Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Motul 103244 MC Care 2. PJ1 13oz Blue Label 3. Lucas Oil 10393

A motorcycle can only be ridden with exhilaration if it has its basics tied up with efficiency. The performance it builds up is due to the maintenance that it has been provided with over the years. Maintianing a motorcycle is definitely a tough job and if you’re not treating it properly and unwilling to acknowledging the potential problems that may be surfacing, you are basically bidding farewell to a good ride.

Motorcycle lubes are one of the solutions to those maintenance problems that assist in eradicating the friction that can accumulate within the rustiness of the chain and restrict a smooth ride. The best motorcycle chain lube helps to tune up your motorcycle and ensure that they are in good health.


How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Chain Lube?

Your motorcycle may get accustomed to dirt and rust while you take off for different errands. These rides offer unwanted exposure to the elements that endanger the life of the motorcycle chains which indirectly transitions your motorcycle into an unhealthy condition. The best motorcycle chain lubricants experiment formulae which elongate the smoothness offered by the chains to each and every ride. They offer resilience towards the unwanted elements and provide an effective, long-lasting solution to maintenance issues.

The formulae integrated for such purposes are defined specifically for various chains, but some come into the market designed for multiple purposes and can be used for a variety of different chains altogether.

Lube or Wax?

There is an alternative to these friction problems which may be resolved through the use of wax. However, wax is largely of preferential taste and to an extensive and general thought it is advised that lubes may be used to restrict the friction spreading through with the rust in the chains. Why is that? People prefer the easy and quick-application lubes that take much less time to be effective with their mechanism. They can be applied just before the ride and are handier to use because of their condensed profile.

Types of Lubes

There are different kinds of lubes that may be associated with this area of work. They may be categorized primarily as spray or paste, whose suitability can be determined without a sweat (the spray one, duh). The reason to such a conclusion is the ease of application that is associated with spray lubes, the wax may be easier to penetrate within the chain, but it requires a certain temperature to be set for proper application. On the other hand, lubes are easier to apply and faster with their efficacy. Moreover, the spray can reach difficult places far better than wax.

Secondly, there may be all-purpose, dry, or wet lubes that have their own uses. Dry lubes are of a thinner consistency which is suitable for environments with a dry atmosphere. Due to its quick evaporation, they are easier to clean up if you spill accidentally. Even with a thinner consistency, they are highly effective in restricting dirt from accumulating within the chain, but reapplication after a single coat is recommended for effective use.

Wet wet lubricants are comparatively harder to clean up if you spill them on the other components of the motorcycle. While suitable for wet and humid conditions, it is recommended that the product be left for drying off before use due to its tendency to attract dirt whilst in a liquid state. It takes considerable time to dry or evaporate. On the other hand, the best option out of the three remains to be the all-purpose lube which is free from being restrained by such conditions and has effective use with its mechanism.

Why Should You Use Lube?

There exist various benefits as to why one should use lube for their motorcycles. Besides the obvious fact that it helps in clearing the maintenance facts straight while assisting in providing a smooth ride to your wishful destination, there is some hidden use that may encourage you to use a lube for your motorcycle:

Dust resistant- a lube in the market carries dust resistant properties, it can reduce the amount of dirt that has been accumulating within the chain for decades. Think about it, during the numerous rides and the periodic weather changes, the chain is bound to be affected by dirt, slime, and the harmful elements surrounding the atmosphere. These gruesome certainties can be eradicated through the use of lubes.

Waterproofed chains are easier to rust as time flows through and often require a replacement in order to remove the rust. This is because once the chain has been corroded, there is little you can do to enhance the same chain’s efficiency. But a good lube will help the chain become immune from the obstructions that corrode the chain with ease.

Enhancing agents needless to say, are great agents that enhance the performance of motorcycles. What do you look for in a motorcycle? A smooth ride, right? Well, you can have that with the help of lube.

