Best Motorcycle Stands 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Venom 2. Excel 3. Pit Bull
Venom Sport Wheel Lift Stands Best Motorcycle Stand Excel PST-004 Motorcycle Stand Pit Bull Hybrid Dual Lift

Proper cleaning, repairs, storing, and so on are a few of the primary tasks that one has to do for a bike to maintain it in good working conditions.

However, doing all of this stuff on one’s bike when it’s not well-positioned or supported is not only complicated but also a dangerous affair. One will not want the 5000 lbs plus weight falling on them. That’s where the rescue comes from the strongest and the best motorcycle stands. It holds the motorcycle “grounded “— fixed and balanced — allowing safe and fast access to its servicing and cleaning brakes, tires, and wheels.


Simple structures are among the best motorcycle stands. Motorcycle stands, which are typically built as a basic steel frame, can help hold motorcycles upright. Many bikes also may not have a kickstand. Whatever is the reason for purchasing a motorcycle stand, selecting a robust one is the safest option. Because, there won’t be any need to switch to new stands, in the immediate future.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Motorcycle Stand

1. Shape

The shape or style of the motorcycle stand may be a good indication of what regular users should anticipate. There are a few noteworthy choices to consider. They include the conventional model designed for making the motorcycle off the ground with a lever to a single-wheel system.

2. Wheel Fit

The first thing to ensure is the correct fit for the wheel. This function is very complicated. There are varied wheels that can match in a few types of stands. But the form of the cradle determines the fit of the wheel.

In certain instances, V-shaped and smooth cradles are noticeable. In the modern world, they have equal worth and are not equivalent to each other. Though, some V-shaped cradles need a little more work to bring back the motorbike from the wheel stand. However, it is not to be used merely as a barrier.

3. Anchors

Anchors are now used as the numbers rise. These may be used to protect the stand either on a cement board or on the top of a truck. Many modern motorcycle stands that also provide the nuts and bolts required for the process give this possibility.

Anchors may also be used to negate the function of a mobile motorcycle stand. Because not all goods are alike, it is essential to remember that consumers will potentially find the best usability options even without anchors, without losing stability.

4. Materials

The most common materials used in the production of motorcycle stands are steel, heavy-duty metal, rubber, and plastic. Since not all goods are the same, the option of materials often impacts on their consistency.

While other goods on today’s market will fail in terms of reliability to achieve the best performance, motorcycle stands are low-tech items, and high reliability can be anticipated. There is a range of strong things to remember when it comes to full weight.

Usually, they are built of titanium. Many goods use aluminum, and with a lightweight shape, they can be a popular option for additional toughness.

In the field of motorcycle materials, all stands will come with some sort of damping stuff. Of course, most of these are simply products produced from rubber. But some stands sell only plastic, which can damage the bikes with inappropriate use.

5. Portability

The portability is a distinct feature of motorcycle stands. Since they are compact and lightweight, they are conveniently transportable from place to place. Therefore they are very frequently used as some of the finest motorcycle safety accessories.

Many owners of motorbikes keep their vehicles in the shed. Some tend to park outside throughout the season. They may also be parked under a roof in a variety of situations but not usually inside. Whatever the place, realizing that the bike can be stored at various locations because of the smartphone can be rewarding.

Motorcycle stands need to be secured to trailers during transportation. It can be achieved with pins, buts, or nuts. Many people would still have to use specific straps to protect their motorcycles properly, though. Straps are not included with motorcycle stands of any kind and must be purchased separately.

6. Purpose

The motorcycle stand’s principal function may also be a clear indicator of what to expect. Most users are willing to go strictly to storage for a solution, while others prefer to have an alternative with ample convenience for routine maintenance work. Whatever the case, most motorcyclists have to agree on the stand’s position before purchase.

Only the best stands can be used for things like washing or lubing up the motorcycle chain in a few cases. Rare stands also come with a tool tray and other tools for the washing. A prime example of the stand’s flexibility and function comes with the designs on top, with an oil drainage opening. These designs are hybrids because they serve many purposes.

Many of the most acceptable prototypes of the moment are created in compliance with basic rules, and in certain instances, knock-offs will easily emerge. Seeing that there are several fraudulent goods in this range, it is necessary to realize that they may be dangerous too.

