It is basically designed to lift motorbikes from their center stand. However, the only drawback of this product is that all the bikes cannot be lifted in this position, so you need to know if your bike allows such an option before you make an investment.

Offering a decent weight lifting capacity of 1100 pounds, it is suitable for sport bikes, scooters, heavier cruisers, and ATVs.

As for height adjustment, it has two screw adapters, which can be used to suit your height requirements and positioning. It offers a lifting range between 3.5-inches up to 15-3/4 inches. Moreover, the raising and lowering of the stand are done through a simple crank, thus making you free from the hassles of hydraulics or mechanical lift parts.

The mounting is padded with high-quality rubber, helping to keep the bike in place and also preventing any scratches.

As for safety, it is equipped with a safety pin, which can be used up to six locking positions. The well-planned locking system aids in preventing accidental drops and damages.

Though it doesn’t have wheels, it merely weighs 32 pounds. This makes it easy to move around and easy to store in small spaces.

All in all, the LiftMaster 1100 LB Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack is a great option if you’re in search of an affordable and looking for a lightweight Lift.


19. Matrix Concepts LLC LS1-106 LS-One Lift Stands – Black/Orange

Matrix Concepts LLC LS1-106 LS-One Lift Stands - Black OrangeThe Matrix Concepts LLC LS1-106 LS-One Lift Stands works well for anyone who is either a mini rider or a professional racer. It is easy to use, maneuverable, durable and can be stored easily. With an easy access 2-point Power Pedal, you can operate it effortlessly and can lock it up in a comfortable position.

Designed with lightweight carbon steel along with a durable powder coat finish, you can rely on this robust product. Also, it has been developed and tested by some of the professional riders. While a blotted top makes it easy to use, a unique DeRon bushing at the midpoint offers a smooth action with an anti-slip urethane bottom bumper. Not only this, but you can also buy a bolt-on wedge kit, to increase the overall efficiency.

This matrix lift offers a maximum weight lifting capacity of 500 lbs, with a lifting range of 12 inches downwards and 15.5 inches upwards.


20. STKUS Motorcycle Lift

STKUS Motorcycle LiftThis product by STKUS qualifies as one of the best motorcycle lifts, and offers a maximum weight lifting capacity of 1100 pounds. It comes with a lifting range minimum 3-3/4 inches to a maximum of 15-3/4 inches at an extremely economical price.

As for the usage, it is a very simple and easy-to-use machine, and you wouldn’t have to worry much about the parts that may be damaged easily.

It is equipped with two screw connectors which enable you to change the height as per your convenience.

Also, there is a crank jack attached to the package for efficient and easy operation. Just like most others, the lift has a wide base, which increases its overall stability.


21. Titan Ramps Motolift

Titan Ramps MotoliftDo you want the best heavy-duty motorcycle lift? If yes, then the Titan Ramps Motolift is an ideal purchase. This model offers a weight lifting capacity of 1,000 lbs. But it’s not merely about the lifting ability; there’s a lot more that makes it one of the best options out there.

To add to its features, it boasts of a heavy duty 11ga steel plate construction, allowing combating with some serious repair and maintenance work. Without any doubt, working with heavy bikes, it isn’t wise to invest too much in safety. Keeping this in mind, the manufacturer has included a front wheel vise chock, a stop plate, and a set of tie-down straps. All these parts and pieces will help you keep the vehicle in place as you elevate it.

Also, a removable safety bar allows you to lock it in a preferred position. To top it all, it has a diamond-plate surface that helps to lower the already low risk of slipping, offer an added advantage of safety and security.

It features a standard two foot-pedal hydraulic motorcycle lift table, which is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is raise it by merely pumping the lift pedal. The other pedal, called the release pedal, allows in slowly lowering the table back.

All in all, the Titan Ramps Motolift is an extra-long, heavy-duty, sturdy and probably the best motorcycle lift table that offers a reliable and convenient way to raise or lower the vehicles for maintenance or repair work.


22. Milestone Tools 380047

Milestone Tools 380047The Milestone Tools 380047 is an affordable hydraulic powered motorcycle lift jack. Specially designed while keeping in mind the varietyof products, it offers quick and easy lifting solutions of heavy machines. The jack is smooth to operate, thus improving its stability. Also, the swing probability gets reduced to its lowest.
A unique feature that must be kept in mind is that this jack is one of the lightest; weighing merely 62.4 lbs. So, moving it around and storing it isn’t an issue.
Featuring a saddle lifting platform measuring 12″ Ñ… 12″, it ideally fits all the modern vehicles.

The platform is coated with rigid rubber, so the vehicle won’t slip or drop when you’re working on it. Also, your motorcycle will remain undamaged, whether the bottom is chromed or painted.

If you wish to tie your bike to the lift for better safety, all you need to do is use additional straps.

It offers a maximum weight lifting capacity of 1,700 lbs, so it is suitable for a number of motorcycles, snowmobiles, lawnmowers, as well as quad bikes.

Its unique and long T-shape handle allows you to roll the jack under your bike and lift it conveniently with a foot-activated pump.

Moreover, it comes with a safety lock that enables you to fix the jack in 3 positions, helping you to place your bike in one position.

All in all, the Milestone Tools PowerZone 380047 is totally worth your money as it has the capability to lift vehicles between 4.5″ to 14.5″.


How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Lift?

While searching for the best motorcycle lifts, you need to keep a number of useful factors in mind. Some of the most important ones are listed below in detail.

1. Types of Lifts

The main categories of lifts are as follows:

– Floor Jacks

One of the most famous types of lift is Floor Jack. It is known to be the best motorcycle lift and is more or less similar to a low unit, used to handle a Harley-Davidson machine. As they generally have wheels, they are easy to move from one place to another. The maneuvering process, even in compact places, becomes easier.