Qualities Of A Good Lube

There are many lubes in the market that are often promoted with slogans of the best quality and best performance. But in balance, there are also scams in the market which are easier to fall into your hands than actual, quality lubes. These scams can only be a part of your problem when you have little to no knowledge about lubes. But with this handy article, you can get accustomed to the main attributes of a good lube and be able to purchase a better product for your motorcycle. Amongst such characteristics, some are:

Easy application

The most common quality that any informed buyer would opt for is the opportunity for an easy application. Let’s be honest; we all have busy routines and no matter how much we try convincing ourselves to do things with patience, we all tend to be quite the opposite, which brings us to the current issue. People prefer quick things, meaning that they fancy lubes that can provide enhancement with a quick application and would not be a restriction in offering ease and convenience. There are certain lubes which only require a slight drizzle into the chain for them to starting working their magic. Intriguing, yes?


There are special lubes that tend to fling with the number of rides. But what you should be searching for is a lube that carries the anti-fling formulae and one that can be dried off quickly for effective use. This integrated formula helps the lube adhere to its respective place and not be splattered onto the path the motorcycle has traversed.


What use is a lube if it is unable to provide its defining qualities? Many products in the market now offer dust-resistant characteristics which prove to be extremely beneficial in dusty environments. If dust accumulates within the chain, it only provides an immediate opportunity for you to clean the chain harder than usual. To avoid this, you can just buy a dust-resistant lube.


The lubes can form a barrier between the humid environment and the chain, which prevents rust from gathering over the surface of the chain and restricting it for quality use. The waterproof characteristic is ideal for places that experience heavy rainfall and where the water tends to gather around the chain and other components of the motorcycle.

Top 11 Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes 2021

1. Motul 103244 M/C Care

  • 9.3 oz
  • Durable
  • Compatible with many chains
  • Milky formula
  • Specifically designed for road racing

Motul 103244 MC CareThis Motul lube is one of the best products. The company deals only with the production of high-quality chain lubes for motorcycles, which speaks volumes about the importance of the product we are introducing to you. The start of any list should always be intriguing, which is why the Motul lube has topped our list of the best motorcycle chain lube.

With lubricants, there only exists a few defining characteristics that need to be quality checked to determine the efficacy to the market. Motul has not yet disappointed anyone with its terms. What brings this product apart is its consistent aim towards being the best quality lubricant in the market (the maintenance check). Like the motorcycle performing its best on the road thanks to its maintenance, the best motorcycle chain lubricant also finds a way through performance checks.

It was designed especially for the dirty tracks of road racing. This is how you can determine its enhancing power – the fact that it is meant particularly for racing motorbikes. Due to the anti-fling formula and its milky profile, it becomes hard to gather enough stamina to splatter across the roads and leave marks in the way. Yeah, nobody likes the thought of liquids leaving off traces from your vehicles.

It effectively provides a way to conclude with style and willpower. Every ounce of power is channeled through the chains to accumulate enough strength for a great finish. Accompanied by the resistant properties against dirt and dust, it proves to be a great partner in crime for all the racers out on the road tracks.

It carries an easy application process. Due to its condensed spray nature, it can be quickly applied even before a ride to dictate an effective performance. Some people are troubled over the fact that it carries a milky profile which may alter the nature of the spray. But you needn’t worry as it dries off instantly and does not leave off the rim after use. Moreover, it is compatible with a number of different chains making it easier for buyers to associate with their respective models.


2. PJ1 13oz Blue Label

  • 13 oz
  • O-Ring Chain Lube
  • Petroleum-based clear formula
  • Rust resistant
  • Waterproof

PJ1 13oz Blue LabelThis amazing lubricant is compatible with O-ring chains. With its easy application process, you need not worry about the long hours being put to its effective performance. It can penetrate all the way to difficult parts easily and can be quickly assembled for use through a simple process that eventually protects the O-ring from excessive damage.

The petroleum-based formula is one of several unique properties of the best motorcycle chain lube in the market. It carries many defining features of a good lube and provides sustenance to all kinds of frictional issues. Releasing frictional resistance from chains, it offers a smooth and protective core to the O-ring. You need not worry about your bike encountering bumps even without any speed bumps. What? Well, we all know the rustiness that follows an unhealthy vehicle. It gives me chills. To avoid that, this lube is here to save your day.

Moreover, it carries a water-repellent property. This is ideal when there are high chances of rainfall or the environment is humid enough to cast water to accumulate within the chains. The most common form of water accumulation comes from washing your motorbike, which cannot be ignored once you have bought it since it’s part of the maintenance process. Hence, the lube casts a barrier between the humid environment and the chains to repel water and resist corrosion that may affect the chains.

