Yamaha WR250F Review 2018

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If you are a fan of high end trail bikes, then the Yamaha X and FX series are what you need to be looking at. While the brand was certainly lacking in this regard up until a few months ago, with the introduction of smashing models like the WR250F, they have seen an unprecedented yet massive boost in terms of customer satisfaction and popularity. Acting as a successor to the equally successful YZ250F, the WR250F comes with new cams, cylinder head, piston and transmission parts, along with a recalibrated ECU.

Yamaha WR250F

The motor, while not exactly ideal for racing, happens to be pretty much perfect for single track riding. The transmission has been updated, and is now almost flawless to work with. Additionally, you get a six speed gearbox ensuring that you always have the right gear no matter what the terrain. Like all great trail bikes, what truly makes the customers go crazy for the Yamaha WR250F is the suspension system it comes with.

Without it, it is almost unimaginable to venture into rough terrains and experience biking without discomfort. The latest features include a high-end KYB fork with speed sensitive damping and the perfectly set-up KYB shock. As for the geometry of this new model, you would find it to be much more aggressive than the preceding model, with new engine mounts and a frame that borrows from the YZ250F motocrosser.

As for the tires, there are upgrades to look forward to in this regard as well. In contrast to the Dunlop Geomax MX51 tires that were used earlier, this year Yamaha has chosen to go with Geomax MX3S tires with the new block-in-block tread technology which aids the rider in cornering and provides much better control.

Another news that might come as a bit of a surprise for old customers is that the makers have decided to let go of the kickstarter this year and the bike now relies completely on the e-start button. In retrospect, that should not be much of a problem since the button has never shown any history of failures and is decidedly much more convenient than the conventional method.

Want to have a closer look at the bike or take it for a test ride, please book a session here.

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