Best Motorcycle Battery Chargers 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Battery Tender Plus 2. Foval 3. LST
Battery Tender Plus Charger Best Motorcycle Battery Chargers Foval Automatic Trickle Battery Charger LST Battery Trickle Charger

If you like taking long rides on your motorcycles, along with all the gear, the one thing that you must carry is a motorcycle battery charger. When you’re on the road, the last thing you want to have is a motorcycle that won’t start or run correctly.

Choosing a motorcycle tune-up tool for your bike can get tricky. You have to see the voltage specs, read the whole manual, and read thousands of reviews to decide what’s best for your motorcycle. Well, the good news is, we already did that for you. In this guide, we’ll help you choose the best motorcycle battery charger that is perfect for your journey.


Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Motorcycle Battery Charger

1. Voltage

A battery charger is rated based on its voltage. Voltage is the critical factor in determining how quickly your motorcycle battery can be charged. But you have to be careful when purchasing a battery charger. You can only use a charger that is of lower or equal voltage as your motorcycle battery. Going overboard and using a battery charger that has too heavy a voltage rating may burn the battery down.

2. Battery Life

The battery life of a motorcycle charger is quite essential. If you like to be on the road most of the time, then you may not get a chance to charge the battery often. In this case, if the battery life of the charger is less, the idle current drains the whole battery charger of its power, leaving you with an empty charger and an empty battery.

Usually, the battery life of a charger is as long as days, if not weeks. However, if the battery charger you bought doesn’t have a storage option, well, prepare to make a lot of stops.

3. Miscellaneous Features

Modern battery chargers come with all kinds of fancy features that can enhance your experience. The most common problem users face with such batteries is the overheating due to excessive charge. New battery chargers are coming with a cooling feature that cuts off the power supply to the battery once it is fully charged to tackle this issue.

Storage is also a somewhat crucial factor. Many battery chargers in the market are about the same size, but you may come across some heavy ones. Even though they usually offer a faster charging rate, it is quite hard to carry them on a motorcycle. Those chargers will be suitable for home or shop usage.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Battery Chargers 2021

1. Battery Tender Plus Charger

Battery Tender Plus Charger Best Motorcycle Battery Chargers

Battery Tender is a well-known brand in the motorcycle industry. This 12v motorcycle battery charger will charge your motorcycle battery in the quickest time possible. You can use this battery charger to charge motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and many other automotive vehicles. However, it may be hard to charge a car battery with this.

The feature to note in this battery charger is the dual-mode system. This feature is built into the hardware, so you cannot disable it. With this feature, any battery is first charged up to the maximum point. Then the charger enters a float mode in which the battery’s power levels are maintained without overheating the battery.

The float mode comes in handy when you’re charging your motorcycle battery overnight. The charger delivers a current of 1.25 amps. Even though three amp chargers are available in the market, they are not as cost-efficient as this one.

Maintaining this battery charger is quite simple. The details of its storage and usage are given in the manual that comes along with the product. Various motorcycle internet forums also have some exciting things about this battery charger. So even if something is not working right, you can go on the internet for some help.

Battery Tender Plus charger has an extended battery life thanks to its sealed and maintenance-free batteries. You don’t have to rip apart this battery charger once every couple of months to change the batteries. The battery is sure to last for years if properly taken care of.

Using this battery is quite simple. The battery comes with two LED indicators on the front. One indicator shows the charge level, and the other shows the storage level. The charge level is indicated with a green bar on a red background for improved visibility.

If the battery voltage drops a lot, the ISM adaptive charging will switch into the full charge mode. The full charge mode brings up the battery to a certain level, and this process repeats. Battery Tender Plus Charger is completely safe to use.

Delran performed extensive testing on this battery charger before releasing it into the market, making it one of the safest battery chargers to use. Since the battery’s current output is just 1.25 amps, it is safer than a three amps battery. Battery Tender Plus is spark-proof during lead connection. It also detects the reverse polarity to ensure that the link is secure.

If you are looking to spend around fifty dollars, this is the best motorcycle battery charger.