Attributes such as excess weight also ought to be checked and confirmed to deter injuries. A successful unit of calculation will require looking at the insurance policies of the manufacturer. It is the first step to stop having a poor buy of a bogus motorcycle stand.

7. Durability

Within a motorcycle stand, this is probably the most critical thing to search for. Its efficiency is directly influenced by the nature of the materials used to create a stand. One wouldn’t want to purchase a stand constructed of inexpensive materials under the weight of a motorbike that rocks and wobbles, or even twists.

For outstanding longevity, one should aim for a stand built from premium products such as heavy-duty stainless steel. If one wants a stand that is lightweight and strong at the same time, it is crucial to find stands in aluminum. Above all, to ensure optimum durability, it is necessary to ensure that the metal is covered with a rustproof and corrosion-resistant cover.

8. Safety

One would want to search for the best stand that can safely keep their bike while they are operating on it. A stand that is unable to sustain and stabilize the wheel is a prescription for flipping, wobbling, and the dangers that all such misfortunes involve.

One should look for models that come with secure wheels that firmly ground the frame so that while servicing, it does not shift an inch. These models are ideal for maintaining unmatched traction on diverse terrains with up to 4 wheels more. For increased comfort, some stands also come with flexible rubber shoes.

9. Brand

Often one must take the simplest path to find a premium commodity. It ensures the overall value and happiness of the customers. And that direction will include purchasing from the top labels.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Stands 2021

1. Venom Sport Bike Wheel Lift Stands

Venom Sport Wheel Lift Stands Best Motorcycle Stand

The stand’s essential simplicity is what helps make it functional. Suitable for each of the motorcycle’s wheels, this is one of the stands used for different purposes. It’s just used for transport. Yet, at the same time, the stand may be used for general motorcycle repair research.

The stand is one of the endless choices for all forms of bikes built on steel construction. The architecture also involves pedals. That helps it to stay stable on various surfaces but also helps fast adjustment as required.

The stand should hold both wheels, as long as the wheel is in its range. The planned application is for indoor conditions. Although it could function during the warm days for outdoor storage, it should not be left out in the rain to prevent corrosion exposure.

It’s not hard to use the stand. Typically the front stand is positioned just below the front wheel. The stand must then be placed down for moving to the front of the wheel. The same goes for the bike’s back. The other stand is put under the back spoof to raise the back wheel of the vehicle.

If it comes to motorcycle stands, marks, and potential harm to the vehicle, come with one of the customers’ key concerns. Luckily that’s not the case for the Venom stand. The stand is simply filled with rubber right as it meets the front fork.

It stops the bike from having bruises of all sorts. The motorcycle will stand up higher and more athletic, with increased stability dependent on the four small wheels attached to the stand sides.

Like many other more luxurious motorcycle stands, it’s a long-term option too. Yet, most notably, the stand should be portable. It may also create a big improvement in motorcycle repairs for confident bikers. It helps the consumers in cleaning and lubricating the chain of the motorcycle.

For this cause, anyone wanting to dirty their hands and clean and shiny their bikes will be the first stand. The basic motorcycle stand comes with added support wheels and added rubber to avoid scratching on the motorcycle.


2. Excel PST-004 Motorcycle Stand

Excel PST-004 Motorcycle Stand

It is potentially the most cost-effective and one of the best motorcycle stands one can find in today’s industry. Featuring a wonderfully designed shape and a lightweight build, This booth costs less than 20 bucks but delivers outstanding designs, functionality, and a lightweight build for better results.

Much like the high-end stands, this model boasts heavy-duty steel design that enables it to bear up to every bike’s weight and last for a long time, even with everyday usage. It contains a zinc coating on top of it that protects the product from oxidation and corrosion for optimum toughness.

Remember that this stand has an extremely small and lightweight build so that one can carry it comfortably to the trail with them. Moreover, the welded tip is designed to suit nearly every motorcycle, from 80cc to 500cc ground pounders.

As long as one uses this stand to lift bikes within this range, it will enable them to clean, repair, and even store secure and easy access to their bike parts.


3. Pit Bull Hybrid Dual Lift

Pit Bull Hybrid Dual Lift

This amazingly sturdy and secure Pit Bull rear stand is perfect for anyone searching for a universal-fit motorcycle stand. It operates by pressing rubber-lined supports into the swingarm. It can be customized to fit a wide variety of widths.