The lube boasts another unique quality – its shock absorbent feature that protects the chain from acquiring rust and other elements that could otherwise obliterate the smoothness of a motorcycle ride. It can reduce the chances of the chain acquiring wear through a cushion effect between the rollers and sprocket.

The lube will not find a reason to fling off after being used while you’re riding off into the sunset. It contains an anti-sling formula that makes the lubricant adhere to the chain’s surface and not be splashed across the road you’ve just driven upon.

It is specially designed for the O-ring chains of motorcycles. With a great price range marked with its efficiency, you can easily purchase the product online.


3. Lucas Oil 10393

  • 11 oz
  • Quick penetration
  • Water repellent
  • Resists corrosion
  • Compatible with most

Lucas Oil 10393A quality of the best motorcycle chain lubricant is to allow the entirety of chain to get accustomed with the lube, which can only be made possible if the product carries a simple enough process for application. This term of the condition is applicable to this certain product. A quick and simple application process is just another mundane offer from one of the best motorcycle chain lubes. This particular lube offers quick penetration to the chain’s core.

The penetrating capabilities allow the lube to reach to the most concealed parts of the chain without getting in the way of other components. The foam-type profile offers increased penetration and facilitates the product to properly accumulate within.

But this is not the only attribute of this amazing product. The lube carries water-resistant properties that create a repelling barrier for water in such a way that it does not allow moisture to affect even a part of the chain’s surface. This property prevents the chain from being corroded and stops rust from trickling through the surface of the chain.

Rainfall need not be a worry anymore nor the fact that your motorcycle is parked outdoors. With this amazing feature, you can wash your bike twice daily and still not be worried over the fact that it might corrode and offer resistance against a smooth ride.

The lube covers the surface of the chain with a protective film when it is applied. This creates a resistive barrier to the potential wear and drag that might affect the chain’s efficiency during rides. This is an additional feature that a good lube may provide. Hence, the acquisition of a protective firm permits the use of excessive riding on the motorcycle.

This lube is compatible with many of the chains belonging to various motorcycles, which is why it is such a hit in the market. It is ideal for all chains but is specially fashioned for O-rings.


4. Bel-Ray V-Twin

  • High-quality lubricant
  • Superior oxidation protection
  • Identifies leaks
  • Extends the life of the chain

Bel-Ray V-TwinThis specifically designed lube is ideal for the Big Twin motorcycles. This amazing lube can now be a part of your journey and make that trip seem smooth and fast. Who doesn’t love a sweet ride to the destined location? A stress-free tour does not carry the essence of rustiness within and can easily be related to sweet autumn winters. These things are little joys of happiness and cannot be merely ignored.

The best motorcycle chain lubricant in the market is here to offer you that satisfaction. Though it was primarily and specifically designed for the primary chain-cases of the big twin motorcycles, it remains to be a high-quality adhesive to your causes.

The longevity of the components of the motorcycle is something nobody can ensure, but the idea can be enhanced with certain products. This lube is definitely one of those products that erases the stress of buying a new chain case to replace the teary one. A simple application of the lube ensures the perseverance of the chain and offers sustenance to your idea of a life-saving budget.

The lube is resistant to corrosion and features high-quality, superior oxidation protection that ensures that the chain does not get affected by excessive rust in the atmosphere as part of an unfortunate reaction. The rust could have otherwise directed the chain to become vulnerable to deterioration which may result in you purchasing a new chain case for your bike. To avoid that, the spray comes with a characteristic that can enhance the long-life of the chain.

It prevents clutch slipping and chatter for consistent engagement, even in hot city stop-and-go traffic. Moreover, the apparent red color is a major identifying marker for leaks. You can easily detect whether your engine carries potential holes or leaks that may trickle down to other components of the motorcycle and affect performance. It is a great feature that sets this lube apart. Many other lubes are transparent and cannot possibly help you detect whether your engine is in danger.