2. Foval Automatic Trickle Battery Charger

Foval Automatic Trickle Battery Charger

This 1 Amp motorcycle battery charger from Foval is not as strong as the previous model but is as safe as it. All the necessary equipment such as adapters, cables are provided with the product, so you don’t have to buy anything separately.

Just like the previous model, this battery also has a system similar to the dual-battery system. If you ever observed your phone charging, after the battery reaches 100%, a Trickle mode activates. In this Trickle mode, the battery won’t receive as much voltage as it does in the full charge mode. Instead, the battery is trickled with power just enough to keep the charge at 100 and not overheat the battery.

The trickle mode not only improves the battery life of the motorcycle but also ensures that the charge stays at full. The design of the battery charger is fantastic. You can carry it in a small bag along with all the cables and equipment if you’re going on a trip. An AC plus DC cable comes along with the battery charger. You should connect the AC end of the charger to the charging port and the DC end to the motorcycle battery.

This motorcycle charger has three modes: constant current charging, constant voltage charging, and a floating charge. The floating charge is the same as trickle charging. The constant current charging is similar to the fast charging mode in the mobiles. After the battery reaches 50%, constant voltage charging will begin.

This motorcycle battery charger is extremely safe and durable. It has protection for almost any voltage situation, thanks to its sturdy and reliable hardware. This battery charger also prevents the motorcycle battery from overcharging. This enhances the battery life of the battery and saves you a ton of money.

With this battery charger, you don’t have to worry about the short-circuit problem, either. There are indicators in the Chargers that ensure that connection between the battery and the charger is safe. The battery also detects a reverse polarity connection and notifies the user if the connection is wrong.

The best thing about this charger is that it can be used for any vehicle. Let it be a car or a motorcycle; this battery charger can completely charge its battery within hours. The charging time depends on the vehicle’s battery capacity and may vary depending on the atmospheric temperature and the battery temperature and voltage.

Foval Automatic is the best motorcycle trickle charger under 30 dollars.


3. LST Battery Trickle Charger

LST Battery Trickle Charger

LST 12 Volt battery is an excellent choice for any vehicle. You can charge your car, motorcycle, lawnmower, ATVs, UTVs, and more vehicles with this battery charger. It supports lead acids batteries, GEL CELL, SLA, etc.

This compact battery charger is lightweight and easy to carry around. It will be a great choice to take on trips and such. All the best necessary wires and adapters are provided in the package. There are four charging modes in this battery charger. These modes work together and ensure that your battery is charged and is cool at the same time.

In the first mode, the battery charges rapidly and may get a bit hot. A constant power mode activates and takes the charge all the way up to 50% in no time. After the battery is half-charged, a constant voltage mode activates.

In this mode, the battery charges gradually while maintaining a constant temperature. Usually, this temperature ranges around 25-30 degrees and may vary depending on the place you’re in. If the battery’s temperature increases for some reason, the charger compensates for this by reducing the charging voltage. This is the reason it takes longer to charge the battery in hotter climates.

In the third mode, the battery remains in a barely charging mode. The charger will maintain the charge but won’t overload it. This makes this battery all the safer.

The most innovative thing about this battery charger is that it doesn’t absorb any charge from the battery. Usually, some chargers will absorb the chargeback from the battery establishing a two-way network.

The low power consumption of this battery also made this one famous in the biker circles. Using this battery is quite simple. All you have to do is plug the wires into their respective slots and leave them be. The automatic battery charger will take care of the rest. You can even charge your motorcycle overnight, thanks to the four-stage charging technology.

The most common mistake that you can make is to plug the cables into the opposite polarity ports. Well, you don’t have to worry about that in this battery charger thanks to the reverse polarity detectors. The charger won’t output any power until the polarities are right, making it a lot safer to use.

The usability of this battery is also pretty high. The battery charger has an LED indicator on the front, which shows all the necessary parameters like charging percentage. There is also a fault light on the battery charger that will light up when the charger is damaged or is not connected properly.