It comes in three variations: a non-flexible handle, a reversible handle, and a flexible expanded handle. The handle function is critical because the stand depends on leverage for activity, but if the workroom is at a premium, the handle will get in the way.

The regular Pit Bull Rear Stand is constructed of high duty plastic, with a sturdy zinc-plating. It is one of the strongest overall supports for bikes because it is relatively popular.

It suits most styles of sports and street bikes. It doesn’t need any of such motorcycles to have different parts to clip on, because it’s a motorcycle stand with a swingarm.

That being mentioned, if one has a motorcycle fitted with spools, we suggest utilizing the spooled variant of these stands for Pit Bull. It’s unique to a line of motorcycles.

But if one doesn’t have spools installed or want a one-size-fits-all motorcycle stand that they can use on different motorcycles, it’s certainly worth aiming for. It is efficient, realistic, inexpensive, and extremely scalable.

The Pit Bull Hybrid Dual Lift Stand is built on a compact platform and can be quickly modified by simply switching out a few sections to lift from the forks or the lower triple branch.

The Hybrid Dual Lift Front Stand includes seven height changes that are indexable, which is particularly advantageous when extracting the forks on the motorcycle or also when lifting a vehicle with rough forks from under the forks.

The upper section of the Hybrid Dual Lift features a 6 mm threaded hole allowing one to mount a small 6mm bolt to act as a caliper protector. Both removable handles and non-removable handles measure 12 “inches. Expanded handle measures 15” inches.


4. ALPHA MOTO Black Motorcycle Stand

ALPHA MOTO Black Motorcycle Stand

Believe it or not, this stand has a 3-in-1 configuration, which implies one can use it in up to 3 forms, either as a front or rear stand. Yeah, it can be used in 3 forms. First of all, it can be used as a rear motorcycle stand with L-shaped adapters for motorcycles without spools; or as a rear stand with V-shaped adapters for motorcycles with swing arm spools; or as a front stand with pin raise adapters that you may fit under your bike forks.

One should bear in mind that all such attachments are provided with the kit at no added cost to enjoy using the multi-purpose stand.

The stand itself is made with heavy-duty steel metal to allow it to withstand daily usage and all types of violence, and last a lifetime. It is also worth remembering that the stand can be modified entirely to match various sports bikes — from 125cc up to 2000cc.

The kit also contains all the nuts, bolts, washers, and equipment required for a good build. And while it comes with no directions, it is built straight and easily. Alpha moto is among the best motorcycle stands.


5. MOTO-D Swingarm Motorcycle Stands

MOTO-D Swingarm Motorcycle Stands

Still hunting for combination stands for a powerful rear and front motorcycle? If so, then this MOTO-D is another perfect alternative. For optimum longevity, this model is built using aluminum while holding its weight to an extremely low.

This stand looks reasonably secure and is extremely easy to use, unlike most of the stands out there that look wobbly and come with inflated price tags. It has undergone recent enhancements to facilitate simple front-wheel raising, such as integrating front roller style.

Like several bikes standing out there, this one is not built of steel tubes. Alternatively, it is made from the steel box section, which claims to be tougher and more durable than variants of tubes.

Those stands are still surprisingly light given the heavy-duty construction, with each stand weighing around 5 lb each. Once, rather than off-road or recreational bikes, these stands are better designed for sportbike applications.

This rear motorcycle stand is not only fitted with rear spools for bikes, as it also has a “Y-shaped” spool mount and extra swingarm handles. The front stand operates to build a solid and steady grip with the front fork to support one’s motorcycle in position. The combination of broad base and grippy friction parts promises a grip that inspires trust.

The stands are packed with Rollerblade wheels for versatility. These sturdy wheels provide excellent durability, strong maneuverability, and they will last forever because they are rollerblade wheels.

Although several comments have not been generous to such stands, alleging complicated installation directions and inexpensive parts, Moto-D gives unhappy buyers a 1-year guarantee, which would serve to persuade everyone of the quality of this product.

The new change applies to the dynamic diameter turning knobs and uniform fitment feature. It ensures that one can use this stand to boost all-new sports bikes with spools of the rear swingarm.