– Hi-Lift

As the name suggests, Hi-lift is a product that lifts the bike higher from the ground. The entire weight is aptly balanced on the platform. It comes with specially designed security locks to keep your bike safe from unnecessary movements or theft. Not only is it easy-to-use, but this best motorcycle lift is also easy to store, all thanks to its compact size and nature.

– Stand

A stand is a multipurpose product. It helps in easily lifting the bike and also in easy transportation.

– Hydraulic Lifts

Usually, hydraulic lifts use both hydraulic fluid and compressed air for proper functioning. While the compressed air helps to raise the lift, the hydraulic fluid helps in easy movement.

The fluid is stored in the pump housing, having a personal reservoir tank. You will need adequate maintenance on the housing as per your needs and use. As the air pump is managed by the foot pedal, both your hands will be free to help you maintain the bike’s stability and security. Generally, hydraulic lifts require little or no effort in terms of proper operation and balance.

– Air Lifts

Just like the name suggests, Airlifts are run by compressed air. It easily lifts the bike in the direction or position you want. It has foot operated valve controls attached to it, which operate an air cylinder that helps to raise or lower the lifting platform, as per the needs. Also, you can lock the platform can in a particular position as per your convenience.

– Mechanical Lifts

Regardless to say, a mechanical lift is managed manually with the help of a handle. Using a series of mechanisms, the bike platform can be lowered or raised into position.

– Scissor Lifts

The name scissor lift refers to the design and make of the product; shaped similar to a pair of scissors. The lifting mechanism has a scissor-like opening and closing movement.

– Bottle Jacks

A bottle jack is a closely-packed hydraulic piston that is used to lift the bike. Just as the name represents, it has a bottle shaped design. For better stability and steadiness, you can combine bottle jacks with a jack stand.

2. Max Weight Capacity

While looking for the best motorcycle lift, it is essential to consider the maximum weight lifting capacity. It will help you to understand how much weight it can actually bear. It would be wise to have a thorough understanding of the bike’s weight before you start hunting for the best motorcycle lift table. It isn’t advisable to choose a product that can merely manage 500 lbs if your bike is heavy. A few high-end lift models have a maximum capacity of 1500 lbs.

3. Maximum Height

The chart provided along with the product will give you all the necessary information regarding height and weight capabilities. It will help you understand to what height the product will be able to lift the motorcycle. Generally expressed in inches, it will indicate a minimum and maximum range. It is advisable to opt for the best motorcycle lift that can lift your bike to a very high position, making it easy and convenient to work on.

4. Balance

The platform where the bike rests is an important consideration. It must be powerful and robust with a decent amount of stability so that the bike can undergo modifications without any hassle.

If there’s a consistent danger of the bike shaking or tripping, it will become nearly impossible to complete the bike’s maintenance task.

The stability of the bike majorly depends upon the use of lift hydraulics. It’s advisable to opt for a product that is equipped with built-in security locks. With such locks, the bike can be tied in a particular position, refraining accidental slips and damages. If it has wheels attached, then it is an extra advantage for easy movement and portability.

5. Price

Needless to mention, your budget and the price of the product should go hand in hand, thus pricing becomes an important consideration. Even though you’re on a tight budget, it isn’t advisable to work on a huge motorbike with merely a simple stand at service.

Any type of work on the underside of the bike must be undertaken with only adequate devices. First understand your bike’s maintenance needs, and then fix a suitable budget.

6. Design

There isn’t any doubt that buying the best motorcycle lift is a costly affair. Since so much money is involved, it is expected that the product should last longer. In order to get the best product, you should keep an eye on the design, construction, and materials used to make it. The lift’s durability depends on its make and design.
Other Important Specifications

– Carriage width

Carriage width means the distance between the two opposite edges of the lift that support the overall unit. The bigger the carriage width, the better the stability is. If you have an exceptionally high width, you will easily be able to elevate other heavy vehicles also.

– Portability

Is your lift portable enough? Or is it too large or heavy to be carried? Large and heavy doesn’t really imply that it offers better carrying capacity; it might just increase your burden. So, it is wise to go for a portable and lightweight design that works decently. Moreover, a portable product fits much better under the motorcycle even in a closed position.

– Paint Protection

Generally, rubber pads are used as common paint protectors by lifts to safeguard the delicate bike paint. However, a few of them don’t use this, and rather stick to the usual plastic or metal.

Owning a motorbike is fun as it helps you reach areas where cars cannot move smoothly. Though exciting and easy, the issue begins when it is punctured or gets into a technical fix. To tackle such glitches, all you need is the best motorcycle lift that will help you to fix problems quickly and conveniently.

There are a plethora of lift tables available in the market. So, to choose the best motorcycle lift, you need to have thorough knowledge about the varieties out there.

We’ve made your task simpler. Here’s a comprehensive list of the best motorcycle lifts that aid your riding experience and will act as your Genie to fix all the maintenance issues.

Final Words

Buying the best motorcycle lift means investing in a good amount of hard earned money. Hence, it is wise to take adequate time to do proper research and get insights about motorcycle lifts that be fruitful in the long run, and will suit your requirements.

For ideal working, you will require a product that is robust, reliable and durable. So, before you choose the right motorcycle lift for yourself, make sure you’ve done a thorough study of the do’s and don’ts, and the options at your disposal.

Make sure that you keep in mind the tips we’ve laid down before you dive in to pick the best motorcycle lift. We hope that this guide helps you to make a wise choice and you take proper care of your bike’s repair and routine maintenance.

With this comprehensive and handy guide buying the for best motorcycle lifts, you no longer have to spend hours to find out easy ways to fix your bike.

Keep Riding!

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Connie Williams

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