5. BHP Dumonde Tech

  • Reduction in chain drag
  • Does not fling off.
  • Longer lasting.
  • Ideal for o-ring chain

BHP Dumonde TechThis lube is the best motorcycle chain lubricant in the market and serves as a recognized product. The reason for such a demand is its internationally-acclaimed composition and its universally-known complexity associated with its composition. This complex formula serves as an enhancing agent to increasing the BHP (brake horsepower) extracted through the chain driving systems.

Drag and wear are a part of motorcycle rides, but nobody asks for them as there are hundreds of complexities that accompany these merely simple effects. To reduce drag is the key trait of a good lubricant. This particular lube is your secret to such a grateful feature as the drag can be brought down through a simple application, especially on o-rings. Not only does it prevent wear but offers long-lasting, durable use for customers.

It is anti-fling in nature. Do not be fooled by its liquid properties as the complex formula assists the lube in solidifying after being applied in an extremely low coefficient plastic polymer and penetrating into the core of the chain. This feature helps the product adhere to the surface of the chain without being rimmed off while riding. Moreover, it serves as a barrier to rust and corrosive materials in the atmosphere making it an enhancing agent in terms of performance.

There is no need to pay for propellant (solvent and air) to apply your chain like all other brands.

The lube serves as a great enhancer in the smoothness of the bike. You can easily compare after the application of the lube to your chain and you should witness one of the most power-driven, smooth rides of all your motorcycle journeys. However, you should not waste the product by over-applying as that may restrict the bike against effective use.


6. Motor Factory 500380

  • American made
  • Specifically for Harley-Davidson motorcycles
  • Blended to perform well
  • Extends clutch life

Motor Factory 500380This amazing lube is the best motorcycle chain lubricant in the market for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The product was designed especially for these widely-acclaimed motorcycles to enhance their performance and offer an upper hand over other brands that are generalized for compatibility. Primary Chaincase Lube is designed to lubricate the primary chain and clutch assembly in most Harley-Davidson motorcycles from 1984 to the present.

The thing about being designed for a specific motorcycle is that it was fabricated with the notion of serving a particular bike. Hence, the experiments that must have been conducted would have been assessed with the image of the bike in mind. The advantage of such a protocol is that it reduces the chances of errors and offers a simple method to accustom to the chain effectively. it increases the enhancing capabilities of the lubricant and offers a better chance at being compatible with the chain.

It creates a responsive effect to extreme temperatures and enhances the longevity of motorcycles by extending the life of clutches. The clutch is an integral part of the motorcycle and serves as the main driver for a ride, be it smooth or rough. So the maintenance of such a part is necessary. However, you need not be worried about the intricate formula that has been designed for the sole purpose of being an accessory in maintenance, serving a significant part in offering smoothness to the ride.

The lube is sold at an affordable price and is popular in the market for its effective use. With various reviews from customers, it has been acclaimed of being a great lubricant for motorcycles. Although it does carry the features of a good lubricant and it may be compatible with other brands, it is advised to be used within the chains of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.


7. Tutoro Original

  • Great for chains
  • For use up to 30°C
  • Contains anti-corrosion modifiers
  • Prevents wears

Tutoro OriginalThis simple lubricant is your opportunity for a great ride to your destined location. It may appear mundane, but it carries enough power and features to direct it to a greater cause. It has all the defining properties of a good lube and it can increase the efficiency of the bike better than all other lubes.

Many lubes are not that effective with temperature. They either melt or wear off easily as the temperatures start exceeding a certain limit. But this amazing product can work in conditions that warm up to 30 degrees (which is considered quite high) You may be thinking that such a limit is not that great of a mark to be set against. But this is definitely not the case. Up until this threshold, the lube serves as a great modifier of performance for the motorcycle.

Bikes are vulnerable to wear and drag. You cannot possibly run from them if the problem arises. The only solution that remains after the damage has been done is mostly to replace the chain with a new one. This affects your budget and creates another unwanted addition to your daily routine. Nobody likes the thought of that.
To avoid such a compressing addition to your budget, you only need to buy this amazing lube that carries wear modifiers. They help in causing the chain to run with ease and create a barrier to restrict such drag from occurring periodically.