The company behind this stand is continually updating it based on reviews from past customers to ensure it satisfies all the particular requirements and demands. That, coupled with incredible reliability and ease of service, is undoubtedly the explanation why riders all over the globe experience crazy success at the stand.


6. Yitamotor Wheel Lift Stand

Yitamotor Wheel Lift Stand

YITAMOTOR has a collection of budget-friendly sportbike stands, which will make an outstanding addition to every motorbike enthusiast’s garage. This bike stand combination comes at a really small price. But since the consistency is really strong, one should not put off by the small price tag.

You can get a set of customizable stands that can be used on spools or flat bottomed swingarms. Each stand is constructed with high-quality steel with a robust welded style-a rugged powder-coated finish, with four wheels for improved flexibility with enhanced versatility at each stand. The stands have a weight capacity of 440 lb.

The front stands are built to handle 9.5 to 12.5-inch large sportbike wheels and forks. The rear wheel stands will lift bikes, which are between 10.75 inches and 14.5 inches long with spools or swing arm bottoms.

It’s critical to get one’s motorcycle checked before they pull the trigger on them. Although delivering outstanding value with one’s money, most concerns were attributed to inadequate consumer calculations before making their purchases. So one should be warned.

YITAMOTOR has a full one-year warranty. They also promise that within 24 hours after getting an email from the customer, they will respond to every issue one might have. That’s really good customer support.


7. Tusk Balancing and Truing Stand

Tusk Balancing and Truing Stand

With Tusk Motorcycle Wheel Balancing and Truing Stand, the tire cleaning of one’s bike just got simpler. If one is mainly worried about balancing and truing their bike wheels, we strongly recommend them to get their hands on this pro-grade and truer wheel balancer today.

Some of the main aspects that help this stand to perform its outstanding job well includes the flexible frame plates. It ensures that one can adjust the rails to match the wheels of various sizes, enabling them to suit any bike and to be real.

Another great aspect about this stand is the impressive capacity to set it all up. The key resides in the middle shaft of wheel centering cones — measuring a tapering of 15 mm to 32 mm. Plus, it runs on up to 4 bearings for consistent results to reduce friction. For skilled steering of the wheel, one may trust the flexible rim pointer of the wheel.

The stand incorporates a leveling bubble and flexible rubber feet at its foundation for excellent balance performance to keep it balanced in all terrains. Overall, as a motorcycle rider, this is a great resource to have.

With all the designs and functions that one’s motorcycle wheel requires to match, lace, and this is an incredible stand that will deliver excellent value, whether one needs it at home or the motorcycle repair shop.

Tusk Wheel Stand installation is simple, and it goes together in minutes. It provides visibility lowering bubble and height-adjustable feet to offer an entirely comfortable floor for you. Although, this ‘how-to’ applies specifically to wheel balance. The Tusk Wheel Stand often includes a rim-pointer and cylinder spacers for accurate lacing or truing wheels.

Installing the tire itself plays a significant part in creating a smooth wheel. Nearly all tires come from the distributors and have a balance mark on them. Usually, a tiny paint circle is made, depending on the supplier. This symbol may take various types.

Regardless of how it feels, the symbol represents the tire’s light spot, which will also be associated with the stem position of the valve. A slight amount of extra weight is produced by the valve stem and the valve top, and lining up with the lightest portion of the tire gets it back to equilibrium until the weight-adding cycle begins.

When the brakes on the bike are reinstalled, and the tires touch the pavement, other aspects come into effect. Simple usage of the tire may impact balance to different degrees, most particularly in off-road situations where there might be more rough wear or even chunking of knobs.

As the balancing markings are typically stripped from the sidewalls for off-road use, fixing a flat on a tube-type tire on the trail ensures that the tire must almost inevitably be reinstalled in a different location than is meant for optimal equilibrium. Also, on a tubeless tire, fixing a flat with a plug will impact the equilibrium in any degree.

But these factors do not entirely negate the mechanism of balancing. If a wheel is rebalanced when adding either a recycled tire or a fresh one, weights usually appear to go back to the same region of the surface, and with very small variances in placement and quantity.

Inherently, certain tires are more balanced than others, which accounts for the difference. In the equilibrium equation, the surface itself includes a large volume of weight, and this sum stays constant for the most part.