If your budget is around 20 dollars, this is the best motorcycle battery charger for you.


4. BMK Smart Battery

BatteryMINDer Battery Charger

BMK motorcycle battery charger is a detachable, compact product from BMK BLUEMICKEY. The charger is small and efficient and charges your motorcycle battery faster than most of the market’s batteries.

One of the best features to look out for in this battery charger is the fast charging battery boost technology. With this feature, you can charge car batteries as fast as a motorcycle battery. Fast-charging will come in handy when you’re on a road trip and have to make a stop to charge your motorcycle.

BM motorcycle battery comes with an upgraded battery defect detector. To avoid an unsafe connection, this charger will detect the battery status at the time of connection. If the battery is identified as defective, the charger will break the connection and inform the user.

The battery charger has a 72-hour safety feature. If you forget to remove the charge, the battery will automatically stop the power supply after 72 hours. Once the battery is completely charged, the charger will shift into a floating mode. In this mode, the charge of the battery is maintained just enough to prevent it from overheating.

The four-stage smart charging increases or decreases the charging speed at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. This adaptive technology enhances battery life and keeps the battery safe and cool. You can easily connect the charger to the battery and disconnect it in a matter of seconds, thanks to the quick disconnect harness.

Like the other chargers in the market, the BMK motorcycle charger can detect the reverse polarities to ensure a safe connection. No power comes out of the output terminal until the charges recognize the polarities. The charger will inform the user if the wires are connected in reverse. BMK motorcycle battery charger has a total of 11 protection features, including over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, etc.

The charger has mounting holes to accommodate the three feet AC cable that comes with the product. The flexibility to connect this charger to any vehicle is what makes it the best motorcycle battery charger in its price range.


5. NOCO GENIUS1 Smart Charger

NOCO GENIUS1 Smart Charger

NOCO GENIUS is a one-amp fully automatic battery charger. It has two voltage modes, which increase the applications of this battery charger by a lot. You can use this battery charger to charge almost any of the modern motorcycles, scooters, cars, lawnmowers, etc.

The design of this motorcycle charger is quite compact. It is one of the smallest motorcycle chargers in the market in this price range. On average, it is 35% smaller than the rest of the motorcycle battery chargers. You can carry it around in the pouch on your motorcycle or in a small bag.

The start voltage or the default voltage of the charger is one Volt. However, there is an option to force the battery charger to charge a completely dead battery. It will save you a lot of money as it usually costs a lot to charge dead batteries. The charger comes with thermal compensation technology. With thermal compensation technology, you don’t have to worry about overcharging or undercharging as the charger takes care of that.

This lithium-ion battery charger has a lot of applications. You can use the battery charger in two voltage modes: 6v and 12v. Most of the motorcycles use 12V batteries, so make sure you read your motorcycle’s information manual before using this. You can charge powersport, marine, starter, deep cycle, and a lot more batteries with this charger.

NOCO GENIUS is one of the most advanced motorcycle battery chargers in the market. The charger can detect automatic sulfation and acidic stratification, which are potentially harmful to the battery. These smart indicators notify the user through an LED if something is wrong with the battery.

The best thing about this battery charger is that it automatically repairs the defective batteries and makes sure that the batteries are healthy throughout the charging cycle. The auto repair technology not only improves the charging speed, but it also enhances the battery life.

If you’re looking to spend around 30 dollars, this is the best motorcycle battery charger for you.


6. LST Trickle Battery Charger

LST Trickle Battery Charger

This LST battery charger is also a maintainer, just like the previous product. It detects defective batteries and tries to fix them on the spot.

Using this battery is pretty simple. There are two voltage modes in this battery for flexible usage. Most of the motorcycles have 12V batteries, and the 6V mode can be used when charging lawnmowers and other such vehicles.

You can change the voltage mode of the charge by pressing the mode button on the back of the device. You can check the active charging voltage of the charger by observing the LED indicator.

The best feature in this battery is undoubtedly the maintenance support. You can charge almost all motor vehicles with this charger and even maintain more. You cannot charge RVs, tractors, and boats, but you can still maintain them.

