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Johnburrcycles has a good collection of pre-owned vehicles, in this section, we will list some of the available options you can choose from. All the models listed here have passed our initial screening and are in working condition. However, we do not provide any guarantee with regards to the longevity of the vehicle and are not liable for the same.

1) Yamaha YZF R6

Yamaha YZF R6 ReviewIf you are racing buff but do not have the money to opt for the $100k+ racing bikes then there is a perfect option under $12K: Yamaha YZF R6. Now that is the cost for a brand new model, since the bike listed here is 4 years old you can get the same experience at a cost of $6K.

The bike has not been used much by the previous owner and has a total distance traveled of only 30,000KM. Considering the bike is 4 years old, 30 thousand Kms is not a big number. We have checked the engine and all other vital components on the bike and even took the bike for a test run of 100 KMs. After all these tests, we can say that bike functioned with no problems at all.

2) Yamaha WR250F

Yamaha WR250FTrail bikes are fun but not of the models provide a comfortable experience. The design of these bikes is complex as it has to be lightweight, provide great maneuverability and also be fast on rugged roads. Achieving all these things is not easy but Yamaha seems to have pulled it off.

A new bike would cost you $8099, as this is a pre-owned offering, you can avail it at $3500. This bike has been used for 6 years and has been maintained well by the owner. While there are few issues with the tires which can be replaced with us $500, the vital components like the engine and transmission are in great shape. If you want to test ride this bike before buying it, please visit our store.

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