8. Extreme Max Motorcycle Scissors Jack-Wide

Extreme Max Motorcycle Scissors Jack-Wide

There are different styles for elevating the bikes. The scissor-style stays trustworthy and robust from the perspective of tradition. That is where Extreme Max achieved in developing a top specification for use on every form of motorcycle. The stand’s ease usage suggests it both for technical usage and even for home-usage.

His peace is often the secret to their performance. The motorcycle has a wide contact area. The supportive stand is often lined in rubber, bridging the holes between the frame plates. Easy rubber plays a double function. It avoids the bike damages but often eliminates falls.

The stand’s small slim fit nature offers a further distinct benefit. Clearly stated, there are lots of low rides that can not be elevated with a raise jack in the middle. Even with a collapsed height of just over 3 meters, even when used under small bikes, the Extreme Peak stand is simple to reach.

Its completely extended height gives a remarkable characteristic of the scissor style. At 14″, it allows bikers plenty of clearance to quickly reach the motorcycle.

The jack may also raise the bike for chain lubrication, tire cleaning, or some other form of maintenance job while it could be used as a stand. Knowing that the stand is secure, is also relevant. There’s an active braking mechanism that stops it from failure.

It’s also important to remember how well the stand manages various bikes when it comes to motorcycle weight. Since it is built of heavy-duty steel, the motorcycle comes easily among the long-lasting alternatives.

It can make for a more efficient profile of up to 1,1100lbs. The stand is also robust and can be even worked manually with a wrench. There are no knobs that will malfunction with time, and it allows the all-metal design an option that would practically not require updating in the future.

As one of the longest-lasting stands in its class, due to the improved area of interaction with the motorcycle and the resultant durability, it is also worth considering for light commercial use.


9. MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Easy steel construction is unquestionably still appealing to motorcyclists. The versatile chock comes to demonstrate how good it really can be for various motorcycle styles. Its input so far has been strong. Users would be happy to ship enduro bikes comfortably with the choke on trucks.

Big cruisers are protected on the chuck, too. Even the chock can be protected on sports bikes. The key to this flexibility lies in changes of the 3-position braces. It operates in real time with tires in all types.

There is even a pivoting cradle style for you to rely on. It functions to load and unload the motorcycle. The bike’s weight plays with the size of the biker’s benefit. Even if such features are used on other projects, consumers do need to realize that there are a number of benefits to remember with the stand.

It’s interesting to find that the retailer really provides all of the equipment required to mount truck beds in the box. It’s not unusual to see people carrying the chuck on their motorcycles. But at the same time, for additional protection, the chuck may even be securely attached to the floor in the driveway or backyard. The stand is also robust, based on its powder-coat coating.

The brace of 3 places suits every wheel. There are no styles from the slim to the big tires that can’t be found on the chuck. Since the cradle does not come in a V-shaped type, extracting the bike from the chuck is also simple.

It installs firmly to the board; one of the semi-permanent designs is provided at the motorcycle stand. If it is fixed to the board, it would, in effect, lack its mobile appeal. That is why it is particularly appropriate for those that have a set motorcycle role.

With a robust build and included hardware package, despite its price, the stand gives a perfect return on the purchase.


10. Pit Posse Motorcycle Stand

Pit Posse Motorcycle Stand

The motorcycle frame is constructed from strengthened aluminum and is one of the popular solutions for dirt bikes. There are also instances where you ought to get an off-road vehicle on a table. A motorcycle stand provides the easy solution required for all forms of jobs, from essential storage to cleaning or repair works.

One scenario where the stand is particularly useful is for pre-race transport, where it is necessary to avoid the bike from falling into the dirt. But because it comes with a tool tray included, the stand is often useful for all sorts of work on the wheel, including applying chain lube to managing spark plugs.

Supporting off-road bikes weighing up to 300 lbs, the motorcycle stand is among the realistic prototypes owing to its straightforward construction and robust materials that can be considered sturdy. The height exceeds 17 inches and gives all motorcyclists decent ground clearance. The motorcycle stand also arrives with a shocking insurance scheme, offered in various colors.

Its consumers are given a 5-year guarantee from the supplier, which demonstrates what can be done in terms of reliability. The stand is rust-resistant and can be used for more than five years, particularly if it is held clear of scratches.

The choices are various when it comes to usability with bikes. At the top of the stand is a wide rubber surface, which makes things simpler in terms of stability. The stand should be used for the likes of Kawasaki, Honda, or Yamaha.