Moreover, its ability to minimize corrosion serves as a great feature for the lubricant. It carries anti-corrosive elements which obstruct corrosive materials, rust, and other harmful products from being accumulated within the chain. This prevents corrosion from occurring and directs the motorcycle to a long-lasting, enhanced life that does not require periodic errands to the workshop for resolving any maintenance issues.


8. Blud Racing Pro Series

  • Dry film formula
  • Anti-fling in nature
  • Deep penetrating formula

Blud Racing Pro SeriesThis particular lubricant carries all the main features of a lubricant, marking it the best motorcycle chain lube in the market. The reason for such a conclusion is that it has all the basic features that make the lube a good product for a motorcycle.

With its capability to resist atmospheric dirt from clinging to the chain, it creates a protective barrier on the surface and prevents dust particles from gathering within the chain. This lube is ideal for use in dusty environments. It happens so often that during long rides, the motorcycle is vulnerable to acquiring dirt from the road, but the protective layer offered by this product serves as a restrictive barrier to such an atmosphere.

Moreover, the consistency of the lube does not allow it to be splattered after use while riding, which is so often the case with many other lubes. But with this beauty, you need not worry about this as the product is anti-fling in nature. It prevents the liquid from being splashed across the driveway after it has been applied. However, a certain period of time is required for it to set.

The deep penetrating formula allows the lube to reach difficult places of the chain which may be a restriction for other lubes. Due to its thinner consistency as compared to other products, it easily grabs hold of the innermost core of the chain and prevents friction from rising within the inside as well as the outside.

Apart from these basic features, another quality that marks it as one of the best motorcycle chain lubes in the market is its attainment towards being responsible to the environment. This means that it serves as a healthy partner for the atmosphere and accommodates a healthy environment for people. it does not carry any harmful substances that may affect the body with any toxicity, but caution is the key towards any foreign product.


9. Molyslip Inc. 6962

  • High-quality grease
  • Carries corrosion inhibitors
  • Prevents metal-to-metal contact
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Non-drip formula

Molyslip Inc. 6962This innovative lube is of the highest quality in the market and serves as a great alternative to many other branded lubricants. The reason that it remains to be the best motorcycle chain lubricant in the market is that it maintains highly with its terms of quality that may be ignored in other brands.

It carries a unique formula that was designed to offer great sustenance to the cause of lubing. It doesn’t just lubricate the chains, but it also offers maximum protection by creating a distinctive barrier against harmful materials. Moreover, it enhances the performance of the motorcycle indirectly by cushioning the chains and rendering the conditions of the inner components safe from the atmosphere.

The high-quality grease is composed of the best materials in the market that could be effective for improvement of the motorcycle. It boasts the added protection of Moly (molybdenum disulfide) that prevents metal-to-metal contact from occurring. Considering this feature, it is of great use as such contact can often result in increased friction and reduce the efficiency of the bike in terms of the speed it can attain. You need not worry about learning chemistry when we tell you that this product is the key to saving your bike from acquiring potential damage.

With the amazing non-drip formula, you can assure yourself of the fact that it will not splatter across the road as you drive off into the sunset. This lube certainly won’t leave any trail of unwanted greasy material on the road that indirectly pollutes the environment with the material. It is of an anti-fling nature that helps the product cling to the chain and keeps the rims cleaner.

The formula that was widely praised for the cause has a long-lasting term to its effect. You not need to worry about replacing the chain with a better one due to damage or concern yourself with buying a new lube for effective use. This lube is targeted to prevent wear and tear, thereby reducing chain drag and enhancing the comprehensive capabilities and efficiency of the chain to offer an increased efficiency. It means you do not have to spend too much time on maintaining, allowing you to focus rather on riding (which is why you bought a bike in the first place).

Furthermore, the fact that the lube was tested with various experiments to ensure a high quality tells you just how perfect grease is for your motorcycle. Offering superior lubrication to the chain, you will be proud of the fact that it has been verified for use by analyzing many possible outcomes of failure to assure you that the design in the market is the best.


10. Bel-Ray Blue Tac

  • Chain lubricant for all street, off-road, and racing motorcycle chains
  • Resists fling-off
  • Reduces wear

Bel-Ray Blue TacThis lubricant is the go-to ticket to any motorcycle brand that you may have. It is often hard to gather enough resources to purchase a bike and then to find out that it is not compatible with most of the products in your country. Purchasing a bike is a hard job but maintaining it is even harder. You may have rare bikes in your area, but this lubricant is here to save your uniqueness as it is compatible with all kinds of bikes.