Unlike the other battery chargers in the market, this battery charger has a five-stage charging and maintenance modes. These modes will keep your battery full and healthy without any safety problems. The battery charger also has a polarities detector that cuts off the output if the wires are mismatched.

The battery charger also comes with a quick disconnect harness. If there are any problems with the power, you can easily disconnect the battery from the charger for safety.

The connect and forget feature protects your battery from overcharging by changing into a float mode once the battery is charged 100%. You can use this battery charger to charge heavy batteries too, but it will take longer to charge. No damage will occur to the charger or the battery.

If you are looking for something modern and sleek for around 20 dollars, this is the best motorcycle trickle charger for you.


7. Tower Top Smart Battery Charger

Tower Top Smart Battery Charger

This battery charger from Tower Top is bigger and heavier than most of the battery chargers in the market. People usually buy this product to use at the shop or at home. Carrying it can be a bit exhausting.

The most critical feature in this battery charger is the multiple current modes. For a voltage of 12V, you get 2, 10, or 25 amps current. This feature will come in handy when you want the battery to charge as quickly as possible. You can also charge large and heavy batteries with this charger.

The digital LCD on the front screen makes it much easier to use this charger. All the parameters, such as battery status, charge level, charging status, and mode, are shown on the screen. You can easily navigate on the screen and choose the best options for your motorcycle.

With this battery charger, you can not only charge a battery, but you can also repair one. If a battery is defective, the charger will indicate the same on the screen with an option to repair the battery. If the problem is big and cannot be repaired, you may have to get it done somewhere else or buy a new one.

This motorcycle battery charger has a seven-stage charging mode. The battery charge becomes more stable with each mode. These modes are all activated automatically, and you don’t have to do anything except connecting the wires.

The battery charger also has an innovative start-aid function. With this feature, you can optimize the power of the motorcycle battery within a couple of minutes. This power should be enough to start most of the motorcycles for a few times.

The main disadvantage of this battery is that there are no thermal identifiers. So the charging times may vary between hot and cold climates. Also, you cannot charge frozen batteries or dead batteries with this battery charger.

The desulfation mode removes any Sulphur or its oxides from the battery, making it much safer to use. If you think your battery is underperforming, the recondition feature will bring the battery back to its original condition.

The design of the battery charger is also quite distinctive. The hard ABS shell used in the battery is similar to that used in most of the helmets. With proper care, this charger should last for years to come.

If you’re looking for a motorcycle battery charger and maintainer, this is the best choice for you.


8. MOTO POWER MP00205A Battery Charger

MOTO POWER MP00205A Battery Charger

MOTO POWER MP00205A is a 12V motorcycle battery charger. The current output of the battery charger is 0.8A. With that power, the charging process may sometimes be slow, but it is definitely safer.

The least voltage that you can connect to this battery is 4V. It ensures the safety of both the charger and the battery. The most innovative feature in this battery charger is the soft-start feature. You can optimize dead batteries by connecting them to this charger and sending current impulses of 0.5 amps. These impulses will activate the dead battery and will get it running back to their original condition.

You can save a ton of power with this charger as it doesn’t drain current when there is no output connection. The power consumption of the battery is also quite low.

This battery charger has four stages of charging. In the first two stages, speed is favored over stability. In the next two modes, the battery is stabilized with the charge. Most power consumption occurs in the first two stages.

MOTO POWER motorcycle battery charger is loaded with a lot of miscellaneous features that enhance and boost your motorcycle battery’s performance. You can use this battery to charge cars, lawnmowers, ATVs, etc. You can also charge bulkier batteries but it will take a really long time. However, no damage will be done to the charger or the battery.

MOTO POWER battery charger is easy to connect and disconnect. You can quickly remove the connection and terminate the power flow in case of an emergency. The charger also has a lot of safety features such as reverse polarity protection, overcurrent protection, over-voltage protection, etc.

If you’re looking for a safe battery charger, this is the right choice for you.