This motorcycle stand is sturdy, versatile, and available in numerous colors, providing a rugged, friendly build for most off-road performers.


FAQs on Motorcycle Stands

1. Why Put A Motorcycle On A Stand?

They are job stands, most generally used for changing wheel/tire, and general maintenance. One can use a stand to swap tires and to lube the chain at the end. The reverse and the front may be seen separately.

2. Are Motorcycle Stands Necessary?

Essential, no; Amazing, yes. One will get flat patches on tires if the bike is sitting for a long time. It comes in handy to conserve the tires in the wintertime. They are on for every season. Repairs at home are also great excuses to provide front and rear stands.

3. How Does A Paddock Stand Work?

Help the vehicle upright, then position the stand at the back of the bike then put the clips just below the swingarm. When the stand is firmly positioned and ready for loading, hold down the handle, and gently raise the bike up.

4. Do You Need A Motorcycle Stand To Change The Oil?

There is no absolute need for a motorcycle stand to change the oil. And changing the oil on the rear stand won’t harm the wheel.

Types Of Motorcycle Stands

Various motorcycles need specific stall styles. One should be warned, given the selling of certain stands with the term “Universal” added to them. Very few stands are entirely standardized, so if one is to choose a stand that would absolutely suit their style, they will have to do their research. But one needs to learn what sorts of bike stands and motorcycle lifts are still on offer until one can test the specifications.

1. Triangle Stands

A triangle stand is a triangular stand built to bear a motorcycle’s weight at the rear axle. Such stands, such as motocross bike stands, are suitable for motorcycles without side or center-stands. These aren’t especially sophisticated, and neither do these lift the rear wheel off the table. If one is looking for a maintenance stand, these aren’t the best option. If one wants a cheap one that keeps their motorcycle from falling over, this is perfect.

2. Wheel Stands

To sportbike riders, such stands are the most popular stands. Those motorcycle stands, better known as paddock stands, are narrow cradles that use momentum to lift a motorcycle’s front and rear wheels. They will lift flat-bottom swing wings, or use different spools to raise a motorcycle’s rear axle.

Standing front-wheel utilizes a brace that grasps the legs of the front axle. It’s necessary to remember that one may use a rear stand on its own, but they can not individually utilize a front stand. They do work best as a pair. However, it works best when it comes to cleaning and maintenance work.

3. Fixed Stands

Fixed motorcycle stands are really useful when it comes to holding the motorcycle straight and keeping it safe from burglary. Essentially they’re a front-wheel brace fixed on the floor that holds one’s motorcycle in a protected spot.

They may also be bolted to the floor for improved support and protection. They’re great for cruisers. The only drawback is that they will not raise the rear axle, which may make it a hassle to manage.

4. Scissor Lift Stands

Those lifts are also known as stands for jack. They’re basically hydraulic jacks with a plate that supports a motorcycle. A pedal or lever powered jack raises a plate that lifts the motorcycle off the table, after being put under the motorcycle frame.

It’s safer to do this with a variety of belts to ensure the motorcycle is stable for the safest performance. These stands are perfect for cruisers and dirt bikes, and excellent for maintenance efficiency.


Choosing the correct motorcycle stand can be a difficult task for your needs. Trying to locate the best stand for your motorcycle model with all the features you need while entering at a decent price can be tedious. Even the strongest motorcycle stands are, in many instances, nothing more than just a place for placing the engine on. It may act as a forum for repairs, or even a forum for washing. After a few trips out on the asphalt, dirt bikes are also put in these stands for deep washing.

Around the same time, there are legitimate reasons to find a motorcycle stand for a variety of bikes that are not built with a kickstand. In most positions, the greatest threat is excess weight and corrosion.

It is when, according to the maker, the full weight efficiency has to be confirmed. One will prevent decay by not making the motorcycle stay out in the heat. Ideally, it’d be kept inside, along with the motorcycle frame.

A variety of manufacturers create only goods that can be used indoors, such as the stands for the scissor-type motorcycle. Holding the factors mentioned above in mind can ensure that people can appreciate their stands for the years to follow. The best thing is that even the best motorcycle stands are inexpensive. They can arrive at a decent pair of spark plugs at an equal rate.

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