It is the lube for all street, off-road and racing motorcycle chains including O, X and Z ring units. This is a major feature of acclamation as the lubes that are on the market are mostly only compatible with O-rings. The fact that it can be utilized with a wider variety of rings serves as the reason for its popularity in the market as the best motorcycle chain lube.

When riding a motorcycle, there are certain lubes that fling off. Many brands claim to offer resistance against this effect even at high speeds as it is quite the idea with motorcycles. Flings do occur and the lube tends to scatter across the surface, leaving trails of greasy substance on the road. It is quite dangerous to have such a liquid spread over a pathway where vehicles are on the move, especially with motorcycles as they have an inclination to slip easily.

To avoid such circumstances, the lube not only offers an anti-fling nature but enhances the feature by offering it at high speeds. You can drive the motorcycle off rapidly on the track without any worry of a potential grease affecting your bike or compressing friction to the chain which eventually decreases the efficiency of the motorcycle. All-in-all, this lube is here to save your day.

The product also offers protection in wet conditions, which is why it is ideal for use in humid environments. It contains anti-rust agents that prolong the outstanding chain and sprocket life and reduce corrosion that commonly occurs within the chain. Harmful corrosive materials and rust can significantly affect that chain and reduce its life expectancy by worsening friction, thereby adding to your budget with another expensive component to buy.

With the help of this lube, all of this can be avoided thanks to the modifiers in the lubricant that are anti-corrosive and hence drastically reduce friction in the chains. Corrosion is also prevented from occurring, thereby providing the chance for you to enjoy a smooth ride to your destination.


11. DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver

  • No fling-off
  • O-Ring Safe
  • Dirt-resistant
  • Dry lubricant
  • Contains Teflon and Moly

DuPont Teflon Chain-SaverThis incredible lube is filled with many features that make the lube effective in use. It has the capability to reduce wear and chain drag which accumulate as and when you ride motorcycles. This chain drag need not be a part of your ride with the help of this lube as it can sustain the efficacy of your ride through its unique formula composed of Teflon and Moly. These agents are effective in reducing wear on the chains.

It is compatible with many motorcycle brands in the market. Especially compatible is the O-ring type, which is a harder thing to catch upon considering the demand for the respective chain. But you do not need to worry as this compatibility is not just of the name. You can use the lube and witness the magic that it works on the chain for yourself.

With its anti-fling nature, you won’t have stress about the potential splattering that might occur with the use of a bad-quality lube. This particular product clings to the chain and its interior with an effective grab that reduces the friction amongst the core and enhances the life of the chain by providing increased efficiency.

It can be used in dusty environments as is the case with riding motorcycles off-road. It is a dry lubricant that’s dirt-resistant and prevents dirt and grime from gathering within the chain, thereby boosting the enhancement in performance. The lube creates a barrier to prevent any unintended storage of such harmful materials.

Moreover, it is water-repellent, which marks it as one of the best motorcycle chain lubes out there. Not only is it dirt-resistant but is also water-resistant, making it an all-purpose lube for motorcycle chains. You need not worry about heavy rainfall, parking the motorcycle outdoors, or even washing the bike as it does not leave any stains or cause damage due to the use of water, which often is the case with many other lubricants.



The fact is that motorcycle chain lubes are available in a variety of demands by the customer. Remember to utilize them for the appropriate maintenance because if the motorcycle is not properly taken care of and its issues remain ignored, you are essentially letting it rot with an array of complexities. This rotten bike will just be a waste of your investment and only increases the chances of ruining your budget.

To avoid such consequences, you need to do whatever you can to increase the efficiency of your motorcycle. The best part about using such products is that you spend less time on maintenance and more time riding, which should be the case with owning a motorcycle.

Amongst our listed varieties, Motul 103244 M/C Care remains to be our top pick, but there are other products that may suit your taste and fit your personal style best, which is what you should consider while buying these products. Research your bike and then learn about the products that may serve their purpose with your branded motorcycle.

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