9. BatteryMINDer Battery Charger

BatteryMINDer Battery Charger

BatteryMINDer 1510 is a 12-volt battery charger with a current output of 1.5 amps. You can use this battery charger and maintainer to charge cars, motorcycles, ATVs, etc. You can also try charging boats and RVs, but it will take a very long time.

When you first connect a battery to this charger, it will first remove sulfur residue from the battery and increase overall battery life. If you have old batteries that are not performing well, you can connect them to this charger to bring them back to their original state. This process will increase the battery life of old batteries by about four times compared to the new batteries.

This battery comes with a temperature sensor to detect to make sure that the chagrin times remain in every climate. You don’t have to worry about under-charging or over-charging with this battery charger. One of the best features of this battery charger is the multiple maintenance feature. You can connect up to four batteries in parallel to maintain at the same time.

You can also maintain bulky batteries even though it takes a relatively long time to charge them.
An automatic high-low charge indicator is installed in the battery. This technology determines the cut-off power region and prevents the overheating of the battery. Once the battery is completely charged, the charger maintains the power but doesn’t supply enough for it to overheat. You can charge flooded, maintenance-free, sealed,deep-cycle, starter, Optima brand sealed AGM and marine batteries with this charger.

This battery is FCC certified and is deemed completely safe to use. It also meets current efficiency standards set by the California Energy Commission. After analyzing the user reviews, we found that the charger does an excellent job cleaning Sulphur off the battery plates. Many users also reported that their motorcycle batteries’ battery life increased a lot after using this charger.

This is the best motorcycle battery tender under 60 dollars.


10. NOCO GENIUS5 Battery Charger

NOCO GENIUS5 Battery Charger

This 5Amps motorcycle battery charger has two voltage modes for flexible usage. It is somewhat bigger compared to the previous Noco model but offers a faster charging rate. This is one of the smallest and the best motorcycle battery tender in the market.

One of the key features of this battery charger is the size to power ratio. This motorcycle battery charger is about 34% smaller than most of the others in the market and offers 65% more performance. With the 5Amps chagrin power, you can easily charge a motorcycle battery without waiting too long.

NOCO GENIUS5 has a dynamic battery tracking feature that tracks and understands the battery charging rate. This further helps the charger optimize the output and even save some power when the battery is fully charged.

The clamps of this battery charger are redesigned to increase the range and the clamping force. You don’t have to worry about the clamps coming off again. This battery charger and maintainer automatically detects sulphation and acidic destratification and takes necessary steps to neutralize those problems.

The auto repair feature chooses the best repair method for a battery and repairs it without any human interaction. The charger has a new and adaptive force mode that can bring back dead batteries to life. In this mode, the charger sends bursts of 0.5 milliamps of current to start the battery again. The default safe voltage of the battery is 1 volt.

Like the other GENIUS battery chargers, this charger also has a thermal compensation technology. No matter where you are at, the charging time of the battery always remains the same. You can leave this charger connected overnight without causing any damage to it. The power supply will be automatically reduced once the battery is fully charged.

This is undoubtedly the best motorcycle battery charger under 70 dollars.


FAQs on Motorcycle Battery Chargers

Q1. Can I Charge A Motorcycle Battery With A 10 Amp Charger?

Yes, but it is not the safest current for a motorcycle battery. A lot of motorcycles should be charged with a battery of lesser current output to prevent overheating or burning of circuits.

Q2. What Amp Should I Charge My Motorcycle Battery?

Generally, you should not charge a motorcycle battery at more than one-tenth of its rating (in amp-hours). The recommended rating for your motorcycle can be found in the manual or on the internet.

Q3. Why Do Motorcycle Batteries Die So Fast?

Most of the time, negligence is the main cause of motorcycle batteries dying so fast. If properly taken care of, they will last as long as car batteries, if not more than them.

Best Motorcycle Battery Chargers – Conclusion

Safety before speed is the main rule of thumb when it comes to purchasing a motorcycle battery charger. Make sure that the battery you want to buy is FCC certified and is properly tested. Buying chargers from known brands will also reduce any risk involved in the process.

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